2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia,

07-08 Sep, 2011 - Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Sheraton Grande Walkerhill

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제 2회 아시아 바이오매스 펠릿 트레이드

"Gear up for Asia's Growing Biomass Demand for PowerGeneration"

"Global Buyers & Asia Sellers Meet!"

"Pellets Coming to Asia"


Synopsis in Korean


"South Korean assembly approves renewable energy bill... dubbed Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and submitted in late 2008, to require 14 state-run and private power utilities to boost supplies of renewable energy starting in 2012, according to a statemeng from the ministry of knowledge economy"
~ Reuters, 18 March 2010

According to Poyry, biomass is the only renewable energy source that is tradable and as policy incentives are getting stronger the biomass markets are growing.


In 2010, the global pellet market size was around 16 million tonnes whereas the production capacity totalled 31 million tonnes per annum, mainly concentrated to Europe (19 million tpa.) and North America (8 million tpa.). The strong driver for both regions is the European emission trading scheme, which incentivise European energy utilities to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing incentives are expected to make the market grow to 46 million tonnes in 2020 (CAGR ~11%), representing a market value of almost USD 8 billion.


While Asia is emerging with key contribution to this growth, the questions prevails on the sustainability of supply of biomass, indigenous agricultural and forestry waste or internationally tradable woody and agro biomass such as wood pellets, wood chips, palm kernel shells, rice husk and etc. Warranted by its Renewable Portfolio Standards, wood pellets suppliers from the West are looking towards East, South Korea and Japan, for exports opportunities. Palm kernel shells (PKS), favored for its high energy/calorific values, and rice husks, are also sought after by North Asian power utilities and industrial plants. Thus, with economically viable policy and incentives, will South Korea and Japan set to drive demand for biomass up?


CMT's 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia is calling for all participants in the value chain of the "biomass to power generation" to Seoul this September to make this "Global Buyers & Asia Sellers Meet" happen.


Also, the conference presents the 2nd edition of the post conference workshop on Torrefaction Technologies and Economics. Facilitated by commercial and technology experts in this field, this half-day workshop will make exclusive focus on the economics, processes, specification and handling of converting agro-biomass into torrefied materials and pellets.


Be at this exciting event and make trade happen. CMT's 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia offers extensive business-matching and networking opportunities with Asian and global stakeholders in one venue! Sign up with your team to enjoy group discount. Register online at www.cmtevents.com or email to delaine@cmtsp.com.sg.




Biomass Pellets Trade Asia aims to provide first-hand insights on the demand dynamics in North Asia, supply outlook and investment opportunity in this value chain. Discussion will be focused to address the following issues:

  • South Korea and North Asia's Growth in biomass-based power generation & industrial cogeneration (CHP)
  • Influence of energy policy on demand/supply on biomass (Agricutural/Forestry Biomass, Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, etc)
  • Supply dynamics & usability of Agro biomass (Palm Kernel Shells (PKS), Rice Husk, etc) from South East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc)
  • Competitive advantage of global wood pellet supply (US, Europe & Australia) to North Asia
  • Operational experience in biomass to power & cogeneratioin
  • Issues with sustainability & certification & impact on global trade
  • Key considerations in investment & setting up biomass supply facility
  • Storage & handling of Wood Pellets & Agro-Biomass
  • Updates on biomass pretreatment technologies (Pelletizing, Torrefactions, etc)

You will network with

- Biomass/Pellets Producers, Traders & Importers
- Biofuels Producers Importers
- Utilities,Power, Distributed Power
- Agriculture/Forestry/Plantation Companies
- Commodity Brokers & Analysts
- Wood Processing Companies
- Shipping & Brokers (Dry Bulk, Biomass/Pellets)
- Government/Regulators
- Pulp & Paper
- Pelleting Equipment/Technologies
- Biomass Pretreatment Technologies
- Enzymes/Catalysts Providers
- Trade/Project Financing Institutions
- Specification & Benchmarking
- Biomass/Bio-Power Associations
- Emission/CDM Traders
- Environmental Engineers


Confirmed Speakers:

- PT Trenergy Biomasse Indonesia - Plantation Energy Australia - Pinnacle Pellet Inc. - Control Union - POYRY - APAC Commodities - Global Green Synergy Sdn Bhd - Korea Forest Service - Builders Biomass Sdn Bhd - University of Utrecht - RWE - Weyerhaeuser Solutions - Chonnam National University - Aligned Energy Limited - Nature's Flame - Vattenfall AB - Andritz Feed & Biofuel -Mitsui & Co. -VIASPACE Inc.


Post Conference Workshop
(8 September 2011)
Torrefaction Technology for Biomass
(with special focus on Non-Woody Biomass)


Agenda of the workshop

  • Technical Details & Processes involved

  • Pelletizing & Densification of Torrefied Materials

  • Torrefaction of Agro-Biomass in Asia (Palm based PKS/EFB, Sugar Bagasse, etc)

  • Product Specifications, Safety and Sustainability Issues within Production, Logistics and Handling

  • Torrefaction of Agro-Biomass : Processes, Technology & Pelletisation

  • Case Study: Biomass Torrefaction Project Setup & Key considerations in Plant Construction

Workshop Facilitators/Speakers


1. Drs. Ing. George van Bommel, BioTorTech


Drs. Ing. George van Bommel (MBE) is sr. Energy Systems Consultant and presently associated to BioTorTech and Royal Haskoning, both leading Dutch companies specialized in "biomass to energy" conversion technologies.


George was previously employed as Global Energy Manager at Cargill and earlier at DSM (Stamicarbon) as project manager and process engineer. He has decades of international experience in the agricultural and chemical industries. George has a proven track record in starting new, innovative projects and commissioning production plants. He is also an award winning engineer and holder of numerous patents in various fields of technology.


George holds a business Master in Energy Systems from the Technical University of Delft, with a specialization in the fields of thermo-chemical conversions of biomass, such as torrefaction, fast pyrolysis, gasification and co-combustion.


2. Mrs. Angelika Rubick, OFI


Mrs. Angelika Rubick is educated in ecological engineering. Since 2002 she is employed at the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology based in Vienna. She has excellent experience and eco/sustainability evaluation of products and processes. Since 2006 she is involved in the technical development of the Austrians torrefaction solution. She has managed several national and international projects and is head of the R&D Project department.


3. Edward Ryall, Thermya


Edward is a Chartered Engineer with nearly twenty years experience of biomass project development. He has been involved in biomass to power developments in the UK and Italy, and he has experience of bioethanol project development in Asia.   Edward is now responsible for commercialising Thermya's biomass conversion technologies, and in particular, Thermya's TORSPYD torrefaction technology; two 20,000 tonne/year TORSPYD units are currently in construction with a third 20,000 unit expected to start construction before the end of the year, and there is strong market interest in Thermya's 40,0000 tonne/year TORSPYD units.



In Korean


“아시아의 발전용 바이오매스 수요 증가에 대한 대비”

“해외 바이어들과 아시아 셀러들의 만남”

“펠릿, 아시아에 오다”


Biomass Pellets Trade Asia (BPTA)는 북아시아의 에너지 수요에 대한 전망과 투자기회를 제공하고자 합니다. 토론은 다음 사항들에 집중됩니다.

  • 바이오매스발전과 열병합발전(CHP) 분야에서 한국과 북아시아의 성장
  • 바이오매스(농업/산림 바이오매스, 목재펠릿, 목재칩 등)의 수요/공급에 대한 에너지 정책의 영향
  • 동남아시아산(말레이시아, 인도네시아, 베트남 등) 농업계 바이오매스(PKS, 왕겨 등)의 수요 동력과 활용가능성
  • 북아시아에 대한 미국, 유럽, 호주의 목재펠릿 공급 경쟁력
  • 발전 ∙ 열병합발전에서 바이오매스의 운용 경험
  • 국제 무역에 대한 지속가능성, 인증, 영향에 관한 사안
  • 바이오매스 공급시설의 투자와 설비에 대한 핵심 고려사항
  • 목재펠릿과 농업계 바이오매스의 저장과 관리
  • 바이오매스 전처리기술(펠릿화, 반탄화 등)의 진보

News Feed

PT Trenergy Biomasse Indonesia to host and sponsor Networking Reception for Speakers & Delegates at 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia

Posted on : 06 Sep, 2011


With the 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia conference in Seoul just a day away, we are pleased to announce that


PT Trenergy Biomasse Indonesia


will host and sponsor a Networking Reception for Speakers & Delegates at the end Day 1, 7th September.



Following a successful inaugural event last year which attracted over 120 participants, Biomass Pellets Trade Asia is meeting for the second time on 7-8 September 2011 in Seoul.


With "Gear up for Asia's Growing Biomass Demand for Power Generation" & "Global Buyers & Asia Sellers Meet" as its dual themes, the landmark summit promises an exciting and jam-packed agenda with vital sessions that will address all your biomass trade business concerns.


So, join your industry peers as they embark on a 2-day journey at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel and make trade happen!


1 week left to meet leading biomass industry players at 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia

Posted on : 29 Aug, 2011


Decision-makers of power plant operators, biomass feedstock producers, biomass/power traders, will be convening in Seoul for the 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia conference on 7-8 September 2011.  


While obtaining industry updates was one of their key reasons to attend, many participants revealed that they were also looking forward to create new collaborations with the key stakeholders in the Asian Biomass industry. Please refer to the attendee profiles below.


Attendees by Industry Segment


Profile of Attendees at 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia



Attendees by Country


Attendees by Country


With the registration deadline approaching, interested parties are strongly encouraged to confirm their participation for the 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia conference before seats sell out. On that note, sign up in teams of 3 or more to enjoy a special group discount.


>>Simply Click Here to Register<<


“제 2회 아시아 바이오매스 펠릿 컨퍼런스 in 서울”의 발표자들을 소개합니다.

Posted on : 22 Aug, 2011

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  • ? ?????? ?? (Mr. Chia Lik Khai, QL Resources Berhad)
  • ????? ??? ????, ? ??? ?? (Mr. Peter Kernohan, Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd)
  • ??? ????? ???? ??? ?? (Mr. Richard Hickey, Andritz)

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  • ??? ???, ????????
  • Dr. Martin Junginger, Assistant Professor, University of Utrecht
  • Mr. Kunio Wakiwaka, Mitsui & Co
  • Mr. Albert Law, Business Development Manager, Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd
  • Mr. Rickard Frithiof, Analyst, Poyry Management Consulting (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • Mr. Andrea Alessandrini, Director, PT Trenergy Biomasse Indonesia
  • Dr. Carl Kukkonen, CEO, Viaspace Inc.
  • Ing. George van Bommel, Senior Energy Systems Consultant , BioTorTech BV
  • Ms. Ooi Suan Kim, Director, Builders Biomass Sdn Bhd
  • Mr. Jarrod Waring, Business Development Manager, Plantation Energy Australia Pty Ltd
  • Ms. Mieke Vandewal, Marketing Manager Fuels, Control Union Nederland

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Explore possibilities of exporting biomass in Asia to feed Europe’s growing demand and more at 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia!

Posted on : 12 Aug, 2011


While Denmark was an early mover on green growth, Korea is a fast mover, so said Danish Climate and Energy Minister Lykke Friis.

The two countries formed a “Green Growth Alliance,” under which they will collaborate on developing eco-friendly technologies and adopt joint action plans, when President Lee Myung-bak visited Copenhagen in May.


A broad range of initiatives will encourage a shift to biomass in the power plans of major cities, increase consumption of renewable energy, and promote more efficiency energy use. Initiative include biomass and biogas, wind power, intelligent energy networks, energy efficiency and research, development and demonstration activities.


(Source: Korea Times, 28 June 2011)


Korea is now a fast mover in the biomass industry. The Korean Government unveiled a $38 billion ”Green New Deal” plan to stimulate job creation and revitalize the economy. The plan involves 9 core projects and 27 rotating projects which are expected to create 960,000 new jobs during 2009-2012. The Korean Government has also committed to a fiscal investment of 2 percent of GDP per year for the implementation of the five-year plan.


Under the ambitious “Energy Strategy 2050” policy roadmap, Denmark aims to be fully independent of fossil fuels by 2050. Being a role model for Korea, as well as in taking the path toward a green economy, Denmark is a key market in the biomass world.


2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia, to be held on 7-8 September in Seoul, will explore the possibilities of exporting biomass in Asia to feed Europe’s growing demand. Sessions featuring Europe’s experience and technological prowess are also included in this 1.5 day event in Korea.


Click here to see Europe related topics and speakers or email hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg for more information on registration.


Biomass for Power Generation – Hot topic to be explored at 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia in Seoul!

Posted on : 02 Aug, 2011


The Korea Forest Service signed an agreement on ligneous biomass energy development and promotion with Korea East West Power Co. on June 16.


The agreement aims to stably supply by-product materials of forest such as wood pellets to the power generation sector, the Korea Forest Service said.


The Korea Forest Service is planning to collect biomass and expand overseas forest resources. Furthermore, the organization aims to push for a project to form forests in waterside areas which will produce wood which will be used as an energy source.


(Source: Forest Business Network)



Obtain more insights from Mr. Sang Seop Lim, Director, Timber Product & Utilization Division from Korea Forest Service when he delivers his key presentation at 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia on 7-8 Sep, 2011 in Seoul. The topic Mr. Sang will address is:


Requirement for Biomass (Agricultural & Forestry Waste, Wood Pellet, etc) for Power Generation & Industrial Cogeneration

- South Korea


Besides above Korean perspective, there will be 2 other separate presentations on China, plus one on Japan to be delivered by aSenior Representative from Mitsui & Co.


In addition, sessions featuring Rise of Palm Kernel Shells for Power Generation and Operational Experience in Biomass Utilization in Power Generation & Cogeneration are also included in this 1.5 day event.


CMT's 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia is calling for all stakeholders in the value chain of the "biomass to power generation" to come to Seoul this September to make this "Global Buyers & Asia Sellers Meet" happen.


Click here for more information on the rest of speakers and topics line-up for 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia.


Malaysia to tie up with US companies for oil palm biomass based power

Posted on : 18 Jul, 2011


Malaysia will carry out biomass projects using waste from the oil palm industry to produce electric power, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.


He said the feedstock from oil palm waste would be also used to produce other products such as sugar and even vaccines.


Technology companies from the United States, with the capacity to invest and produce products from oil palm biomass, will be matched with Malaysian companies to garner profits for the country which is the world's largest producer of palm oil, Najib said following the Global Science and Innovation Advisory Council (GSIAC) for Malaysia inaugural meeting which he chaired at the New York Academy of Sciences here today.


(Source: My Sinchew, 18 May 2011)


More on rise of oil palm residue for export and power generation, will be addressed by our distinguished speakers at 2ndBiomass Pellets Trade Asia conference from7-8 September 2011 in Seoul. Featured presentation topics include:


*     Rise of Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) for Power Generation – Supply/Export Outlook from Indonesia and Practical Guidance

Presented by: Mr. Andrea Alessandrini, Director
PT Trenergy Biomasse Indonesia



*     Practical Experience in Bulk Handling of Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) – Post Facilities & Ship Safety

Presented by: Mr. Albert Law, Business Development Manager
Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd


Click here for the full 1.5-day agenda or email hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg today for information on registration.


ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL is CORPORATE SPONSOR of CMT'S 2nd Biomass Pellets & Trade meet in Seoul on 7 & 8 September 2011

Posted on : 01 Jul, 2011


CMT takes great pleasure and honour in announcing and welcoming


of our 2nd Biomass Pellets & Trade conference

taking place in Seoul, Korea on the 7 & 8 September 2011.


ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel


ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL is a global corporate group with worldwide activities in development, production and supply of technology and after-sales service to the feed and biofuel industries.


ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL designs solutions based on highly advanced key machinery for biomass pelleting. Complete system solutions for pelleting based on wet and/or green wood chips, dust and/or agricultural byproducts. The ANDRITZ group holds technology for production of biomass pellets from log intake to finished pellets.


For more information visit www.andritz.com


Just Released! Exclusive Strategic Position Paper “PELLETS ARE COMING TO ASIA” written by Pöyry

Posted on : 16 Jun, 2011


Pellets are coming to Asia Report


Published in conjunction with the

2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia

to be held in Seoul on 7-8 Sep 2011



Written by Bioenergy expert, Pöyry , “Pellets are Coming to Asia” examines the evolving biomass markets dynamics as Asia’s demand for biomass looks set to increase from 2012 onwards.


If you are…

Then you would want to DOWNLOAD this COMPLIMENTARY “PELLETS ARE COMING TO ASIA –A Strategic Position Paper


The concise paper provides an overview on:

PLUS, this must-read paper will be a vital guide for presentations featured at the 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia.


You can now download it at NO COST! Just fill up the form below and check your in-box for further instructions.

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GS Electric and Power Services, a power subsidiary under GS Group to build ‘green’ LNG plan

Posted on : 16 May, 2011


GS Electric and Power Services, a power subsidiary under GS Group, said that it will build a “green” high-efficiency liquefied natural gas combined cycle power plant in Dangjin, South Chungcheong Province.

The firm spent 460 billion won ($420 million) for the plant which will be completed by August 2013. GS EPS currently operates two other power facilities there.
The new 400 megawatt-facility boasts eco-friendliness and high-efficiency as it consumes less fuel than existing LNG combined cycle power plants and thus emits less carbon, GS EPS officials said.

“Through the construction of the plant, GS EPS aims to become a leading power provider in Korea. The facility will be an eco-friendly one which minimizes emission amid global climate change,” GS EPS CEO Lee Wan-kyoung said at the event.
In addition to its domestic operation, GS EPS has been stepping up efforts to expand its offshore business. GS EPS has launched the construction of a biomass power plant in Shandong, China earlier this month and is planning to begin a clean development mechanism business, a kind of carbon trading, there.


(Source: The Korea Herald, 20 Apr 2011)


Scheduled to take place in Seoul, Korea on 07-08 September 2011, 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia will bring together an international panel of experts including speakers from PT Trenergy Biomasse Indonesia, Plantation Energy Australia, Pinnacle Pellet Inc., Georgia Biomass, Control Union, POYRY, APAC Commodities, Global Green Synergy Sdn Bhd, plus more!


A major highlight at this event is a Post Conference Workshop on 8 Sep 2011 on Torrefaction Technology for Biomass, with special focus on Non-Woody Biomass.


The program is being finalized & will be uploaded online shortly. For more information, click here to submit enquiries or contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg to pre-register your interest now.


Is Thailand the Next Major Biomass Feedstock Market? Answers & more at 2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia in Seoul, Korea

Posted on : 13 Apr, 2011


According to an article in Biomass Magazine, Thailand stands out as a top market for global biomass producers to expand in, thanks to government policy which encourages further power production from biomass.


Recognizing Thailand’s potential, China-based solutions provider DP CleanTech has opened an office in Bangkok, after successful development of many biomass power plants in China, and more in the works. “DP CleanTech has identified Thailand to be the next major market in its rapid rollout of biomass power systems in Southeast Asia,” the company’s website says.


Viaspace is working with about five companies in Thailand that are interested in growing and using its trademark biomass feedstock, Giant King Grass, as a cheaper alternative to pricier materials available there now.


Following the success of last year’s inaugural event which attracted over 120 participants, the Biomass Pellets Trade Asia marks its return on 07-08 September 2011, this time in Seoul, Korea. Among the program highlights will be expert comparisons on the availability & competitiveness of wood pellets versus alternative sources of biomass feedstock (Palm Kernel Shells (PKS), Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB), Rice Husk, Miscanthus, Sugar Bagasse, plus many more.


The agenda is currently being finalized & will be available shortly. To request for more information or to pre-register your interest now, send an email to Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg. Otherwise, click here to submit enquiries on speaking and/or sponsorship opportunities.