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20th Asia Coatings Markets

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27-28 Oct, 2020

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Emerging Opportunities within the Sustainable Coatings Market      


Due to the coronavirus pandemic and its related travel policies, we are transforming the 20th Asia Coatings Markets Summit into a virtual event. Be assured that this virtual event will deliver the exceptional content and quality our events are always known for.

COVID-19 has created an incredible combination of economic shocks, disruptions to physical industries, and changes to how public spaces and surfaces are perceived. The coatings industry and the industries it serves have all been affected. However, this crisis is not happening in a vacuum, and the coatings industry was already being transformed by a diverse set of megatrends, including the drive for sustainability, the emergence of digital tools, and long term shifts in consumer preferences. Players throughout the value chain will need to re-evaluate their near term strategies and long term R&D plans in response to these challenges.

Anti-microbial coatings have been rising and expected to worth US$7.36bn by 2025. Based on a recent market research report, the growth of this market is driven by the rising burden of healthcare-associated infections and contaminated drug recalls. Other factors include increasing awareness about anti-microbial coatings, funding from government and private organisations, demand for safer food packaging and many more.

Today, paint manufacturers are focusing on sustainability throughout the entire value chain which has expanded beyond reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including waste minimization, process efficiency enhancement, use of renewable materials and much more.

Split into Two Half Day sessions, the conference covers Asia’s paint and coatings emerging trends and opportunities, latest advancements in coatings technology, new material innovations and applications, and many more. 

Key Highlights


  • Asian Economic Outlook Post Covid-19
  • Paint Manufacturer’s Perspectives on Coating Trends in the Circular Economy
  • Building Façade Trends & Sustainability
  • Increasing the Use of Renewable Raw Materials In Paint & Coatings
  • Epoxy Resins: Latest Advancements, Innovations & Emerging Applications
  • Advancements in Anti-microbial Coatings
  • Closing the Loop on Paint Waste through Recycling and Reuse
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Testimonials from 19th Asia Coatings Markets Summit :

“It is the perfect platform for coating trend sharing, which brings us innovation in the future community”


“An event that has maintained high quality of speakers, presentation contents & topics that are relevant, with downstream connectivity. Great!”
Eastman Chemical


“It was interesting agenda, not only provide update technology, but also connect coatings to global concerns such as climate change, architecture mind, economic outlook & digital wave.”
Vietnam Paint & Printing Ink Association (VPIA)


“Great value & time for connecting with industry”
PT. Propan Raya


“Nice & Interactive. I will look forward to know about South Asia market trend”
Berger Paints


“Different from the norm. Great insights & interaction”


“More informative this year & lots of take away”
Wacker Chemicals

Industry News

JSW Paints sets sights on south, west India


AkzoNobel Secures Supply Deal with BMW


PPG Protects World's Largest Airport Terminal with Fire-Resistant, Sustainably Advantaged Coatings


Taiwan issues standard limiting volatile organic compounds in coatings


AkzoNobel to boost investment in Changzhou powder coatings plant



You will Get

https://www.cmtevents.com/EVENTDATAS/V200823/others/microphone.png 10 Live Sessions over 2 Half Days
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https://www.cmtevents.com/EVENTDATAS/V200823/others/Q&A.png Live Q&A with Speakers
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Network with

CEOs, MDs, Regional Directors, Business Development Managers / Directors, Marketing Managers, Product, Managers, Sales Managers, Technical / R&D Managers from Paint & Coating Manufacturers, Traders, Raw Material, Producers / Traders, Consultants, Chemicals & Additives, Suppliers / Technology Providers / End-users, etc.


Past Event


Discover key megatrends for the coatings space and impact of COVID-19 pandemic on consumer behaviour.  
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