2nd Stevia World Europe,

18-19 May, 2010 - Geneva, SWITZERLAND

Mövenpick Hotel & Casino Geneva

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Join the race to enter the lucrative EU market


A positive safety assessment of steviol glycosides from EFSA is anticipated by the end of March 2010. Depending on how long it then takes the Commission to put together the legal text, EU approval could come in 2010 or later.  When this happens, Europe will be an open market for this much-anticipated ingredient!


Meanwhile, stevia suppliers eager to break into the potentially lucrative EU market are watching closely developments in France which took the two-year provisional approval route. In fact many food manufacturers have raced ahead with innovative products and trials, while some already turning their attention to marketing and launches. In Switzerland, Villars Maître Chocolatier, the world’s first Stevia Sweetened Dark Chocolate was launched in January 2010, and over in France, Swedish company Liv Natur is preparing to launch the first stevia derived Reb-A sweetened beverage.


Whether you are planning to introduce stevia hybrids into the market, looking for stevia extraction technologies or launching a stevia sweetened product, 2nd SteviaWorld Europe is THE EVENT to attend for clarity on top concerns and questions including:

  • Has Stevia gone Mainstream? What are the trends and innovations surrounding Stevia?
  • Do current stevia quality standards ensure product integrity?  
  • How does stevia interact with other ingredients during stevia product formulation?
  • In view of the French regulatory approval for 97% purity Reb A only, what cost-effective extraction technologies are available and which stevia hybrids have high a Reb-A component?
  • What stevia cultivation methods are practiced in key supplying regions from Asia to South America? Do these methods compromise stevia quality standards?
  • Tissue culture method is said to be the best method that ensures homogeneity and minimize mutation. How do you compare this method to seed germination?
  • Can stevia be used in applications, like Cognitive health, Animal feed, and Anti-diabetic drugs manufacture in the near future?
  • From enzymatic treatment to flavour masking which sensory optimisation technologies offer the best taste profile?

Get insights to all the above questions during our intensive one-and-a-half day conference that will look into Retail Success, Market Trends, IP Protection, Sensory Optimization Technologies, Health Benefits, Product Formulation and Regulatory Developments across the Stevia Value Chain. In addition, you  can also attend a half-day separately bookable workshop on Stevia Cultivation Aspects on Day 2 afternoon.


Sign up now and book your seats early to coincide with your trip to Europe's largest event for the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and functional food ingredients industry, meeting in Geneva on the same days.  


You will Network with

- Stevia Growers/Producers/Refiners - F&B companies - Pharmaceutical & Neutraceutical companies - Food ingredient companies - Flavour & fragrance companies - Sugar and sweetener companies - Agriculture companies - Biotech Research Institutions - Equipment suppliers - Institutional Investors


Industry News


2nd Stevia World Europe is happening this week! This will be your last chance to register, especially if you are keen to network with the who’s who in the stevia industry.


Refer to the pie-chart below, for  profile of industry players and end users already signed up for the Geneva meet.




2nd Stevia World Europe





Join us at 2nd Stevia World Europe and be part of the revolution,  register now  >>CLICK HERE<<.


We look forward to meeting you in Geneva!

17 May, 2010


Planning to grow stevia commercially? Need help separating real picture of Stevia cultivation from hype? 2nd Stevia World Europe's Stevia Cultivation Workshop shares practical insights from key Stevia growers & experts.


While it is true that Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni can be cultivated in almost any climate, it isn’t an easy plant to grow and has its own unique set of challenges:

  • Stevia is highly susceptible to weeds in its first years due to its water requirements.
  • There are no effective herbicides for stevia, and weeding has to be done manually.
  • Stevia plants are vulnerable to a host of insects and diseases.
  • Stevia seeds can’t be used for cultivation, due to phenotypic variability and reduced leaf quality.
  • Stevia leaves have to be harvested carefully, to avoid stressing the plant.

Challenges like those outlined above are difficult to overcome without proper direction and a set of best practices. That’s why we invited Leading Stevia cultivation experts from different regions to shed light on all of the above issues during the Stevia Cultivation workshop at 2nd Stevia World Europe.


This separately bookable workshop, entitled “AGRONOMY ADVANCEMENTS & PROCESS OPTIMISATION FOR INCREASING GLYCOSIDES YIELD,” examines progress in meeting stevia cultivation challenges, and outlines best practices for easy adoption in Stevia cultivation projects.


Participants can look forward to the latest on Plant breeding techniques to optimize leaf quality, Organic Stevia cultivation, as well as real life perspectives from Stevia projects in Turkey and Colombia.


Reap maximum benefit from the valuable information you will receive at the Stevia Cultivation workshop! Book your places before seats sell out next week. Click on the link below to register online.


07 May, 2010


Switzerland’s Fischer Chemicals AG (Food Division) is one of the many companies attending 2nd Stevia World Europe in Geneva, but CEO Daniel Fischer is taking things up a notch by coming on board as Luncheon Sponsor!


Fischer Chemicals AG (Food Division) is the official distributor for Wagott Pharmaceuticals Ltd in Europe, and is currently exploring the European market in order to be ready for the European market when it opens.


According to Mr. Fischer, “Stevia is a young market and we would like to know who is interested in it and to offer our services.” He added, “Fischer Chemicals AG (Food Division) is participating and sponsoring 2nd Stevia World Europe to learn more about the stevia market in Europe, widen our network, and showcase our services to the Stevia Industry.


Fischer Chemicals AG [Food Division] has been distributing commercial volumes of stevia extract since 2009 in Switzerland. Their “Stevia Naturally” product line is currently produced by Chengdu Wagott Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, who are specialists in extracting active ingredients of natural plants in China.


Fischer Chemicals [Food Division] offers a number of stevia based sweetening products that conform to the JECFA specification, including:

  • Steviol Glycosides and with 95% purity & above,
  • Rebaudioside A with 95% purity & above and
  • Stevioside with 90% purity & above.

In addition, Fischer Chemicals [Food Division] can also customize stevia extracts to meet specific requirements on request.


A quick search on Wagott revealed that the company currently has 3340 acres of stevia plantations across China, and according to Mr. Fischer, they implement tight quality controls over the whole production chain: from the fields to the extraction, to the final product, which are GMO free. In fact, Wagott has obtained GMP Certification issued by the SFDA, HACCP, CNAS (independent laboratory accreditation by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) and KOSHER.

2nd Stevia World Europe in Geneva is the first global stevia conference meeting to discuss the implications of the EFSA’s positive review of Stevia sweeteners. And if you are keen to lock in your sweet spot in the EU markets, do clear your schedules to join us, and market experts like FISCHER CHEMICALS AG [Food Division] in Geneva on 18-19 May.


Click below for more information on Fischer Chemicals AG (Food Division) and Wagott Pharmaceuticals Ltd or read press releases from Stevia Naturally in

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>>French/ Français <<

06 May, 2010


Productos como los refrescos Zevia y las tabletas de chocolate negro al 70% de Villars Maître Chocolatier fueron los primeros en utilizar edulcorantes a base de estevia en sus respectivas categorías de productos y ahora emergen como favoritos de los consumidores.


El 2º Congreso Stevia World Europe presenta estos éxitos del mercado a base de estevia y otros productos durante el congreso de dos días en Ginebra del 18 al 19 de mayo



Durante el recién concluido congreso Stevia World Americas, la firma de investigación de mercado SPINS informó del lanzamiento de más de 2000 nuevos productos endulzados con estevia en todo el mundo en el periodo comprendido entre 2004 y 2008. Más recientemente, SPINS ha identificado a Zevia como la bebida más vendida en la categoría de bebidas naturales en EE.UU.


La evolución del clima del consumo de edulcorantes a base de estevia y de productos endulzados con estevia será el tema del 2ª Congreso Stevia World Europe, que se celebra en Ginebra (Suiza), del 18 al 19 de mayo 2010. Derek A. Newman, miembro del consejo de administración de Zevia LLC, compartirá los detalles sobre cómo el refresco de la empresa Zevia edulcorado con estevia evolucionó del peor al mejor puesto con un aumento de los ingresos del 600% en enero de 2010 en comparación con el mismo mes de 2009, cosechando elogios de medios y consumidores. Entre estos elogios destaca el estudio del "gurú de los supermercados", Phil Lempert, que se publicó recientemente en el sitio del Stevia World Europe.


El 2ª Congreso Stevia World Europe también contará con la participación de Alexandre Sacerdoti, Director General de Villars Maître Chocolatier, para hablar sobre la composición, sabor y retos en la comercialización surgidos en la elaboración del primer chocolate del mundo endulzado con estevia.


Mintel, que ha colaborado con SPINS en la publicación del estudio de mercado definitivo sobre la estevia, también intervendrá en el Congreso. David Jago, Director de Soluciones personalizadas de Mintel, señalará las tendencias e innovaciones, nuevos productos, respuestas de consumidores y aceptación de la candidatura de la estevia dentro de los productos alimentarios y bebidas. Fonterra Brands ofrecerá una perspectiva australasiática en el congreso, comentando las principales tendencias de mercado y previsiones de los formuladotes de F&B Formulators en materia de soluciones edulcorantes.


Además del éxito de la estevia entre los consumidores, el 2º Congreso Stevia World Europe también ofrecerá información esencial sobre las innovaciones y formulaciones de los productos basados en estevia, las perspectivas reglamentarias y científicas de los glicósidos de esteviol, calidad de control, certificación orgánica y otras especificaciones de etiquetado, así como nuevas aplicaciones de la estevia en el sector farmacéutico, nutricéutico y alimentos para animales.


Si desea participar en el 2º Congreso Stevia World Europe puede inscribirse en el sitio web del Stevia World Europe.


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03 May, 2010


Produkte wie Zevia Soda und Villars Maître Chocolatier’s Dark 70 % Schokoladentafeln verwendeten als Erstes die Süßstoffe von Stevia in ihren entsprechenden Produktkategorien und werden jetzt zu Kundenlieblingen.


Die 2. Stevia World Europe präsentiert nun diese und weitere Verkaufserfolge von Stevia auf der zweitägigen Veranstaltung in Genf am 18. und 19. Mai.


Auf der kürzlich stattgefundenen Stevia World Americas-Konferenz berichtete das Marktforschungsinstitut SPINS, dass zwischen 2004 und 2008 mehr als 2000 neue Produkte mit Süßstoffen von Stevia weltweit auf den Markt gekommen sind. Und erst vor kurzem ermittelte SPINS Zevia als meistverkauftes Getränk in der Sparte natürliche Getränke in den USA.


Auf der 2. Stevia World Europe-Konferenz am 18. und 19. Mai 2010 in Genf wird der Schwerpunkt auf dem sich wandelnden Kunden-Konsumklima bei Stevia-Süßstoffen und Produkten mit Süßstoffen von Stevia liegen. Derek A. Newman, einer der Direktoren von Zevia LLC, wird berichten, wie das mit Stevia gesüßte Zevia Soda der Firma sich mit einem Umsatzanstieg von 600 % zwischen Januar 2009 und Januar 2010 von ganz unten zum Kassenschlager entwickelte und mittlerweile die besten Kritiken von Presse und Verbrauchern erntet, darunter auch die Kritik von „Supermarkt-Guru“ Phil Lempert, die kürzlich auf der Stevia World Europe-Website veröffentlicht wurde.


Auch Alexandre Sacerdoti, Generaldirektor bei Villars Maître Chocolatier, wurde von der 2. Stevia World Europe dazu eingeladen, über Rezeptur, Geschmack und Marketing-Herausforderungen bei der Entwicklung der weltweit ersten mit Stevia gesüßten Schokolade zu sprechen.


Mintel, mit dem SPINS an der Veröffentlichung einer endgültigen Marktstudie für Stevia gearbeitet hat, wird ebenfalls auf der 2. Stevia World Europe sprechen. David Jago, Direktor für den Bereich individuelle Lösungen bei Mintel, wird über Trends und Innovationen, Produktneuheiten sowie Verbraucherantwort und -akzeptanz von Stevia im Lebensmittel- und Getränkesektor sprechen. Fonterra Brands gibt auf der Konferenz die Möglichkeit einer australisch-asiatischen Perspektive, indem es Schlüssel-Markttrends und die Erwartungen der Lebensmittel- und Getränkebranche im Hinblick auf Süßstofflösungen diskutiert.


Über die Verkaufserfolge von Stevia hinaus wird die 2. Stevia World Europe auch zentrale Neuigkeiten liefern zu Produktneuheiten und -rezepturen auf Stevia-Basis, Regulierungs- und Forschungsperspektiven zu Steviol-Glykosiden, Qualitätskontrolle, Richtlinien für Bio-Zertifizierung und andere Kennzeichnungen sowie neue Stevia-Anwendungen für Pharmazeutika, Nutrazeutika und Tiernahrung.


Für die Teilnahme an der 2. Stevia World Europe erfolgt die Anmeldung online auf der Stevia World Forum-Website.


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03 May, 2010

Des produits comme les sodas Zevia et les barres au chocolat noir à 70 % de Villars Maître Chocolatier sont les premiers à avoir utilisé les édulcorants à la stévia dans leur catégorie de produit respective, et s’avèrent désormais devenir les favoris des consommateurs


Le 2esalon Stevia World Europe présentera ces réussites autour de la stévia auprès du consommateur et plus encore au cours des 2 journées du salon qui se tiendra à Genève les 18-19 mai


Au cours du salon Stevia World Americas qui s’est récemment clôturé, la société d’études de marché SPINS a annoncé que plus de 2000 nouveaux produits édulcorants à la stévia avaient été lancés dans le monde entre 2004 et 2008. Plus récemment, SPINS a identifié Zevia comme étant la boisson la plus vendue aux États-Unis dans la catégorie boissons naturelles.


L’évolution du climat de la consommation d’édulcorants à la stévia et des produits édulcorés à la stévia sera au cœur du 2e salon Stevia World Europe qui aura lieu à Genève (Suisse) les 18-19 mai 2010. M. Derek A. Newman, administrateur à Zevia LLC y évoquera comment le soda de la société Zevia édulcoré à la stévia est passé de « la dernière à la première place » avec une hausse de 600 % du chiffre d’affaires en janvier 2010 comparé à janvier 2009, récoltant les éloges des médias et des consommateurs. Citons notamment cette étude du « gourou des supermarchés » Phil Lempert récemment mise en ligne sur le site du Stevia World Europe.


Le 2e salon Stevia World Europe a également invité M. Alexandre Sacerdoti, directeur général de Villars Maître Chocolatier, pour parler de la formulation, du goût et des difficultés de marketing rencontrées par l’élaboration du premier chocolat au monde édulcoré à la stévia.

Mintel, qui a collaboré avec SPINS à la publication de l’étude de marché définitive sur la stévia, prendra également la parole au 2e salon Stevia World Europe. M. David Jago, directeur Custom Solutions à Mintel, abordera les tendances et innovations, les nouveaux produits, la réaction du consommateur et l’acceptation de la candidature de la stévia dans les produits alimentaires et boissons. Fonterra Brands apportera à la conférence un point de vue d’Australasie et évoquera les tendances clés du marché ainsi que les attentes des formulateurs de produits alimentaires et boissons en matière de solutions édulcorantes.


Au-delà du succès de la stévia auprès du consommateur, le 2e salon Stevia World Europe fournira des informations essentielles sur les innovations et formulations de produit à base de stévia, les perspectives réglementaires et scientifiques des glycosides de stéviol, le contrôle qualité, la certification biologique et d’autres spécifications d’étiquetage, ainsi que les applications innovantes de la stévia dans les secteurs pharmaceutique, nutriceutique et d’aliments pour animaux.


Les personnes désireuses de participer au 2e salon Stevia World Europe peuvent présenter leur inscription en ligne sur le site Stevia World Europe.


Le texte du communiqué issu d’une traduction ne doit d’aucune manière être considéré comme officiel. La seule version du communiqué qui fasse foi est celle du communiqué dans sa langue d’origine. La traduction devra toujours être confrontée au texte source, qui fera jurisprudence.


03 May, 2010

Prodotti come Zevia Soda e le tavolette di cioccolato fondente al 70% di Villars Maître Chocolatier sono stati i primi ad utilizzare i dolcificanti a base di stevia nelle loro rispettive categorie di prodotto e adesso spiccano tra i preferiti dei consumatori


La 2a edizione di Stevia World Europe metterà in mostra questi successi di vendita al dettaglio della stevia e altro durante la conferenza di 2 giorni a Ginevra il 18 e 19 maggio


Durante la conferenza Stevia World Americas conclusasi recentemente, la società di ricerche di mercato SPINS riferiva che nel mondo sono stati lanciati oltre 2000 nuovi prodotti dolcificati con la stevia dal 2004 al 2008. Più recentemente, SPINS ha identificato Zevia quale bevanda n. 1 nelle vendite della categoria bevande naturali negli U.S.A.


Il cambiamento nell’ambito delle vendite al dettaglio ai consumatori dei dolcificanti a base di stevia e dei prodotti edulcorati con stevia sarà al centro della 2aConferenza Stevia World Europe che si terrà a Ginevra, in Svizzera, il 18 e 19 maggio 2010. Il sig. Derek A. Newman, Amministratore presso Zevia LLC esporrà i dettagli su come la Zevia Soda dolcificata con stevia è passata dal "peggiore al primo posto", con un aumento di introiti del 600% dal gennaio del 2010 rispetto al gennaio del 2009, raccogliendo recensioni entusiasmanti da parte dei media e dei consumatori. Tra queste, la recensione del "Guru dei Supermercati" Phil Lempert che è stata recentemente pubblicata sul sito web dello Stevia World Europe.


La 2a edizione di Stevia World Europe ha anche invitato il sig. Alexandre Sacerdoti, direttore generale di Villars Maître Chocolatier, a parlare della formulazione, del gusto e delle sfide di marketing che sono state affrontate nello sviluppo del primo cioccolato dolcificato con stevia al mondo.


Mintel, che ha lavorato con SPINS per pubblicare lo studio di mercato definitivo sulla stevia, parlerà anche alla 2a Conferenza Stevia World Europe. Il direttore delle Soluzioni per i clienti di Mintel, il sig. David Jago, farà il punto sulle tendenze e le innovazioni, i nuovi prodotti, la risposta dei consumatori e l'accettazione della richiesta per la stevia nel settore cibi e bevande. I marchi Fonterra forniranno una prospettiva australiana e asiatica alla conferenza, discutendo le tendenze chiave del mercato e le aspettative dei formulatori di cibo e bevande per le soluzioni dolcificanti.


Oltre ai successi al dettaglio di Stevia, la 2a Conferenza Stevia World Europe fornisce anche aggiornamenti vitali su innovazioni e formulazioni di prodotti basati sulla stevia, prospettive normative e scientifiche sul glucoside di stevia, il controllo di qualità, la certificazione biologica ed altre specifiche di etichettatura, oltre che le nuove applicazioni della stevia nei settori farmaceutici, nutraceutici, e dei mangimi animali.

Chi desiderasse partecipare alla 2a edizione di Stevia World Europe, può registrarsi online sul sito Stevia World Europe site.


Il testo originale del presente annuncio, redatto nella lingua di partenza, è la versione ufficiale che fa fede. Le traduzioni sono offerte unicamente per comodità del lettore e devono rinviare al testo in lingua originale, che è l'unico giuridicamente valido.


01 May, 2010

Producten zoals Zevia Soda en Villars Maître Chocolatier’s pure chocoladerepen met 70% cacao waren de eerste waarbij gebruik werd gemaakt van stevia-zoetstoffen in hun respectievelijke productcategorieën en blijken nu favoriet te zijn bij de consument


Bij de 2eStevia World Europe, een tweedaags congres in Genève op 18 en 19 mei, worden deze successen van stevia in de detailhandel en nog veel meer gepresenteerd


Bij het onlangs gehouden congres Stevia World Americas meldde marktonderzoeksbureau SPINS dat er van 2004 tot 2008 over de hele wereld ruim 2000 nieuwe met stevia gezoete producten op de markt zijn gebracht. Meer recentelijk heeft SPINS vastgesteld dat Zevia de best verkopende drank is in de categorie natuurlijke dranken in de VS.


Het veranderende consumentenklimaat in de detailhandel met betrekking tot stevia-zoetstoffen en met stevia gezoete producten is het thema van het 2e Stevia World Europe-congres in het Zwitserse Genève op 18 en 19 mei 2010. De heer Derek A. Newman, een directeur van Zevia LLC, zal details delen over hoe hun met stevia gezoete Zevia Soda vanuit een zwakke positie als een komeet omhoog is geschoten, met een omzetstijging van 600% in januari 2010 ten opzichte van januari 2009. Ook kreeg het product juichende kritieken van de media en consumenten, waaronder de recensie van ‘Supermarkt Goeroe’ Phil Lempert die onlangs werd gepubliceerd op: Stevia World Europe site.


Voor het 2eStevia World Europe-congres is ook de heer Alexandre Sacerdoti, algemeen directeur van Villars Maître Chocolatier, uitgenodigd om te spreken over de uitdagingen op het gebied van formulering, smaak en marketing waarmee men te maken kreeg bij het ontwikkelen van ’s werelds eerste chocolade gezoet met stevia.


Mintel, dat met SPINS heeft samengewerkt aan de publicatie van het definitieve Stevia Marktonderzoek, zal ook van zich laten horen op het 2eStevia World Europe congres. De heer David Jago, directeur Custom Solutions bij Mintel, zal uitgebreid ingaan op trends en innovaties, nieuwe producten, reacties van consumenten en de acceptatie van toepassing van stevia in voedingsmiddelen en dranken. Daarnaast biedt Fonterra Brands een Australisch perspectief bij het congres. Zij zullen de trends op de markt en de verwachtingen van samenstellers van voedingsmiddelen en dranken met betrekking tot zoetmiddelen bespreken.


Naast het bespreken van de successen van stevia in de detailhandel worden bij het 2e Stevia World Europe-congres ook belangrijke updates gegeven over innovaties en formuleringen van op stevia gebaseerde producten, standpunten van regelgevende instanties en de wetenschap inzake stevioside (steviol glycoside), kwaliteitscontrole, organische certificering en andere specificaties voor etikettering, maar ook over nieuwe toepassingen van stevia in geneesmiddelen, nutraceutica en diervoeding.


Geïnteresseerden kunnen zich online registreren voor deelname aan het 2eStevia World Europe-congres op: Stevia World Europe site.


Deze bekendmaking is officieel geldend in de originele brontaal. Vertalingen zijn slechts als leeshulp bedoeld en moeten worden vergeleken met de tekst in de brontaal welke als enige juridische geldigheid beoogt.


01 May, 2010

Companies in the race to capture the European Stevia Markets got powerful boost when the European Food Safety Agency published their positive review of Stevia’s safety, ruling it safe for use in food products.


With Stevia set to explode onto the European market a mere 6-9 months from now, companies looking for the competitive advantage are attending 2nd Stevia World Europe to find their niches and sweet spots in the European marketplace.


2nd Stevia World Europe, meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on 18-19 May, is the first global Stevia industry conference meeting so soon after the EFSA’s announcement on 14th April. This high-level industry conference, considered the largest Stevia networking meet in the world, will focus on European market and regulatory developments, and offer valuable pointers on entering the European market for stevia. The conference will also deliver valuable information on the cultivation, production, refining, formulating, marketing and labelling of stevia sweeteners and stevia sweetened products.  


In fact, Consumer research firm Mintel will be providing a highly relevant overview of consumer acceptance of Stevia sweeteners in the F&B industry, highlighting new products and ingredient combinations that work! Attendees can also look forward to hearing leading flavour company WILD Flavors’ valuable tips on product formulation with stevia, as well insights from Zevia Soda (world's first stevia sweetened soda) on the challenges they faced creating palatable Stevia-sweetened Carbonated soft drinks.

Those keen on participating in 2nd Stevia World Europe can submit their registrations online at the link below. Those who are keen on exploring sponsorship and media partnerships can send their enquiries to Ms. Hafizah Adam at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg



29 Apr, 2010

Products like Zevia Soda, and Villars Maître Chocolatier’s Dark 70% cocoa bars were the first to use Stevia sweeteners in their respective product categories, and are now emerging as consumer favorites. 2nd Stevia World Europe showcases these stevia retail successes and more during the 2-day conference in Geneva on 18-19 May.


During the recently concluded Stevia World Americas conference, market research house SPINS reported that over 2000 new stevia sweetened products had been launched around the world from 2004-2008. More recently, SPINS identified Zevia as the #1 selling beverage item in the natural beverages category in the US.


The changing consumer retail climate for stevia sweeteners and stevia-sweetened products will be the focus of the 2nd Stevia World Europe conference in Geneva-Switzerland on 18-19 May 2010. Mr. Derek A. Newman, a Director at Zevia LLC will share details on how the company’s stevia sweetened Zevia Soda went from ‘worst to first’ with a 600% increase in revenues in January 2010 over January 2009 and garnered rave reviews from the media and consumers. Among them is the review by ‘Supermarket Guru’ Phil Lempert that was recently posted at http://www.cmtevents.com/eventposts.aspx?feedid=769&ev=100529&.


2nd Stevia World Europe has also invited Mr. Alexandre Sacerdoti, Director General of Villars Maître Chocolatier, to speak about the formulation, taste and marketing challenges faced in developing the World’s first chocolate Stevia sweetened chocolate.


Mintel, which worked with SPINS to publish the definitive Stevia Market study, will also be speaking at 2nd Stevia World Europe. Mintel’s Director of Custom Solutions Mr. David Jago will pinpoint trends and innovations, new products, consumer response and acceptance of Stevia’s Application in Food & Beverage. Fonterra Brands will provide an Australasian perspective at the conference, discussing key market trends and F&B Formulators’ expectations for sweetening solutions.


Besides Stevia’s retail successes, 2nd Stevia World Europe also delivers vital updates on Stevia-based product innovations & formulations, regulatory and scientific perspectives on Steviol glycosides, quality control, organic certification & other labeling specifications, as well as novel Stevia applications in Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Animal feed.


Those keen on participating in the 2nd Stevia World Europe can submit their registrations online. Click on the link below to access.



16 Apr, 2010

While the US market anticipated a stevia sweetened soda from Coca Cola or Pepsi Co after the much publicised GRAS notifications in end 2008, a company called Zevia was already in the market, with their stevia-sweetened zero calorie carbonated soft-drink product line. The initial product, launched in 2007 was not palatable to consumers with many negative reviews on the ‘aftertaste’ and other problems.


In an interview with Natural News.com in January 2009, Zevia co-founder Ian Eisenberg spoke frankly about the product formulation process. He commented on the difficulty of removing the bitter after-taste and creating a good-tasting soft drink. Fast forward to today, SPINS identified Zevia as the #1 selling beverage item in the natural beverages category in the US.


Mr. Derek A. Newman, a Director at Zevia LLC will be speaking at 2nd Stevia World Europe, sharing details on how the company’s stevia sweetened product line went from ‘worst to first’ with a 600% increase in revenues in January 2010 over January 2009.


Zevia’s speech at 2nd Stevia World Europe will be part of a Retail success showcase at the conference, that will feature insights on the world’s first stevia sweetened chocolate, and Mintel’s overview of Trends & Innovations surrounding Stevia’s Application in Food & Beverage.


Participants can also look forward to hearing about key market trends in Australasia, and F&B Formulators’ expectations for sweetening solutions from Dr. Andrew Saunders, a senior research technologist at Fonterra Brands.


Those keen on participating in the 2nd Stevia World Europe can submit their registrations online. Click on the link below to access.



Video of Zevia on ABC News


08 Apr, 2010

Villars Maître Chocolatier is making waves with the launch of their "Dark 70% cocoa" bars, low in sugar.  As Villars' manufacturing philosophy is not to use any artificial colourings or flavorings, the chocolate maker was immediately attracted by the first studies carried out in Switzerland on Rebaudioside-A made from the plant stevia. 


The company spent a year and a half working on the recipe to get the proportions right, and is the first chocolate maker to use stevia sweeteners in chocolate, opening a whole new category of F&B products for stevia sweeteners.


Alexandre Sacerdoti, General Director, Villars Maitre Chocolatier will be speaking at 2nd Stevia World Europe, on the topic, “World’s first chocolate sweetened with Stevia - Villars Chocolat. Challenges faced & how we got there

Mr. Sacerdoti will discuss the process of formulating the stevia-sweetened chocolate, touching on the:


- Challenges in getting the right formulation
- Identifying Target Consumers,
- Complying with Regulations and Seeking Permissions
- Launching the product & future developments


The session by Villars Maître Chocolatier at 2nd Stevia World Europe will headline the conference’s focus on Stevia F&B Innovations, which will showcase some of the innovative new stevia-sweetened products being launched in Europe and around the world.

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30 Mar, 2010



Machen Sie mit beim Rennen um den Einstieg in den lukrativen EU-Markt


Ende März 2010 wird ein positiver Sicherheitsbescheid der EFSA für Stevia-Glykoside erwartet. Je nachdem, wie lange die Kommission dann für das Erarbeiten des Verordnungstextes braucht, könnte die EU-Zulassung 2010 oder später kommen. Sobald dies geschieht, ist Europa ein offener Markt für diese dringend erwartete Ingredienz!


Mittlerweile beobachten Stevia-Hersteller, die im potentiell lukrativen EU-Markt Fuß fassen wollen, sehr genau die Entwicklung in Frankreich, wo der Weg einer zweijährigen provisorischen Zulassung eingeschlagen wurde. Tatsächlich sind viele Lebensmittelhersteller mit innovativen Stevia-Produkten und Testprogrammen vorgeprescht, während andere ihre Aufmerksamkeit bereits dem Marketing und der Markteinführung widmen. In der Schweiz wurde mit Villars Maître Chocolatier im Januar 2010 die erste Stevia-gesüßte Dunkelschokolade der Welt herausgebracht, und im benachbarten Frankreich bereitet sich die schwedische Firma Liv Natur auf die Einführung des ersten mit dem von Stevia abgeleiteten Reb-A gesüßten Getränks vor.

Sie bekommen Einblicke in all die oben genannten Fragen während unserer intensiven anderthalbtägigen Konferenz, die sich mit Produktformulierung, Verkaufserfolg, Markt-Trends, den Schutz intellektuellen Eigentums, sensorischen Optimierungstechniken, gesundheitheitlichem Nutzen und Änderungen in den Vorschriften zur Stevia-Produktkette befasst. Darüber hinaus können Sie auch an einem halbtägigen, getrennt zu buchenden Workshop zu Aspekten der Stevia-Kultivierung am Nachmittag des zweiten Tages teilnehmen.


Melden Sie sich jetzt an und buchen Sie Ihre Sitzplätze rechtzeitig auch für Europas größte Veranstaltung der Hersteller nutrazeutischer, kosmezeutischer und funktioneller Nahrungsmittelzutaten, die an denselben Tagen in Genf stattfindet.


Bauen Sie Ihren Kontakt auf mit

- Stevia-Pflanzern/Produzenten/Veredlern

- Gastronomischen Firmen

- Pharmazeutischen & Nutrazeutischen Firmen

- Firmen für Lebensmittelzutaten

- Aroma- & Duftstoff-Firmen

- Zucker- und Süßstoff-Firmen

- Landwirtschafltiche Unternehmen

- Biotechnologie-Forschungsinstitute

- Gerätelieferanten

- Institutionelle Investoren


22 Mar, 2010



Rejoignez la course pour entrer dans le marché lucratif de l’UE


Une évaluation positive de la sécurité des glucosides steviol de l'EFSA est prévue à la fin de mars 2010. Selon le temps que prendra alors la Commission pour rédiger le texte juridique, l’approbation de l’UE pourrait intervenir en 2010 ou plus tard. Dans ce cas, l'Europe constituera un marché ouvert pour cet ingrédient très attendu!


Entre-temps, les fournisseurs de stevia désireux de pénétrer dans le marché potentiellement lucratif de l’UE observent avec attention l'évolution qui se produit en France et qui a pris le chemin de l'accord provisoire de deux ans. En fait, de nombreux fabricants de produits alimentaires ont pris les devants avec des produits innovants stevia et des essais, tandis que certains se dirigent déjà vers la commercialisation et le lancement. En Suisse, Villars Maître Chocolatier, le premier chocolat noir au monde à être Sucré au Stevia a été lancé en janvier 2010 et en France, la société suédoise Liv Natur s'apprête à lancer la première boisson sucrée au Reb-A dérivéde stevia.

Obtenez des idées sur toutes les questions ci-dessus lors de notre conférence intensive d’un jour et demi qui se penchera sur la formulation du produit, le succès de la vente au détail, les tendances du marché, la protection PI, les technologies d’optimisation sensorielles, les bienfaits pour la santé et les développements réglementaires à travers la chaîne de valeur de Stevia. En outre, l’après-midi du 2ème jour, vous pouvez également assister à un atelier d’une demi-journée, réservable séparément, sur les aspects de la culture de Stevia.


Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant et réservez vos places au plus tôt pour que cette occasion coïncide avec votre présence au plus grand événement d'Europe concernant l'industrie des ingrédients alimentaires nutraceutiques, cosméceutiques et fonctionnels, réunie à Genève à la même période. 


Vous tisserez un réseau de relations avec les

-  Cultivateurs/producteurs/raffineurs de stevia

-  Entreprises de restauration (F&B)

-  Sociétés pharmaceutique & neutraceutiques

-  Sociétés d'ingrédients alimentaires

-  Sociétés saveur & parfum

-  Sociétés Sucre & Édulcorant

-  Entreprises agricoles

-  Institutions de recherche biotechnologie

-  Fournisseurs d'équipements

-  Investisseurs institutionnels


22 Mar, 2010

March 2010!


According to the buzz in the stevia industry, March 2010 is when the EFSA is going to announce their approval for Stevia’s consumption across the European Union. An announcement published on the EFSA website, stated that the findings of the EFSA safety review will be disseminated by the 1st quarter of 2010.


The size of the European common market (over 500 million) holds many opportunities once EU wide approval is given for Stevia, and major Stevia producers, as well as F&B companies are already planning products for this important market. Will trends echo the US Beverage markets, where multinational beverage manufacturers have already launched new product lines sweetened with stevia sweeteners?


The expectation is high among the industry that Stevia Sweeteners will enjoy tremendous success in Europe due to growing health concerns over alternatives like Aspartame and Sugar. In addition to that, Europeans consumers are already aware of stevia with many waiting for a free market.


The 2nd Stevia World Europe is meeting in Geneva on 18-19 May 2009, to discuss the theme, “Innovations from Sensory Optimisation , Product Formulation to New Launches in the market The conference is also meeting alongside Europe's largest event for the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and functional food ingredients industry in Geneva.


Participants at 2nd Stevia World Europe can look forward to expert insights on:

...and many more


Those seeking more information on participation in 2nd Stevia World Europe can submit their registrations to Ms. Hafizah Adam. Email her at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg. Those keen on exploring sponsorships and media exchange agreements are also welcome to write in with their proposals.

12 Mar, 2010


Planning to grow stevia commercially? 2nd Stevia World Europe's Stevia Cultivation Workshop shares practical insights & best practices from Stevia growers & experts. >>Find out more here<<

07 May, 2010

The Race to capture the European Stevia Markets heats up after EFSA's green light! Get a headstart from Europe's Stevia & F&B Elites including Mintel, GLG, Wild Flavors and others at 2nd Stevia World Europe. >>Read more here<<

29 Apr, 2010

Zevia LLC, manfuacturers of USA’s first Stevia Sweetened Soda will showcase their amazing success story at the 2nd Stevia World Europe conference. >>Read More Here<<

08 Apr, 2010

Find out more about Villars Maître Chocolatier's "Dark 70% cocoa" bars, sweetened with Stevia sweeteners. Hear from General Director Alexandre Sacerdoti as he shares on the product formulation process at 2nd Stevia World Europe. >>Read more here<<

30 Mar, 2010

According to the buzz in the stevia industry, the EFSA is going to announce their approval for Stevia’s consumption across the European Union in March 2010. An Announcement on the EFSA website... >>Read More Here<<

05 Mar, 2010