BiomassWorld 2009,

09-10 Feb, 2009 - Jakarta, INDONESIA

Hotel Mulia Senayan

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The palm oil sector is dominated by Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand, with volume amounting 90% of the world’s production. While the oil constitutes only about 10% of the palm production, the bulk of 90% is biomass. Many plantation companies are exploring conversion technologies and unlocking the potential of OPB (oil palm biomass) from its trunk to its fruit branch (EFB).

Besides palm, Indonesia produces over 200 million tonnes of biomass per year, comprising of agriculture residues (palm waste, rice husks, sugar bagasse), estate crops and forestry wastes. Indonesia therefore presents an attractive market for biomass technology with its low feedstock cost and high electricity demand.

Next generation technologies have claimed its potential to substantially expand the feedstock base for biofuels production (e.g., lignocellulosic biomass, nonedible vegetable oils, algae). Some of these processes (e.g., gasification of biomass followed by synthesis to liquid fuels- BTL) are already in their early commercialization stage.

CMT’s 2nd BiomassWorld 2009 offers top industry panel, leading plantation and power generation companies to discuss on biomass conversion to energy products, challenges and issues. Mark your calendar to be at this premier gathering to network and forge lasting business opportunities.

Do not delay! Book your seats now and update yourselves on the opportunities that biomass resources present. 

10 Valid Reasons to Attend CMT’s 2nd Biomass World:
• Comparative economic analysis on converting biomass for heat, power, fuels or chemicals.
• As a project developer, have your doubts cleared on whether to convert your biomass to power, leave it for natural decomposition or look at liquid fuel opportunities?
• Thailand’s experience on converting EFB to power, operational challenges and concerns on feedstock availability
• Views from Indonesian plantation major - PT Bakrie on why they chose to convert EFB to natural fertilizer
• CDM developments (with case study on EFB power generation project) and how to claim carbon credits
• Conversion technology of biomass and EFBs to liquid fuels
• Learn from China & Japan, who are investing heavily in cellulosic fuels production technology, on the hurdles to commercialization & technology advancements
• Innovative financing schemes for biomass project and case study
• Switching from coal to biomass (saw dusts) – project in South Africa. What opportunities it presents for the coal industry?  Also another Biomass fuel switching case study from a cement producer.
• Plus a Breakfast Talk by an experienced speaker covering all aspects of Biomass pyrolysis & gasification technologies, requirements and economics.

Send in your team for group discounts.

You Will Network With
• Ethanol/Biodiesel Producers • Power Companies • Cellulosic Ethanol Producers • Plantation Owners • Biomass Processing Companies • Agricultural/Forestry Companies • Municipal Waste Companies • Institutional Investors • Financiers and Venture Capitalist, Project Finance Managers • Commodity Brokers and Analysts • Agrobiotech, Fertilizer & Crop Protection Company Executives • Biomass and Biofuels Technology Equipment Suppliers • Catalyst & Catalytic Technology Providers • Enzymes Providers • Commodity Testing, Inspection and Surveyors • Agricultural Machine Suppliers • Environmental Engineers • Fuel Marketers & Distributors • Auto-makers, engine and power generating set manufacturers

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The Biomass World Asia 2009 Interview- A Tell-ALL Discussion with Mr. Ricky Tagar Risnauli, CDM Consultant at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities!

Posted on : 06 Feb, 2009


We are happy to announce “Maximizing Returns from Biomass Projects” the exclusive Biomass World Asia 2009 Interview, which provides the “inside story” on the cutting edge of developments in the Biomass Conversion solution.


Ricky Tagar“Maximising Returns from Biomass Projects”features on-the-ball insights from Mr. Ricky Tagar Risnauli, CDM Consultant and Clean Energy Finance Committee member at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities.


One of the world’s leading consulting firms, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities’ Clean Energy Finance Committee actively promotes and advises on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) projects.


Why should you listen to Mr. Ricky Tagar Risnauli?


Mr. Ricky Tagar Risnauli is part of the award-winning team that has developed high quality projects that have met the stringent requirements of the CDM executive board and Methodology Panel in over five categories including grid-connected biomass power generation, and Biomass power generation from a dedicated energy plantation.


With his experience in consulting for key biomass projects in Asia, Ricky has a vested interest in the growth of the sector, and is in an excellent position to discuss the future direction of the industry.


In the course of our discussion, Ricky touched on:


- Future direction of the Biomass Conversion sector in 2009.
- Impact of global economic slowdown and crude oil volatilities.
- Is Biomass Conversion going to take off in Asia?
- How to measure the carbon neutrality of Biomass projects.
- Aligning Biomass projects for CDM and CERs.
- Improvements needed in the Biomass value chain...

... Plus Many More


Why should you get a copy of “Maximizing Returns from Biomass Projects”?


Because, we’re giving you exclusive access the “Maximizing Returns from Biomass Projects” interview at NO COST! Just CLICK HERE or simply hit play button below to get instant access to the recording!


Note: Audio/Video file may not work on some platforms, so please switch to IE to view  


Now that you've heard the preview, obtain the rest of presentations that will be delivered in BiomassWorld 2009, by confirming your participation at the event to be held on 9-10 February 2009 in Jakarta Indonesia.


Seats are filling fast, so Register NOW at to confirm your participation at Asia's most important Biomass networking and idea exchange platform.



What Will Emerge for Biomass? Critical Insights on Biofuels from Biomass Shared by Dr. Larry Song

Posted on : 13 Nov, 2008

Biomass currently represents one of the most promising alternative fuel feedstocks. What are the options for biomass to biofuels conversions? In a presentation made to an audience of more than 100 key executives at the Biomass World 2008 conference, Dr. Larry Song, leading expert in Biomass conversion and Bio-refinery with over 25 years of industrial experience with companies like BP and ExxonMobil, asserted that "biomass energy and biofuels implementation both have highly complex sets of drivers, enablers, success challenges and issues."


Dr. Larry Song, who is currently the General manager of global consulting powerhouse Nexant Shanghai, has managed numerous projects in over 22 countries including China and the U.S, advising on the technical, economic, commercial and strategic planning aspects of biomass to energy projects.


According to Dr. Song's presentation "Prospects of Biomass to Liquid Fuels," in order to ensure commercial success of the biomass to biofuels pathway, it would be necessary to:

  • Secure a supply of sustainable biomass feedstocks including cellulosic biomass, which is capable of meeting demand for long term production.
  • Develop biomass conversion technologies to allow for cheaper and more abundant feedstocks.
  • Substantially reduce operational costs of converting biomass to biofuels, to stay competitive with petro-diesel and on par with oil prices.
  • Integrating biomass into the refining value chain to produce petrochemicals.

As biomass races to the forefront as a promising alternative energy and biofuel source, Dr. Song's presentation provides an objective assessment of the current challenges facing biomass development as well as its potential as a viable biofuel source, and will set the tone for the Biomass World 2009 conference scheduled to be held in Jakarta from February 9 to 10.


Biomass World 2009 will examine upcoming trends and developments in the Biomass to Energy value chain. Biomass World 2009 will also lend further insights into the potential of biomass as a sustainable, viable alternative energy source.


Keynote speakers for this critical two-day conference will include global experts in all facets of the biomass industry to discuss:

  • The economics of converting biomass for heat, power, fuels or chemicals.
  • Investment potential and demand for biomass energy options in Asia Pacific.
  • Comparative life cycle assessment of biomass to power and biofuels.
  • The latest information in the research and development into conversion of cellulosic biomass, including woody biomass and oil palm biomass, into liquid fuels.
  • Updates on CDM development and claiming carbon credits for biomass projects with case study on biomass plant.

As Dr. Song summed up in his presentation, "Biofuels from biomass sources have a potentially bright future as an important new supply source, and refiners will welcome them if they can meet a number of important competitive requirements."


Free access to a preview version of Dr. Song's breakthrough presentation "Prospects of Biomass to Liquid Fuels" is available at


Biomass World 2009 will gather into one arena, experts in all areas of the biomass industry to address the long-term outlook and challenges to the development of biomass energy as a viable alternative energy source. Attendance at Biomass World 2009 is essential in clarifying biomass energy challenges and projecting long-term ROI. Those seeking information on how to sign up for Biomass World 2009 should visit immediately.


About Biomass World 2009:
BIOMASS WORLD 2009 is a conference dedicated towards providing objective insights on the entire Biomass to energy value chain, as well as the latest advances and constraints in Biomass feedstock development and processing. Biomass World 2009 is organized by CMT (Centre for Management Technology) whose mission is to provide access to the latest technology and business intelligence through high profile alternative energy conferences.