8th PETAsia & Recycling Outlook,

30-31 Oct, 2018 - Bangkok, THAILAND

Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

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“Towards 2020 Sustainable Targets for Packaging”

The import ban of scrap plastics into China early this year continues to elicit initiatives by global and regional brands to optimise recycled content and increase their collection and sorting activities.


CMT’s 8th PETAsia & Recycling Outlook opens with leading Asian player, Reliance and consultant, Nexant highlighting the Demand Supply Dynamics of Global - Asia PET resinsPTA & RPET trade for the 6-12 months, including feedstocks PX & MEG supply. Will the market tighten up or be healthy?


With emphasis on recycling and Southeast Asia said to be access for waste going into the oceans, this year’s Day 1 Afternoon program consist of an important panel from Thailand, Philippines and China. With focus on regional recycling policies, improvements towards collection, recycling infrastructure, ocean plastics prevention programs for PET manufacturers & brand owners.


  • Wood Mackenzie outlines South East Asia PET Dynamics in a Global Context
  • Euromonitor analyses Asia’s PET Packaging & Beverage Trends - What is Asia Drinking?
  • Innovative PET Packaging Solutions and Growth Potential in Indonesia by PT Indo Tirta Abadi
  • Himalaya Drug Co spells out Trends & Growth for PET Packaging in OTC supplements & skin care products
  • Trends towards PET Flexible Packaging Replacements & Growth Potential in the Philippines
  • Creating Value with PET Thermoform & Tray Packaging and its Recycling Concerns
  • Corbion Purac known for their PLA resins used in packaging, disposables, fibers, electronics and automotive markets, are additionally developing 100% biobased FDCA for high performance PEF resins to be used for bottle and film applications. They will present their Developments on PEF. PEF, a newly developed biobased polymers was previously regarded as a downgraded PET because of its slow crystallization and low Tm but has now reached industrial production.
  • Carbios highlights optimization of its biorecycling process of post-consumer PET plastic bottles, and how it accelerate its scaling up towards industrial demonstration stage. They have achieved a 97% conversion rate which significantly increase the flows of PET waste that can be treated enzymatically, whether they are coloured, opaque or complex. With their recent partnership with L’ORÉAL, to promote a circular economy through innovative bio-recycling solutions, Carbios will further present successful case studies and Innovations in Chemical Recycling to Generate New Materials.
  • Magic Add demonstrates on Smart Packaging Adoption in PET Packaging
  • Latest innovations from Holland Colours, Husky, NGR
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Testimonial from 7th PET & Polyester Asia Outlook,
Nov 2017 in Vietnam

Broad range of topics from raw materials to end products, covers all areas of interest.
~ Australian Vinyls


Obtained much meaningful information.
~ PT. Petnesia Resindo


A great event to get a wide outlook of the PET supply chain or industry.
~ Otto Hofsetter


New and exciting experience.
~ Pla Matels


Very good insights and updated technology.
~ F&N


Covers various global topics.
~ Polymetrix


Good networking opportunity and good information on new developments in resin technology.
~ Husky




CMT PET Series

CMT PET Series offer up to date business information on regional PET Resin & Packaging markets in Asia (PET Asia Outlook), Europe (GEPET), Middle East & Africa (MEAPET & MENAPET), Latin America (LAPET), South/Central Americas, Andean & Caribbean (SAPET & SCAPET), North America (NAPET) and Japan (JPET). 

Our program incorporates latest market and technological developments in the entire PET Value Chain, from PET Resin and Raw Materials (PX/PTA/MEG), to PET Preform and Packaging Productions, to Recycling. Other upcoming PET events for 2019 include:

  • MidEastAfrica & Central AsiaPET – Istanbul, Turkey - January 
  • 19th GEPET – Madrid, Spain - May   
  • 7th SCAPET – Santiago, Chile - May

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News Feed

Starbucks using RPET in Merchandise – Aims to Reduce Ocean Plastics

Posted on : 17 Oct, 2018

Global coffeehouse chain Starbucks is the latest brand owner to address the issue of plastics wastes that has become a huge global challenge. With the  Pacific Garbage Patch now said to be over three times the size of France, brand owners, recyclers, and consumers are keen to solve the burgeoning issue.
Sustainable designs are a way of addressing ocean wastes. Water bottle company Soma has partnered with Parley and Starbucks to produce a reusable BPA-free glass vessel. The 17 oz. BPA-free glass bottle is wrapped in a neoprene sleeve made from the equivalent of two PET plastic bottles that have washed up on the shores of islands or coastal communities around the globe.
The product is manufactured by first compressing chunks of PET bottles into pellets. Thereafter, the pellets are melted into a filament that is converted into neoprene, which is then woven into the final sleeve shape.
The end product is a sleeved glass bottle available at various Starbucks outlets. It not only helps reuse post-consumer PET bottles but also tackles the bigger problem of ocean wastes - in a meaningful way.
At CMT’s 8th PETAsia & Recycling Outlook on 30-31 October in Bangkok, Nextek presents two key sessions addressing RPET and ocean plastics – namely ’Ocean Plastics Prevention Programs for PET Manufacturers & Brand Owners’ and ‘Optimising Recycled Content to Meet Brand Owners Specifications’.
Contact Grace Oh at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for more information

China to allow High-grade PET bottle flakes, Recycled plastics pellets Imports

Posted on : 03 Sep, 2018

China banned import of PET wastes in the beginning of this year creating huge piles of PET waste in the US, UK and other countries which used to ship millions of tons of PET waste into China. However, Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) reported that the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (GACC) will allow the import of high-grade PET bottle flakes, recycled plastics pellets as general goods without the need for a license, if they meet certain criteria.
The table (provided in Chinese) described PET bottle flakes as high grades A, B, C or D.
It is also mentioned in the report that the recycled plastic pellets can be imported as general goods (without the need for a license) as long as each batch is of the same color with a uniform particle size and shape and packaged uniformly. In addition, the shipments must meet the relevant specification and requirements for plastic materials or products, BIR says.
Recycling associations, PET bottle flakes traders and suppliers await further details in confirmation of these changes. 
View the official document from the China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment mentioning the import of high-grade PET as ordinary goods is allowed and in accordance with general trade regulation.
Find out the Latest on China Import Plastics Waste Ban - Shift in Uptakes & Export for Scrap Plastics from Mr. Steve Wong, Executive President, CSPA - China Scrap Plastics Association at CMT’s 8th PETAsia & Recycling Outlook on 30-31 October in Bangkok.
Contact Grace Oh at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for more information


F&N Introduces Vending Machines to Recycle PET Bottles, etc in Singapore

Posted on : 01 Jun, 2018

Food and beverages company F&N has launched – ‘reverse vending machines’ in Singapore. The vending machines accepts used PET bottles and cans – aimed at promoting recycling post-consumer products in the country.
For this project, F&N has partnered with Singapore’s supermarket chain - NTUC FairPrice and the first reverse vending machine was introduced at its Waterway Point in January this year.
The machine uses advanced technology to identify, sort and collect the containers.
Moreover, there is an incentive for customers too – with every five used containers they put into the vending machine, users will be given a S$0.50 voucher that can be used to buy F&N's Ice Mountain water at FairPrice supermarkets.
F&N expects to add more reverse vending machines at Yew Tee Point and Bukit Merah Central's FairPrice outlets.
The initiative is expected to help inculcate a recycling culture among Singaporeans.
More about PET recycling and PET packaging at CMT’s 8th PETAsia & Recycling Outlook on 30-31 October in Bangkok.
Contact Grace Oh at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for more information