2nd Commercial Farm Asia,

11-12 Oct, 2012 - Yangon, MYANMAR


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Making Inroads into Asia's Awakened Tiger
for Sustainable Agri Investments!

Opening Address by

Top Official

Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation, Myanmar


Plus Contributions from

U Zaw Win, Director, Dept of Industrial Crops Development
Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation


Kyaw Zaw Maung, Director
Directorate of Investment & Company Administration (DICA)

Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development


Daw. Naw Eh Hpaw, Deputy Director General & Head of Foreign Exchange Management Dept
Central Bank of Myanmar, Ministry of Finance and Revenue

Dr. Sengpaseuth, Deputy Director of Extension & Database Divn, Dept of Agri extn & Cooperatives
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Laos


Mr. Nazaruddin, Director of Processing and Marketing for Agricultural Products
Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia

"Myanmar parliament passes investment law..."

September 7, 2012 - News Terra.com



Thai Hua Rubber Pcl, Thailand's third-largest rubber producer, plans to invest in Myanmar, aiming to produce rubber and export it following political and economic reforms there, Chief Executive Luckchai Kittipol told Reuters...The company was ready to start growing rubberimmediately it gets permission from the government."
21/5/12, www.ft.lk


Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) set to invest US$550 million in Myanmar to develop agriculture and livestock projects The project would include maize seed and cattle farms, aquatic animal farms, rice farms and rice mills, pluslivestock processing plants, starting this year and running through 2015. The investments would commence once a 'clearer' law onforeign investment will beimplemented.

26/7/12, www.pigprogress.net



Myanmar is rich in arable lands, water and other resources and it has over 16 million acres of wild land that can be developed. It has huge agricultural potential. The government is encouraging foreign investments in agricultural sector, from commercial farm to downstream processing sectors. With the political and economic reforms underway, tremendous opportunities abound in Asia's last frontier.


Prospective investors, both local and overseas are eagerly awaiting the new investment law to be approved by the parliament shortly. Investment in agriculture and related industries will help boost agricultural production and farmers' access to new markets inside Myanmar and abroad!


With the continuous volatility in food prices, food security is one of the top agenda of all governments worldwide. What role can Asia play in terms of providing food security? Where else in Asia can prospective agri investor consider? Is Myanmar ripe for investment? What are the latest technological innovations to increase agricultural yield & profitability?



You will network with key decision-makers from

- Farm & plantation investors/owners - Asset management company - Investment banks & agricultural funds company - Fertilizer companies - Seed suppliers - Machinery companies - Tax & legal firm - Insurance companies & risk management consultant - Agrochem & biotech companies - Irrigation industry - Government organization & investment board




- Aung Naing Thitsar Co. Ltd

- Thai Hua Rubber Public Co., Ltd
- P&A Asia - Legal & Tax Advisor
- C.P Livestock Co. Ltd

- Leopard Capital Cambodia

- International Pulses Trade & IndustryConfederation
- Myanmar Rubber Planters & Producers Association
- Plantation Resources Pte Ltd
- CropLife Asia
- Bayer CropScience
- SGS Group
- Netafim Mekong Region

- Myanmar Rice Industry Association

- FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

- Myanmar Sugarcane & Sugar related Manufacturers & Traders Association

- Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry, Laos

- Post-Harvest Technology Application Center,
Ministry of Commerce

- Supreme Bio-Tech Group
- Kelvin Chia Yangon Ltd

- Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia

Why Attend CMT Invest Myanmar series?


1. Proven Track Record

Including this event, CMT has organized 5 summits in Yangon since March 2012 in key sectors - They are:
- Myanmar Oil, Gas & Power
- New Myanmar Investment
- Myanmar Mining
- 2nd Myanmar Oil, Gas & Power
- 14th Asia CemenTrade


2. Meet Key Officials & Decision-makers
All CMT summits are opened by Ministers. We work closely with various ministries. The Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Mines & Ministry of Electric Power are official host to some of our summits


3. Connect with local or foreign partners

Network with the right person or companies. We attract the best possible candidates you can pick as business associate or partner.


4. Covers All Strategic Sectors

CMT covers all the key sectors - Energy , Mining, Agriculture, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Finance, Power, Telecoms and many more.


CMT Invest Myanmar series offer not mere "information" but "insights on growth strategies"


Multiple Benefits in attending:

  • Gain first hand insights from top officials in the Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation in Myanmar on the emerging opportunities
  • Key experts from rubber, palm, sugar, biofuel, pulses and ricesector give latest investment outlook and demand in Myanmar and beyond
  • Hear from the Presidential Economic Advisor on the on-going economic, trade & finance reform to drive investment
  • DICA & MIC will share the procedures and guidelines to set up a commercial farm and related businesses in Myanmar
  • Legal expert will dissect the fallow land and farm land law in Myanmar & explain the Real Sense of "Ownership of Land".
  • How to structure share holder ownership?
  • Post-harvest management of managing produce from farm to market
  • Financing farmland investment and role of fund managers
  • Technological innovations to increase agri profitability and sustainability
  • Commodities trading and challenges
  • Asia's role on food security
  • Officials from Laos & Indonesia spell-out agri investment opportunities
  • Network with industry's who's who to maximize your investment!

Sign up with your team today to be the first to seize the opportunity!Contact grace@cmtsp.com.sg or visit www.cmtevents.com for registration.


Sponsor or Book your Exhibition Space!
This event is an excellent platform to promote your
organization to influential players & investors inthe industry. Talk to us for acustomized Sponsorship or to book your Exhibition space now! Contact nisha@cmtsp.com.sg or (65) 6346 9130



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Thai Investors Seek Agricultural Prospects in Myanmar - Myanmar Update, Aug 20


Pepsi Signs Myanmar Distribution Pact; Looks to Local Agricultural Investment - Dow Jones Newswire, Aug 9


Thai firms earmark billions for Myanmar - Asia News Network, July 24


Myanmar's president promises second wave of reform - Reuters , June 19


Suu Kyi calls for Myanmar investment on landmark tour - Channelnewsasia.com, June 14


Is Myanmar the Next Mongolia? - Business in Focus, Apr 2012


News Feed

Myanmar could regain position as top rice exporter; 2012 exports expected to reach 1.5 million tonnes

Posted on : 13 Sep, 2012


Government statistics show that Burma boasts the world’s highest annual rice consumption at 210 kg (460 lbs) per person, which translates as 75% of the country’s diet.


Officials say that if all goes well, Burma could be ready to regain its No.1 position as the world’s top rice exporter, as it was in the 1960s. Officials also said that a main priority is to provide farmers better access to high-quality seeds and fertilizer. “In China, every township has a seed production company,” said Tin Naing Thein, the National Planning and Economic Development Minister to Reuters. “The government will encourage and support them here.”


How effective will be the new agricultural bank which was set up two months ago to grant credit to small farmers remains to be seen.


Ye Min Aung, the Secretary-General of the Myanmar Rice Industry Association noted that rice exports could increase as much as 2 million tonnes by 2013 and 3 million by 2015. And this year, exports are expected to double to 1.5 million tonnes.


Head of the new National Economic and Social Development Advisory Committee, Tin Htut Oo confirmed that several rice exporters are building large-scale mills that can handle as much as 200 tonnes a day.


He also expects fertilizer sales to rise, and expanding that could produce a big increase in yields. “You can imagine in a few years’ time the use of fertilizer in Burma will at least double. I wouldn’t be surprised if it tripled. This is a big area of investment,” he said.


Western companies like DuPont Pioneer are looking at investments in Burma, which holds potential for higher rice production.


At the 2nd Commercial Farm Asia Summit, Mr. Ye Min Aung, Secretary General of Myanmar Rice Industry Association, will present a paper titled “Reviving the Rice Industry in Myanmar”.  He will cover areas such as rice output, investment prospects for rice mills, and offer opinions on staying competitive in the world of rice trade. The summit will be held in Yangon on 11-12 October 2012. Click here to sign-up for this summit, or contact Ms. Grace at grace@cmtsp.com.sg for more information.


Extract from Mizzima.com

Thai Hua plans rubber plantation expansion in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar & Thailand

Posted on : 13 Aug, 2012


As a response to rising operating costs, Thai Hua Rubber has shifted its focus to Indochina, where it plans to develop not just supply, but exports as well, aiming to take its place among the world’s largest rubber producers and traders by 2020.


The company plans to manage business in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand, resulting in a combined total rubber-plantation area of 400,000 rai (64,000 hectares), and achieve Bt120billion in sales revenue. Investing in Indochina will allow lower production cost. Chief Executive Officer & President Luckchai Kittipol said that the company had considered not only how to benefit from Asean integration but also how to achieve efficient production. He said, “Having rubber plantations outside Thailand will enhance our cost-control management, and the most important thing is that we don’t want to compete with small rubber growers [in Thailand] in purchasing land. Our strategy here is to focus on expansion of manufacturing rather than of plantation area.”


China, India and other countries will receive the rubber tapped in Laos. Thai Hua plans to set up its first processing plant in Laos by next year. In Cambodia, it will operate under the company’s joint venture with Indian interests to manage 62,000 rai of leased land to grow rubber trees in Kampong Thom province. The company plans to invest US$1.5 million (Bt48 million) in Myanmar, once the government announces clearer regulations on investment and the financial system.  Dr. Luckchai explained that Myanmar has one of the highest potentials for growing rubber as its climate is similar to that of Thailand’s Southern region, while it still has plenty of denuded forestland that its government plans to turn into valuable farming areas for rubber and oil palm.


Dr. Luckchai Kittipol will be sharing more information on the above and his expertise at the 2nd Commercial Farm Asia in Yangon on 11-12 October, in a session entitled “Rubber Plantation Investment in ASEAN”. His talk will include demand/supply projections, challenges and opportunities, price trends, a comparison of investment in Laos, Cambodia & Thailand, analysis of business models, and an update on their venture in Myanmar. Register here to attend this summit. Or forward enquiries to Ms. Grace at grace@cmtsp.com.sg


Read complete article here.


Agricultural imports exempted from tax in Myanmar

Posted on : 18 Jul, 2012


Official media reports say that Myanmar’s finance ministry has made commercial tax exemption on import agriculture related items for a period of 9 months. This move is an effort to encourage agro-industry development, as well as an all-round development of the other sectors of the economy.


It was reported that the exempted items include fertilizers, pesticides, farming equipment and machinery, and will take effect from 1 July 2012 to 31 March 2013.


The commercial tax exemption on export items which was for a period of 6 months this year, from 15 February to 14 July, will expire soon. Items which were exempted included rice, beans and pulses, corn sesame, rubber, freshwater and saltwater products and animal products except prohibited ones.


Find more details on import and trading matters at the 2nd Commercial Farm Asia to be held in Yangon on 11-21 October. U Aung Zaw Oo, Managing Director of Aung Naing Thitsar Co. Ltd is slated to deliver comprehensive presentation entitled ‘Commodities Trading in Myanmar – Challenges & Opportunities’ at the conference. For information on how to Pre-Register or book places to attend the event, contact Ms. Grace at grace@cmtsp.com.sg




Vietnamese investors capitalize on Myanmar's invitation for foreign investments in agriculture sector

Posted on : 11 Jun, 2012


Myanmar Investment Commission chairman U Soe Thein said Myanmar wants to attract investment from a wide range of different nations instead of relying on one major source. He also said that Myanmar wanted to attract investment in industries such as agriculture and manufacturing which created jobs. He stated, “We would like to give top priority to the small- and medium-enterprise sector because it creates jobs. We would also like to bring investment in our agriculture industry because we have a lot of land and believe there is a lot of potential to develop agro-based industry.”


With China and Thailand as leading investors, Myanmar Investment Commission statistics show that the total foreign direct investment (FDI) was about US$40 billion until December. Resource-based projects like mining, power and oil and gas made up most expenditures.


Vietnam, on the other hand has many of its businesses rapidly drawing up their investment plans to capture the untapped market. A US$100 million agricultural investment was announced by the chairman of the Vietnamese investors association in Myanmar, at a joint business forum in Hanoi on March 21.


Tran Bac Ha, head of the Board of Directors of the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), called Myanmar the last golden destination in SouthEast Asia, and encouraged Vietnamese investors to pay more attention to its market. He also stated that An Giang Plant Protection, a Vietnamese agricultural group, and VinaCapital, a fund manager, recently signed an agreement with Eden Group, a Myanmar rice conglomerate. The agreement was to build a US$100 million farm produce processing factory.


Key issues of agriculture investment prospect & land utilization policies in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Pakistan and Australia, Legal, Tax issues and financing options for commercial farm investment, developing agriculture value chain and much more will take centre stage at the 2nd Commercial Farm Asia conference to be held in Yangon on 11-12 October 2012 .


As of now, the full conference details are taking shape  and  will be available soon. Meanwhile, one may Pre-Register here to reserve seats. For any further queries, email grace@cmtsp.com.sg


Complete article available here & here.