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JatrophaWorld Asia 2011

27-28 Jun, 2011 - Haikou, Hainan Island, CHINA

Sheraton Haikou Resort

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view upcoming event. Information here is outdated

Chinese version for Jatropha World Asia 2011


Jatropha! Back in favour as the ideal feedstock for biofuel production


Just in February, the European parliament voted for new rules that require lower emission levels from commercial vehicles. Worldwide, governments are also following suit on a similar route to increase targets for clean energy use in their respective countries.


With recent announcements of increasing supply of crude jatropha oil, Jatropha has risen up to skepticisms and misinformation, proving that it can be a sustainable feedstock option for biofuel.

"In Australia, Jatoil Limited announced that it has achieved production of 200 tonnes of crude jatropha oil. Jatoil's 70%-owned Central Java joint venture, PT Jatoil Waterland, isconsistently producing increased quantities of CJO, which is in high demand as airlines strivetomeet mandatory new European Union carbon dioxide emissionregulations." (Source: Biofuels Digest, 7 Feb 2011)


"Mission NewEnergy announced that it completed its second commercial sale and shipment of Jatropha oil to a major Europeancustomer, for use as a sustainable fuel. Thisshipment, comprising 60 tonnes of unrefined Jatropha oil, was three times the size of its last Jatropha oil sale. At approximately US$119 per barrel CIF Europe, the sale price represented a 34% premium to prevailing crude oil prices." (Source: Biofuels Digest, 17 Dec 2010)


Scientists in India have successfully run a car on bio-diesel without any alterations to the engine. The scientists at the institute have also launched a project with General Motors to develop Jatropha as a sustainable bio-fuel energy crop.

Under this project, a car was put on a testdrive
with the bio-diesel and successfully completed nearly ten thousand miles this month.

Currently, the bio-diesel produced by the institute is being used by some state-run organizations, including India's Defense Research and Development Organization,in their vehicles. (Source : NTD TV,15 Feb 2011)

CMT's JatrophaWorld is the premier international conference on Jatropha commercialization. It's a MUST attend meeting place for all serious Jatropha growers, investors, end-users and researchers.


JatrophaWorldspeakers debunks the hypeand are experienced operators andresearchers who'd providereal data and actual experience oncultivation, processing, and supplying oil.


JatrophaWorld Asia 2011 marks the 7thedition of the top-notch series - previously held in Jakarta, Miami, Hamburg, Kuala Lumpur, Brussels and Rotterdam with resounding success.


Click links below if you

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Sponsorship Packages for JatrophaWorld Asia 2011


Media Partnerships for JatrophaWorld Asia 2011

Now, the next big questions are:


How can Jatropha oil reach the high volume required for large-scale biofuel production?


How can Jatropha oil be produced economically?


With the Central Theme "Delivering Jatropha Oil to the Market -Strategies to Ramp Up Production" critical issues at to be discussed at JatrophaWorld Asia 2011 include:

  • Successful Case Studies of large-scale Jatropha seed & oil production in Asia, Brazil& Madagascar
  • Strategies to optimize production output to meet increasing global demand for biodiesel and aviation biofuel
  • Best Practices for producers to improve Jatropha productivity
  • Innovations & Technologies in Breeding and Genetic Engineering
  • Ensuring Sustainability Standards are met and move towards international certifiable jatropha biofuel production
  • Global Outlook of Biofuel market: How Jatropha stacks up against other feedstocks?
  • Advancing Jatropha's Position as premium feedstock for AviationBiofuel production
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Confirmed Speakers:

  • China Petroleum Bio-Energy Co. Ltd. (grower in Guangzhou)
  • YunNan ShenYu New Energy Co. Ltd. (grower in Yunnan)
  • Bioenergy Development Co., Ltd. (grower in Thailand, Cambodia,Laos, Myanmar)
  • Fuelstock (grower in Madagascar)
  • Pakistan State Oil (grower in Pakistan)   
  • Mission NewEnergy (grower in India)
  • Waterland (grower in Indonesia and Vietnam)
  • Biogreen Oil Brazil (grower in Brazil)
  • BEI International LLC (jatropha harvester)
  • Lux Research 
  • Quinvita
  • Sichuan University
  • Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB)
  • ISCC System
  • JOil
  • More to be confirmed


Rave Reviews of the previous JatrophaWorld


"After the Jatropha Hype, finally a meeting of commitedinvestors andoperators willing to go further in this business"
~ Api Nova Energia (power plant operator in Italy)


"Good to have a better appraisal of the current development of theJatropha market"

~ Alegro Capital


"It has been most informative, well-planned and organized and the best conference that I have ever attended"
~ University of Rajashtan


"We need to eliminate the myth about Jatropha. Theconference was essential in collecting real data and learn from existing operators"
Vigest srl


"Great to see the renewed interest in Jatropha, especiallyfrom theserious players"




BONUS: Optional Site Visit to Jatropha Nursery and R&D Centre of China Petroleum Bio-Energy Co. Ltd. (CPBE)

Delegates of JatrophaWorld Asia 2011 are invited to visit CPBE's Jatropha Nursery and R&D Centre in Hainan Province, 1 hour away from the conference hotel. The centre is about 35ha (520mu), and focuses on elite seed breeding and high yield cultivation technological research. It is supported by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with technical assistance from Life Science College of Sichuan University.


Important Notice

The site visit is an optional program for the JatrophaWorld Asia 2011 conference; it is open to registered delegates only. There are limited seats available and will be allocated based on first-come-first-served basis. Please indicate this option when signing up for the conference. Additional cost applies.


Site Visit Picture for Jatropha World Asia 2011Site Visit Picture for Jatropha World Asia 2011

About China Petroleum Bio-Energy Co. Ltd. (CPBE)


China Petroleum Bio-Energy Company Limited established in Shenzhen, China is a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture between China Petroleum Energy Holdings Company Limited and Jilin Chengde Energy Development Company Limited. The Company engages in biomass plantation and biodiesel refinery developments.

The holding company, China Petroleum Energy Holdings Company Limited is engaged in oil and natural gas development and exploration. It focuses on both onshore and offshore oil and gas in China, Venezuela, Mongolia and Australia, as well as engages in oil refining business.

Since 2007, CPBE has started operating Jatropha plantations in Guangdong, Yunnan and Sichuan province. They have successfully completed planting on 6,000ha. Their plan is to expand to 200,000ha in Guangzhou, 100,000ha in Sichuan province and 100,000ha in Yunnan.


CPBE also has a Biodiesel Refinery in Hong Kong with the capacity of 20 tonne/day.


News Feed

JatrophaWorld Asia 2011 spotlights on Successful Case Studies in Asia, Brazil & Madagascar

Posted on : 16 Jun, 2011


MANILA, Philippines — A former solon has proposed the use of public land for Jatropha propagation to help ease the country’s need to generate power and energy.


Herminio Teves, former congressman of the third district of Negros Oriental, said that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has recently declared a total of 14.2 million hectares of public land as “alienable and disposable.” He suggested that this land could be used to plant Jatropha, a tree that could be used for the production of biodiesel.


Teves said that if the public land will be utilized for Jatropha propagation, it will yield some 99.4 billion kilos of seeds, which could produce around 25 billion liters of Jatropha raw oil as bunker fuel to fire the country’s diesel power plants.


(Source: Manila Bulletin, 3 May 2011)



More information on Large-Scale Jatropha Cultivation & Oil Production will be revealed as speakers at JatrophaWorld Asia 2011 on 27-28 June share successful case studies of large-scale Jatropha seed & oil production in Asia, Brazil and Madagascar.


Among others they will present their viewpoints on:


- Business models
- Production models
- Fruit & oil yield in relation to cultivation techniques & conditions

- Value addition

- Revenue projection, costs and economics
- Oil production set-up and logistics


Click here to view the latest agenda, or send an email to Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg to reserve your seat now!


Report hails jatropha as good substitute for traditional jet fuel

Posted on : 23 May, 2011

A report on airline testing of oil from jatropha has shown it could be a potential substitute for traditional jet fuel.


Business Matchmaking, a non-profit company that works with airlines, says Japan Airlines, Air New Zealand, Continental, Brazil's TAM Airlines and most recently the Mexican carrier Interjet, in cooperation with European manufacturer Airbus, were all tested with the jatropha fuel.


The report, written by Yale's School of Environmental Studies and funded by Boeing, says the weed-like plant, ‘can deliver strong environmental and socioeconomic benefits’.


(Source: The Fuel Handler, 15 Apr 2011)



Jatropha is closing in on being back in favour as the ideal feedstock for biofuel production!


JatrophaWorld Asia 2011 is committed to provide a true depiction of its potentials and the latest developments in support of Jatropha's repute as viable feedstock for Aviation Biofuel production.


To substantiate the case further, one only need to listen in to the session on Progress of Jatropha R&D in Brazil and the Brazilian Biojetfuel Platform by Mr. Mike Lu, President, Brazilian Jatropha Growers Association (ABPPM)  that will address matters including:  


- Jatropha domestication program in Brazil - Embrapa Agroenergia

- Cultivar registration - Quinvita

- Mechanization - Jatropha harvesting

- Global Biojetfuel Platform

- Brazilian Biojetfuel Platform: Associated projects / Meeting the sustainable -- Feedstock production challenge


Attend JatrophaWorld Asia for a realistic outlook and factual information on ways to accelerate the commercialization of jatropha for fuel and energy.


Sign up for JatrophaWorld Asia here!

Jatropha Practitioners Share Lessons Learnt from Large Scale Cultivation Successes & Debunk Myths at JatrophaWorld Asia 2011

Posted on : 25 Apr, 2011

Siemens, the German conglomerate is this week starting trials on behalf of an unnamed shipping company assessing the viability of jatropha-based biodiesel for powering turbines on a high-speed ferry.


The trials come amid tests which D1 revealed were being undertaken by two other unnamed European multinationals – one a consumer goods group using the biofuel to generate power, and another a specialty chemicals company assessing jatropha oil as a replacement for oil as a raw material.


the demand also represented a "vote of confidence" in the whole jatropha sector, after a series of setbacks, according to an industry insider….The significance of these trials is largely in terms of the industry, opening up potential markets for the oil, which has yet to fulfil the hopes of investors who rushed to back jatropha towards the end of the last decade.


The 70 tonnes of fuel being used for the three trials was, in the context of the industry, a "relatively significant" amount.

"And the prospects for returns from the oil and a meal byproduct, being research as an animal feed, suggest that as an investment proposition, jatropha may have a better future than suggested by recent history".


Read the entire article on: http://www.agrimoney.com/news/high-level-jatropha-trials-send-d1-shares-soaring--3023.html


In reference to above, there is no doubt that the industry is spurred to revive its momentum.


As a matter of fact, at JatrophaWorld Asia scheduled on 27-28 June 2011, in Hainan Island, China, Jatropha experts, cultivators and oil processors are anticipated to affirm this as they delve into the conference’s central theme of "Delivering Jatropha Oil to the Market – Strategies to Ramp Up Production”, share their knowhow including lessons learnt in large scale cultivation and also dispel common Jatropha myths.


A major highlight at this 1.5 day event is a private site tour to the Nursery and R&D Centre of China Petroleum Bio-Energy Co. Ltd (CPBE), arranged exclusively for registered delegates, and separately bookable on a first come first served basis.


Click here to view the latest agenda, or send an email to Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg to reserve your seat now.


First Government-funded bio-diesel plant in Uttar Pradesh for extracting oil from jatropha for biodiesel

Posted on : 31 Mar, 2011

The state department of science and technology is establishing a bio-diesel plant here for extraction of jatropha oil and its conversion into bio-diesel.


The plant, funded by the department of science and technology, Government of India, will be the first government-funded bio-diesel plant in Uttar Pradesh.


Established in the Biotech Networking Facility Center, run by the state’s department of science and technology near Bakshi Ka Talab area of Lucknow, the basic aim of the plant will be to train farmers by giving them first hand-experience in bio-diesel production. The facility can also be used by farmers who do large-scale jatropha farming to extract diesel from the oil.


“The plant is not a production unit, but rather a demonstration unit, which will enable farmers to know how to extract jatropha oil and then convert it into diesel for their usage,” said BL Meena, Principal Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Uttar Pradesh.


The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, has granted Rs 24 lakh for the one-time establishment of the plant. The state government has agreed to bear the expenses of running the establishment, including manpower and other infrastructure, she said. (Source: Indian Express, March 20, 2011)

Jatropha’s rise in Asia as a promising source for bio-diesel has been given a boost in countries such as India. With increased emphasis on sustainability alongside recent innovations for optimizing jatropha yields quality & mechanical harvests, more governments are recognizing the potential of jatropha as a viable alternative feedstock option.


What are the latest developments in effective large-scale jatropha commercialization and cultivation methods? How will the global industry be shaped by new sustainability standards? Experts at the JatrophaWorld Asia 2011 will provide answers to these issues and more. Due to convene in Hainan Island, China, on 27-28 June 2011, the conference is the 7th in the industry-setting series.


The program is being finalized & will be uploaded online shortly. For more information, click here to submit enquiries or contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg to pre-register your interest now.


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Speaker Profile

Prof. Dr. Fang Chen
Botany Professor, Sichuan University
Outlook & Development of Jatropha Biofuel in China
Day 1 [Mon 27, June], at 10:10 AM
-Professor Fang Chen graduated from Sichuan University with a PhD Degree in Botany. His area of academic specialisation was in Resource Plant. He has taken several national key projects about jatropha exploration. He has worked with Sichuan University for nearly 20 Years.....
Read more
Dr. Tie Li
CEO, China Petroleum Bio-Energy Company Limited
(I) China
Day 1 [Mon 27, June], at 11:20 AM
-Dr Tie Li graduated from The Fourth Military Medical University with a Doctor of Medicine. His area of academic specialization was in Clinical Genetics. He has over several Oil and Gas Projects and New Energy Projects. He has worked with Oil and Gas company for over 16 Years and with China Petroleum Bio-Energy Co. Ltd. for over 5 Years.....
Read more
Mr. R. Vasuthewan
Sales and Marketing Director, Mission NewEnergy Limited
(II) India
Day 1 [Mon 27, June], at 11:50 AM

*25 years with Unilever in various positions, key ones being: Heading Logistics, Purchasing functions, Marketing Managerial position for Personal Products and subsequently Food, and also General Operations Manager
*left Unilever to be based in Germany to manage the subsidiary of a local Company
* after retirement , joined Mission as Sales and Marketing Director
* elected to the Board of ISCC in Jan 2010.


Current Portfolio:

Member Of Board of International ....
Read more

Mr. Mike Lu
President, Curcas Diesel Brasil Ltda
Chairman’s Remarks
Day 1 [Mon 27, June], at 02:10 PM
Mike Lu, 66, biologist and business administration from the University of Sao Paulo, SP Brazil, CEO of Curcas Diesel Brasil Ltda, a Jatropha project integration company, supporting the Brazilian Biokerosene Platform, President of ABPPM, the Brazilian Jatropha Producers Association.....
Read more
Progress of Jatropha R&D in Brazil and the Brazilian Biojetfuel Platform
Day 2 [Tue 28, June], at 11:20 AM