2nd Biobased & Recycled Textiles, Building Sustainability And Circularity In EU Textile Value Chain

20-22 Mar, 2023 - Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Amsterdam Marriott Hotel

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introduces the innovative RECOLINE@ defibreing technology for textile & post consume waste' second life.

From own 60 years experience in fibre processing and according to the EU textile strategy, RECOLINE® defibreing process is the evolution of the traditional tearing process. RECOLINE®'tech is mainly aimed to the valorization of the textile raw materials: the fibre. By treating the fibres according to their mechanical & physical proprieties in order to assure a real re-use e benefit in modern textile cycle.


French company RBX Créations has launched in 2018 the development of new materials from sustainable agro-resources under its Iroony® trademark. The goal: to combine both environmental and technical performance and therefore offer lower-impact alternatives to standard materials. In close relation with farming groups for the feedstock sourcing, the team has developed and patented a process for textile cellulose production, suitable to be turned into versatile fibers. Secondary biomass from local crops is favored, in particular hemp and flax.



Another key type of sustainable choice is recycled leather. Unlike plant-based alternatives, these are created from pre-consumer animal leather scraps. Leather recycling technology plays a key role in minimizing waste and closing the loop on the leather industry. According to a 2000 UN report, at least 800,000 tonnes of leather waste are produced by the global leather industry from post-industrial off-cuts. To tackle this issue, leading suppliers in this field such as Recyc Leather have developed a solution that can truly close the loop.

With their mission of transforming leather waste into higher value products, their technologies convert leather garden gloves off-cuts into different types of leather grains suitable for handbags, shoes, jewelry packaging and home furnishing, whilst ensuring 90% less water usage, zero chemical (only natural and synthetic rubber used in the rebounding process) and minimal manufacturing waste during the production process. Furthermore, the entire production supply-chain are located within the same region in southern China, from raw material source, leather recycling to production - ensuring greater transparency whilst minimising the logistic footprint across the production stages.



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