Recyclable Mono-Material Packaging Solutions,

17 Sep, 2021

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Transitioning towards 100% recyclability with Mono Material packaging solutions 

Toppan and Unilever tie-up over mono-material packaging ~ Plastics in Packaging, Feb 23, 2021

Ajinomoto (M) starts using highly recyclable mono-material packaging ~ Minime Insights, 31 July, 2021 

Aptar launches mono-material pump, making beauty packaging recycling more possible ~ June 2, 2021

Mono-material is an emerging trend in recyclable packaging, and plastic resin producers across the world are pouring their efforts into developing innovative solutions. These materials eliminate the need for material separation and risks of tainting a recycling stream, making recyclability easier to achieve. However, challenges remain due to their inability to deliver functional performance that consumers expect  - specifically sufficient barrier performance to keep food safe ! 

What are the recent developments by  plastic resin manufacturers  to produce improved high barrier resins ?

What innovations or the use of additives , coating technologies are available to ensure barrier performance, better sealability, heat resistance, and protection from odor and mineral oils. ?

In the area of thermoform trays, many food manufacturers are transitioning to mono materials – in many cases PET/rPET as the material.   Still there exists many trays in the market that has  a combination of materials, such as PET, being used for the body of the tray, with a laminated PE base film being used to bond the packaging together.

How about the labels and cellulose absorbent pads that are glued in and not suitable for easy removal in recycling plants ?

Recyclable Mono Material Packaging Solutions has lined up a  top panel of experts in the packaging supply chain to share about the innovations & challenges in switching  to mono materials while maintaining product quality !


• Anne Ho, Lead, Marketing - Circular Economy Solutions, Borouge Pte Ltd

• María de Guía Blanco, R+D Engineer, SP Group

• Vivekanand Sistla, Global R&D Director, Unilever

• Vincent Colard, Packaging Ecodesign Team Manager, CITEO

• Camille Herrera, Packaging Development and Sustainability Manager, Driscoll's Inc

• Javier Navarro, International Sales Manager, Groupe Guillin

• Giovanni Lombardi, Innovation Manager, AMB Spa

• Nick King, Account Manager, Milliken & Company

• De Lucia Rocco, Owner and General Manager, Siropack Italia S.r.l.

• Michel Gosselin, Representative for Canada and United States, Siropack Italia s.r.l

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María de Guía Blanco
R+D Engineer
SP Group


Nick King
Account Manager
Milliken & Company


De Lucia Rocco
Owner and General Manager
Siropack Italia S.r.l.  

Michel Gosselin
Representative for Canada and United States
Siropack Italia s.r.l  

Vivekanand Sistla
Global R&D Director

Vincent Colard
Packaging Ecodesign Team Manager


Camille Herrera
Packaging Development and
Sustainability Manager
Driscoll's Inc


Javier Navarro
International Sales Manager
Groupe Guillin

Anne Ho
Lead, Marketing - Circular Economy Solutions
Borouge Pte Ltd


Giovanni Lombardi
Innovation Manager