14th LPG Trade Summit,

11-13 Nov, 2019 - Athens, GREECE

King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Athens

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Global Mapping of LPG Supplies & Evolving Offtakes & Opportunities


Preliminary Agenda (Updated as at 19 August 2019)



Global Propane & Butane Markets – Connecting the Dots

  • Global Market Outlook – Seaborne Trade & Supply/Demand Developments, Challenges & Opportunities
  • Is Petrochemical Demand Adequate to Balance the Global LPG Markets?
  • How will Global Oversupply & Industry/Petchem Economics Affect the LPG Pricing Patterns?
  • Will the Recent Shipping Tightness Continue? How will Freight Rates Affect Global Trading Economics/Arbs? 

Michael Panas, Managing Consultant, NGLStrategy, LLC



European LPG – A Run Through The Market  

  • Opportunities & threats in the European LPG market
  • Price trends & Outlook

Nerissa Scheik, Market Research & Analysis Manager, SHV Gas Supply & Risk Management



US Market & Export Development from US East Coast at Marcus Hook

Kendall Puig, NGL Marketer, Antero Resources



Latin Americas' LPG Market Outlook 

  • Correlation-ship with US Production/Supply 

Thomas Olney, Global Head of NGLs, FACTS Global Energy



China LPG – Balancing Demand & Imports Requirements

Senior Representative, Wanhua Chemical Group



Macro Environment Outlook of VLGC Market  

  • Impact from IMO 2020 and Trade Conflicts

Alex Hadjipateras, EVP – Business Development, Dorian LPG LLC



Ethane & Propane Chemical Development Opportunities in China

Dr. Joe Zhao, GM, Chemical Feedstock, Sinochem International Corp.



Indian LPG Outlook: Consolidation of LPG market  

Lalit Kumar Chauhan, Chief General Manager (LPG-OPS), Indian Oil Corp. (IOCL)



LPG Access in Bangladesh – Imports Regulation, Market Challenges & Infrastructural Developments

Jakaria Jalal, General Manager, Bashundhara LP Gas


Separately Bookable - Pre-Summit Training Workshop

11th November 2019 (09:00 – 17:00)


LPG: From Simplicity to Complexity - “How to Navigate Changing Circumstances”


The aim of the course is to examine the  principles of the LPG market and how it is dependent on the economics and market dynamics of oil/oil products, gas and petrochemicals markets.

This training course also aim to provide the core tools and fundamentals that are required for any market player to navigate the LPG environment. 


Target Audience:
The course would suit a range of industry professionals from those new to the LPG industry as well as current players looking to expand their understanding of LPG’s role in commodity markets. Below is a range of typical course attendees in the past:

LPG Product & Shipping Market Analysts

  • Market analysts from a wide range of industries such as: upstream, midstream, downstream, shipping, trading, petrochemical, engineering, commercial, banking, private equity, hedge funds, government organisations.

LPG Traders 

  • Traders in the LPG landscape looking to expand their understanding

Managers from the oil/gas/petchem industry

  • Managers of teams from any oil and/or gas industry or the petrochemical industry, coming from a diverse background of experience, needing to gain knowledge of the LPG market fundamentals

Other Oil & Gas Market Analysts

  • Analysts from other commodity markets that are looking to understand the fundaments of the LPG market

Oil & Gas Equity/Private Equity Hedge Fund Analysts

  • Analysts who need to understand the drivers for the LPG market, how to navigate the industry and the effect LPG has on other oil & gas commodities


  • Operators that need to understand key components and the role of certain players in the LPG landscape


  • Engineers that need to understand the commercial angle of the market

Commercial/Business analysts

  • Analysts from a commercial/business angle that need to drill deeper into the LPG market fundamentals
Training Workshop Schedule




Introduction – Evolution of the LPG Market 

  • The evolution of the LPG market over the last 10 years
  • Global LPG Supply: where does it come from and who are the major exporters
  • Global LPG Demand: where is it consumed and who are the major importers
  • Global LPG Trade: what are the major LPG trading routes


LPG 101: Understanding the LPG Market Fundamentals  

  • How has Shale Gas changed the LPG Market in the US and why is this important to the global landscape?
  • Upstream Fundamentals – Focus on the US Market
  • Midstream Fundamentals – Focus on the US Market
  • Downstream Fundamentals – Focus on the US Market


The Key Conundrum: Introduction to LPG Pricing  

  • Introduction to Global LPG Pricing & Major LPG Pricing Hubs
  • How LPG Pricing Patterns Have Evolved and how are they expected to change going forward?
  • What are the key factors that affect global and regional LPG prices?
  • Staying ahead of the game: understanding the Basics of LPG Price Forecasting and the role of hedging


Discussion & Luncheon


The Crucial Change of LPG Patterns: Fundamentals of LPG as Petrochemical Feedstock

  • Petchems and Their Feedstock
  • Flexible Feed Petrochemical plants that Consume LPG – Steam Crackers
  • Fixed Feed Petrochemical plants that Consume LPG – Dehydrogenation (PDH/BDH)
  • How petrochemical markets have affected the LPG trade patterns and economics?


Getting it from A to B: LPG Shipping 

  • LPG Shipping Fundamentals
  • LPG Shipping Supply/Demand and the Effects on Freight Rates
  • LPG Shipping Charter Types and Strategies


Money Matters: Key Economics of the LPG Market  

  • Upstream & Midstream Economics
  • Petrochemical Economics
  • Shipping Economics
  • Hands on Calculations on Key Economics for Analysts


Connecting the Dots: LPG Trading  

  • LPG Trading Fundamentals
  • Major Trading Routes and Players
  • What Factors Affect LPG Trading
  • LPG Market Arbitrage Calculations and Importance
  • Major Contractual Terms and Conditions
  • Trading Strategies and Tools


Debriefing & Conclusions 


End of Training Workshop

Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor!

This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry. Sponsorship opportunities available include Corporate, Exclusive luncheon & Cocktail sponsor.

Exhibition / catalogue display can be arranged upon request. Contact fiona@cmtsp.com.sg or (65) 6346 9138