4th Algae World Asia,

15-16 Nov, 2011 - Beijing, CHINA

Novotel Beijing Xinqiao

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Does China and the rest of Asia have the resource potential, experience and facility for algae production ?



By 2020, China needs to reach its alternative fuels goal which mandates 15% of total transportation fuels from biofuels. Faced with increasing reluctance to use food for fuel, China needs to diversify to algae oil and is indeed taking it seriously.

Government subsidized researchers are hunting for local algae strains while clean tech companies are exploding, and foreign investors are tying up deals to bring algae production technologies to China and the rest of Asia.

Microalgae projects are announced from China to North Asia to Indonesia. But how many of these will move to commercial stage remains to be seen.

Does Asia have the resource potential (flat land, water, Co2 source)
and the right political climate for venturing into algae production ?

The industry admits that algae cultivation simply for biofuels cannot be currently profitable by itself and that the industry must take advantage of markets for additional high-value co-products such as nutraceuticals, fertilizers , high-end chemicals.


Taking centre-stage now is the realisation of algae as part of a carbon capture project .Integrating carbon capture with algae products production could really prove a major win for China - the world's largest GHG emitter.

Currently, many research efforts are performed at power plants where various species of marine microalgae are cultivated using the power station's CO2 emissions.The microalgae are then harvested and sold into the nutraceutical market , feedstock for animal/ fish and biofuels.

It appears that the winners could be those who can apply its technology for High-Value Products and for Biofuels , at the same time demonstrate cost efficient algae production in an ecologically based environmental system , reducing global warming and co2 emissions.

How do you develop an economically feasible algal integrated system tocapture CO2 from power plants

Does algae offer the promise of being great substitutes for fish meal?


Can it be the alternative source of protein for cattle and poultry feeds ?

Seize the opportunity and get your answers clarified at CMT's 4th Algae World ASIA. Bringing you the latest discussions and gathering of International and renowned speakers from Asia to share experiences and efforts in advancing the industry forward, keyhighlights include

  • Commercial Viability of Algae investment - Economic Analysis, Cost Structure of Production & Processing
  • Developing economically feasible algal integrated system to capture CO2 from power plants
  • Protecting Intellectual Property for Clean Technology in China
  • Current status of algal business in Korea , Japan, Indonesia
  • Capturing Flue Gas emissions from coal power plant for microalgae production
  • Algae extraction technology
  • Commercialisation of Floating PBR Systems
  • Large Scale Cultivation of MicroAlgae in diverse wastewater for wastewater treatment and biofuels production
  • Algal biomass as a substitute/replacement for fish meal
  • A Chinese producer's perspective on applications of Algae for high end, nutritionalproducts including cosmetics, health/ pharmaceutical products


You will network with

- Algae Producers - Renewable Energy Investors
- Biofuel/Ethanol Industry - Heavy Industries
- Cement, Steel etc - Power Plants - Distilleries
- Venture Capitalists - Institutional Investors
- Financial Institutions - Industry players-Oil, Gas Cos
- Refineries - Biotech Engineering Cos - Airlines
- Government Departments and Agencies - Research Consortiums - Cos in nutritional, health, high value added products - Animal Feed Producers - Aquaculture Industries - Food Science Cos - Technology Providers from Algae cultivation to downstream processing technologies


Optional Site Visit on 16th Nov Afternoon
ENN International Algae Facility


ENN is a fast-growing Chinese energy company . The 24,000 employee, 4 US$billion company, is heavily involved in the energy business and developing technology to pass carbon dioxide through algae to help reduce China's greenhouse gas emissions from their coal power plants that currently provide 70% of the electrical energy needs of the country.


Coal is first gasified in a simulated underground environment. The carbon dioxide is extracted with the help of solar and wind power, then "fed" to algae, which can be then used to make biofuel, fertiliser or animal feed


The site visit is in Langfang , an hour's drive from Beijing. It will include a tour of the laboratory where a team of scientists are testing microalgae to clean up the back-end of a uniquely integrated process to extract and use coal more efficiently and cleanly than is possible today.


It's part of a joint venture between ENN and Duke Energy, the largest US public utility.


Delegates of the site visit will get to see

1)      Cultivation of microalgae in different PBRs and  open ponds . The cultivation system will use the Co2 from the pilot coal gasification plant at the site.

2)      Part of the scaled-up dewatering /harvesting/lipids extraction system

3)      Algae National Key Bioenergy lab on algae strains, cultivation, PBRs, harvesting,lipids extraction


picture 1picture 2picture 3

Courtesy of ENN International



Here's what Oilgae said about our 3rd Algae World Asia held last year on 19 & 20 October

3rd Algae World Asia 2010Amazing Algae-Asia Conference - Who Says What?


A remarkable event comprising of many algae enthusiasts all around the world was conducted by the Centre for Management Technology (CMT) in Singapore on the 19th and the 20th of October.


The event comprised of many intellectual delegates keen on updating their knowledge on the latest developments in the algae-energy industry. Several discerning algologists working on algae-based high value end products fervent on understanding the technologies, status and the key bottlenecks faced by the algae energy industry were also present for this mega event.


An Eye Opener Indeed! - The conference opened up the horizon of the less initiated to what is possible, what is already happening and what scope exists. An eye opener to many!. Eminent and tech-savvy speakers from various research institutes, companies and consultancies world-over were in attendance. Some of the speakers provided useful insights on how to succeed in the algae-energy business and a few others discussed about the technological developments in the algae-industry and their efforts in this domain. Read full article


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News Feed

Seambiotic to address CO2 capture from Power plants at CMT's 4th Algae World Asia!

Posted on : 08 Nov, 2011


Seambiotic, an Israeli-based leader in the development and production of marine microalgae for the nutraceuticals and biofuel industries in collaboration with the Israeli Electric Corporation was the first to confirm and patented the application of flue gas emitted and scrubbed from power plant smokestack for successful cultivation of microalgae. Seambiotic grows and processes marine microalgae for the nutraceutical and biofuel industries while acting as a carbon capture technology.


Seambiotic’s commercial pilot plant in Israel, has led to some positive developments for the company and the environment. The company has five business deals in the works in the United States, Italy and in China, where it’s launched its first commercial algae farm recently. Seambiotic is also working with the NASA to develop a commercially feasible biofuel variety from algae. It recently signed a  joint venture with Yantai Hairong Electricity Technology and Penglai Weiyuan Science & Trading and will utilize Seambiotic's unique technology for the cultivation of a number of types of microalgae for use in the animal and fish feed and nutraceutical industries.


For power plants which are large-scale emitters of CO2, capturing Co2 using algae will help a great deal in monetizing the carbon credits also providing algae biofuels. Elaborating on this , Prof. Ami Ben Amotz , Chief Scientific Adviser from Seambiotic Ltd / The National Institute of Oceanography will share his presentation onDeveloping Economically Feasible Algal Integrated System to Capture CO2 from Power Plants” at CMT’s 4th Algae World Asia conference in Beijing on 15th & 16th of November 2011.


Look for conference details here.  For more details contact Ms. Huiyan, huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg


Farming for Energy Starts to Gain Ground

Posted on : 31 Oct, 2011


Algaetech is embarking into a new venture, Pahang Biodiesel, on the development of what will be the world's largest algae project on a 5,000 acres site in Rompin, Pahang. The farm will cost an estimated 1.2 billion ringgit, or $383 million. The farm will be initiated to set up in the first quarter of 2012 on a 2,020-hectare, or 5,000-acre, site near Rompin, said Khoo Koay Hock, chief executive of Pahang Biodiesel. Many open-air freshwater ponds will be constructed covering an area of about 1,400 hectares. The farm is expected to approximately produce about 500,000 tons of dry biomass a year, 150,000 tons of biofuel per year said Syed Isa Syed Alwi, chief executive of Algaetech International.


Algaetech International Sdn. Bhd. is a turnkey company in algae technology and offers key green solutions to help solve environmental issues while providing a return in investment in the form of high value products, such as biofuels, health foods and other valuable by-products. The company specializes in microalgae research and development as well as consultancy services, with presence in both the Malaysian and Indonesian markets.


CMT is pleased to welcome Mr. Syed Isa Syed Alwi, Chief Executive Officer of Algaetech Sdn Bhd at the Algae World Asia conference to be held on 15-16 November 2011 in Beijing. Mr Syed Alwi will present his views by drawing in on his experience on Indonesia Algae Project – Demonstrating CO2 Sequestration Using Algae Integrated Management System. In addition to this, those attending the conference will have the option to tour the ENN International Algae Facility in Langfang, an hour's drive from Beijing on second day of the conference arranged exclusively by CMT.


To learn more about the conference click here. Or email Ms Huiyan huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg


NY times 26 Oct, 2011

Explore potential of Algae for animal feed in CMT’s Algae World Asia conference.

Posted on : 21 Oct, 2011


Alltech has built an impressive production facility in Winchester, Kentucky, USA for producing feed from algae. Equipped with a fully functional pilot plant it is a scaled-down replica of its large production system. Built in the 1980s to ferment yeast using whey produced by an adjacent dairy, Alltech bought it last year from Martek Biosciences Corp for $14 million. Alltech will use the 15-acre facility to research, develop and produce many kinds of algae for animal nutritional supplements.


In general, commercially-grown algae is widely expected to see an increase in demand as an alternative food source, because of its high nutritional value. Algae have enormous potential for feed. Overall it appears that there is a huge market potential arising for the use of lipid extracted algae in the cattle feed industry. With a growing population to feed, algae are expected to become an increasingly important source of protein for animal feeds supplements.


Read more here


Mr. Keith Filer, Research Manager from Alltechwill present his views onChallenges for Algae in Animal (Non-Aquatic) Feed” at CMT’s Algae World Asia to be held on 15-16 November 2011 in Beijing. In addition to this, on the second day of the conference CMT has arranged a site visit to ENN International Algae Facility in Langfang, an hour's drive from Beijing - exclusively for 4th Algae World Asia participants.


To read more about the conference click here. For any additional information email huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg


新奥集团 (ENN) :用微藻吸碳吐油 -- 计划在2014年产业化

Posted on : 04 Oct, 2011







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RARE OPTIONAL TOUR: Exclusive Site Visit to ENN International Algae Facility

Posted on : 16 Sep, 2011


The first, simplest, and fastest-growing life form, algae holds unheralded promise to become a pivotal resource for the planet’s future as the basis for a high quality biodiesel that does not siphon food from humans. And it is not just a fuel. It is animal feed, human food and the building block for a wide range of biodegradable bio-plastics to replace petroleum-based plastics. And algae does all this as it grows by absorbing enormous amounts of CO2, the very greenhouse gas we most urgently need to reduce.


(Source: Algae Force)



The 4th Algae World Asia travels to Beijing from 15 to 16 November 2011 with an all new interactive and intensive sessions on the market prospects in Asia Pacific, as well as emerging technological achievements worldwide.


Besides algae for aquaculture markets, the 4th Algae World Asia will also discuss the challenges in bringing algae to commodity scale, genetic engineering of microalgae to produce high-end products, and applications of algae for high end nutritional products.

On Day 2 afternoon, delegates of 4th Algae World Asia can opt to visit ENN International Algae Facility in Langfang, an hour's drive from Beijing. It is a fast-growing Chinese energy company, a joint venture between ENN and Duke Energy, the largest US public utility. The trip will include a tour of the laboratory as well as a visit to the bioreactors, where delegates get to see the greenhouse filled with walls of clear glass tubing through which the green sludge circulates.


Important Notice

The site visit is an optional program for the 4th Algae World Asia conference and is open to registered delegates only. As seats are limited these will be allocated based on first-come-first-served basis. One must indicate this option when signing up for the conference. Additional cost applies.


We are currently finalizing on the program details. Email huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg