4th Cassava and Starch Africa,

22-23 May, 2019 - Accra, GHANA

Labadi Beach Hotel

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“Driving Sustainable Development through Innovative Value Chains"

From East to West Africa Cassava & Starch Market is receiving regular investments;

  • Kinazi cassava factory to double exports
    (21 Jan ‘19) www.newtimes.co.rw
  • Ghana: Us $25m Cassava Starch Processing Factory to Be Established in Nkwanta South
    (13 June ‘18) www.allafrica.com
  • Tanzania: Cassava Plant Deal Signed in Handeni
    (26 June ’18) www.allafrica.com

Cassava is popular with Africans with rising consumer demand for cassava as a raw material for bread, starch for industrial output, glucose and sweeteners for confectionaries, chips for animal feed and other applications.

Nigeria and Ghana are currently leading the industry as their cassava production has doubled in 10 years. Key local and commercial players are starting to explore downstream opportunities by establishing processing plants funded by international investors.

In Nigeria, the federal government has dedicated $30 million for the Cassava Ethanol Project at Okeluse in Ondo State.

In Ghana, the Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) is investing S$10.7million in the Central Sugar Company to start a starch manufacturing factory in the Brong-Ahafo Region.

Meanwhile Anheuser-Busch InBev’s (AB InBev’s) plans to spend $250 million on a brewery in Nigeria and $100 million on a brewery in Kenya - that will use cassava and other local raw materials.


4th Cassava & Starch Africa Summit brings together industry stakeholders to discuss innovations in farm mechanization, new cassava processing projects, starch market opportunities, sourcing challenges faced by end users and many more.

The summit gathers cassava & starch stakeholders including plantation owners, researchers, investors & financiers, processors, and end-users. Join them and latest updates on capturing growth opportunities.Key program highlights:
  • C:AVA on business opportunities across the entire cassava value chain.
  • Farm mechanization & post-harvest management by IITA.
  • Psalty Int reviews policies to boost cassava processing markets.
  • Nestle reveals strategic material sourcing plans.
  • Sunbird Bioenergy examines the technical challenges and key solutions in converting cassava into bioethanol.
  • New updates on cassava starch processing plant by GMC Universal.
  • Kogi ADP reveals investment opportunities in Nigeria’s first cassava city.
  • Starch market opportunities & growth prospects by IDH.
  • Crest Agro on potential cassava derivatives & export opportunities.
  • Crown Flour Mill assesses expansion opportunities for High Quality Cassava Flour
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Testimonials from Past Events

“I’m really satisfied. I learn and also find potential partner for USADF grantee to improve their business”

“This conference has been a good knowledge sharing platform. It gathers experts from different cassava subsector”


"I was able to network with bigger player in the cassava processing industry" – DashCrop

“Great conference and good knowledge shared”
Flour Mill of Nigeria

“An eye opener in a huge business potential of cassava”
SARO Agro Industrial


Industry News

Rwanda based cassava producer Kinazi Cassava plans to double its flour exports.
The Kinazi Cassava plant has recently renewed its certificate of registration by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and with this recognition the company can trade its products in the US as well as other parts of the world.
The cassava producer says that there is demand from Southern America, Western Africa, and the Great Lakes region in USA which have large communities that consume cassava. It will target markets in the US, Europe and African countries.
The cassava plant has a capacity to produce 30 tonnes of flour per day, equivalent to 7,200 tonnes per year.
The company plans to begin a campaign to encourage the use of cassava in making pizzas, bread, biscuits and chapattis as the flour that can be blended with wheat flour following recommended recipes to make healthy products.
The company is also exploring plans to produce other cassava products that can be used in pharmaceutical and textile industries, colour production and construction sector, ethanol that can replace cooking gas, alcohol, and animal feed, among others.
Rwanda’s cassava production increased to over 1.127 million tonnes in 2018 from 1.041 million tonnes in 2017, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources.
Find out more about cassava and starch markets in Africa at CMT’s 4th Cassava & Starch Africa on 22-23 May, 2019 in Accra.
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03 May, 2019

Gafta, media partner of CMT’s 4th Cassava & Starch Africa on 22-23 May in Accra Ghana, is an international trade body, representing members in 95 countries and promoting the free trade of grains and feedstuffs across the globe.
Gafta’s standard forms of contract are used in approx. 80% of the world’s grain shipments and help to make trading all over the world more efficient. They also have an internationally recognised Arbitration system, making sure that disputes are handled according to the law, and the principle of ‘For the Trade, by the Trade’.
For those interested in trading grain in international markets, check Gafta’s ‘Know Your Gafta Contracts’ seminar, which gives practical insight into Gafta contracts, including common pitfalls, risks and how to make sure your contract is legally binding, as well as what to do if your trade goes wrong.
For more details on ‘Know Your Gafta Contracts’ seminar and to attend, visit: b.link/GaftaNairobi19
For latest on Africa's cassava and starch markets, attend CMT's 4th Cassava & Starch Africa on 22-23 May, 2019 in Accra.


Contact Ms. Grace Oh at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for more details.

23 Apr, 2019

Leading brewer - Anheuser-Busch InBev aims to bring transparency in the cassava value chain in Africa. Last year, the brewer teamed up with BanQu for a pilot project that enables a secure, immutable platform and creates economic opportunities for small-scale farmers in Zambia. The solution was used to connect 2,000 Zambian farmers to the mobile platform as they harvest and sell a projected 2,000 tonnes of cassava, producing a high-quality starch used in beer - by the end of Zambia's growing season in August.
The technology enables Anheuser-Busch InBev's local business, Zambian Breweries, to track its product at every step of the way through built-in geo-location tags on all transactions along with farmer identity profiles.
Zambian Breweries sees the potential for the solution to be used as their full time buying platform.
Find out more about new technology innovations in Africa’s cassava markets at CMT’s 4th Cassava & Starch Africa on 22-23 May, 2019 in Accra.
Contact Ms. Grace Oh at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for more details.

10 Apr, 2019

Zambia’s Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) has approved the financing of 22 cassava value chain projects worth K3 million across the country. The projects that are part of government’s Industrialization and Job Creation strategy, will be carried out in 4 provinces - Lusaka, Copperbelt, Northern and North-western provinces.
The projects will include the production of cassava value added products such as cassava flour, paper glue, gari, cosmetics, stock feed, charcoal briquettes. The finances will also be used in marketing of cassava.
The projects are part of the Cassava Commercialization component of the Skills Development and Entrepreneurship Project Supporting Women and Youths (SDEP-SWY) - which is financed by Africa Development Bank (ADB) at a cost of USD 6 million. Out of the 22 projects, 41% will belong to women, 38% will go towards the youth while the remaining 21% will be allocated to mean.
Find out more about cassava projects in Africa at CMT’s 4th Cassava & Starch Africa on 22-23 May, 2019 in Accra.
Contact Ms. Grace Oh at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for more details.

25 Jan, 2019