3rd Commercial Farm Africa,

19-20 Mar, 2013 - Accra, GHANA

Labadi Beach Hotel

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"Into Africa - Building Local Markets, Improving Farm Productivity
and Increasing ROI!"



Ministerial Keynote Address


H.E Honorable Clement Kofi Humado, Minister

Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana



Endorsed by the Ministry of Food & Agriculture (MOFA)
and supported by Private Enterprise Foundation, Republic of Ghana.

"The Ethiopian government says that it will no longer impose export quotas on commercial farm outputs and processed goods as part of its commitment for the new partnership introduced by G-8 countries that focuses on facilitating private sector investment in African agriculture"

www.equities.com, 18/9/12


The Board of Directors of the World Bank have approved a US$100 million credit to support the Government of Ghana's efforts to scale up the development of commercial agriculture nation-wide. The Commercial Agriculture Project seeks to facilitate access to land, strengthen Ghana's investment promotion infrastructure for attracting agri-business investors, and promote public private partnerships and small-holder linkages in the Accra Plains, the SADA Zone.

www.ghanaian-chronicle.com, 22/1/13


The Government of Ghana is currently implementing a nation-wide Food and Agriculture sector development policy and is welcoming private investment to grow their agriculture sector. It aims to promote a secure investment climate that clarifies and strengthen the rights and obligations of investors, government and affected communities.


Opportunities are aplenty for investors tapping into Africa's agriculture sector. Investments from palm, rubber, cassava, rice, sugar and maize plantation are being considered and companies have to do their due diligence carefully in order to maximize their returns. Hear from farm operators like Vita Rice, Sopex and Ruchi Soya who will share their investment experiences at the event.


With 60 percent of the world's remaining uncultivated arable land, Africa not only has the potential to meet its own food demand, but could be an important contributor to global food security. Investment in agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa has increased in recent years and is representative of the growing interest in the region's agricultural potential. Kick-starting the sector has been declared a priority by most governments in the region, with donors scaling up their commitment to its development. Africa's agricultural development now even features prominently within G8 meetings and attracts a wide variety of foreign investors eager to facilitate growth in this particular sector through commercial expansion.


CMT's 3rd Commercial Farm Africa Summit scheduled on 19-20 March 2013 in Accra, Ghana with the endorsement and support from Ghana's Ministry of Food and Agriculture as well as the Private Enterprise Foundation brings together a leading panel of experts to share insights on the opportunities and challenges in agri investment in emerging Africa!




Key sessions

  • Ministerial address on agric investments and PPP
  • Assess land banks  and availability for agri investments in Ghana
  • Case study of Farmland investment from Ruchi Soya, Vita Rice, Praire Volta&Sopex
  • Find out key success factors and best practices in contracting smallholder outgrowers. How technology can be utilized to manage outgrowers
  • Analyze invest prospects for Rice, Soya, Maize, Sugar, Biofuel crops,  Palm, Rubber & Cassava
  • Solutions for water resource management from a successful African case study
  • Towards sustainability in crop production and  risk management solutions
  • SabMiller Africa shares experience on smallholders farm and local sourcing challenges
  • Outlook for Infrastructure development to support agric logistics in West Africa
  • Evaluate Warehouse Receipt System as an incentive to agri investment
  • Experts views on Funding options for agri projects in Africa

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Separately Bookable


Site Visit to Prairie Volta Farm &
MOFA Irrigation Project


20 March 2013


(Now Open for Reservations)




13:45 Assemble at lobby

14:00 Depart for MOFA Irrigation project, Prairie Volta Farm & rice mill facilities

15:30 Site visit

17:15 Depart to hotel

19:00 Arrives at hotel



Profile Of Past Year Attendees


Profile Of Past Year Attendees


"Interesting to share farm management experiences & contacts" - SOPEX


"It was a great networking platform" - Proserve


"An excellent networking event providing the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people involved in driving agriculture in Africa forward" - Syngenta


"Varied, Interesting and Informative conference" - VSA Capital


"Inspiring, informative & increase network particularly in Africa" - Indofood

 - Farm & plantation investors/owners,
-Asset management company,
- Investment banks & agricultural funds
- Fertilizer companies,
- Seed suppliers,
- Machinery companies,
- Tax & legal firm,

- Insurance companies
- risk management consultant
- Agrochem & biotech companies,
- Irrigation industry,

- Food companies,
- agri commodity buyers/traders,
- Government organization & investment board

This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players & investors in the industry.

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News Feed

Les opportunités d’investissement agricole et les meilleurs pratiques et innovations définissent le 3ème Sommet Africain de la Ferme Commerciale organisé par le CMT

Posted on : 07 Mar, 2013


Le “Centre for Management Technology” lance aujourd’hui le 3ème sommet africain sur les fermes commerciales qui est censé avoir lieu le 19 et le 20 Mars à Accra au Ghana. Le sommet de deux jours qui bénéficient du soutien du ministère de l’alimentation et de l’agriculture du Ghana et de la « Private Enterprise Foundation », aborde des sujets relatifs aux opportunités d’investissements agricoles dans la région, mettant la lumière sur le financement, les meilleurs pratiques, l’infrastructure et les défis des innovations.


ACCRA, Ghana--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Coparrainé par SGS South Africa(Entreprise) et Swiss Re Corporate Solutions(la réception de l’après midi), le 3ème Sommet Africain de la Ferme Commerciale, sera inauguré par un discours principal d’un responsable de haut niveau du Ministère de l’Alimentation et de l’Agriculture qui portera sur les « Opportunités d’Investissement Agricole au Ghana »et le partenariat entre les secteurs privé et public dans le domaine du développement de l’agroalimentaire.


La liste des intervenants à ce sommet africain comprend M. Stephen Kumadoh, évaluateur principal de la Commission Foncière dont l’intervention portera sur les banques régionales et la disponibilité d’opportunités d’investissement agricole ; Mme Sarah Marchand(Holmes), conseillère principale de la facilité d’assistance technique du Fonds Africain pour l’Agriculture qui présentera des programmes et des expériences relatifs aux petits exploitants dans divers pays et secteurs ainsi que M. Cobus Burger, directeur général de SGS South Africa qui présentera un rubrique sur la durabilité de la production agricole.


De plus, Mme Christina Ulardic, responsable du département du développement des marchés en Afrique chez Swiss Re, penchera sur la gestion des risques des projets agricole alors que M. Vijay Kumar Jain, directeur de Ruchi Soya et M. Mick Bartlett, chef d’exploitation chez Vita Rice, présenteront respectivement des études de cas importantes sur des projets agricoles dans le domaine des fermes commerciales. Praire Volta & Kwanim G.D.K farm disposant toutes les deux des exploitations au Ghana, partageront leurs expériences et défis relatifs aux investissements et aux opérations au Ghana.


M. Jules Gogoua, directeur du département transport chez ECOWAS Commission, s’intéressera aux plans de développement en Afrique de l’Ouest et M. Nana Osei-Bonsu, directeur général de la « Private Enterprise Foundation » aura une intervention sur le système de récépissés d’entrepôt. IFC & Phatisa, directeur du Fond Africain de l’Agriculture, donnera un aperçu sur le financement des projets agricoles.


Des experts œuvrant pour des entreprises comme SABMiller Afrique et S.A. Sopex N.V mettront en lumière les segments potentiels de cultures et d’agriculture comme le manioc, le maïs, le bétail et les volailles alors que la Fondation Sygenta Pour une Agriculture Durable et Netafim pencheront sur la technologie et l’innovation.


De plus amples informations sont disponibles au lien suivant:



Irrigation facilities the first step to increasing rice yields in Ghana

Posted on : 21 Feb, 2013


Ghana’s Minister-Designate for Food and Agriculture, Clement Kofi Humado, is committed to reduce the country’s dependence on imported rice. According to Humado, the percentage-met for domestic demand has increased from 30% in 2009 to 50% in 2012. However, the country is still far from being self-sufficient, with a projected 1.2 million metric tons of rice yield needed within the next five years to significantly reduce its dependence.


Humado said that the ministry plans for more resources to be set aside for this purpose, and also promised collaborations with industry experts to increase yield, starting with the identification of irrigation-suitable areas and offering of technical support to local farmers to increase yield.


Deputy Secretary General of GAWU of the GTUC, Edward Karewah, also highlighted the importance to develop irrigation facilities in order to achieve higher crop output. He said,


“Government must construct irrigation infrastructure wherever the soil is suitable for rice production to induce people to go into rice production.”


A wave of changes to irrigation practices may be seen in the coming years, with more technology and methods streaming into Ghana, bringing positive impacts on the country’s rice production.


Companies such as Valmont and Netafim will be in Ghana next month on 19-20 March to speak on irrigation efficiency and technology for farming optimization during the 3rd Commercial Farm Africa Summit.


See program agenda here.


For more information or enquiries, please contact Ms. Angelia at angelia@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. 65 6345 5701.


Read more: Ghana’s agriculture minister-designate says will boost rice production

Public-Private partnership – An essential move for Africa’s agribusiness

Posted on : 07 Jan, 2013


Public-private partnerships are imperative for Africa’s agricultural sector growth given the catalytic role the former plays in driving policies and regulatory frameworks, and the latter creating the enabling environment through vital investments.


Madam Maria Helena Semedo, FAO Regional Director for Africa, reinforced this critical step in 2012, highlighting that a forecast revealed an estimated USD 940 billion capital is required of the public and private sectors for development of Africa’s agricultural sector till 2050.


As identified by Mr. Kwasi Ahwoi, Minister of Food and Agriculture, challenges such as “low productivity, poor infrastructure, high post-harvest losses, and [sic] lack of market access” are waiting to be solved. He said,


“Due to limited resources, coupled with competing demands for meager resources, it has become apparent that government cannot wholly provide infrastructure and service, it is expedient that the private sector, which is generally acknowledged as the engine of growth, becomes a key partner in attaining the development agenda.”


Frameworks and projects such as the Public Private Partnership (PPP) policy and the Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP) are developed to improve the investment climate of agribusiness, promoting an inclusive private-public partnerships and smallholder linkages environment to improve on-farm productivity.


Global food security will see a positive turn of events once Africa’s agricultural sector picks up. With the IFAD and AGRA calling for investments in smallholder farmers as well to improve productivity to meet demand, a move in trend is set to be observed.


At the 3rd Commercial Farm Africa summit on 19-20 March 2013 in Accra one can explore and understand vital market trends that will affect businesses worldwide.


For more information or enquiries, please contact Ms. Angelia at angelia@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. 65 6345 5701.