JatrophaWorld 2010,

06-07 Oct, 2010 - Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre

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Jatropha Commercialization Challenge - Charting the Right Way Forward


CMT's JatrophaWorld is the leading platform for the global jatropha community to interact and exchange ideas on accelerating the commercialization of jatropha for fuel and energy. JatrophaWorld provides actual and truthful accounts of jatropha production, gaining trusts from the global bioenergy industry. The program focus on the latest developments in Cultivation, Breeding, Processing and Production & Market Outlook of Jatropha oil and co-products.  


Since 2008, JatrophaWorld conferences were held in different cities and regions, including: Jakarta, Miami, Hamburg, Kuala Lumpur, Brussels, and soon in Rotterdam. To date, JatrophaWorld has benefitted over 1800 Jatropha stakeholders from over 100 countries.


JatrophaWorld 2010 comes back with great vigour amidst headline grabbing announcements and remarkable progresses achieved by some growers. Certain growers in Africa and Asia, including JatrophaWorld 2010 speakers Bioenergy Development Co., Ltd (Thailand) and Biofuel Africa (Ghana) have put out crude jatropha oil for sale in the commercial market.


Said to be the year of Jatropha’s revival and evident from the emphasis and involvement of some high profile organizations:

- General Motors’ partnership with the US Department of Energy to demonstrate Jatropha’s viability as biofuel feedstock;

- NASA’s bringing jatropha to space to study if microgravity can help Jatropha Curcas plant cells grow faster;

- Toyota Tsuho’s planned investment in Philippines to grow jatropha and its purchase of a stake in JOiL, a Singapore-based seed researcher.


JatrophaWorld 2010 takes a bird’s eyes view on jatropha development worldwide while zooming into key commercialization issues including:

  • Good Practices in Plantation Management: Drawing from the experiences of large-scale plantation developers in Asia, Africa and Americas
  • Mechanised Harvesting: Find out from growers who have done it and the technologies available
  • Perspectives of key stakeholders, from Airline to Biorefiner to Power Producer and Oil Company
  • Sustainability Criteria and Certification Requirements
  • Jatropha R&D in Crop Improvement and Seedcake Utilisation
  • Advances in Processing Technologies


*Bonus Attraction*

Network with Biomass Traders who can help you move your Products

JatrophaWorld 2010 delegates enjoy Privileged Access to the

RBCN (Rotterdam Biomass Commodities Network) Networking Reception

6 Oct, 6pm - 8pm

2-hour Cruise Visit to the Rotterdam Port on board James Cook


Message from
Networking Sponsor


Participants to the JatrophaWorld 2010 conference are cordially invited to the RBCN networking event that will take place at the end of day one’s sessions.

RBCN is a business-to-business network for traders and other relevant parties active in the biomass supply chain. It is one of the activities initiated and supported by the Rotterdam Climate Initiative to strengthen the position of Rotterdam as the sustainable biomass hub for Europe and to promote the import, processing and trade of biomass. For more information on RBCN please visit www.rbcn.nl



Testimonial from Past Delegates


"JatrophaWorld was a 360 degrees overview of Jatropha/Biodiesel business, with much more detailed information thanexpected"

~ Geocapital-Investimentos Estratégicos, SA


"Good for Networking and Sharing information"

~ Schneider Group


"Great selection of Topics + Speakers, covering all aspects of jatropha, very efficient administration"

~ Sandown Energy Consultants Limited


"Much appreciation the open exchange of practical experience, facts, numbers, solutions and options."

~ Mother Earth Jatropha Plantations Partnerships


"JatrophaWorld is an eye-opening event. Lots of opportunities to learn from experts and experienced people in the field. Excellent!"

~ SCG Investment


News Feed

JOil’s 1 million tissue-cultured jatropha plants. More on JOil at JatrophaWorld 2010.

Posted on : 13 Sep, 2010


In Singapore, JOil announced a contract with Indian plant biotech company KF Bioplants in which KFB will produce and deliver an initial volume of one million tissue-culture derived Jatropha curcas plants using JOil’s proprietary tissue culture technology by 2011. JOil is using material from its own global germplasm collection. JOil, in partnership with Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, has developed a protocol which enables the production of millions of true to type clones through tissue culture.


This protocol has been tested on a small scale at KFB and other international tissue culture facilities, and the new project will be the first commercial production of Jatropha curcas using tissue culture technology.


Source: http://biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2010/08/23/1-million-tissue-cultured-jatropha-plants-joil-kf-bioplants/, 23 Aug 2010


For more information on JOil’s Jatropha projects, listen to JOil’s Dr Hong Yan’s  presentation on Breeding and Producing Elite Seedlings for Jatropha Plantation, at JatrophaWorld 2010 in Rotterdam on 6-7 October 2010.


Click here for latest agenda.


SG Biofuels to discuss on how an integrated platform will bring opportunities of Jatropha to reality

Posted on : 30 Aug, 2010


California-based SG Biofuels has launched JMax 100, a proprietary cultivar of jatropha optimized for growing conditions in Guatemala with yields 100 percent greater than existing varieties, according to the company.

SG Biofuels is a plant oil company specializing in the development of jatropha as a low-cost, sustainable source of oil and has the largest library of jatropha genetic materials in the world. JMax 100 is the first elite cultivar developed through the company’s JMax Jatropha Optimization Platform, which provides growers and plantation developers with access to the highest-yielding and most profitable jatropha, the sequenced genome and advanced biotech and synthetic biology tools to develop cultivars specifically optimized for their unique growing conditions, according to SG Biofuels.

JMax 100 increases the profitability of jatropha to greater than $400 per acre, more than 300 percent above existing commercial varieties. That equates to more than 350 gallons per acre at $1.39 per gallon, according to SG Biofuels. “JMax 100 is the tip of the iceberg in the development of jatropha as a renewable energy crop,” said Kirk Haney, SG Biofuels president and CEO. He added that Guatemala has a head start, but the company anticipates advancements through the JMax platform that will further enhance the profitability and productivity of jatropha for growers around the world.


Source: http://www.biomassmagazine.com/article.jsp?article_id=3540, 23 February 2010


For more information on SG Biofuels’ jatropha breeding activities, join them at JatrophaWorld 2010 on 6 October in Rotterdam as they discuss on;


Jatropha 2.0 – Breeding, Biotech and Molecular Agronomics: How an Integrated Platform is Bringing the Opportunities of Jatropha to Reality

  • Major strategic partnerships that drives advancements
  • The role of breeding, biotechnology and molecular agronomics in accelerating crop improvements
  • Community farming initiative in Guatemala
  • JMax 100 – elite cultivar of Jatropha
    Presented by: Mr. Kirk Haney, President & CEO, SG Biofuels

Click here for the latest agenda

TNT, Moving the World with Jatropha Project in Malawi

Posted on : 17 Aug, 2010


TNT, WFP and local Malawian partner BERL (Bio energy Resources Ltd) are building a sustainable Jatropha business in Malawi that will give local smallholder farmers a new cash crop to grow and harvest that will create a reliable source of income.


The Jatropha project aims to alleviate poverty in third world countries by the most sustainable means possible. This fits seamlessly within TNT’s efforts to fight the root causes of hunger. And by the cultivation of Jatropha trees, TNT can compensate for its own CO2 emissions which will help TNT reach its goal to be carbon neutral in the year 2015. The Jatropha project is also completely aligned with WFP’s goal to support long term solutions to the hunger challenges.


The cultivation of Jatropha tackles several challenges in one go:

  • The alleviation of poverty and protection from food shortages. By growing and selling the Jatropha nuts, farmers’ income levels will improve in a more sustainable way, providing food security.
  • It fights the financial problems in Malawi with the creation of an additional income for farmers, and the replacement of fossil-fuel import with bio-energy production.
  • Growing Jatropha trees has positive effects on the environment as it produces ‘green’ fuels, compensates for CO2 emissions an prevents deforestation.
  • It combats the energy crisis in Malawi as Jatropha produces sources of energy (e.g. candles and firewood)

Source: http://www.movingtheworld.org/the_jatropha_project




For more information on TNT’s Jatropha project, join them at JatrophaWorld 2010 on 6 October in Rotterdam, as they further discuss on;


  • Challenges of Building an Integrated Sustainable Biofuels Business Supported by Small Scale Farmers in Malawi
    Presented by Mr. Willem Jan van Wijk, Managing Director, TNT N.V.

Click here for the latest agenda.

Mechanical Jatropha harvester successfully trialed in Honduras

Posted on : 03 Aug, 2010


In Honduras, the Agroipsa Farm in Choluteca has deployed the BEI Jatropha Wave Harvester, a mechanical harvesting system for Jatropha which has successfully completed an eight-month trial of the system, according to BEI International, the harvester's manufacturer. The system was used for mechanical harvest of a 550 hectare plantation of three-year old jatriopha.

Max Lint of BEI reports, "It is feasible to grow and harvest Jatropha on a commercial scale. We are working with many Jatropha growers around the world that have a need for our Jatropha harvester. We are currently working on a Jatropha harvester sale in Hawaii and another in Brazil."

Source: http://biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2010/04/21/mechanical-jatropha-harvester-successfully-trialed-in-honduras/

For more information on A-Z of Jatropha Production, hear from our speakers at JatrophaWorld 2010 on 6 - 7 October 2010 in Rotterdam.


Global Jatropha Practitioners' Roundtable (on Honduras' jatropha industry)

Presented by: Mr. David Erazo, General Manager, Agroipsa


Advances in Mechanical Harvesting
- Results from field trials
- Plantation design to suit mechanical harvesting
- Costs and economics
Presented by: Mr. Max Lint, President/CEO,
BEI International LLC


Advances in Mechanical Harvesting
- Harvesting in Africa, experiences and results
- Different harvesting methods
- Future challenges with mechanization
Presented by: Mr. Toni Sandholm, Sales Manager,
Rakennustempo Oy


Click here for the latest agenda.


Api Nova Energia / SAB srl share perspectives on Jatropha investments at JatrophaWorld 2010

Posted on : 17 Jul, 2010


‘ESV Group Plc, the agribusiness and logistics investment company, announces the signing of a definitive Agreement for the sale of its Jatropha plantations business and associated assets in Mozambique to SAB Mozambique SA, a company controlled by two Italian energy companies, Api Nova Energia SrL and Seci Energia SpA.’


Source: http://www.investegate.co.uk/article.aspx?id=200911230700038754C


SAB srl, a joint venture between, Api Nova Energia Srl and Seci Energia SpA, had in November last year acquired the Jatropha plantations business of ESV Group PLC, a London-based provider of transportation and logistics services. They have also have started a pilot plantation in Ghana with the option to further develop 105,000 hectares.


On the other hand, Api Nova Energia is on their own, developing greenfield projects in Brazil. They have an out-farming project of 25,000 hectares in Brazil, of which 1000 hectares have already been planted.


JatrophaWorld 2010 is privileged to have Mr. Alessandro Berti, Business Development Manager of Api Nova and Business Development Manager - Bioenergy division of SAB join us in Rotterdam on the 6-7 October to tell us more about the progress of their three projects and share underlying factors which drove the Italian energy giants to invest in Jatropha.


Click here to view full event schedule or email hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg for more information.


Honeywell's UOP Working With Aviation and Refining Leaders in China to Create Sustainable Aviation Biofuels Industry

Posted on : 05 Jul, 2010


Aviation biofuel made by Honeywell's UOP has been used for biofuel demonstration flights on Boeing commercial aircraft with Air New Zealand, Continental Airlines, Japan Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as well as on military demonstration flights with U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft.


The UOP process produces Green Jet Fuel which requires no changes to the aircraft engine technology when used at a 50 percent blend with petroleum-based jet fuel and meets or exceeds all specifications for flight. Green Jet Fuel made from second-generation, non-food sources such as camelina and jatropha plants offers up to an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over petroleum-based fuels.


Source:http://www.marketwatch.com/story/honeywells-uop-working-with-aviation-and-refining-leaders-in-china-to-create-sustainable-aviation-biofuels-industry-2010-05-27?reflink=MW_news_stmp, May 27, 2010


With the acceptance of biofuels by major airlines and Jatropha being the key feedstock candidate, JatrophaWorld 2010 in Rotterdam on 06-07 October has enlisted KLM’s senior representative, Mr. Dirk Kronemeijer, Managing Director SkyNRG  to share on the topic “Perspective of an Airline on Bio-Jet Fuel”.


KLM is one of the many distinguished companies speaking at JatrophaWorld 2010, for more information on the conference agenda, please click here.


Biofuel Prediction for 2010? Jatropha's Revival! Timely JatrophaWorld Conference Highlights Global Jatropha Commercialization Challenges.

Posted on : 30 Apr, 2010


In January this year, Jim Lane, the editor of Biofuels Digest predicted that 2010 would be the year of Jatropha’s revival. Specifically, he said, “Jatropha will gain renewed interest and traction as a go-to feedstock for aviation biofuels.


Jim hit the nail in the head with his comment! Within a few weeks of this prediction, General Motors announced a 5-year partnership with the US Department of Energy, and India’s Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI) to demonstrate the commercial viability of Jatropha as biofuel feedstock. Jatropha was also blasted into Space as part of NASA’s “Alternative Energy Crops in Space” study, which aims to study if microgravity can help Jatropha Curcas plant cells grow faster.


With such high profile headlines, it is clear that Jatropha is back for 2010!And the time is ripe to tackle unanswered questions spanning the Propagation, Cultivation, Pruning, Harvesting, Oil Extraction, Processing and Marketing of Jatropha, to speed up the commercialization of Jatropha Cultivation.  


JatrophaWorld 2010, meeting in Rotterdam from
6-7 October offers much-needed clarity!


The JatrophaWorld conference is back for 2010, to take up the mantle as the global meeting point for the Jatropha community to interact and exchange ideas on charting the right way forward to meet the Jatropha Commercialization challenge.


In a nutshell, JatrophaWorld 2010 will provide a true depiction of Jatropha’s potential, with insights and updates on the latest developments in Jatropha cultivation, processing, R&D and marketing. Conference highlights include:

Since 2008, JatrophaWorld conferences have benefitted over 1800 Jatropha stakeholders from over 100 countries. To be a part of this elite group, send in your registrations for JatrophaWorld 2010 today. Click on the link below to access our online registration form.