17th LAPET, Polyester & Recycling,

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20-21 Nov, 2019 - Mexico City, MEXICO

Marquis Reforma Hotel & Spa

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Demand of Virgin versus rPET material affected by the rise in awareness of recycling...

Challenges of sourcing rPET Flakes in Mexico or regionally? 

The focus on marine litter and circular economy goals across the world will further intensify market pressures, as increased volumes of recycled PET resin and fibre erode demand for virgin product. The rapid fibre market growth over 2017-2018 absorbed a potential capacity surplus, but growth has already declined significantly this year. The escalating US/China trade war, risk of conflict in the Middle East, and various other global political and economic issues make it seem impossible for demand growth to absorb the new supply.


Find out on Nov 20-21st at the 17th Annual LAPET Polyester & Recycling Mexico - IF a shakeout of capacity at various stages in the PX to PET value chain is inevitable?


Outlook for Mexico as Recycling Hub – Strengthen perception of PET with current global status on plastics…

Mexico's packaging market is growing with 75% of all finished products in the country requiring packaging, of these, 90% are in the food and drinks category. This is good news for the PET and rPET packaging companies. The country's PET recycling capacities are also growing as majors and recycling processors this year, are expanding their PET recycling facilities in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Chihuahua – where used PET bottles collected from landfill and collection centres are being recycled into PET flakes.


With consumers becoming more conscious about plastic usage & sustainability there is an increasing focus on PET recycling. Although collection and sorting infrastructure is still a major concern, Mexico's ECOCE is promoting better collection of PET wastes. The APR Design Guide for Plastics Recyclability (APR Design) is the most complete and easy-to-use resource that describes the recommendations of the plastics recycling industry in the market today. A new material [PLA] is now added to APR. Find out more about this at ECOCE's session at the 17th LAPET.


Brand owners are also invested in creating a circular economy in Latin America – as shown by PepsiCo's recycling program – ‘Recycling with Purpose' is expected to be operational in 10 Latin American countries by 2021 – that includes Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Guatemala and Jamaica. The program aims to collect 6,000 tonnes of recyclable materials per year across Latin America.


How are global and regional brand owners meeting their circular economy targets in the LATAM region? How can recycling rates be improved? What is the impact of recycling on the virgin materials? What are the major hurdles in collection and sorting of PET waste? How are global economic conditions affecting PET and rPET markets in LATAM? What is the best feasible way to mechanically recycle and in coming years via chemical recycling ? How much the market will shift again with the opening of the mammoth Corpus Christie project by next year…

Seek answers to these issues at the 17th LAPET Polyester & Recycling event in Mexico city. Gain fresh insights from brand owners, recyclers, analysts, PET packaging companies addressing -

  • North American PET Feedstocks balances by Nexant
  • Wood Mackenzie assess the Global PET and rPET Supply, Demand Balance & PET Sheet Trade
  • Wood Mackenzie also zooms into the Downstream Polyester Fibres Market in the LATAM region
  • PepsiCo shares its multi-faceted approach from rPET to Bio, invest in collection infrastructure & enhanced recycling technologies
  • Nestle's global and Mexico packaging outlook, barriers and challenges
  • Unilever on developing a PCR Ecosystem 
  • ECOCE highlights the 'Latest Guidelines for Recycling' - Update by APR mainly adding a new material [PLA] and homologizing the test methods with the European Association
  • AMCOR shares its Alternative barriers for recyclability
  • Alpek Polyester shares current outlook & incoming rPET requirements
  • Nextek – 'Using markers in high speed sorting to meet food grade PET specifications'
  • Find out what are the Good Practices in PET Recycling Collection Sorting & Infrastructure
  • Green Impact Trading on Thermoform Recycling Projects
  • Panel Discussion: Mechanical Recycling vs emerging Chemical Recycling
  • Nextek on Optimising rPET in packaging for food contact applications plus complying with EFSA & USA Regulations
  • Enkador spotlights on Ecuador 's PET & Recycling Market projects
  • L’Oréal’s goal to use Recycled Plastics in all L’Oréal bottles by 2020 ...

Take advantage of the extensive networking opportunities over breakfast lunch and cocktails to build and bond new relationships for this vital Americas Buyer Seller Meet for the coming year…


Over 180 participants from 30+ countries came together in Madrid for the 20th anniversary celebrations of GEPET & Recycling Summit in Madrid on 8-9 May 2019.




Site Visit to IMER Recycling Plant

(21 Nov 2019, 14:00 - 18:30 pm)

First bottle to bottle recycling plant in Mexico and the first operation of its type in Latin America

IMER is the result of the sustainable vision of its founding partners (Coca-Cola Mexico, Coca-Cola Femsa and Alpla Mexico) with a production of 1,200 tons of recycled flakes per month with economic and sustainable technology, working on projects with greater inclusion of recycled resin in plastic bottles, making increasingly efficient processes, thus contributing to the circular economy for the plastic.


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Testimonials from 16th LAPET, 15-17 Oct 2018 - Mexico City, MEXICO

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"LAPET has become a yearly forum to be updated in all segments of our industry and see cherished friends from different countries"
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"Wide portfolio of speakers to complete a global vision on PET world"
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"Great opportunity to do networking with key players in the PET industry"
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"Good learning about the future of recycling"
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"Great learning and immersion into the Latin America PET chain."
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"Organizer took personal care that all my questions were addressed and supported networking with the right people"
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"Speakers with a lot of experience and knowledge about the PET and other plastics industry"
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"Great networking"

"A great opportunity for networking with PET companies and learn about the industry"
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Our program incorporates latest market and technological developments in the entire PET Value Chain, from PET Resin and Raw Materials (PX/PTA/MEG), to PET Preform and Packaging Productions, to Recycling. Other upcoming PET event for 2019 include:

  • 9th Asia PET, Polyester & Recycling - 26-27 November, Bangkok, THAILAND

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Industry News

Centre for Management Technology's (CMT) 17th LAPET, Polyester & Recycling returns to Mexico City on 20-21st November for an exciting and interactive discussion with senior industry stakeholders, addressing key issues and critical pain points - virgin PET versus rPET prices, rPET flake supplies in Mexico adequate for brand owners' circular goals

The summit kicks off on November 20th morning with 'Economic Outlook & Growth Sectors for 2020' shared by BBVA Bancomer and followed by 'Global and North American PET Value Chain Outlook' by Nexant.

Wood Mackenzie presents a review of PET and rPET Supply, Demand and Trade (mainly Asia to Americas) and key factors shaping global and Mexican markets.

Brandowner L'Oréal shares their recycling and collection measures and challenges faced in sourcing rPET flakes in Mexico and the scope of bio-recycling.

The program also features PepsiCo Global R+D's session highlighting how PepsiCo is addressing plastics waste issue with rPET, bio-sourced PET, etc. Nestlé Mexico spells out their global pillars and packaging barriers and challenges in Mexico while Unilever de Mexico outlines their Plastic Strategy focusing on PCR Ecosystem and more.

Alpek Polyester assesses the recent rPET demand-supply implications and re-balancing the industry. Alpek is the host for Day 1 Evening Networking Cocktail.

The summit organized by Centre for Management Technology (CMT) also includes a presentation on 'Latest Guidelines for Recycling' delivered by ECOCE and Nextek sessions on 'Using markers in high speed sorting o meet food grade PET specifications' and 'Optimising rPET in packaging for food contact applications'.

Other key presenters are:
• Verdeco Recycling - Good Practices in PET Recycling, Collection & Sorting with focus on Technical Process
• Amcor Rigid Plastics - Rigid Packaging - Real World Commitments for a Circular Economy
• Moretto (Associate Sponsor) - Circular Economy: Drying PET systems
• Starlinger Viscotec - Thermoformed packaging to achieve 100 % circularity
• Enkador - Challenges of Recycling in Latin America: A vision from Ecuador
• Green Impact Trading - Thermoform Project Update
• Wood Mackenzie - Outlook for the Downstream Polyester Fibres Market in Latin America

The summit concludes with a Site Visit to IMER Recycling Plant on 21 November 2019.

For enquiries in Spanish, contact Tanya: tanya@cmtsp.com.sg | +52 55 7157 3697.
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30 Oct, 2019

In a first in the food industry, consumer goods giant – Nestle has started a Institute of Packaging Sciences in Lausanne, Switzerland.
As the world is finding solutions to tackle plastics waste, the institute will focus on bringing functional, safe and environment-friendly packaging solutions to the market.
Specifically, the institute will concentrate on a number of science and technology areas, that includes refillable or reusable packaging, simplified packaging materials, recycled packaging materials, high-performance barrier papers as well as bio-based, compostable and biodegradable materials.
Nestle is committed to sustainable packaging and it is one of the first companies to sign the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, setting concrete targets to eliminate plastic waste and pollution at the source.
Nestlé is already making progress towards its 2025 packaging commitments, and has launched novel packaging solutions.
Juan Carlos Pardo, Director of Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Mexico will share more details of ‘Nestlé’s global pillars & Nestlé México packaging overview, barriers and challenges’ at CMT’s 17th LAPET, Polyester & Recycling Summit on 20-21 November, 2019 in Mexico City.

For enquiries in Spanish, Contact Tanya at tanya@cmtsp.com.sg or call at +52 55 7157 3697.
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14 Oct, 2019

PepsiCo’s recycling program – ‘Recycling with Purpose’ is expected to be operational in 10 Latin American countries by 2021 – that includes Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Guatemala and Jamaica. The program aims to collect 6,000 tonnes of recyclable materials per year across Latin America.
PepsiCo has partnered with Ecoins for an initiative that was founded in Costa Rica with the aims to increase the collection of PET materials. The program allows consumers to exchange their plastic materials for Ecoins, a virtual currency, which they can then use to earn discounts on a variety of products and services.
Peru has become the first country to implement this recycling program earlier this year where Ecoins was rolled out.
PepsiCo estimates to reach 300,000 accounts and provide recycling awareness to nearly one million people in LATAM in the first year of operation. Apart from ecoins, the Ciudad Saludable grant is expected to allow at least 1,000 recyclers to be integrated into the circular economy model by 2021.
PepsiCo aims to transform 100 percent of its packaging to be recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025, increase recycled materials in plastic packaging, reduce the packaging’s carbon impact, and increase recycling rates with the PepsiCo Foundation and partners.
Steve Gibson, Head R&D Mexico & LATAM  PepsiCo is a lead speaker at the upcoming 17th LAPET, Polyester & Recycling Summit on 20-21 November, 2019 in Mexico City. Find out more about PepsiCo’s recycling initiatives in this summit.

For enquiries in Spanish, Contact Tanya at tanya@cmtsp.com.sg or call at +52 55 7157 3697.
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06 Aug, 2019