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7th LPG Trade Summit

12-13 Nov, 2012 - Istanbul, TURKEY

Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul

"At the start of the year it was forecasted that the market length seen in 2011 would continue in 2012. As the year unfolded, the length has been limited to one quarter due to a combination of lower-than-expected supply and stronger demand in some countries. It's another example of the unpredictability of the LPG market.


In particular LPG exports from South America and Africa are below expectations, while Southern Asian countries are maintaining strong import growth. In consequence the role of Northwest European petchems in absorbing LPG length has been less in evidence than in 2011.


The major new trends for 2013 are increasing US LPG exports and rising Chinese imports for petchems. Smooth transition or an unsettled market?"

~ Poten & Partners


CMT is proud to announce the 7th LPGtrade Summit to be held in Istanbul's Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul, on 12 - 14 November. This summit presents you with first-hand updates from major producers/exporters from Africa, Russia, as well as dynamics of the demand markets from East to West. The line-up of more than 15 industry and trade executives from Turkey, Asia, Europe and etc as well as experts from Shipping, Petrochemicals and Risk Management aims to provide focused insights on current issues as follows:

  • Growth of Turkey's LPG demand/imports and perspective on distribution
  • Get direct insights from Sonatrach on Algeria's LPG production versus exports, and forward perspective on the Mediterranean markets
  • Updates on the market dynamics of Angola and Nigeria's LPG, on export, domestic demand and roadmap to international trade
  • Opportunities/Impact arising from the New of LPG export capacity from US Gulf Coast
  • Evaluate the growth of petrochemicals sector and the corresponding competitiveness of LPG as petrochemical feedstock
  • Gain insights on what's happening in China, in particular the growth demand arising from petrochemicals (PDH) sector
  • Keep close scrutiny on the Japanese and Korean's LPG markets and import requirements as both countries embark on clean energy mandates
  • Participate in the interactive discussion on changes in regional & sectoral market dynamics as well as the possible implication on Global LPG Trade
  • Grasp the latest on LPG freight rates and shipping market assessment
  • Be updated on the liquidity of LPG swaps and other risk management tools

Be sure to attend this November's LPGtrade Summit and make trade happen. Mark your calendar to be at this premier gathering of key stakeholders from the global LPG industry and network with them during the Gala Dinner at the Galata Tower as well.


Sign up with your team today at www.cmtevents.com or www.lpgworldforum.com.





Profile of 6th LPG Trade Summit

6th LPG Trade Summit

Confirmed Speaker Panel

  • Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), Republic of Turkey

  • Poten & Partners

  • Sonatrach

  • Sonangol

  • Ultimate Gas Limited

  • WaterBorne Energy Inc

  • OPIS

  • Oriental Energy Company Limited

  • Astomos Energy Corporation

  • SK Gas International Pte Ltd

  • Targa Resources

  • FACTS Global Energy

  • Stealthgas Inc

  • Libra Fearnley Energy


- Producers - Traders - Importers - Exporters - Distributors - Brokers - Ship Owners/Managers - Shipping Agencies - Supply & Trading Managers - Feedstock Purchasing Managers - Chartering Managers - CEOs - Managing Directors -General Managers - Business Development Directors - Director of Marketing - Regional Representatives -Petroleum Downstream Business Directors - Commercial Directors - Global & Regional Oil Corporations - Refineries Managers - Representatives from Storage & Terminalling Companies - Insurance, Trade & Structured Finance Banks



Read below what the industry said about the last event!


"First of all, the presentations are excellent! This is the opportunity to listen, ask & learn."
~ ConocoPhillips


"LPG Event to remember"
~ Crescent Petroleum


"Probably the best attended LPG conference"
~ Lorentzen & Stemoco


"Good Opportunity, able to do some marketing of my company and know some new potential clients/ competitors/ partners"
~ Sonangol Ltd


"The conference provided us a real international environment for 02 days with participants and global overview of LPG trade"
~ Total Oil



6th LPG Trade Summit 2011

Photo Gallery of 6th LPG Trade Summit 2011

31 Oct - 2 Nov 2011, Istanbul



News Feed

Top LPG conglomerates & key experts are participating in CMT's Istanbul conference on 12-13 November 2012

Posted on : 05 Nov, 2012


The 7th LPG Trade Summit opens on 12-13 November in Istanbul. Once again, the summit is all set to deliver expert views and opinions on the changes in the LPG market, export outlook, overview of trade flow & pricing, logistics & shipping scenario, and other key industrial updates.


In the same way as it has been for the last 6 years,  strong participation from core and allied segments are expected at this year’s event as well. See below for an overview for who are participating:


7th LPG Trade Summit Participants Profile


International conglomerates attending the event include companies


To secure a seat and attend the event, REGISTER here now. Or contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg for queries.

Bayegan endorses 7th LPG Trade Summit as Platinum Sponsor and host of Gala Dinner in Istanbul

Posted on : 19 Oct, 2012


In less than a month, key industry players and experts will be convening in Istanbul, Turkey, for the 2 day 7th LPG Trade Summit, organized by CMT with Platinum Sponsor, Bayegan.


An industry powerhouse with proven track record, Bayegan will play host of the Gala Dinner at the Galata Tower, one of the most striking landmarks in the city. All the speakers and participants of the event are invited to the dinner, a perfect opportunity to network and socialize while enjoying the scenic night view of the surrounding that exudes a tinge of historical elegance and rich Turkish culture. A line-up of orchestra and other performances has also been arranged to make this trade event a memorable one. See program itinerary below:


Gala Dinner at the Galata Tower


19:00 - Gather at Mövenpick Hotel lobby for transfer

19:30 - Arrive at Galata Tower

19:45 - Networking Reception

20:00 - Orchestra starts, followed by Dinner

20:30 - Performance

23:00 - Transfer Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul

Dress code: Business Casual


Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to meet experts and decision makers from the industry. Register your team now or contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg for further queries.


Click HERE for the full agenda!  


Galata Tower


8% increase in LPG exports from ME to Asia; exports are main driver behind ships market growth

Posted on : 24 Sep, 2012


Global maritime consultants Drewry said in a report that the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) exports from the Middle East to Asia have driven the steady growth of the LPG fleet worldwide. It forecasts that due to strong LPG exports, demand for vessels will remain firm.


The industry analyst said the LPG shipping market has gained steadily over the year. Drewry said that firm demand from Asia and increased exports from Middle East have kept the market for larger vessels afloat. LPG export from Middle East to the Asian market grew 8% quarter on quarter to 8.7 million tons in April-June and 7% higher than in the same period last year.


Drewry said in a statement that rising LPG supply in Middle East coupled with relatively lower prices prompted nations to store. “Almost all Asian countries seemed to be scurrying to fill up their stocks in view of lower prices, coupled with instances of loading and unloading delays at a few ports, which further held up tonnage.”


More updates on outlook of LPG shipping market & freight rates will be available at the 7th LPG Trade Summit in Istanbul on 12-13 November. Pre-Register now or contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg for further queries.


Read complete article here.


Global LPG demand on all-time high; rises by 1.4%

Posted on : 19 Jun, 2012


Heavy global extraction and refining of natural gas and oil is generating mass quantities of LPG for shipment. According to Oslo consultants, Lorentzen & Stemoco A/S, LPG trade will rise 3.9% this year and fleet growth by 2%. Five analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg revealed that Exmar NV which operates 29 vessels will return to profit. The Middle East ranked the highest in export, while Asia is the largest buyer. Asia will use 3.4% more as shipments from the Middle East. The Middle East will also account for 29% of production growth and Asia, 90% of additional buying.


In the past decade, there has been a growing need for Exmar and BW Group Ltd.’s ships as global refinery capacity rose 11%. Steve Engelen, the manager of research and projects at Joachim Grieg & Co., said, “This market was in the doldrums for years, but now there are not many new ships and volumes are increasing. The additional volumes of LPG in the Middle East are so big they have to export, rather than consume them domestically.”


Also, JBC Energy’s findings confirm that global LPG demand will advance 1.4% to an all-time high of about 232 million tons this year.

In view of the rising supply and demand of LPG, the global LPG market, Incremental production & export growth in Black Sea, Middle East, North Africa and North Sea, as well as China & rest of Asia’s LPG demand are some of the key insightful topics that will shape the discussions at CMT’s upcoming 7th LPG Trade Summit on 12-14 November 2012 in Istanbul


Watch this space for conference details which will be available soon. Meanwhile, one can Pre-Register to reserve places for the event.


For further details, contact huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg


View complete article here.


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Speaker Profile

Mr. El-Amine Chentouf
LPG Exports Director, Sonatrach Marketing Activity, Sonatrach
Algeria's LPG Production, Export Outlook & Perspective
Day 1 [Mon 12, November], at 11:00 AM
Graduated at USTHB University as a Chemical Engineer in 1994, Mr Chentouf joined Sonatrach within the same year to capitalize an experience of over 18 years in the LPG business. In 2012, he became LPG Exports Director after spending several years as head of Americas Department.....
Read more
Mr. Reidar A Sundvor
Managing Partner, ViaMar AS
Updates on VLGC Shipping Market & Outlook
Day 1 [Mon 12, November], at 12:00 PM
Reidar A Sundvor, is a partner with ViaMar AS, the Oslo based independent shipping market analyst company. He holds a Master of Science in Finance and International Marketing from the University of Lund, Sweden. He is responsible for ViaMar’s LPG shipping market analysis. He was a co-founder of ViaMar AS in 1996, after serving 10 years in leading positions in ship owning companies controlled by I. M. Skaugen and later Kvaerner of Norway within the tanker and LPG markets. Before that, Reidar spen....
Read more
Mr. Craig Powers
Commercial Director, OTEKO
Efficient Logistics: Taman & Dynamics of CIS LPG Exports
Day 1 [Mon 12, November], at 02:05 PM

Craig Powers is the Commercial Director for the OTEKO Group. He has been with the group since 2006, prior to which he held several positions with Chevron in Singapore, London, Kazakhstan and Russia.


Craig began his career in Calgary as a stockbroker before working with Chevron. He then worked for Tengizchevroil on sulphur and LPG export projects before moving to London. In London and later in Singapore Craig traded LPG before starting to work with OTEKO

Craig was born in S....
Read more

Mr. Scott Gray
Principal, WaterBorne Energy Inc
US LPG Import/Export Activity & its Relationship with the Global Markets
Day 1 [Mon 12, November], at 02:35 PM
Studied Business at Southwest Texas State University, joined ICIS-LOR in Houston in 1988, joined Commercial Services in 1992, then jointly purchased the company (now called Waterborne Energy) in 1999.  Oversees LPG market data / intel collection and reporting for the twice-monthly publication entitled The Waterborne LPG Report. ....
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