Biobased Feedstocks For Fuels & Chemicals,

28-29 Nov, 2011 - Singapore, SINGAPORE

Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore

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"Sourcing & Evaluating Feedstocks for Bio-Investments"



"BioAmber Partners with PTTMCC Biochem for PBS production in Thailand"
~ BIOAMBER Inc., Sept 14, 2011


"Crops to play role in coatings"
~ INFORUM, Sept 23, 2011


"Developer claims bio-based jet fuel breakthrough"
~, Sept 15, 2011


"Products from oil palm biomass could generate RM14b"
~ the Sun daily, Sept 23, 2011  


Asia is bestowed with abundant agro-biomass resources including residues from Palm Oil, Sugar Cane, Cassava, Coconut, Wood and emerging crops such as Jatropha, Sweet Sorghum and etc. While demand for biofuels is still very much driven by regulation such as Thailand's and Philippines' fuel ethanol reforms, demand for bio-based chemicals is keenly prompted by economic drivers as well as end users' interest for green materials. To pursue this biobased economy, partnership and joint ventures have been set up between agricultural resources (feedstock) owners, technology providers and fuels/chemicals manufacturers to provide a functional marriage of feedstock supply, pretreatment and conversion technology and expertise and finally the offtake markets. However, with the uncertain global economy, is the pursuit for bio content sustainable?


CMT's Biobased Feedstock - for Fuels & Chemicals is calling for all participants in the "bio" value chain to meet in Singapore this November, to realise the theme "Sourcing & Converting Agri-feedstocks for Bio Investment".


Biobased Feedstock - for Fuels & Chemicals aims to provide expert perspectives on the availability, investment potential and initiatives' of tracking bio (plant) based feedstocks (agricultural residues & agro-biomass, etc) and its conversion to building blocks for biofuels and biobased chemicals.


CMT's Feedstock - for Fuels & Chemicalsoffers excellent opportunity to network with global and regional feedstocks and projects stakeholders in one venue! Sign up with your team to enjoy group discount. Register online at or email to Be at this exciting event and make your partnership happen.

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Why you should attend this conference:

  • Evaluate the Actual Availability of Agricultural Feedstock in Asia, including agro-biomass & residues from Palm Oil, Sugar-based crops (Sugar Cane, Cassava, Sweet Sorghum) & etc
  • Regional Initiatives towards the biobased economy, such as from Thailand, Australia, Philippines, China & Indonesia
  • Feedstock Pricing Determinants & Impact/Weightage on Conversion Economics
  • Mapping Global Demand with Feedstock Supply
  • Sustainability Requirement, Investment Opportunities & Options (incl. Risk Management) in Agribusiness & the Biobased value chain
  • Commercialization of Pretreatment & Fermentation technologies
  • Competing Usages/Applications of Feedstocks for Biofuels & Biobased Chemicals
  • Global Biofuels' Market Dynamics & Drivers for Growth
  • Biobased Producers' Perspectives on Market Outlook & Feedstock's Supply Security
  • Realising Biorefining as Key Solution for Effective Feedstock Utilisation to Promote Multiple Products Slate

Confirmed speakers from:

- Metabolic Explorer
- Cosmo Biofuels Sdn Bhd

- National Science & Technology Development Agency, Thailand (NSTDA)
- LMC International
- Tsinghua University
- Mckinsey & Co.
- Avantium Technologies BV


Network with executives from the following industry:

- Agribusiness - Wood Processing - Agricultural & Forestry Waste - Grains, Sugar & Vegetable Oil Producers - Biofuels (Ethanol/Biodiesel)- Jatropha & Algae - Chemicals & Biobased Chemicals - Oleochemicals - Power & Utilities -Commodities Trading - Pulp & Paper - Shipping, Logistics (Dry Bulk) & Storage - Pretreatment Technologies -Chemical Conversion Technologies - Engineering & EPCs - Government (Forestry, Agricultural, Energy, Trade) R&D/Forestry & Agricultural/Technologies Institutes - Clean Energy/Emission Consultants, Legal, etc - Financial Institutions & Venture Capitalists


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Industry Leaders Discuss Feedstock supply, availability and opportunities at Biobased Feedstocks For Fuels & Chemicals

Posted on : 18 Nov, 2011


CMT’s Biobased Feedstocks For Fuels & Chemicals is convening in Singapore on 28-29 Nov, 2011 bringing together the full spectrum of stakeholders across the "bio" value chain including Biobased Feedstock (Agribusiness and Plantation Companies), Sugar/Starch/Oilseed processors, Biobased Chemical producers, Chemical and Polymer producers, Biofuel producers, End-users, Storage and Logistics companies, Research and Development institutions etc.


The rich and diverse biomass resources across Asia offers immense opportunities for establishment of a biobased economy in the long term. Supported by an international panel of experts this summit is tailored to offer up-to-date facts on latest market developments, regional opportunities, and upcoming trends. Panelists will explore regional initiatives towards biobased economy, Pricing Determinants, Applications of Feedstocks for Biofuels & Biobased Chemicals and also prospects and challenges of sweet sorghum and cassava to sugar/ethanol, sustainability and Life-Cycle Assessment of Jatropha & Camelina based biofuel.


Biobased Feedstocks For Fuels & Chemicals promises comprehensive networking sessions as well as ideal backdrop to meet strategic partners face-to-face and interact with the prominent companies from this burgeoning industry. Few such companies that will be in attendance are Dupont, SCG, Petronas, Dow, Purac, EDB, Genencor,JTC, Global busess power, Phygen Inc, Port of Rotterdam Authority, Shell, Dansico, Neste oil , Evonik plus many more …


Review the complete agenda here. Find Conference registration information here


China Completes First Biofuel Jet Test Flight

Posted on : 11 Nov, 2011


On 28 October 2011, Air China, in partnership with Boeing, Honeywell UOP, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, PetroChina and Pratt & Whitney, successfully test flew a passenger plane powered by a mix of biofuel and traditional aviation fuel. The Air China test flight used a 50-50 mixture of traditional Jet A-1 derived from oil and Jet A-1 processed from the Jatropha seeds.


China Civil Aviation Administration official Zhang Hongying said following the test that the jatropha-derived biofuel is now ready to be used for commercial flights. In fact PetroChina anticipates to ramp up production to 60,000 tons of jatropha Jet A-1 annually by 2014. Commercial production of Jatropha is already underway globally. Abundant Biofuels Corporation headquartered in California, has jatropha cultivation projects planned in the Philippines, Columbia, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. D1 Oils plc of London, has announced large projects in India, Malawi, and Zambia.


There is a certainly increased interest in biobased fuel product development, particularly where Jatropha and other viable feedstocks are concerned. For that reason ,CMT’s Biobased Feedstocks For Fuels & Chemicals meet on 28-29 Nov, 2011 in Singapore has specifically incorporated in-depth discussions on biobased feedstocks related issues including Sustainability and Life-Cycle Assessment of Jatropha & Camelina Based Biofuels, global demand of biobased fuels, feedstock availability and many more.


For detailed information on the conference agenda, click here.  Else please direct other queries or send in your registration to


Source: International Business Times

PTT Chemical Acquires $US150 Million Equity in NatureWorks, the World Leading Bioplastics Producer, to Expand its Green Business Portfolio

Posted on : 25 Oct, 2011


PTT Chemical has announced that it is collaborating with Cargill to form a 50/50 joint venture by investing $US150 million in NatureWorks LLC, the world's leading bioplastics manufacturer and supplier of  renewable Ingeo™ biopolymers made from plants to plastics and fibers markets worldwide.


Thailand's Minister of Energy, H.E. Mr. Pichai Naripthaphan said that the Thai Government encourages investment in Green Chemicals, particularly bioplastics that have high growth potential in the South East Asian market. Marc Verbruggen, president and chief executive officer of NatureWorks commented that this would be a significant investment by the leading chemical company that will allow NatureWorks to continue its aggressive growth and expanding its capacity to meet global demand for bio-based products.  PTT Chemical's investment demonstrates a significant milestone in moving Ingeo bio-based plastics & fibers to the polymer mainstream.


PTT Group is keen to play a role in pioneering a world-scale bioplastics industry with the aim to become a global leader by 2020 and push Thailand to become an Asian bio-hub.


Read full article here


With the expanding demand for bio-based products in Asia , there is a boom in the investments in bio-based projects which in turn is reinvigorating the fuels and chemicals industry.


CMT’s Biobased Feedstocks For Fuels & Chemicals 28-29 Nov, 2011 – Singapore seeks to emphasize and evaluate on Asia as the future biohub , while mapping global demand of biobased fuels/chemicals & feedstock availability. By highlighting regional initiatives towards the biobased economy, such as from Thailand, Philippines, China & Indonesia the conference is well positioned to provide an excellent one-stop networking platform for global, regional feedstocks and projects stakeholders .


Click here to register now, or contact for any enquiries.


CMT announces Genencor® as Presentation Sponsor of Biobased Feedstocks For Fuels & Chemicals meet

Posted on : 11 Oct, 2011


presentation sponsor


CMT is pleased to welcome our presentation sponsor Genencor® gives a speech on cellulosic sugar at the Biobased Feedstocks for Fuels and Chemicals conference in Singapore on 28-29 November 2011.


Genencor® designs, manufactures and delivers sustainable enzyme solutions for agriculture, cleaning and textiles, food and feed, consumer and industrial markets. Genencor® has 14 manufacturing sites around the world producing 400 protein products for customers in 80 countries and now operate as part of DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

The Company's Accellerase® platform was the first commercial-scale enzyme technology released for cellulosic ethanol production. Accellerase® TRIO™, its most recent breakthrough, improves performance at up to half the dose of its previous enzymatic hydrolysis product. It works with a variety of biomass, including corn stover, switchgrass, wheat straw, bagasse, wood pulp and more.


Sweet sorghum as biofuel feedstock may be available by January 2013?

Posted on : 16 Sep, 2011


CEBU CITY -- As government moves towards full implementation of the 10% bioethanol mandate in gasoline fuel by February next year, scientists at the Institute of Plant Breeding in Los Baños, Laguna target to make sweet sorghum hybrid seeds available to the market by January 2013 to help meet the bioethanol requirements of oil companies.


(Source: Business World, 18 August 2011)


The Biobased Feedstocks For Fuels & Chemicals conference in Singapore (28-29 Nov 2011) is shaping up as scheduled! Delegates can look forward to presentations on Price Determinants & Economics of Conversions, Economic Feasibility of Current Pretreatment & Conversion Technologies, Availability & Sustainability of Supply of Agricultural Waste & Woody Biomass from South East Asia & South America, Competing Usages/Applications of Feedstock and more!


In light of the above development, Biobased Feedstocks For Fuels & Chemicals conference is proud to have confirmed Prof.Shi-Zhong Li, Deputy Director of the Institute of New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University  to present an overview on sweet sorghum and the Growth of the Chinese markets' for biobased products (fuels & chemicals). His session is entitled ‘Sweet Sorghum as the Emerging Rotational Crops for Sugar/Ethanol Production: Yield, Conversion Technology & Economics & Handling’.


An excellent platform to interact with the key decision-makers in the industry today, this conference offers perspectives and valuable insights on the theme "Sourcing & Evaluating Feedstocks For Bio Investments”.


Click here to register now, or contact Grace Oh at for any assistance.


Timely conference in Singapore explores opportunities, challenges & complexities of Biobased Feedstocks for Fuels & Chemicals

Posted on : 26 Jul, 2011


Solvay and Avantium have entered into a partnership to jointly develop a next generation of green high-performance polyamides for engineering plastics.


The companies will work together to explore the commercial potential of engineering plastics on the basis of YXY building blocks. Through the partnership, new high-performance polyamides will be developed that are produced using renewable, bio-based feedstock. Solvay and Avantium target a next generation of polyamides with new properties that can serve a range of applications. Price and performance of the polyamides will be key drivers for the success of the project.


(Source: Azom, 10 Jul 2011)


Just as Solvay and Avantium enter into exclusive collaboration towards commercialization of new polyamides, many are also discovering opportunities in the biobased feedstock industry at Biobased Feedstocks For Fuels & Chemicals.


To convene in Singapore on 28-29 November 2011, the highly-anticipated summit will provide insights on Competing Usages/Applications of Feedstock & Opportunity Costs via focussed discussions on the theme “Sourcing & Evaluating Feedstocks For Bio Investments”.


The program is currently being finalized and will be available shortly. In the meantime, contact Grace Oh at for any assistance in pre-registration.