14th LAPET, Latin America PET Markets, Applications & Recycling

29-30 Nov, 2016 - Mexico City, MEXICO

Marquis Reforma Hotel & Spa

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"Mexico’s growing appetite for PET as bottled water expected to expand market share"


"New PET recycling technologies for LATAM – innovative bottle designs, lightweight PET bottles make headway"


Latin America's largest consumer of cola - Mexico continues to attract interest in various other applications for PET packaging too including for edible oil, personal care and wine. 


Despite soda tax that was enacted two years ago that led to a drop in the country’s soft drink consumption, stakeholders in the PET value chain are still hopeful of higher returns from the country. “PET maker DAK Americas expects GDP-level demand growth in Mexico this year, while seeing more of its volume move from carbonated soft drinks to bottled water.” ~ Plastics News, 18/3/2016


Several LATAM countries are introducing PET packaging into other food categories – and going beyond the conventional ‘PET for water and cola’. For instance, “Sidel collaborated with Algar Agro of Brazil to produce what’s said to be the world’s lightest 900-ml PET bottle for edible oil.” (~ Plastics Technology, August 2016) Grupo LALA – Mexico’s milk brand owner, this year introduced a product line – LALA 100 in the country that is the first production line of packaged milk in PET for Mexico and Central America.


Meanwhile PET recycling market is in murky waters as cheaper virgin resins make a comeback given the drop in oil prices. What does it mean for PET recyclers in LATAM? 


According to a study by Euromonitor International, Mexico is a principal consumer of packaged solid water worldwide and holds the fourth place in consumption of soft drinks with consumption of 28,453 liters every year and a consumption of 137 liters per year for person respectively.


Mexico is also a leader in recycling with 50% of all recycled PET in the Americas, ahead of the USA (31%), as per – ECOCE. There are 15 PET recycling companiesin the country and a total capacity of 300,000 tons a year, an investment of US314 million dollars annually. Near 50% of the recycled PET is food degree, according to the association.  What is the future of recycling in Mexico? What other applications will be recycled?


Who are the brand owners vying for new brand packaging image in the LATAM region? How will the LATAM PET industry perform next year? What are the recycling developments and trends to produce more sustainable packaging? How are consumer trends and disposable income influencing the industry? CMT’s annual 14th LAPET once again sited in Mexico City brings together panel of industry leaders to help you  gain insight on the growth in the key applications as well as demand supply balance of the region’s PET resin production and trade.

Extensive Networking & Vital Sessions by:

  • Nestlé México shares the company’s success stories in sustainability
  • Former PepsiCo's expert on Winning Designs & Packaging Innovations 
  • PCI Wood Mackenzie gives insight on Global PET outlook and the LATAM region including Feedstock concerns
  • Vinmar Plastichem spells out resin logistics and trade dynamics in a fast moving market
  • Recycling Roundtable: Making PET containers more sustainable in a circular economy 
  • Morphoplast on new recycling projects in Mexico in polyester fiber
  • Graham Packaging shares technological advancements in ‘Light PET Containers’
  • Find out from Zuliana del PET aboutPET bottles for artisan beer in Venezuela and LATAM’
  • Piovan México showcases technological advancements in Integrated PET processing’
  • Petainer layouts the Unique Solutions for large PET kegs and water bottles in LATAM
  • Netstal's Mulituse System – Flexibility in today’s preform production
  • Amcor Rigid Plastics onLightweight hot fill PET containers’ 
  • Plastipak Packaging on the developments in PET based aerosol, regulations and market response
  • Frigel highlights ‘Technological restructuring of existing plants of Refrigeration in processes of PET and Beverages’ 

Register today for this annual must attend meeting of key PET value chain buyers and sellers in the Latin America Region. Attend to strengthen your strategy and grow your market share. Register with your team today to enjoy group discount! For more information, contact tanya@cmtsp.com.sg

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13th LAPET | 20-21 Oct 2015, Mexico City, Mexico


"Great conference to keep the industry informed, educated and motivated"
Custom Polymers Inc


"The best conference ever"
Holland Colours Americas Inc


"Always useful and gives us tools to face a difficult market"
Emerald Pacific Resources

"Very good forum for new trends, updates and market trends around the world"


"Great conference and organization!"


"Current mix of companies/speakers is perfect, one of the best conferences since I’ve joined LAPET"
Netstal-Maschinen Ag


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CMT PET Conference series offer up to date business information on regional PET Resin & Packaging markets in Asia (PET Asia Outlook), Europe (GEPET), Middle East & Africa (MEAPET & MENAPET), Latin America (LAPET), South/Central Americas, Andean & Caribbean (SAPET & SCAPET), North America (NAPET), Japan (JPET) and now recently Iran (IRANPET). 


Our program incorporates latest market and technological developments in the entire PET Value Chain, from PET Resin and Raw Materials (PX/PTA/MEG), to PET Preform and Packaging Productions, to Recycling.


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Propietarios de las Principales Marcas y la Cadena de la Industria del Empaque en PET se unen en la Ciudad de México del 29-30 de Noviembre


La 14 ª Cumbre Anual LAPET organizada por CMT se centra en el Comercio y el Equilibrio Oferta-Demanda de resinas PET de México y Latinoamérica, incluyendo empaques ligeros de llenado en caliente, temas de materia prima y los esfuerzos actuales en sustentabilidad y reciclaje.


Con México liderando la demanda de agua embotellada y refrescos de cola, así como nuevas aplicaciones de envases de PET, el programa de la 14ª conferencia LAPET se enfoca en:

  • Nestlé sobre la estrategia de sustentabilidad de la empresa
  • 'Diseños Ganadores e Innovaciones de Embalaje' para la economía actual de la sustentabilidad por ex-alto ejecutivo de PepsiCo
  • La gran cadena Walmart exhibe el “Creciente Papel del Embalaje PET/RPET” en su búsqueda de la sustentabilidad
  • PCI Wood Mackenzie sobre ‘Panorama Global para PET y Latinoamérica’ y Evaluación de las Materias Primas
  • Uso innovador de la resina PET para Vinos es compartido por Stacked Wines – un  coenvasador de contenedores de vinos PET individuales
  • Vinmar Plastichem detalla la Logística de la Resina y las Dinámicas del Comercio en un Mercado en Rápido Movimiento
  • El revolucionario Contenedor Ligero PET de Llenado en Caliente por Amcor Rigid Plastics
  • El Sistema Multiuso de Netstal – Flexibilidad en la Producción de Preformas Actual
  • La perspectiva de Frigel sobre La Restructuración Tecnológica de las Plantas Existentes de Refrigeración en los Procesos de PET y Bebidas
  • Los Avances Tecnológicos y Soluciones Innovadoras para el Proceso Integrado de PET por Piovan
  • Graham Packaging sobre Contenedores Pet Ligeros: Tecnología, Materiales de Barrera y Procesamiento
  • Zuliana del PET sobre Embotellado PET para Cerveza Artesanal en Venezuela y Latinoamérica
  • Petainer y PET Technologies sobre Soluciones Únicas para Grandes Cubetas PET y Botellas para Agua en Latinoamérica
  • Noticias sobre el reciclado PET y sus aplicaciones en la industria textil por Morphoplast

No se puede perder 'La Mesa Redonda sobre Reciclaje PET' de una hora de duración  moderada por el representante de ECOCE, Santiago García además del CEO de Petstar y ejecutivos de Tecnología de Reciclaje, GREENmind, WEKA Plastics y Walmart deliberando sobre Recolección de desperdicios PET y la infraestructura de residuos, la recolección de material mediante la participación de los actores más pequeños, métodos sofisticados de recolección y mucho más.


Organizado por el Center for Management Technologies (CMT), la 14 ª LAPET tiene a Frigel y a Piovan como patrocinadores del almuerzo, DAK Americas como patrocinadora de un cóctel de networking y Nestlé como patrocinador asociado y expositor.


Visita la página web del evento para más detalles. Empresas de Estados Unidos, Centroamérica y Sudamérica, ponerse en contacto con la Sra. Tanya al 52-55 5294 1423. Las empresas fuera de Estados Unidos, Centroamérica y Sudamérica, contactar con la Sra. Hafizah al 65 6346 9218. Para obtener una copia del horario del programa completo, por favor descargar aquí.


News Feed

Mexico expected to consume more PET as bottled water demand grows

Posted on : 24 Oct, 2016


Mexico has a growing market for PET packaging as the country is expected to increase consumption of bottled water. It is estimated that demand for PET in Mexico will grow by 2.5 % in 2016 inline with the economy’s growth.


Mexico is one of the largest consumers of carbonated sodas in the world. But a tax on sodas in 2014 resulted in sales drop of 12% that year. The country is now expected to show a shift in preference towards bottled water over CSDs. This poses another challenge for PET makers as water bottles use less PET per bottle than soft drink bottles.


PET producers such as DAK Americas says that their customers are looking at new molds and new shapes to attract consumers. There are new extrusion blow molded handles in the market that can be used for health and beauty products as well as industrial uses. Some of these handles are already been commercialized, while others are in development.


Another new trend is smaller sized bottles that can be conceived as ‘healthier’ by consumers.


CMT’s 14th LAPET – on November 29-30 – in Mexico City discusses many of these new trends in LATAM PET packaging market.


Email Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call (65) 6346 9218 for more information on the event.


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PET: Leading Beverage Packaging Material

Posted on : 12 Aug, 2016


Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is widely used around the world in the food and beverage packaging industry. According to Beatriz Torres, an analyst at Euromonitor International, 56 percent of all beverage units sold in the world are packaged in PET bottles – at a total of 485,000 million units.

Speaking at the XXXI National Congress of the Mexican Association of Containers and Packaging, as part of Expo Pack Mexico 2016, Torres explained that out of the 485,000 million units, half of them were used for bottled water, at 256.000 million units. She added that the PET market had grown 4.5 percent in 2015, an accelerated pace compared to the global industry growth of just 2 percent.


In Mexico, PET is used in 90 percent of all bottled water. It is also the most widely used packaging material for carbonated beverages, followed by glass and metal. It is also the most widely used for isotonic and energy drinks, followed by metal and then other plastics. PET is also widely used to package other ready-to-drink beverages such as coffee and tea.


There is also a growing trend in Mexico of switching from metal to PET for packaging energiser drinks, such as in the case of Vive. These energy drinks were packaged in metal, but is now increasing its market share of PET packaging. The change has made the drink more affordable, which in turn is increasing  their base of customers.


PET is expected to continue to dominate as a beverage packaging material, even in categories where it has not been used before.


Find out more about the latest innovations and market penetration of PET at the 14th LAPET (Latin America PET Markets, Applications & Recycling) on 29-30 November in Mexico City.

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