11th LAPET (Latin America PET Markets),

20-22 Nov, 2013 - Mexico City, MEXICO

Presidente InterContinental Hotel Mexico City

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Future of Mexico's PET Packaging
– Balancing Trade, Trends & Technologies!

Translation in spanish


“As the world’s second largest consumer of PET bottles and the biggest consumer of cola products, the average Mexican citizen drinks and discards two bottles per day. That equals nearly six kilograms of PET bottles per capita annually, contributing to a yearly national total of about 750,000 tons of PET. A recent survey found that, for the typical Mexican household, sodas constitute the third largest expense, after tortillas and milk.”                 

                                                                                                                  Source: OurWorld 2.0, April 2013


Mexico is the epicenter of PET conversion boom in Latin America! Increasing demand for bottled drinks and consumerism has made Mexico a key target for the PET supply chain; from resin producers to bottlers to traders and solution providers. A country traditionally dependent on virgin resin imports, recycling is taking higher prominence as efficient post-consumer PET bottles collection rates and greater capacity to produce bottle to bottle food-grade resin drives the momentum of PET packaging in the region.


Nonetheless, Latin American region led by Mexico are still key targets for global resin producers in North America and Asia. As companies move toward sustainability, ‘green packaging’ and bio-feedstock, what’s in store for the LATAM PET markets? What are consumer preferences that’s repositioning packaging trends? How will global PET sector impact trade balances and pricing in Mexico and LATAM?


Gain your answers at the CMT’s 11th LAPET this year! After a decade of success, 11th LAPET continues to explore and analyze the next directions of growth sweeping the PET sector.


Key Sessions

  • Changing dynamic for PET trade flows between regions
  • PET outlook for Mexico, Brazil & US: How will supply meet demand?
  • Global MEG analysis and impact of China's ambitious capacity
  • US shale gas disposition and influence on polyester feedstock
  • China's Green Fence Policy: What does it mean for recyclers?
  • Trade-offs and spectrum of future packaging: From wine to milk
  • North and South American beverage markets - what's new and what's out?
  • Perspectives from retailers & brand owners: Walmart, PepsiCo, Coca-cola, Colgate-Palmolive
  • Recycling outlook in Mexico and building the largest B2B recycling facility in the world!

And many more! Register with your team today.



Profile of attendees

at 10th LAPET (Latin America PET Markets)


Confirmed Site Visit to Petstar SA de CV’s food-grade PET recycling facility in Toluca on 20th Nov


PetStar is a sustainability Project born from the joint efforts of Coca-Cola de México and the Mexican bottlers Arca Continental, Bepensa, Corporación Del Fuerte, Corporación Rica, Embotelladoras del Nayar and Embotelladora de Colima who, after the recent expansion finished in May of 2013 with the top class advanced technology, is capable to recycle 65,000 tons of PET per year, equivalent to 3,100 million bottles, efficiently transforming them into 50,000 tons of High Quality Post Consumer Food Grade PET Resin for the manufacturing of new highly sustainable bottles with recycling content.


With this relevant investment in AMUT and BUHER technologies and new capacity, PetStar becomes the Largest Food Grade PET Recycling Plant in the world, and due to its large scale and integration from the collection of bottles from the environment until the incorporation of post-consumer PET resin in new bottles with recycling content, PetStar is one of the most competitive entities of its kind globally.




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"The right conference to meet the right contacts"

- Holland Colours


"Very nice point of discussion, I really like the conference"

- Reciclados de Centro América


"Much information about RPET. Great!"

- Pepsico


"Excellent place to meet new customers"

- Sukano Polymers Corp


"Interesting topics, some excellent presentations with very valuable information"


PET resin producers/suppliers, Feedstock suppliers (PX, PTA, MEG), Polyester Manufacturers, Traders, Convertors, Preform manufacturers, Designers, Technology providers including machinery suppliers from blow moulding, preform to injection moulding, robotic systems, etc. Recycling companies, Bottlers/fillers, Brand owners and Convertors

This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry. Sponsorship opportunities available include Corporate, ExclusiveLuncheon& Cocktail sponsor.


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Companies in México can contact Tanya Tardan at +52 55 56352672 or tanya@cmtsp.com.sg