Japan Biomass Power Market, 日本バイオマス発電事業会議

18-20 May, 2015 - Tokyo, JAPAN

Hilton Tokyo

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EnerOne is one of Korea's leading biomass / waste-to-energy enterprises, with proprietary technologies in heat generation. EnerOne has been providing integrated renewable energy solutions for efficient solid fuel combustion based on its technical expertise since its establishment in 2007. The company's core business is the manufacture, installation and operation of modular heat-generating machines and equipment for the production and management of steam and electricity.





Fulin Biomass Pellets, a subsidiary of Fullin Wood Group, is a specialist in wood pellets production. Located at Heze city, Shandong province in China, we supply biomass wood pellets to power plants various other industries. Our high quality wood pellets are manufactured from forestry residues and sawdust and are in accordance with European Standards.





Asia Biomass Company Limited (ABM) is a Thailand-based leading biomass distributor which has been established for over three decades.


We specialize in supplying wood pellets as well as palm kernel shells along with other feedstocks such as wood chips, wood shavings and sawdust. Our palm kernel shell stockpiles are located in various locations throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, in which we are handling a total of over 350,000MT a year.


Apart from feeding fuel to over 200 clients in Thailand alone, we also export to powerplants in Europe and all across Asia including Japan and Korea.


Moreover, we also have an extended logistics network with our own fleet of over a hundred trucks to service domestic clients as well as a chartering team
which specializes in chartering bulk vessels, barges and containers to support our global market.



Power Pellet


Power Pellet Co., Ltd. is doing our holistic green business as total integrated value chain to secure the future of global energy sources starts from energy plantation, EPC, production and biomass logistics in order to respond to global demand and keep our planet sustainable green and prevent global warming.



BioHusk Energy


Biohusk Energy produce biomass briquette from paddy husk. We are a part of a growing conglomerate and is founded for the purpose of fulfilling our duty in taking up stewardship for society and environment in Malaysia and beyond. All our briquettes are made entirely from paddy husk with no addictive.





Tsung Chang Industries Co., Ltd is a Taiwan based company, with a 100% owned pelleting operation located in Vietnam. Our factory has been producing quality wood biomass pellets since 2012. Our operational personnel handle directly the material sourcing, processing, quality control and logistics. Currently operating at a monthly capacity of 15,000 MT, we can double this capability to 30,000 MT on demand. We are steadily growing our business, production output and customer base. Welcome visits us in Vietnam!





As an industrial and agricultural equipment company, Vermeer Corporation manufactures machines that make a real impact in a progressing world. Vermeer offers cus

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