3rd Algae World Asia

19-20 Oct, 2010 - Singapore, SINGAPORE

Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore

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19 Oct, 2010 - Tuesday

Welcome and Speed Networking


Chairman’s Remarks

MicroBio Engineering, Inc.

Practical Experiences in Algae Production / Value Proposition in Carbon Capture


Succeeding in the Algae Business – Moving Away from ‘Or’ to ‘And’

- Moving from 'or' to 'and': No longer raceway 'or' photobioreactor, should be raceway 'AND' photobioreactor, also algae for fuel 'and' feed 'and'...

- What business model to adopt?
- What markets to serve?
- Project implementation challenges
- Infrastructures required
- Building partnership and alliances
- Outlook of the algae sector and end-use markets


Growing Algae from Stack Gas Emissions at a Cement Plant

- Case study of St Marys Cement and Pond Biofuels

Martin Vroegh, Environment Manager
St Marys Cement Inc.

Steven Martin, CEO
Pond Biofuels

Discussion followed by Networking Break


Technological Development of Algal Carbon Capture and Storage


Commercial Production of Microalgae in Korea and its Alternative Markets & Applications




Networking Lunch


Chairman’s Remarks

Shorewood Consulting Group, Inc

Value Proposition in Waste Water Treatment


Wastewater Treatment with Biofuels Production in High Rate Algal Ponds (HRAPs)

- Benefits of wastewater treatment with HRAPs including efficient nutrient removal and natural disinfection
- Enhancing the performance of HRAP by flue gas CO2 addition
- Production of colonial algae simply harvested gravity settling
- Conversion of algal biomass for biofuels (biocrude, biodiesel, biogas) and use as local community niche distributed energy sources

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)

Large-scale Algae Biofuels Production with Municipal and Agricultural Wastewaters

- Algae Biofuels Production: limitations of water, carbon and nutrients
- Using wastewaters to supply algal biofuels production processes
- Economics of large-scale algal biofuels production using wastewaters
- Global potential for algal biofuels production using wastewaters.

MicroBio Engineering, Inc.

Algae Technology Development in Asia Pacific


Algae Research in Singapore - Systems Biology of Lipid Metabolism in Algae

- Combined transcriptome and lipidome analysis of Chlamydomonas
- MicroRNA-mediated gene expression knockdowns as a probe of algal lipid metabolism
- De novo transcriptome sequencing of diverse algal species

Genome Institute of Singapore, ASTAR

Discussion followed by Networking Break


China: Genetic Foundations of Robust Oil Production in Microalgae – New Generation Genomics Technologies for Algal Feedstock Development

- Current status and challenges of oilgae feedstock research and development
- Phylo-Genomics approach to investigate and engineer the genomic diversity, function and evolution of microalgal oil production using Nannochloropsis as a model

Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT)

Will Ocean be the Blue Ocean for Future Fuels? – Development in Korea

- Why we should use ocean (not land) for our future biofuel production
- Possibilities and challenges in microalgal cultures in ocean
- Cost analysis between the cultures in the ocean and on the land
- Introduction of Korean National Project on Marine Bioenergy Program


Development of Algal Biofuel Production in Australia

- The need for biodiesel in Australia and the role that algae plays.
- The myriad choices for the Australian algal fuel producer:
- Algal species - GMO/wild/selectively bred; Growth in ponds or photo-bioreactors; salt-water, fresh-water or waste-water as the medium; Natural or artificial light;
- Energetics and greenhouse gas emissions of algal biofuel production

Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Discussion followed by End of Day 1


Cocktail Reception for Speakers and Delegates at the Poolside Terrace

20 Oct, 2010 - Wednesday

Development of Algae-Based Bioenergy


Commercial Viability of Large Scale Algal Biofuel Production & Technological Challenges

Shorewood Consulting Group, Inc

Carbon Finance Support for Bio-Diesel Production from Algae


Discussion followed by Networking Break


The Big Algae Build-Out: Why should CO2 Generators Participate and How?


Development of Bioethanol Production Technology from Red Macroalgae


Enhanced Biofuel Production from Microalgae by adding CO2 to Stimulate Lipid Biosynthesis (Biodiesel) and by Hydrothermal Processing (Syngas)

- Research aims to improve the efficiency and reduce the production costs of biodiesel and of bio-synthetic natural gas from microalgae biomass by:
- Demonstrating the technical and economical feasibility of an innovative process for syngas production by hydrothermal processing of microalgae
- Adding CO2 and optimizing the cultivation conditions to enhance oil production by selected microalgae


Final discussion


Networking Lunch


End of Conference

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