Sustainable Cleaning Products, Innovation & Markets,

09 Dec, 2021

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Consumers are taking cleaning more seriously because of COVID-19. Consumers are increasingly expecting products to be safe and clean effectively but also takes care of the environment. Hence brands that create formulations which offer efficacy and sustainability will have a better chance of success. 

What steps are the cleaning sector taking to develop cleaner, greener products and provide long-term solutions for a cleaner world? This April, Unilever, LanzaTech and India Glycols launched world’s first laundry capsule in market made from industrial carbon emissions! Procter & Gamble (P&G), Durham University, and Imperial College were awarded millions of pounds in Government funding in July this year to re-invent daily cleaning products to meet the world's sustainability challenges, with the goal of assisting the UK in achieving Net Zero by 2050 and meeting the global challenges of water scarcity, energy consumption, and decarbonisation.

With advancements in biotechnology, more enzymes, probiotics, and biosurfactants are becoming commercially available, shifting the industry towards new ways to clean. This will also help reduce our reliance on petroleum-based chemicals and synthetic manufacturing.

CMT’s Sustainable Cleaning Products, Innovation and Markets virtual conference on 9 Dec 2021 at 14:00 CET (GMT +1) brings together leading industry experts to share their initiatives, innovations, and expectations in the value chain.

Key Speakers:

- (Chairman) David J Smith, Director, DJS Process Consulting Limited

- Ms. Catalina Flores, Research Analyst,
Euromonitor International

- Dr. Andre Chieffi, R&D Senior Manager,

- Ms. Babette Pettersen, Vice President - Europe,

- Kevin Luo, Senior Research Associate - Microbial Cleaning, Novozymes

- Mr. Greg Smith, Vice President Sales Marketing, Locus Performance Ingredients

- Dr. Dorota Sendor-Müller, Head of Product Development - Automatic Dish Washing & Powder, Mibelle Group

- Mr. Mark Smerznak, Vice President, R&D - Fabric and Home Care, and New Business, P&G

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David J Smith
DJS Process Consulting Limited

Catalina Flores
Research Analyst
Euromonitor International

Dr. Andre Chieffi
R&D Senior Manager

Babette Pettersen
Vice President - Europe

Greg Smith
Vice President Sales Marketing
Locus Performance Ingredients

Kevin Luo
Senior Research Associate - Microbial Cleaning

Dr. Dorota Sendor-Müller
Head of Product Development
- Automatic Dish Washing & Powder
Mibelle Group

Mark Smerznak
Vice President, R&D
- Fabric and Home Care, and New Business