2nd Circular Polyolefins Outlook,

16 Mar, 2022

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Sabic creates the first certified circular polymers from advanced recycling of recovered ocean-bound plastic.  29/11/21, www.sabic.com

NEXTLOOPP partners with INEOS on recycled PP project.  11/1/22, www.packagingeurope.com

Philips Domestic Appliances has introduced a breakfast set constructed from 100 per cent bio-based polypropylene, made from recycled plant cooking oil.  25/1/22,

There has been a consistent growth in polyolefins demand due to rapid industrialization and robust e-commerce especially for packaging applications, food and beverage sector, consumer electronics, automotive  and consumer goods. What is the future of polyolefins given that sustainability is on every company’s agenda?

Brand-owners globally have ambitious goals to meet their sustainable targets but obtaining recycled plastics for more sustainable packaging seems to be a challenge as there are limited recycled plastics available! Brand-owners including P&G is working with suppliers to increase the output of recycled plastic and is developing new processing technology that can more easily recycle materials such as polypropylene.

Virgin resin producers from LyondellBasell, Borealis, Dow, Sabic & more are taking the opportunity to expand portfolios into circular plastics while improving their recyclates supply.

Mass balance is a crucial instrument in driving the transition to a circular economy and is thus critical to our industry's future development by increasing the use of circular feedstock and enabling more companies to establish their sustainable credentials. It is an effective way of increasing both the recycled and renewable content of a product, leading to a reduced climate and environmental footprint over their lifecycle.

CMT’s 2nd Circular Polyolefins Outlook virtual conference on 16 March 2022 at 15:30 SGT (GMT+8) brings together players in the polyolefins value chain to share insights on the development and trends moving forward.

Leading Panel of Speakers:

- Norman Chua, Sustainability Director, Chevron Phillips Chemicals Asia

- Seah Kian Hoe, CEO,
Heng Hiap Industries

- Prof. Edward Kosior, Managing Director,

- Dr. Jan Henke, Director,
ISCC System GmbH / Meo Carbon Solutions

- Opas Dechatiwatana, Asst. Marketing Manager (South East Asia),
Vinmar International

- Johan Vandebeek, Consultant,
NexantECA, Energy and Chemicals Advisory

- Krzysztof Krajewski, Global Director, Packaging Sustainability, R&D,

- Joshua Okojie, Product Manager / Auditor, Din Certco GmbH

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Norman Chua
Sustainability Director
Chevron Phillips Chemicals Asia

Seah Kian Hoe
Heng Hiap Industries


Prof. Edward Kosior
Managing Director


Dr. Jan Henke
ISCC System GmbH / Meo Carbon Solutions


Opas Dechatiwatana
Asst. Marketing Manager (South East Asia)
Vinmar International


Johan Vandebeek
NexantECA, Energy and Chemicals Advisory


Krzysztof Krajewski
Global Director, Packaging Sustainability, R&D

Joshua Okojie
Product Manager / Auditor
Din Certco GmbH