7th Biomass Trade & Power Europe,

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28-29 Feb, 2024 - Copenhagen, DENMARK

Scandic Spectrum

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Firefly is a Swedish corporate group that provides industrial fire prevention and protection systems to the process industry worldwide. Since 1973, Firefly has specialized in creating customized system solutions of the highest technical standards and quality. Based on customer needs and research, Firefly has developed and patented products and solutions, creating a unique portfolio of innovative products and system solutions to increase the level of safety. 


AIREX ENERGY is a world-leading climate solutions provider, helping organizations get to net-zero emissions. Manufacturer of leading-edge biomass torrefaction and carbonization equipment, Airex Energy offers its proprietary CarbonFX™ technology, which converts biomass waste into a complete range of carbon-rich products. Biocoal, or torrefied pellets, is a clean and renewable alternative to fossil coal used in industrial processes and for electricity generation. Biochar is used in varied applications and is a proven solution to remove carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it for hundreds of years. Finally, biocarbon, with its very high carbon content, can replace coke and other high-grade carbon fuels in metallurgical applications.

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