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22 Jan, 2021

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The global demand for bioplastics has skyrocketed as governments and franchise companies shun polyester products such as plastic bags, plastic straws and disposable cups to protect the environment.

The packaging industry in Asia-pacific alone captures more than 80% of bioplastic market in the Asia-Pacific region. Aside from China, India and Japan, South Korea has emerged as one of the countries with the fastest growing demands for bioplastics.

Many degradable plastic products have failed to attract attention because of their weak durability, while some bioplastics are very brittle compared to those made from fossil fuel. Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) is one of the finest examples of biodegradable plastics. Today, with sustainability in the spotlight, there is growing interest from the brand owners in switching their packaging materials to sustainable options.

This webinar will delve into the South Korean bioplastics market opportunities, PHA production and commercialisation plans, and developing a circular value chain for PHA.


•  Prof. Chin In-Joo, Chairman, Korean Bioplastics Association (KBPA)

•  Greg Moon, Technical Marketing Manager, CJ CheilJedang BIO

•  Etteke Wypkema, Innovation Manager, Brabantse Delta Water Board

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Prof. Chin In-Joo
Korean Bioplastics Association (KBPA) 


Greg Moon
Technical Marketing Manager,
CJ CheilJedang BIO


Etteke Wypkema
Innovation Manager
Brabantse Delta Water Board