2nd Starch World Europe,

30-31 Oct, 2017 - Budapest, HUNGARY

Courtyard by Marriott Budapest City Center

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"Changes in Dynamics for Starch & Sugar Producers 
in the Post Quota Market" 


"Surge in Isoglucose Investments and Starch Processing
Capacities in Eastern Europe" 


"Innovations in Starches, Proteins & Value Added Products"

Starch industry in EU is more dynamic than ever as the region will see an end to restrictions come October 2017.


Rabobank believes that isoglucose production could take off, particularly in grain and starch-rich but sugar-poor countries such as Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.


How much demand will there be for starch-based sweeteners after the lifting of quotas ?


Would it replace sugar and what then will the impact be on sugar beet producers ?


How would the EU biobased economy present opportunities for sugar and starch producers and what are the new value added streams including biobased plastics and polymers ?


What novel enzymes are  currently in development to produce new generation of starch derivatives ?


Starches play a vital role in our everyday life. It is the most common carbohydrate in the human diet and is contained in many staple foods.


Starches are can-do ingredients, delivering thickening and binding, freeze-thaw stability.


Whether it’s creating cakes that don’t crumble, ice-cream  with indulgent texture, manufacturers need starches to deliver the food experiences consumers demand.


Starch is also used in paper coating as one of the binders for the coating formulation, and in many other industrial applications from textiles to oil drilling.


With growing calls for naturality and transparency in the supply chain, what does this mean for starch processors ? If processed it out, what is next for clean label?


Held on the 30-31st of October in the vibrant city of Budapest, 2nd Starch World EUROPE is well planned to discuss exciting and relevant issues affecting the region’s starch and relevant industry.

Supported by the European Starch Industry Association, key highlights include:
  • Key note presentation by Hungrana on Starch and Sugar production in the Heart of CEE
  • Implications post October quota
    - Will starch-based sweeteners substitute the sugar market ?
    - EU sugar reform impact on beet growers and sugar producers
  • The new starch plant in Europe : Kall Ingredients Kft
  • ADM’s focus and perspective on the global starch industry
  • End users perspective on the evolving role of starch – from Nestle, Dulcesol and Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients
  • Novel enzymes that can produce new generation of starch derivatives
  • Animal nutritionist perspective on Comparing proteins from corn, potatoes & wheat for animal feed nutrition
  • Corn Starch & Value Added products  - from Russia’s leading starch producer
  • Overview on Clean Label – will No Label be next ?
  • Starch-based biomaterials developments
  • Starch based bioplastics & current applications in the market
  • Isosorbide projections & developing market applications
  • Functionality and application markets for pulse fibers, starches & proteins

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Post Summit Workshop
Processing Pulses into Value Added
Products – Technologies, Applications & Market Developments
31 October (13:30 – 17:00 hrs.)

CMT Starch World Series

CMT’s Starch World kick-started in Asia, and today has moved to the Middle East, Europe and recently Americas.

The Series brings together players from the Starch World – leaders, professionals from agro industrial crops & plantation companies, enzymes suppliers, traders & buyers of starch & starch derivatives, raw material suppliers, ethanol producers, machinery suppliers for starch processing and many others. The Series is today vouched by many as a must attend industry meet.


In terms of coverage, the Series has evolved to encompass a wide range of topics from – regional starch market outlook, feedstock competition – between corn and cassava, specialty starches, starches & derivatives markets, sugar market outlook, to food trends such as clean labels, gluten-free and more. 


Join us at our next 2017 Starch Series in Budapest.


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Testimonials 2016


Nice combination of technical, sales and industrial speakers and audience.
– Duynie Holding B.V.


Was great to be part of the event.
– Royal Cosun


Very useful and interesting for me.
Exceeded my expectations!
– Kamburova Consulting


Great update on EU starch market with solid input from the industry.
– Meijer Consult BV


Some interesting presentation and good representation of the starch industry (for participants) to network.
– Tate & Lyle


Interesting, Informative, Diverse topics.
– Amylco

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News Feed

Roquette Expands Pea Protein Facility in France

Posted on : 02 Oct, 2017


Innovative plant-based ingredients producer – Roquette  has announced investment of €40 million in its Vic-sur-Aisne facility in France – aiming to increase its pea processing capacity and respond to a fast-growing global demand for pea protein. 

The new expansion is expected to establish the company as a global food, nutrition and health leader.

Earlier this year, Roquette announced a €300 million brand new site in Manitoba in Canada – which is also an investment into pea protein production. Both the facilities – in France and Canada – will represent a combined annual pea processing capacity of nearly 250,000 tons by 2019. They are expected to provide pea protein solutions globally and will target the markets in North America and Europe. 

With rising health consciousness among consumers, new consumer habits and sustainability challenges, plant proteins for human nutrition is in high demand. Pea protein, particularly, has many benefits for not only consumers but also farmers, given its environment friendliness. It is a great source of protein, with numerous applications in gluten-free foods, vegetarian foods, sports and slimming foods, clinical nutrition and mainstream food.

For more information on pea protein and pea starch markets in Europe, attend CMT’s 2nd Starch World Europe on 16-17 October, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.

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ADM expands into Western European Sweetener and Starch Markets with Chamtor Acquisition

Posted on : 03 Aug, 2017


Leading agricultural processor & food ingredient provider Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) plans to expand into Europe by acquiring France based sweeteners and starches producer Chamtor.


ADM is already expanding its footprint in Eastern Europe and the new acquisition will add to its presence in Western parts.


70% of the European starch and derivatives market is in Western Europe, thus the new acquisition will help ADM to have a competitive position as Chamtor is located in the heart of the European wheat belt. ADM can reach Western European sweetener and starch customers, particularly in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands with this new addition.


Chamtor produces glucose, starch and proteins from wheat.


ADM’s other business ventures in Europe are - full ownership in corn wet milling facilities in Bulgaria and Turkey in 2015, 50% stakes in another wet mill in Hungary as well as acquisition of a sweetener and starch facility in Morocco. Plus it has expansion plans for the Turkey and Bulgaria plants.


Learn more about ADM’s Starch ventures via their session at CMT’s 2nd Starch World Europe on 30-31 October, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.


Contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details.



Hungary to get new Maize Processing Plant by 2018

Posted on : 27 Jun, 2017


Hungarian firm - Tisza-TK Projekt Kft – a major food and ingredients producer – is building a new plant that will process over half a million tonnes of maize per year by 2018.


The new plant will be built in Tiszapuspoki town, 134 km (83.26 miles) east of Budapest. With a capacity to produce an annual 230,000 tonnes of isosugar – a glucose-fructose syrup used in the food industry - as well as starch, alcohol and feed components, the new plant is expected to be built at a cost of 145 million euro ($161.39 million).


The plant is anticipated to process 530,000 tonnes of maize per year harvested in eastern Hungary.


Scheduled to be launched early in the second half of 2018, the production is likely to commence in the second half – with full capacity.


The Hungarian plant is aiming to export about 70 percent of its processed products – mainly to EU member states in the central European region. Revenue is expected to be about 50 and 70 billion forints ($180-$252.00 million) per year.


According to Agriculture Ministry of the country, Hungary exported about 3.6 million tonnes of maize in the past five years on an average. Most of the maize exports were to European countries such as Italy, Germany, Austria as well as Romania and the Netherlands.


Another Hungary based player – Hungrana processes over a million tonnes of maize annually.


More about maize processing will be discussed at 2nd Starch World Europe on 30-31st October, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.


Contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details.