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"Explore & Invest in Asia’s Fast Emerging Cannabis Markets"

Thailand recently passed legislation to legalize and regulate the production of cannabis for medicinal use and for patients with a legitimate and documented medical need for cannabis. Thailand is the first country in Southeast Asia to take that step. The potential for Thailand’s legal cannabis is endless, from developing a cannabis export trade to boosting its medical tourism. Find out more on the medical cannabis investment landscape and regulatory hurdles in Thailand at CMT’s CannaBiz Invest Asia Summit in Bangkok on 29-30 Aug 2019!

According to specialist research firm -  Prohibition Partners, momentum among consumers and businesses for legalisation of cannabis for medical use is reaching “critical mass” globally and consumption of medical cannabis in Asia is likely to increase faster than in other early-adopter regions.

“In our view, while Asian investors and start-ups continue to keep an eye on legal developments in Europe and North America, western-based cannabis companies are getting ready to explore new opportunities in the Asian market,” the research firm said.

Imports of medical cannabis to be allowed  in Korea from March.  19/2/19,

Australia's medical cannabis market could surpass 15,000 patient application approvals by the end of this year, with industry revenues totaling roughly 36 million Australian dollars ($25 million), according to an analyst’s forecast.  20/3/19, 

Agrios Global Holdings Ltd. Subsidiary Receives Three Permits Including Industrial Hemp Cultivation Permits in China.  7/5/19,

Officials in New Zealand  are currently putting together a draft bill that will outline a proposed regulatory regime for legal cannabis, which will then be put to the public in a vote at the 2020 election.  9/6/19,

WHO recommended in January 2019 that cannabis be removed from the most restrictive schedule of a 1961 treaty designed to combat drug abuse internationally.

If legalised across Asia, China and Japan would potentially be the biggest markets in terms of value, accounting for an estimated 75 per cent share in 2024, according to Prohibition Partners. That could quadruple by 2027, the research firm said.

While interest in Cannabis investment rises, access to financing/funding cannabis-related businesses remain a challenge. What are the options available?


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Attend CMT’s CannaBiz Invest Asia Summit on 29-30 Aug 2019 in Bangkok to gain a first mover advantage in a burgeoning markets in Asia! Meet who’s who in the medical cannabis value chain.
  • Aurora Cannabis shares Global cannabis market outlook & investment landscape
  • Find out from Tilleke & Gibbins the medical cannabis investment landscape & regulatory hurdles in Thailand
  • Dept of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Ministry of Public Health highlights integration of medical cannabis in thai traditional medicine - a balancing game
  • Learn about China – industrial hemp cultivation & value chain investment case study from CannAcubed
  • BOL Pharma provides insights from farm to pharmaceutical products – Israel’s experience
  • Growth outlook for hemp foods, protein and the CBD market in Japan and globally by Elixinol Global
  • Hikurangi Cannabis Company shares Cannabis legislation in New Zealand: including government efforts to design world-leading medicinal cannabis and full legalisation
  • Commercialization of plant-derived cannabinoid prescription medicines to meet global demand by MGC Pharmaceuticals
  • Jacana provides views on “green green profits” - the cultivation of outdoor medical cannabis as a business model for Asia
  • Bombay Hemp Company Private Limited (BOHECO) provides update on industrial and medical cannabis investment in India – scientific and legal perspective
  • Vital panel discussion on  accessing capital markets for cannabis investments – options & challenges by MYM Nutraceuticals, Helius Therapeutics, Cannex Group & more!  
  • Blue Sky Biologicals provides insights on Hemp: beyond CBD & THC, a whole plant model
  • The Kingdom Holdings shares the future of sustainable fashion & hemp fibres industry
  • Pharmaceutical development in man-made cannabinoids by Akseera Pharma Corp
  • Outlook of medical cannabis industry in Australia
  • Potential of CBD in Beauty industry
  • Cannabis varieties and strains as well as extraction technologies
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Industry News

Canndeo – a wholly owned subsidiary of THC Global – has been granted a manufacturing license to produce medical cannabis extracts and tinctures in Australia by the Australian Office of Drug Control. With the new license, THC can grow its own cannabis strains, harvest and process the material to produce its own cannabis-based products for the Australian as well as global markets.
THC (via its subsidiaries) now holds three key cannabis licenses in Australia – for research, cultivation and manufacturing medicinal cannabis products in the country.
THC is going to lease land for cultivating cannabis in Australia – which includes a 60,000 square metres of leased land (subject to a cultivation permit) as well as an agreement with EVE Investments to lease additional land bringing its cultivation site potential in northern New South Wales up to 150,000sq m.
From the manufacturing aspect, THC owns a pharmaceuticals bio-manufacturing facility that has a testing and product development laboratory.
The company also has cannabis production site in Nova Scotia, Canada – where 37,000kg of dried flower annually are expected to be produced in the first phase.
THC targets to sell cannabis products in Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East via its local operations and partnerships.
Find out more about cannabis market demand and supply at CMT’s CannaBiz Invest Asia on 29-30 August, 2019 in Bangkok.
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11 Jul, 2019

The New Zealand government is preparing to introduce new regulations related to licensing requirements and quality standards associated with medicinal cannabis usage by the end of 2019.
The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in consultation with Ministry of Health has updated the cannabis regulations, allowing the first company in the country - Hikurangi Cannabis Company to import stronger cannabis under the new biosecurity laws. Hikurangi Cannabis Company can now cultivate strains with high levels of THC and legally grow 16 new varieties of cannabis for medicinal purposes – out of which - five strains will be high-THC, seven low-THC and four high-CBD. Hikurangi is New Zealand’s first company to be get a medicinal cannabis cultivation licence, last year.
Meanwhile biosecurity measures are expected to become tighter with the introduction of high-THC strains into New Zealand.
In another development, Australia's Cann Group has announced an investment of $6 million for a 20% stake in New Zealand’s local medicinal cannabis company - Pure Cann New Zealand.
The first 10% of the investment is expected to be completed by August 30, 2019 while the remaining 10% is expected to be completed once New Zealand regulations come into force and Pure Cann's board approves the construction of its commercial cultivation facility.
Pure Cann plans to develop a variety of organic medicinal cannabis products that for patients in New Zealand as well as in overseas markets.
Meanwhile personal cannabis use in New Zealand will be subject to a vote in a binding referendum at the 2020 general election.
Find out more about ‘Cannabis Legislation in New Zealand’ from Manu Caddie, CEO, Hikurangi Cannabis Company at CMT’s CannaBiz Invest Asia on 29-30 August, 2019 in Bangkok.
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17 Jun, 2019

Thailand became the first South East Asian country to allow the use of cannabis oil in medical trials. The country is expected to start state-sanctioned clinical trials testing the impact of cannabis oil on selected patients in July, this year.
Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO), Thailand is expected to allow administration of extracts or "sublingual drops" on volunteers suffering from nausea and pain from chemotherapy, among other ailments during the trials.
The cannabis oil is supposed to be extracted from a government-managed indoor plantation that opened recently in the outskirts of Bangkok. The facility has approximately 140 plants that are cultivated under controlled lighting, temperatures and a misting system known as aeroponics.
Medical cannabis is gaining acceptance worldwide and several countries have legalized medicinal cannabis, including Canada, Australia, Israel, and more than half the states in the US. The global market for medical marijuana could reach about $55.8 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research.
Medical cannabis will be addressed at CMT’s CannaBiz Invest Asia on 29-30 August, 2019 in Bangkok.
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10 Apr, 2019