Sustainable Packaging Solutions,

21-22 Feb, 2023 - Bangkok, THAILAND

"Advancing the circular economy through innovative and sustainable packaging solutions"


Sustainable Packaging is set to be a significant ‘trend’ across multiple markets. Many businesses are actively developing ambitious goals and strategies to embrace a circular economy. Numerous initiatives have been launched by packaging manufacturers and brand owners to address waste and find sustainable alternatives. Being innovative in developing long-term solutions is critical to reducing industry's carbon footprint, particularly through material selection & design.

CMT’s Sustainable Packaging Solutions conference on 21 - 22 Feb 2023 in Bangkok will provide updates on how brand owners are progressing toward sustainable packaging within their organizations, as well as packaging material innovations and solutions that are environmentally friendly and reduce waste.

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  • Complexities Of Sustainable Packaging & Emerging Trends

  • Design for Circularity & Sustainable Packaging Solutions

  • Latest Legislation on Food-Contact Materials

  • Materials Innovation & Preferred Choices - Compostable,  Bioplastics, Recycled Plastics, Barrier Paper, Molded Fibers, Mono-materials, Metals, Reusable/Refillable, Zero-waste Packaging & More!

  • Waste Collection, Sorting, Recycling Infrastructure Updates

  • Retailers/Brand-Owners Circular Packaging Strategies & Collaborations