Fiber Enrichment,

22 Feb, 2021

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Fiber Enrichment: Trending applications in sugar reduction, gut health & alternative protein markets

Fibre remains a consumer-favored and health-imparting nutrient and although more consumers are becoming interested in fibre, research indicates that an average person consumes only half the recommended intake of 25g of fiber daily. There is lots of room for improvement.

Further Covid 19 pandemic has evolved eating behaviours as consumers look for immunity boosting food that improves gut health pointing to fibres with prebiotic benefits.

What are the fibre types (soluble vs. insoluble), which foods contain fibre and how much fibre [a person] needs, such as recommended intake is still not clearly understood.  
Many food companies are adding fiber into their products from breakfast, snacking to dinner meals categories. Food processors/ fiber suppliers are delivering novel fiber concepts from different feedstocks to demonstrate their beneficial effects to human health Some recent developments are from chicory root, beet sugar, cocoa shells, pea fiber, soluble corn fiber, soy fiber, acacia gum etc.  

What if the addition of cocoa fiber can make up the missing bulk from reduced sugar with no negative sensory impact ? What if usage of citrus fiber can improve the taste & texture of plant-based ingredients while being natural ?

Sign up for CMT’s virtual event on Fiber Enrichment and find out more on the innovative ingredients being developed to and the broad range of food applications from texturizing to sugar and fat replacement to gut health !


•  Carole Bingley, Technical Specialist, Reading Scientific Services Ltd – RSSL

•  Dr. Fernando Shved, VP Strategic R&D Chief Scientist, Galam

•  Paul Sheldrake, Group Technical & Applications Director, Healy Group

•  Dr. Isabelle Jaouen, R& D Director, Alland & Robert

•  Dr. Brock Lundberg, R & D President, Fiberstar


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Carole Bingley
Technical Specialist
Reading Scientific Services Ltd – RSSL 


Dr Fernando Shved
VP Strategic R&D Chief Scientist


Paul Sheldrake
Group Technical & Applications Director
Healy Group 


Dr. Isabelle Jaouen
R& D Director
Alland & Robert 


Dr. Brock Lundberg
R & D President