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    The monthly Global Gas Analytics provides detailed analysis and insight into the key factors driving gas markets and prices. Every month a detailed, data-oriented analysis of price and fundamental supply-demand trends is published for four regions: Asia Pacific; Europe and Russia; the Middle East and Africa; and the Americas..
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Be a Host

9th LPG Trade Summit

11-13 Nov, 2014 - Dubai, U A E

The Address Dubai Marina

"Grappling with New Competition in the Global LPG Market"


According to Poten & Partners, the trends that became apparent in 2013 have continued into 2014. We continue to see an enormous amount of activity in the US gas liquids market, including further expansions of the LPG export terminals and confirmation of several other US terminal projects, and a consequent strong rise in LPG export volumes.

Apart from the USA, export volumes have been relatively stable. Nonetheless there has been a further increase in the amount of LPG moving from West to East of Suez. The extra product is being absorbed mainly in China, India and South East Asia. Chinese PDH facilities have started to enter the market increasing the country's propane demand, while the demand in India and South East Asia is mainly tied up with the retail market.

In shipping, the VLGC N/B orders continue to pile up creating an order book equivalent to 50% of the size of the current fleet, as shippers prepare to cope with a substantial further expansion of international trade.


These developments raise several questions that will be discussed at CMT's 9th LPGtrade Summit:

  • Is all the US terminal capacity needed?

  • What will be the main challenges of propane and butane trade balances going forward?

  • How will global retail and petrochemical seaborne demand develop towards 2020?

  • Have we reached the point that the VLGC N/B are exceeding the amount needed?

  • How will US Gulf prices compare with Asian and European market prices in the future?

More than 12 hours of networking opportunities at 9th LPGtrade Summit to renew business ties and forge new business relationship. Here's what you can expect at the summit this November:

  • Global LPG & Ethane Supply/Demand & Trade Dynamics: Challenges & Expectations

  • Rise of the LPG Export from Iran

  • US LPG Export Dynamics & Trade Flow

  • Assessing the Demand & Imports Requirement in Japan & Korea

  • Analyzing the Growing Presence of LPG in Various Petrochemical Processes in Asia - Ethylene Crackers & Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH)

  • LPG Growth Updates in Africa

  • Shipowner's Perspective on the VLGC Market & Freight Rates

Not to be missed - The 1st LPGtrade Awards and Gala Dinner on 11 Nov 2014, for ALL speakers and participants.


PLUS Post Summit Workshop (12 - 13 Nov 2014) on Interactive Workshop on LPG Trade - Pricing, Trading, Shipping & Risk Management.


Register NOW for the 3-full days' exciting event with huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg. Contact us for attractive bundle and group discounts.

Be present to join in the excitement as we reveal the Winners.
It could be you / your company!


Confirmed Speakers from

  • Phillips 66
  • Poten & Partners (UK) Ltd
  • SHV Gas Supply & Risk Management SAS
  • OPIS
  • Panama Canal Authority
  • Amexgas
  • Astomos
  • E1 Corporation
  • Oriental Energy Company Limited
  • FACTS Global Energy
  • Dorian LPG Ltd.
  • Viamar AS
  • Libra Fearnley Energy
  • F M Energy Services


Post Conference Interactive Workshop

on LPG Pricing, Trading, Shipping

& Risk Management
(12 & 13 Nov 2014)

  • Introduction
  • LPG Trading Environment
  • Contractual Terms & Conditions
  • LPG Trading Techniques
  • LPG Shipping
  • Introduction to LPG Pricing Risk Management
  • Stream Gas Case Study on Trading in Unknown Areas



8th LPGtrade Summit, 18-20 Nov 2013 - Doha



Profile of Attendees in 8th LPGtrade Summit:





- Amber Gas Ltd



- PETCO Trading Labuan Company Ltd


"Good and Informative"

- Qatar Petroleum


"Was a wonderful opportunity to understand the LPG market dynamics and outlook for the future; especially for a Finance Professional like me"

- Tasweeq


"Very worth, a wealth of experience across the LPG Industry"

- Oando Marketing Plc


"A very good market venue"

- Viamar AS


"Mind opening & broaden knowledge"

- Qatargas Operating Company Limited


"Discussion oriented conference"

- Astomos Energy Corporation


"In a changing world for LPG the conference provided a very well round perspective on supply, demand and shipping including open discussion on the topics raised."

- Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)


"A very worthwhile conference with a good spread of interesting topics"

- H.Clarkson & Co.Ltd


"CMT maintain their position as one of the best LPG conferences"

- Lorentzen & Stemoco A/S


"Great conference this year. Job well done"

- Libra Fearnley Energy


Industry News Who Will You Meet Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor!

Epic Gas orders two LPG carriers at Sasaki Shipbuilding


Shipowners gain upper hand in LPG market on record VLGC rates


Pertamina to operate second
super LPG tanker


Navigator exercises option to build three LPG carriers


UNIPEC and Phillips 66 Sign Long- | term Contract for the Purchase and | Sale of Propane


LPG Shipping Surge Seen Extended Amid Signs of Panama Delay


Japan Refiners to Merge LPG Operations With Sumitomo in 2014


Producers, Traders, Importers, Exporters, Distributors, Brokers, Ship Owners/Managers, Shipping Agencies, Supply & Trading Managers, Feedstock Purchasing Managers, Chartering Managers - CEOs - Managing Directors - General Managers - Business Development Directors - Director of Marketing- Regional Representatives - Petroleum Downstream Business Directors - Commercial Directors- Global & Regional Oil Corporations - Refineries Managers - Representatives from Storage & Terminalling Companies - Insurance, Trade & Structured Finance Banks

This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry.


Sponsorship opportunities available include Corporate, Exclusive luncheon & Cocktail sponsor.


Exhibition / catalogue display can be arranged upon request. contact nisha@cmtsp.com.sg or

(65) 6346 9130

News Feed

And the Award goes to.......

Posted on : 05 Nov, 2014



 The Nominees are:

1. EA Gibson Shipbrokers Ltd, 2.Poten & Partners, 3.Ginga, 4.Clarksons, 5.Fearngas - Fearnleys



The Nominees are:

1.BW Gas, 2.Dorian, 3.Navigator Gas, 4.Epic Gas, 5.Phoenix Tanker



The Nominees are:

1.Petredec, 2.Vitol, 3.Astomos, 4.Naftomar, 5.Shell International Eastern Trading Company



The Nomines are:

1.Colin Shelley, Facts Global Energy, 2.JC Heard, Naftomar, 3.Rupert Smither, Petredec, 4.Kimmy Kim, E1 Corporation, 5. William Ray, Targa


Japan reports rise in July LPG stocks by 4% from June with imports increasing 27%

Posted on : 01 Oct, 2014


Japan LPGas Association reported that LPG stocks in Japan increased for the third-straight month in July. The stocks registered a rise of 4.03% as compared to June to 1.907 million mt. The rise is attributed to higher imports of 26.7% month on month to 958,000 mt at the end of July. This rise marks a rebound from a downtrend observed since March, the association's data revealed.

The data also showed import terminal running stocks or supplies reporting an increase by 33% month on month to 310,000 mt in July, after it rose 55.3% to 233,000 mt in June.

While total LPG stocks decreased 5.2% year on year, propane stocks rose 11.3% month on month to 1.218 million mt in July making propane the number one among other inventories. Butane, on the other hand, saw a continued fall of its stocks, down 7.3% to 689,000 mt, according to the data.

The report further states that the total demand for LPG in July surged 20.1% month on month to 1.149 million mt, recovering after sliding 17% in June to 957,000 mt.

The rise is attributed to the rise in electricity demand to 118,000 mt in July, as the cooler weather continued in Japan leading to more use of hot water heaters, though air conditioners' demand remained weak.

The industry was worried over high freight rates on the Persian Gulf-to-Japan route, which registered a record peak of around $140/mt in late July. Cargoes had a difficult time moving from the Middle East on an FOB basis. But traders opine that cargoes from the Atlantic Basin filled up the gap.


More on LPG trade patterns will be discussed at 9th LPG Trade Summit opening on 11-13 November, 2014 in Dubai.

Contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details.

Read more>>

Iran to enhance gas production, ready to supply gas to Kuwait, Turkey

Posted on : 24 Jul, 2014


Iran is geographically blessed when it comes to natural gas. The country has the world's largest natural gas reserves. Therefore, Iran has been looking at various avenues to augment its gas production by attracting foreign and domestic investment, especially in its South Pars gas field.


The Islamic Republic of Iran is now geared to provide natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to Kuwait and Turkey.


Iran will supply gas to Turkey via a pipeline. The price of the exported gas will be arrived upon on mutually by the two countries.


Iran is also set to supply sulfur and LPG to Kuwait.


Moreover, the country is also seeking investments into its hydrocarbon projects from Kuwaiti financiers. The country has already submitted a package of oil and gas investment projects to Kuwaiti investors.


The draft model of new oil contracts was recently shared by Iran's Oil Ministry, which is geared towards bringing in more foreign companies to develop Iranian hydrocarbon reservoirs.


Since foreign companies are no longer interested in "buy-back" contracts, the Iranian Petroleum Contract (IPC) will be replacing them to attract investors.


As per the IPC, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) is allowed to establish joint ventures for crude oil and gas production with international companies, which will be paid with a share of the output.


More LPG business opportunities will be discussed at 9th LPG Trade Summit coming to Dubai on 11-13 November, 2014.


Contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details.



CMT to hold LPGtrade Awards 2014 under its flagship event – 9th LPG Trade Summit

Posted on : 30 May, 2014


Now Open for Nominations

CMT is proud to announce the LPGtrade Awards Night to be held at the 9th LPGtrade Summit this November 11-13 in Dubai.


CMT will recognize the outstanding contributions by LPG industry players with four categories of awards:
1. Best Trading Company 2014
2. Best Logistics Partner (Shipping) 2014
3. Best Broker 2014
4. Personality of the Year 2014


The LPGtrade Awards night promises a huge congregation of the LPG industry stakeholders, who also partake in the 3 day conference. It is also expected that networking on the Awards Night will be a key reason for attendance, where buyers, suppliers and industry stakeholders are expected to forge partnerships.


The CMT LPGtrade Awards 2014 will be decided strictly on the basis of voting. Nomination for the 4 award categories are already declared open and closes on Aug 31, 2014.


Questions related to LPG Trade Awards 2014 can be directed to Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or +65 6346 9113.


More information on the LPG Trade Awards 2014 is available on the 9th LPG Trade Summit website>>>

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Speaker Profile

Mr. Alex Hadjipateras
Executive Vice President of Business Development, Dorian LPG Ltd. (Dorian LPG Management Corp)
Shipowners’ Perspective on the Current LPG VLGC Shipping Market
Day 2 [Wed 12, November], at 10:05 AM
Alexander C. Hadjipateras has served as Executive Vice President of Business Development since July 2013. Mr. Hadjipateras' main areas of focus are business development and commercial strategy, and he also assists in the management of the Company's operations in Piraeus, Greece, where he is based. Since joining Eagle Ocean in 2006, Mr. Hadjipateras has been involved in managing its Aframax and VLGC newbuilding program at Sumitomo Shipyard in Japan and Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea and ....
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Day 2 [Wed 12, November], at 11:40 AM
Mr. Reidar A Sundvor
Managing Partner, ViaMar AS
Development of LPG Shipping Market & Freight Rates (VLGC & Pressurized)
Day 2 [Wed 12, November], at 11:10 AM
Reidar A Sundvor, is a partner with ViaMar AS, the Oslo based independent shipping market analyst company. He holds a Master of Science in Finance and International Marketing from the University of Lund, Sweden. He is responsible for ViaMar’s LPG shipping market analysis. He was a co-founder of ViaMar AS in 1996, after serving 10 years in leading positions in ship owning companies controlled by I. M. Skaugen and later Kvaerner of Norway within the tanker and LPG markets. Before that, Reidar spen....
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Afternoon's Chairman
Day 1 [Tue 11, November], at 01:50 PM
LPG Shipping
Day 3 [Thu 13, November], at 11:00 AM