3rd Palm Oil Summit - Yield Improvement & Carbon Management

18-19 Jul, 2011 - Bali, INDONESIA

Novotel Nusa Dua Bali Hotel & Residences
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About our Event Speakers
We pride ourselves in presenting to you accomplished leaders, authors and advocates with strong track records of achievement and vision in a wide array of backgrounds, professional fields and life experiences. We believe you will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience and also from the latest thinking and innovative processes driving individuals and organizations forward.
Mr. Armin Gfroerer-Kerstan ***

Armin Gfroerer Kerstan

Armin  started his career working for a German Technical Cooperation in Sumatra where he designed an agronomy database for the NESP Ophir oil palm smallholder project, and the software for seed production and nutrient management for the IOPRI in Medan.

As independent consultant he remained focused on developing IT solutions for oil palm management and agronomy, like a nutrient use decision support system for the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines, customized field information systems for oil palm plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia and PNG.

He is the founder and current director of PT Agrisoft Systems Indonesia, a company specializing in agricultural information systems for oil palm cultivation, precision plantation management and environmental and sustainability monitoring. He was involved in implementing field databases and geographical information systems in more than a hundred plantations in seven oil palm growing countries.

Mr. Armin Gfroerer-Kerstan ***, Director
PT Agrisoft-Systems Indonesia
Nutrient Management and Effective, Sustainable Usage of Fertiliser
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 02:30 PM

Dr. Hernan Mauricio Romero

Hernan Mauricio Romero

As Coordinator of the Biology and Breeding Research Program for the Colombian Oil Palm Research Centre, Dr. Romero studies the physiological response of Oil palm to stress conditions including phenology, biochemical and molecular aspects of oil palm tolerance against pests, diseases and abiotic stress (drought, aluminum toxicity, flooding). Dr Romero has been awarded the Colombian Prize on Biotechnology Research, the Prize for Excellence on Research and the Colombian Botany Society Research Prize. Dr. Romero received his B.Sc. in Biology, and his M.Sc. in Crop Physiology from the National University of Colombia. During his Ph.D. in Plant Physiology at Penn State University, he worked on the repair mechanisms of oxidized proteins and the response of plants to oxidative stress.

Dr. Hernan Mauricio Romero, Head - Biology & Breeding Program
Cenipalma - Centro de investigación en Palma de Aceite
Colombia - Planting of Interspecific Hybrid - (Oleifera X Guineensis) Blend
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 10:15 AM

Mr. Samuel West Stewart ***

West Stewart

Stewart has been conducting waste-to-energy and Renewable Energy project development in Asian markets for over 20 years.

He promoted biogas and biomass waste management and power plant systems in USA, Malaysia, Mexico and Australia. In 1998, he Established Philippine Bio-Sciences with E&Co, a NYC-based clean energy fund. He launched Clean Energy Development Company (Thailand) Ltd. in 1999. A leading CDM project developer, Stewart has brought over 50 projects to ERPA contract since 2005, including the largest CDM biogas project in Thailand, Korat Waste to Energy .Currently the Executive Vice President for Asia Biogas Mgt Co,a leader in biogas recovery and energy systems in ASEAN, with more than 85 projects installed. Stewart is responsible for the direction of the company's overall business in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Projects closed by Stewart include projects with major palm oil mills, cassava starch mills including major operations of Thai Wah in the cassava business in Vietnam, the largest bio-ethanol project with ES Sugar Company in Thailand and a major joint venture with several major palm oil refining company in Indonesia. Recently, Stewart launched a new entity in Malaysia to develop projects with Sime Darby Plantations and other major palm oil millers. Since its founding, ABC has increased its sales from $5 million equivalent to nearly $15 million.

Mr. Samuel West Stewart ***, Executive VP of Strategic Business Development Division
Asia Biogas (Thailand) Co Ltd
Converting EFB to Power & Methane Capture
Day 2 [Tue 19, July], at 11:40 AM

Ms. Elleonora Kenyo Anjari ***

Fadhil Hassan

Having more than thirty of experiences in conducting economic policy research and consultancy in areas of macroeconomics, industries, agricultural and public policies both in government and private sectors.  Currently is an Executive Director of the Indonesian palm Oil Association and Senior Economist at Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF), an independent think tank in Jakarta.   

Mr. Fadhil Hasan graduated from Bogor Agricultural University, and earned Master of Science from Iowa State University, USA and finished Ph.D program at the University of Kentucky, USA majoring in Agricultural Economics.  His published articles for Indonesian newspapers and published in the journal in Indonesia and a broad.   

Ms. Elleonora Kenyo Anjari ***, Assistant to Director
Implementation of the Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil ISPO certification & Challenges Ahead
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 11:20 AM

Mr. Ilangovan Kantan

Ilangovan Kantan

Ilangovan is a Graduate in Agricultural Science with Masters in Environment Management. He started his career as an Oil Palm Agronomist in Felda Agricultural Services Sdn. Bhd., Involved in the research and extension on oil palm in Felda group.  As a Visiting Agent, he also has direct experience on the field operations.  Currently he Heads the Sustainability Department that is responsible in the implementation of Sustainable Palm Oil Production Practices within the Felda group. He has 21 years experience in the Oil Palm Industry.

Mr. Ilangovan Kantan, Head - Sustainability Dept
Felda Agricultural Services Sdn Bhd
Sustaining the oil palm industry through continuous improvements to the planting materials.
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 02:00 PM

Mr. Ketut Deddy

Ketut Deddy

Ketut Deddy , currently a director of Sekala has more than 16 years in the environmental and development field. Previously he worked for various international agency, such as the World Bank, and European Union in assisting them in implementing their forestry program in Indonesia, especially in relation to provide technical services for remote sensing and spatial analysis. He also assisted the WWF International Forest Programme to design, operate a manage a multi country forest certification and trade initiative. His work in mapping and landuse planning in Kayan Mentarang was first popularized by WWF Indonesia in 1992, and was presented at the International Association for the Study of Common Property to show that community participation in 'technical' work such as mapping is most helpful in eliciting local support and commitment to biodiversity conservation.

Mr. Ketut Deddy, Director
Avoiding Deforestation - Using Remote Sensing Technology to Map Oil Palm Development
Day 2 [Tue 19, July], at 09:40 AM

Dr. Dale Smith

Dale Smith

Dr. Dale R. Smith graduated in 1968 with First Class Honors in Plant Physiology from University of Canterbury in New Zealand. 

From 1975 -1996 , he became the Programme Manager in Tissue Culture in the Biotechnology Division of the New Zealand Forest Research Institute.

In 1996 Dr. Smith founded and managed MetaGenetics, the R&D arm of a private

incorporated forestry company. In 2008 Dr. Smith joined New Britain Palm Oil Ltd where he is currently Principal Scientist, Biotechnology. He has publications and patents in the area of tree cloning and genetic engineering.

Dr. Dale Smith, Principal Scientist
New Britain Palm Oil Limited ( NBPOL ) - Dami Seeds
NBPOL – Recent Developments on High Yielding Planting Materials
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 09:45 AM

Mr. Purwo Susanto

Purwo Susanto

Purwo is currently the executive director of Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) Foundation. Purwo has been involved in the RSPO since its early days. Former Executive Board (EB) of RSPO. Since 2003, he has provided HCVF (High Conservation Value Forest) training to more than 50 oil palm plantation companies in Indonesia; he is vice-chairman of HCV-RIWG (RSPO Indonesia Working Group), developing plans for management guidelines and evaluation for HCVs (High Conservation Values) in oil palm plantation in Indonesia as well as compensation mechanism guidelines for oil palm plantation.

Mr. Purwo Susanto, Executive Director
ISPO Foundation
HCV Approach to Mitigating Biodiversity & Environmental Impacts of Oil Palm Expansion
Day 2 [Tue 19, July], at 11:10 AM

Mr. Dorjee Sun

Dorjee Sun

Dorjee Sun is CEO of Carbon Conservation and is passionate about forests, carbon,
community development, conservation and climate change. Carbon Conservation's work
covers energy efficiency, renewable energy, plantations and projects that incentivize the
preservation of tropical rainforests by helping forest owners and local communities generatealternative revenues through the carbon finance market. Since establishment, CC has been engaging in ongoing projects to protect global rainforests and biodiversity. One such project in Aceh, Indonesia, won the Carbon Finance Deal of the Year award 2008. This project and Dorjee was also the subject of an award winning documentary, "The Burning Season", which explained how orang-utan conservation and avoided deforestation could be tied in to generate alternative monetary incentives. Recently Time Magazine awarded Dorjee as a TIME Magazine Environmental Hero for 2009

Mr. Dorjee Sun, CEO
Carbon Conservation Pty Ltd
Organic Composting of Palm Oil Waste to Fertiliser
Day 2 [Tue 19, July], at 12:10 PM

Mr. Satrio Prabowo Soeharto ***

Satrio Soeharto


Satrio graduated from the George Washington University with an MBA in Finance

He started off as an investment analyst with Principal International, a financial service and investing company in the US. He was then transferred to Indonesia to lead their investment division. In 2000, he join IFC  as their investment office for general manufacturing. Today he is  IFC’s investment officer for agribusiness and forestry East Asia & Pacific unit

Mr. Satrio Prabowo Soeharto ***, Investment Officer - Agribusiness
International Finance Corporation (IFC)
A new approach for investment in palm oil sector
Day 2 [Tue 19, July], at 09:10 AM

Mr. Peter Lim Kim Huan ***

Peter Lim


Dr. Peter Lim graduated from the State University of Ghent, Belgium with a Doctorate in Agricultural Science. His area of specialisation is in Soil Chemistry and Soil Physics. He is presently the General Manager R&D of PT.TH Indo Plantations, Riau, Indonesia. He has worked for more than 10 years on R&D relating to sustainable cultivation of oil palm on tropical peat soils in Sarawak and Sumatra.

Mr. Peter Lim Kim Huan ***, General Manager - R & D
TH-Indo Plantation
Cost-Effective Water, Nutrient and Ganoderma Management for Sustainable Cultivation of Oil Palm on Peat
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 04:30 PM
Chairman’s Introduction
Day 2 [Tue 19, July], at 09:00 AM

Mr. Ramesh Veloo
-Mr. Ramesh obtained his B.A. in Economics from University Malaya in 1988 and MSc. in Plantation Management from UPM Serdang in 2000. He has a total of 22 years of experience and has served in companies like Golden Hope Plantations, IOI Corporation and Boustead Estate Agency. His area of expertise includes plantation management with specialization in for major crops - palm oil, cocoa, coconut and rubber. He also established and headed a plantation training academy in Sabah from 2004 - 2007. Currently, Mr. Ramesh is the Plantation Advisor with Tradewinds Plantation Berhad and involved in providing advisory services by conducting field audit, training and appraisal of plantation performance.

Mr. Ramesh Veloo, Director of Plantation, Peninsula
Tradewinds (M) Berhad
Addressing Issues and Challenges in the Management of Professional Planters in the industry
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 04:00 PM
Afternoon Session Chairman
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 01:07 PM

Mr. William Toby Griffiths

William Toby Griffiths

Presently with New Britain Plantation Services Ltd, William is the KULA group Operations Advisor based in Papua New Guinea & Singapore. Prior to this post, he was with CTP Holdings - A Cargill Company as group agricultural director. William comes with wide experience in estate & field management for many plantation companies and has offered his services from Philippines to Nigeria

Mr. William Toby Griffiths, Kula Group Operations Advisor
New Britain Palm Oil Limited ( NBPOL ) - Dami Seeds
Crop Forecasting in Oil Palm - A field tested system that gives 4 month crop projections
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 03:30 PM

Dr. Brian Forster

Brian ForsterBrian graduated with BSc (Hons) Agricultural Botany, University of Leeds, UK and obtained his PhD in Early seed development in cereals from University of Edinburgh, UK. He is currently the Consultant for BioHybrids International as well as Biotechnology Advisor for Sumatra Bioscience, Indonesia. His area of expertise includes Plant breeding, crop genetics and enabling technologies ,Seed biology , tissue culture, marker assisted selection.
Main crops worked on are Temperate and tropical cereals, rapeseed ,tropical plantation crops (oil palm, rubber, cocoa and banana).
One of his recent career highlights was the Development of a Biotechnology department to support breeding and seed production of oil palm at Sumatra Bioscience, Indonesia. He also helped develop the joint venture with the Oil Palm Research Institute, Ghana and the establishment of a new company Ghana Sumatra to provide oil palm seed for West Africa. Brian has won many awards as most talented scientist and lectures frequently on Plant Biotechnology

Dr. Brian Forster, Consultant, Sumatra Bioscience, Indonesia, Biotechnology Advisor
BioHybrids International Ltd
Chairman’s Welcome Remarks
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 09:00 AM
Breakthroughs in High-Yielding Planting Materials
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 09:05 AM

Anne Rosenbarger

Anne Rosenbarger

Anne Rosenbarger graduated from Duke University with an undergraduate degree in Biology and from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University  with a graduate degree in Environmental Management, specializing in Ecosystem Science and Conservation for Tropical Forests. She has experience in community-based forestry in Indonesia, tropical ecology field work in Central and South America, and laboratory research on ambient CO2-plant dynamics. She is currently working jointly with

the World Resources Institute and Sekala on Project POTICO, a program seeking to divert planned oil palm plantations in Indonesia away from natural forests and toward low carbon or degraded areas with high potential for sustainable expansion, while bringing the forests that were slated for conversion under conservation or sustainable management.


Anne Rosenbarger, South East Asia Commodities Manager For the Food, Forests and Water Program
World Resources Institute (WRI)
POTICO (Palm Oil, Timber, Carbon Offsets) Project – Linking Expansion of Sustainable Palm Oil onto Highly Potential Degraded Land through Land Swaps
Day 2 [Tue 19, July], at 10:40 AM

Dr. Jannick H Schmidt

Jannick Schmidt

Jannick is also the CEO of LCA Consultants, an internationally oriented
consulting company in the field of life cycle assessment.

Graduated from the Aalborg University with a PhD in Life-cycle Assesment , his technical expertise is in LCA of agricultural products and biofuels, primary production of metals, and waste management systems, and development of LCA methodology regarding system delimitation.

Dr. Jannick H Schmidt, Associate Professor
Aalborg University
Detailed LCA of Palm Oil in Malaysia comparing different practises in United Plantations and with European rapeseed oil
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 05:15 PM

Mr. Heriansyah ***


Heriansyah has been The Head of Research & Development Division in PT. BW Plantation since January 2008. He is a competent researcher with more than 12 years working experiences (1996 to 2008) as an Oil palm Agronomist in Applied Agricultural Research. His area of interest are on Oil Palm Agronomy, Soil Survey & Land Management, Leaf and Soil Sampling and Oil Palm Nursery. He received his degree in Agricultural Science Majoring in Soil Science from Syiah Kuala University of Aceh, Indonesia. Heriansyah has written and presented papers onNursery Practices on Production of Superior Oil Palm Planting Materials and Palm pulverization techniques of replanting oil palms

Mr. Heriansyah ***, Head, Research & Development
PT Eagle High Plantations Tbk
Best Practices in Nursery Management for Superior Oil Palm Planting Materials
Day 1 [Mon 18, July], at 11:50 AM