Indonesia Biomass & Co-firing Opportunities,

26 Aug, 2021

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Well-endowed with agricultural and forestry resources, Indonesia is set to leverage on the opportunities from the indigenous assets, as she pursue to reduce reliance on coal.

The country is aiming for renewable energy to contribute a 23% addition (26GW equivalent) to the national energy mix by 2025, and out of which, 3GW of installed capacity is expected to come from biomass energy.

How can Indonesia realize its biomass energy potential and install 3GW of bioenergy capacity by 2025?

Whatever the prevailing challenges are, from infrastructure, technology and policy framework, (that hinders the take-off) can now be viewed as the guiding steps and opportunities to accelerate the huge biomass resource potential in Indonesia.

Join us at 15:30 SGT (GMT +8) on 26 August 2021, as the panel of commercial and policy experts discuss and debate on this value chain to realize energy from biomass in Indonesia.


•  (Moderator) Maarten Gnoth, Director,  Hinterland Management 

•  Trois Dilisusendi, Deputy Director, Bioenergy Prog Planning, Directorate General - NREEC, 
    Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR)
•  Tim Fourteau, Partner,  White & Case Pte. Ltd. 

•  Edy Surahman Efendi, O&M Division Head,  PT Adaro Power 

•  Shogo Yabe, Deputy Manager,  Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd 

•  Rifky Baladraf, President & CEO,  PT. Inti Persada

•  Ryuu Lee, Senior Manager, Material Dept, Renewable Energy Section, 
    Hanwa Thailand Co., Ltd

•  Santeri Rantala, CEO,  Solcofin Pte. Ltd.

•  Rushikesh Dikule, Sales Manager-Energy,  Valmet

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Maarten Gnoth
Hinterland Management 

Rifky Baladraf
President & CEO
PT. Inti Persada 

Ryuu Lee
Senior Manager, Material Dept,
Renewable Energy Section
Hanwa Thailand Co., Ltd   

Santeri Rantala
Solcofin Pte Ltd 

Tim Fourteau
White & Case Pte Ltd

Trois Dilisusendi
Deputy Director, Bioenergy Prog Planning,
Directorate General - NREEC
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) 

Edy Surahman Efendi
O&M Division Head
PT Adaro Power

Rushikesh Dikule
Sales Manager-Energy

Shogo Yabe
Deputy Manager
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd