7th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power, 第7回バイオマス・ペレット貿易と発電会議

16-19 May, 2016 - Tokyo, JAPAN

Tokyo Marriott Hotel

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With its global network and based on trust from companies in various industries and from consumers, Sumitomo Corporation engages in multifaceted business activities by making the most of its Integrated Corporate Strength.


These business activities include sales of a variety of products and services within Japan, import and export, trilateral trade, and domestic and international business investment.






Enviva is the world’s largest wood pellet producer, with the capacity to produce more than 2 million metric tons in 2016. We manufacture pellets at six facilities in the American South, supplying electric utilities in the United Kingdom and continental Europe. 


Enviva produces pellets with responsible, sustainable practices that protect American forests by adhering to the standards of multiple sustainable forestry organizations, standards against which we are independently audited and certified. We are developing a proprietary “track and trace” system that will enable us to identify the source of every truckload of wood we use. And we recently launched the Enviva Forest Conservation Fund, a 10-year, $5 million initiative designed to conserve thousands of acres of bottomland forests in Virginia and North Carolina.


Enviva Partners LP completed its initial public offering in April 2015 and is the only publicly-traded entity devoted solely to producing wood pellets. Our industry-leading experience and expertise, and our strong financial foundation, enable us to help meet the global demand for sources of sustainable, low-carbon energy.




Arbaflame ® has a world leading patented process for producing Arbacore for replacing coal. Arbacore is made of 100% wood and the product is hard, waterproof and low dust with energy content close to coal. Arbaflame will co-invest in industrial scale plants with established feedstock partners. The technology will also be licensed to external partners. Arbaflame AS is a Norwegian privately held company. Visit http://www.arbaflame.com/ for more information.


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Wood Pellets & Wood Chips Producers & Traders | Palm Oil & Sugar Mill Owners | Aggregators & Marketers for Agricultural Residues (PKS, EFB, Sugar Bagasse, Rice Husk) | Power Utilities, IPP, Industrial Power & CHP Plants | Agriculture, Forestry, Plantation Companies | Commodity Brokers & Analysts | Wood Processing | Shipping & Brokers (DryBulk) | Government / Regulators | Pulp & Paper, Pelletizing Equipment/ Technology Companies | Trade/Project Financers | Emission / CDM Traders | Environmental Engineers

木材ペレット・木材チップの製造業者及び取引業者|パームオイル及び製糖工場オーナー|農業廃棄物(パーム核シェル、椰子の殻空房、さとうき びバガス、籾殻)のアグリゲーター及びマーケター|発電事業者、独立発電事業者、産業用発電及び熱電供給工場|農業、林業、プランテーシ ョンの各企業|生産物ブローカー及び分析者|木材加工業者|配送業者及びブローカー(バラ積み乾貨物)|政府関係者/監督機関|製紙業者、ペレット化設備/技術業者|取引/プロジェクト金融業者|廃棄物/クリーン開発メカニズム取引業者|環境エンジニア