MPS Myanmar Power Summit,

28-31 Jan, 2013 - Yangon, MYANMAR

Sedona Hotel Yangon

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Securing Power Investments / Partnerships in Myanmar's Growing Electricity & Utilities Demand


For the 1st time in Myanmar, the Official MPS (Myanmar Power Summit), conference and exhibition, will convene in Yangon from 28 - 31 January 2013, mapping out the development plans and investment opportunities to boost the country’s electricity supply and distribution. 


With growing nation-wide demand for electricity and utilities, and a new era of Myanmar where the government aims to accelerate growth by encouraging foreign direct investment, there is no better time to address this pertinent infrastructural issue than at the Myanmar Power Summit. 


Organized by CMT with Myanmar's Ministry of Electric Power as Official Host, MPS (Myanmar Power Summit) is the platform for key officials from Ministry of Electric Power, Ministry of Energy, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA), Global Development Institutions such as ADB & IFC, as well as Local and International Experts to gather to present and discuss on the latest insights on new power generation project opportunities and Myanmar's development plans to encourage investment.


Highlights of the Summit

  • Clarification on the Roles of the NEW Combined Ministry of Electric Power (MOEP)
  • Myanmar's Strategic Development Plans to Attract Investment into its Power Sector
  • Regulatory Framework for the Power Generation & Transmission/Distribution in Myanmar
  • Demand Outlook & Mapping of Utilities/Electricity Needs
  • Fuel Mix Requirement & Determined Resources (Natural Gas, Coal, Hydropower, etc)
  • New Thermal Power Project Updates
  • Status of Myanmar as a Coal Importer
  • Upgrading Plans for Existing Power Plant & Transmission Grid
  • Establishing an Efficient Electricity Transmission System
  • Special Focus on Power Infrastructural Development Plans for SEZs & Regional Cities
  • Updates on the Foreign Investment Law & Processes for Ventures in Power Sector
  • Sustainable Growth of Renewable Energy - Hydro, Solar, Wind, Bioenergy
  • Legal Framework Analysis to ensure Successful Project Investments & Implementation
  • Ensuring Funding & Financial Access for Capital Intensive Power Projects

Confirmed Speakers from:

  • Ministry of National Planning & Economic Development (Invited)
  • Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA)
  • Kelvin Chia Yangon
  • First Private Bank
  • Sea Lion Co. Ltd
  • Digicom
  • VDB Loi
  • Ministry of Energy
  • UN Resident Coordinator's Office
  • Ministry of Electric Power
  • The World Bank
  • Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE)
  • International Hydropower Association (IHA)
  • Ministry of Energy
  • Lantau Group (HK) Limited
  • Parami Energy Group of Companies
  • Glow Group
  • Sarawak Energy Berhad
  • Voith Hydro GmbH
  • Barons Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd
  • Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise
  • Meitner Pte. Ltd.
  • Spectrum
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • BNP Paribas
  • Wärtsilä Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Myanmar Sugarcane & Sugar Related Manufacturers & Traders Association
  • Yangon Electricity Supply Board
  • Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise
  • Burns and Roe Asia Co Ltd
  • Fichtner Gmbh & Co Kg

Official Host



Ministry of Electric Power


Opening Keynote Address by

His Excellency U Khin Maung Soe
Union Minister of Electric Power


Seize the chance to meet and network with the high-ranking delegation of 38 from Ministry of Electric Power including :








U Khin Maung SoeMinisterMinistry of Electric Power
U Aung Than OoDeputy MinisterMinistry of Electric Power
U Myint ZawDeputy MinisterMinistry of Electric Power
U Khin Maung ZawDirector GeneralDepartment of Electric Power (DEP)
U Kyee SoeDirector GeneralDepartment of Hydropower Planning (DHPP)
U Maw Thar HtweDirector GeneralDepartment of Hydropower Implementation
Dr. Tun NaingManaging DirectorMyanma Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE)
U Myint AungManaging DirectorElectricity Supply Enterprise (ESE)
U Khin Maung WinManaging DirectorHydropower Generation Enterprise (HPGE)
U Aung KhaingChairmanYangon City Electricity Supply Board (YESB)


and others!


PLUS participate in the exclusive 1-to-1 Business Meeting with Officials from Ministry of Electric Power (M.O.E.P)




Why Attend CMT Invest Myanmar Series?

CMT is an active global conference organizer and since 1982 supports business development across Asia, MidEast/Africa and the Americas. Recent political and economic reforms in Myanmar are very encouraging with the country favored as the rising star in Asia...CMT is contributing by bringing business and investments to the country with events that offer vital business intelligence.


1. Proven Track Record
CMT has organized 9 summits in Yangon since March 2012 - attracting over 2000 delegates from over 42 countries. They are:
- 1st & 2nd Myanmar Oil, Gas & Power
- 1st & 2nd New Myanmar Investment
- Myanmar Mining
- 14th Asia CemenTrade
- 2nd Commercial Farm Asia

- 1st Myanmar Telecoms Reform Update

- Myanmar Real Estate Summit


2. Meet Key Officials & Decision-makers
CMT works closely with various ministries. The Ministry of Energy, Mines & Electric Powerwere official host to some of our summits


3. Connect with genuine local or foreign partners
Network with the right persons or companies. We attract the best possible candidates you can pick as business associate or partner.


4. Covers All Strategic Sectors
CMT covers all the key sectors - Energy, Mining, Agriculture, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Finance, Power, Telecoms and many more.


CMT Invest Myanmar series provide not mere "information" but "insights on growthstrategies"



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This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players & investors in the industry.


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Who Will You Meet

  • Local & International Power Producers,
  • Renewable Energy Developers /Producers,
  • Coal Producers/Exporters,
  • Power Delivery/Transmission Companies,
  • Financial Institutions & Project Financiers,
  • Thermal Power Equipment & Technologies Providers,
  • Clean Coal Technologies Providers,
  • Renewable Energy (Hydro, Solar, Wind)Technologies Providers,
  • Power Technology & Equipment Service Providers,
  • EPCs & Developers,
  • Energy/Power & Legal Consultants

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26 Feb, 2013


The 1st Official Myanmar Power Summit (MPS) confirms a group of at least 50 high-ranking officials and senior engineers from the Ministry of Electric Power joining international delegates at its event next week.


MPS, officially hosted by the Ministry of Electric Power and co-sponsored by industry giants Siemens (Premium); Parami Energy (Platinum); Baron Machinery Energy (Gold); Voith, Wartsila, Rollos Royce (Corporate) and Sarawak Energy (Reception) opens on the 28 to 31 January 2013 at Sedona Hotel, Yangon.


Among the key officials attending are:

·        U Khin Maung Soe, Minister, Ministry of Electric Power

·        U Aung Than Oo, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Electric Power

·        U Myint Zaw, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Electric Power

·        U Khin Maung Zaw, Director General, Department of Electric Power (DEP)

·        U Kyee Soe, Director General, Department of Hydropower Planning (DHPP)

·        U Maw Thar Htwe, Director General, Department of Hydropower Implementation (DHPI)

·        Dr. Tun Naing, Managing Director, Myanma Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE)

·        U Myint Aung, Managing Director, Electricity Supply Enterprise (ESE)

·        U Khin Maung Win, Managing Director, Hydropower Generation Enterprise (HPGE)

·        U Aung Khaing, Chairman, Yangon City Electricity Supply Board (YESB)


Running concurrently with MPS, CMT is also hosting the third edition of Myanmar Investment Summit 2013, providing delegates another networking platform with key officials, industry experts and local entrepreneurs. Likewise the third edition to the Myanmar Investment series, too enjoys the support of key business associations in Myanmar and has drawn international participants and investors from varied sectors. For more information on the two events, visit


For queries on MPS, contact Ms. Grace tel. 65 6346 9147 and on Investment Summit refer to Ms. Hafizah at tel. 65 63469218.


25 Jan, 2013


The power sector plays an essential role in Myanmar’s economic reform. The initial assessment by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) states,


“Electrification is an urgent requirement, without which whole areas of the country will be severely hampered in their efforts to advance economically. Social progress also depends on electrification, without which health, education, and other essential services inevitably suffer.”


Myanmar holds high potential in the energy sector as the country has plenty of natural and energy resources, varying from oil and gas to hydro and geothermal power.


However, Myanmar has its own limitations as it lacks in capital, regulatory framework, qualified personnel and planning. International investments are hence welcomed and encouraged to help bring resources, capital, technology and planning together.


Officially hosted by the Ministry of Electric Power, the inaugural Myanmar Power Summit promises detailed updates on Myanmar’s power and energy sector, varying from legal and finance developments to strategies and power projects.


For more information on the summit and registration procedures, please contact Ms. Grace at or Tel. 65 6346 9147.


Read more: ADB study spotlights Myanmar’s energy sector


17 Jan, 2013


Myanmar has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with two foreign companies – Toyo-Thai Corporation Public Co., Ltd of Thailand and Toyo-Thai Power Corporation Pte Ltd of Singapore – for a power project in the Ahlon Township.


The agreement reached between the Ministry of Electric Power and the two companies is to build and implement a 120-megawatt gas-fired and waste heat power station to fulfill the power demand in summer.


Union Minister of Electric Power, His Excellency U Khin Maung Soe, who highlighted for the project to be implemented as soon as possible will declare the opening and also deliver the keynote address at the first official Myanmar Power Summit on 28-29 January 2012 in Yangon.


For queries and information on the summit, please contact Ms. Grace at or Tel. 65 6346 9147.


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Myanmar signs MoA with foreign companies on building gas-fired power plant

28 Nov, 2012


Days of unstable electricity supply may soon be a thing of the past for Myanmar. As part of its reform and to allay discontentment that escalated to demonstrations in the streets against the constant insufficient electricity supply, power shortages and cuts, Myanmar is inviting private companies to invest in power generation for various regions of the country.


The move to have more private firms in supplying electricity and the upgrading of electricity infrastructure points towards social developments that will positively affect the economic and overall growth of the country.


Just this October, Pacific Company joined the ranks of other private firms with a forecasted investment plan of up to K2 billion to salvage and improve the country’s electrical infrastructure. During the period of the five-year contract with the Mandalay Region government, Pacific will see to the supply of electricity and the upgrading of critical electricity infrastructures.


As Mandalay Region Minister for Electric Power and Industry, Dr Myint Kyu, said,


“About 20 percent of power generated is lost in distribution because of a lack of transformers and worn-out power line cables.


“The company will change the cables, build substations and install new transformers. Only then will the lost power be retrieved and the state will get some more revenue.”


With more stable infrastructures, networks and facilities, Myanmar is set to attract more investors and businesses over the next few years. For those wishing to know more about business experiences and investment opportunities as well as first-hand information and updates on the power industry in Myanmar,  the inaugural Myanmar Power Summit  to be held on the 28-31 January in Yangon, is where they can get it all. Visit the event website here to review details on the program agenda.     


For enquiries, please email to


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Private companies take up electricity generation offer

Long reliant on China, Myanmar now turns to Japan

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31 Oct, 2012