7th Starch World ASIA,

23-25 Jan, 2018 - Siem Reap, CAMBODIA

Sokha Siem Reap Resort & Convention Center

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"Developing Innovative Platforms to Enhance Competitiveness of Cassava Starch & Its Sustainable Production"


"Recent Advancements in Waxy Tapioca Starch, Functional Properties & Applications"


The much anticipated 7th Starch World ASIA to be held in Siem Reap Cambodia on the 23-25th January 2018  comes at an opportune time as the Cambodian government gets serious about addressing priorities in the country’s cassava sector and setting up a national cassava policy to boost the production chain, seek new markets, attract investment in cassava processing and promote the livelihood of cassava farmers.

"Cassava policy in the pipeline"
~ September 6, 2017, The Khmer Times


Asia’s leading  cassava starch stakeholders are investing into value added  high quality products and advocating policies to drive innovation and competitiveness of cassava starch.

"Thai Wah has budgeted Bt2 billion to expand its capacity to produce tapioca, cellophane noodles and other high-value products for export to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam this year under a plan to boost total sales to Bt10 billion in 2019"
~ March 07, 2017 The Nation

"Indonesian company makes eco-bags from cassava starch"
~ August 04 , 2017, FreshFruitPortal.com


Indonesia is a large importer of cassava starch and starch based products. The rising affluent market  and changing diets will further drive consumption of products derived from starch , particularly cassava starch which is considered the gluten free alternative for noodles and other baking products. It has been tested in laboratories that up to 25% mocaf ( modified cassava flour ) substitution in instant noodles would not alter the taste and texture profiles of the noodles.


There are plans to revolutionize the cassava industry to build a local market for mocaf. This could be a viable solution to the crops and incomes of the country’s farmers for Indonesia.

"Elsewhere, in Vietnam, the Ministry of Finance has turned down proposals by the Vietnam Cassava Association (VCA) for preferential policies similar to those for rice and sugar to ensure its sustainable development"
~ September 29 2017, Vietnam News


This move clearly contradicts the government’s effort to  meet demand for E5 fuel production, which is becoming increasingly urgent in light of a planned ban starting in 2018 on A92 oil-based fuel. Vietnam’s cassava industry has a tough call. To ensure the efficient operation of ethanol plants to meet demand for E5 fuel production, Vietnam must develop stable, high productivity cassava production as a source for these biofuels.


Widely attended by global food ingredient companies, starch producers, endusers and all stakeholders in the supply chain, we invite you to register quickly and book your seats to the 7th Starch World ASIA with key highlights including sessions below
  • Asia starch market outlook and cassava competitiveness
    With growing cassava capacities in the region, can Asia provide a new supply base for feed amino acid production ?
  • Developing cassava varieties with high amylopectin content ( waxy tapioca  starch ) and recent advancements
    What are the breeding &agronomic issues related to waxy cassava and what are their key functional properties


  • Organic Starches and applications
    Ciranda shares their experience on securing and using organic starches from all over the world


  • China's corn policy and its  impact on Asia’s starch market - an update
    Rabobank explores the latest corn policies in China and its implications


  • Accelerating cassava production in Cambodia


  • Developing Cambodia’s cassava downstream industry and value-added activities


  • Productivity & Sustainability of Cassava Production in Laos
    Can Laos cassava industry rise up to the challenge? Together with 2 leading starch producers – KPN Tapioca and Asian Agronomy, SNV will share on latest development on sustainability of Laos cassava industry


  • Developing an innovation platform
    Thai Wah, the region’s leading starch producer announces its expansion plans in the Mekong region and what lies ahead


  • Indonesia’s competitiveness as a sustainable cassava starch producer – how far are we  and what is the future outlook?
    With lack of government support, Indonesia’s cassava industry needs new boost, new opportunities to develop the local market

  • Modified cassava flour – new opportunities for Indonesia


  • Cassava Bio-Ethanol E5 production and distribution situation in Vietnam
    Status of the Vietnamese cassava industry and how to progress cassava bioethanol production


  • Cassava production in the Philippines & opportunities for downstream processing


  • Modified corn starch market in India


Do not delay. Book your seat early to enjoy Early Bird Discounts. Find out more from Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 Plus, optional and separately bookable tour has been arranged to BAI (Battambang Agro Industry), Cambodia’s leading starch producer, followed by a visit to the cassava propagation center in the University of Battambang where they will showcase the UBB farm which is breeding virus-free cassava.

CMT Starch World Series

CMT’s Starch World kick-started in Asia, and today has moved to the Middle East, Europe and recently Americas.


The Series brings together players from the Starch World – leaders, professionals from agro industrial crops & plantation companies, enzymes suppliers, traders & buyers of starch & starch derivatives, raw material suppliers, ethanol producers, machinery suppliers for starch processing and many others. The Series is today vouched by many as a must attend industry meet.


In terms of coverage, the Series has evolved to encompass a wide range of topics from – regional starch market outlook, feedstock competition – between corn and cassava, specialty starches, starches & derivatives markets, sugar market outlook, to food trends such as clean labels, gluten-free and more. 


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