18th MEAPET, Middle East & Africa PET Markets, Applications & Recycling

21-22 Feb, 2017 - Dubai, U A E

Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach

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“Continue to Capture Higher Margins & Strengthen Market
in the Middle East”

“Opportunities in Fast growing Emerging African Markets”

“A world class PET manufacturing facility of 250,000 metric tons per year capacity is being set up by OMPET at Sohar Industrial Port Area in Oman. The manufacturing of PET is expected to start in 2017.”


“In 2016, Coca-Cola has developed new facility in Qatar with an investment of around $36m. The Coca-Cola’s first bottling plant in the region, features an area of about 28,000m². They also opened a new bottling facility in Mozambique. Built at a cost of $130m, the plant has a PET line that can produce 28.6 million physical cases per year”


The rise in disposable income of consumers, urbanization and growing fast moving consumer goods in the Middle East & Africa have led to an increase in demand for packaged and processed foods and FMCG products, which augurs well for the PET market. 


It is reported that bottles currently dominate the PET market and are expected to dominate in the future since about 72% of the PET resin demand was from the bottle application. New product developments and innovations are key strategies to meet the increased demand for PET as well as to penetrate the MEA market. PET bottles are not only used for the traditional water, CSD and dairy but also wine and beer applications. For instance, Nigerian Breweries has extended its Climax, Amstel Malta and Maltina brand packaging to PET. 


PET is also gaining traction in films. Among various plastic films, PET film is estimated to account for the highest value share of 29.6% by the end of 2016 and is expected to gain significant market share by the end of 2026, according to Persistence Market Research.

There are tremendous potential that can be harnessed from PET. Attend CMT’s 18th MEAPET to meet industry leaders speaking on the following key sessions:

  • PCI Wood McKenzie evaluates demand for PET resin growth and its outlook in 2017
  • Reliance Industries details India PET market trends and demand outlook
  • Mutalo Group shares insights into  Africa’s  beverage and personal care markets potential,  expansion and distribution
  • Find out more from Nigeria Breweries about their PET packaging plan
  • Learn the latest updates on the new IPS injection preform from Sacmi 
  • Industry leader Husky provides insights on how multi-layer barrier technology is enabling growth in PET packaging
  • Hear from the leading dairy brand Almarai the demand of PET packaging for yoghurt & dessert
  • Intergulf (Empol) and The Coca-Cola Company Middle East discusses the PET packaging Growth for Edible Oils and CSD
  • Mossi & Ghisolfi International shares the latest innovation in PET resins
  • Omniya Recycling outlines the FIRST compact industrial scale recycling facility in Kuwait & the Gulf
  • Hear the latest market updates on Iran, Turkey and North Africa!

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17th MEAPET (Middle East & Africa PET Markets, Applications & Recycling) | 26-27 Jan 2016, Dubai



"Wonderful networking opportunities and enhance of innovative ideas about the industry”



“Spend an informative and professional time/discussions”



“Insightful, provided us with a 360 degree view about PET. All covered and very good conversation within the industry”



“Excellent update about market development and opportunities in the region”

Technip Zimmer


“Seeing all the major players in the market together for two days is pleasant”

Red Tree Trading


“One of a kind opportunity for PET information and networking”

Plastipak Turkey



CMT PET Conference series offer up to date business information on regional PET Resin & Packaging markets in Asia (PET Asia Outlook), Europe (GEPET), Middle East & Africa (MEAPET & MENAPET), Latin America (LAPET), South/Central Americas, Andean & Caribbean (SAPET & SCAPET), North America (NAPET), Japan (JPET) and now recently Iran (IRANPET). 


Our program incorporates latest market and technological developments in the entire PET Value Chain, from PET Resin and Raw Materials (PX/PTA/MEG), to PET Preform and Packaging Productions, to Recycling.

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17th MEAPET (Middle East & Africa PET Markets, Applications & Recycling) Attendee Profile





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News Feed

Medco Plast to Build New Plastic Plant in Egypt

Posted on : 15 Feb, 2017


Medco Plast – a manufacturer of plastic bottles and packaging products – is building a new plastic factory in 6th of October City in Giza Governorate of Egypt.


The project worth EGP 115 million, is expected to yield production capacity of 25,000 tons a year. Medco plans to export half of this production to African countries and begin production in mid-2017.


Medco has a current annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of plastic – mainly used in carbonated water bottles and packaging products. The firm acquires 70% share in local plastic market and exports 40% output to Arab and north-African companies.


Medco aims to generate sales worth EGP 850 million in 2017 and increase it to EGP 1.2 billion in 2019.


African plastics market will be further assessed at 18th MEAPET on 21-22 February, 2017 in Dubai.


Email Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for details about the event.



Mutalo Group customizes Beverages for Africa Markets

Posted on : 01 Feb, 2017


Sub-Saharan Africa is the fastest-growing economic zone in the world. For 2016, its GDP is expected to grow at 4.5%, with a global GDP share estimated to be 4% in the next five years.


Among Sub-Saharan Africa countries, Kenya is one of the most promising economies with the potential to turn into a key regional investment hub.


Already there are investments in the country such as Polish beverages major – Mutalo Group Company that is launching its energy drink ‘Kabisa’. The name Kabisa is carefully chosen to tune into the local culture – as it is a Swahili name.


Tomsz Nowowiejski, Chief Executive of company feels that Kenya has an existing product gap for energy drinks for consumers and Kabisa is aimed to fill the gap. Kabisa is expected to be a drink that local Kenyans can identify with as it will be a customised brand for the African market.


Kabisa aims to tap the consumers who are ready to spend a bit more than the regular low-quality beverages that are currently available in the market.


Given that it is Mutalo’s first brand to enter the African market, Kabisa is also priced sensibly at an average of 70-80% of the price of other energy drinks in the market.


Other brands that Mutalo plans to introduce in the African market are: the Blessings London Style whiskey, Kabisa Cola, Kabisa Lemonte, Juisi Orange Juice, Razzle (Rum+coke), and Kabisa Orangite.


Tomsz Nowowiejski, Chief Executive, Mutalo Group will share further insights on its Africa Beverage Market Expansion, PET Production and Distribution’ at 18th MEAPET on 21-22 February, 2017 in Dubai.


Email Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for details about the event.



Nigeria Breweries plans to use PET for Climax, Amstel Malta and Maltina brands

Posted on : 03 Jan, 2017


Heineken subsidiary – Nigerian Breweries will soon package three of its beer brands in PET. Climax, Amstel Malta and Maltina brands are chosen for this new PET packaging initiative.


PET Engineering – a packaging manufacturer – has been chosen as the partner to provide the packaging solution to the brewery.


What’s important is that Nigerian Breweries has specific requirements when packaging the beers in PET. For one, PET Engineering is asked to replicate the brewer’s industrial pasteurisation process that can withstand up to 61°C. PET Engineering, therefore, first built the specific equipment for the same and thereafter carefully chose a resin that enables a PET container to withstand the pasteurisation process – which is normally used for glass bottles.


PET Engineering has succeeded in finding the resin with highest intrinsic viscosity that is used in three PET containers obtained using a single type of preform, all of which are in tune with the strict specifications of Heineken.


The project was completed with the delivery of four mold series for Nigerian Breweries’ Ota plant.


The other key aspect of the PET bottles was to create unique shapes that stand out on shelf and enhance the brand’s impact in a new package type.


Nigerian Breweries aim to reap the benefits of PET bottles for its three brands especially qualities such as robustness, safety during production, transportation and use and clarity.


Johnson Ejemogo, Packaging Manager at Nigeria Breweries will share more on its PET Packaging Plan, challenges to extend packaging to PET, shapes and design consideration at 18th MEAPET on 21-22 February, 2017 in Dubai.


Email Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for details about the event.



Coca-Cola expands in Middle East and Africa with New Bottling Facilities in Qatar and Mozambique

Posted on : 21 Nov, 2016


World’s largest beverage company – Coca-Cola has recently expanded its business in the Middle East and Africa region.


The cola giant inaugurated a new bottling facility in Qatar with an investment of around $6 million. The Al Mana facility in Qatar is Coca-Cola’s first bottling plant in the Middle East that has an area of about 28,000m².


Coca-Cola chose Qatar for its unique position in the MEA region and also because the country is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The new bottling plant can produce PET bottles for a range of sparkling and still beverages under the Coca-Cola brand.


Coca-Cola says, Qatar’s 2030 Vision aligns with its own mission to ‘build local, consumer-driven, customer-focused, profitable and sustainable businesses’.


Earlier this year, Coca-Cola also opened a new bottling facility in Mozambique. The facility located in Matola Gare, near Maputo in Mozambique is the largest green-field facility in Coca-Cola Sabco’s history across its seven-country regional market in Africa including – Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.


Built at a cost of $130 million, the plant has a 300 ml glass bottling line that can manufacture 48,000 bottles per hour. The new Matola Gare site combines operations from two other Coca-Cola sites in Maputo – Distribudora and Machava.


The new facility will enable Coca-Cola to tap the African market. The company also plans further investments in Africa with $17 billion earmarked across its distribution, infrastructure, manufacturing and marketing channels during this decade.


The Coca-Cola Company has been investing in Africa for almost 9 decades, with as many as 145 bottling and canning facilities across the continent.


More about bottling, PET packaging market developments in the Middle East And Africa will be discussed at 18th MEAPET on 21-22 February, 2017 in Dubai.


Email Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for details about the event.


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