Sustainable Paper & Fiber Packaging for Food-Contact, Towards Food Safety, High Functionality & Carbon Neutrality

03-04 May, 2022 - COLOGNE, HYBRID

Cologne Marriott Hotel

“Towards Food Safety, High Functionality & Carbon Neutrality”

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“High-performance food packaging vital to climate change and world hunger mitigation” ~ Tetra Pak Sustainability VP

Food and beverage brand owners, converters and packaging material producers have NOW a strong need to demonstrate their corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship.  Extensive research and collaboration through the packaging supply chain are invested to ensure food-contact packaging comply to food safety guidelines, and meet carbon neutrality target.  Hence the journey towards sustainably sourced packaging materials, with uncompromising barrier properties, and is fully recyclable/compostable, and etc.

Consumer’s growing awareness and demand for sustainable products and packaging is a strong pull factor to this pursuit.  More consumers are inclined to shop with brands/retailers with strong sustainability commitments and willing to pay a premium.  Moving away from the single-use plastics, paper and board packaging is often lauded and now promoted as an environmentally friendlier alternative for food and even beverage.

Food and beverage packaging needs to maintain food quality, safety compliance, temperature, and etc.  While the industry awaits the harmonised European legislation for food packaging materials made from paper and board, member countries have established guidelines and requirement.

The ongoing innovations in high-functionality and sustainable barriers for paper packaging, as well as alternative fibre sources from barley, straw, hemp, also created new possibility towards sustainable packaging solution.

The evolution does not stop here. Moving forward there is a continuous need for more innovative recycling solutions to ensure packaging can be easily and fully recyclable and incur less carbon footprints.  The circular economy propelled the growth of "closing the loop", enabling the recovery, traceability and recycling for new packaging products.

Join us at CMT’s hybrid conference, Sustainable Paper & Fiber Packaging for Food-Contact, on 3 – 4 May 2022, as the panel of industry lead speakers and participants share insights on the sustainability goals and journey on food-contact paper/fiber packaging, unfold the future trends and opportunities, and what more can be done to realise a circular economy in packaging.

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