20th GEPET & Recycling,

08-09 May, 2019 - Madrid, SPAIN

Courtyard by Marriott Madrid Princesa

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Over 180 participants from 30+ countries came together in Madrid for the 20th anniversary celebrations of GEPET & Recycling Summit in Madrid on 8-9 May 2019.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our Sponsors, Exhibitors, Speakers and Delegates for their immense support in making the summit successful.

Last week’s summit witnessed a slew of presentations by recycling organisations, brand owners and packaging companies highlighting the need for PET recovery, re-use of PET along with circular packaging design principles to improve sustainability. Spain and Norway particularly shared some interesting success stories in their PET recycling initiatives. In addition, the high growth opportunities for PET in soft drinks was emphasized – that remains one of the most dynamically performing pack types. The summit ended on a positive note with the PET packaging industry showing an optimistic outlook for the future of PET recycling in Europe, use of more RPET in packaging as well as elimination of ‘single use’ PET packaging.

Here are some of the captured moments from the recent summit:

MD of CMT presenting a token of appreciation to Mr. Christoph Niederhuber, Head of Sales & Marketing, Viscotec

Delegates enjoying a Flamenco dance at the cocktail reception

A full house of participants

Exhibition Area

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We look forward to meeting you at 21st GEPET & Recycling Summit, May 2020


RecyclePlast in a Circular Economy + 20th GEPET & Recycling
7 May 2019
8 May 2019
9 May 2019
RecyclePlast in a
Circular Economy

Day 1 
RecyclePlast in a
Circular Economy
Day 2
20th GEPET & Recycling
Day 1

20th GEPET & Recycling
Day 2


20th GEPET & Recycling
Day 1

"Transitioning towards a Circular Economy for PET - Where does the industry stand and how are supply chains transforming?"

"Changing global PET economics as Asia’s upstream expansions generate more competitive supply to EU market"


Asian expansion of PX will be a major driver of change and will affect the European market.

As Chinese exports become more competitive, will we see a big wave of supplies hitting the market? and how will this change global PET economics?

The PET industry supply chain is rapidly transforming as every stake holder adapts to fulfill its role and responsibility as a sustainable producer.

Brandowners & beverage producers are supporting the increase in use of recycled materials,  demanding integrated solutions from preform manufacturing to PET recycling.

Recent breakthroughs in preform production from flakes to bottle are blurring the boundaries between converters and recyclers, as now even recyclers can become preform producers.

How will converters cope in this  tough competition and low margins?

Virgin resin manufacturers are increasingly investing in recycling operations & technologies globally to meet the demand of brandowners.

DAK’s recent announcement of purchasing Perpetual recycling comes shortly after Indorama announced its purchase of plastics recycling company Custom Polymers PET.

Is increasing the recycling percentage in PET bottles the key to sustainable development ?

CMT celebrates its 20th GEPET & Recycling conference this year in Madrid with crucial updates on PET market developments, breakthroughs in PET recycling technologies, 100% rPET innovations and many more.


  • How are collection & recycling infrastructures changing to support plastics materials being recycled
    Hear from representatives in Spain, UK and Norway
  • What is the latest regulatory development on EPR (extended producer’s responsibility) and how can producers make the economics work
  • Hear from leading brandowners – Princes Food & Drink Group, Share Food GmBH on their plastics recycling initiatives
  • How are major converters like Logoplaste , NovaPET innovating to embrace the circular economy
  • Innovations on 100% fully recyclable oxygen barrier PET container
  • Indorama's new European strategy post the Invista Europe acquisition
  • Developing a separate recycling stream for PET-based trays - Recent developments
  • PET chemical recycling technology from Japan
  • Biosuccinium - a renewable approach towards a circular PET industry
  • Optimising rPET content for brandowners

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18:30 - 20:30 hrs. Networking Cocktail Dinner
for all Speakers & Participants







A large, relaxed atmosphere space, designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán inspired by the New York avant-garde with European details that provide a cozy ambient and offers a menu of national and international iconic dishes with a twist.

Divided into five environments, which are taken care to every detail:  from a typical bar “castizo”(Madrid traditional style), a terrace or a classic British cocktail-bar. An attractive design union that brings dynamism, variety and character to each of them.

Lázaro Rosa-Violán decoration, provides a modern, elegant and cosmopolitan and a fair degree of sophistication.

Casa Mono is included in the famous Wallpaper* City Guide which includes a refined list of the city’s best architecture and design, cultural venues, hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. One of most illustrious events held here is the famous Moto GP Repsol celebration.

Casa Mono is a 3 minutes walk from Courtyard by Marriott Madrid Princesa.


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CMT PET Series

CMT PET Series offer up to date business information on regional PET Resin & Packaging markets in Asia (PET Asia Outlook), Europe (GEPET), Middle East & Africa (MEAPET & MENAPET), Latin America (LAPET), South/Central Americas, Andean & Caribbean (SAPET & SCAPET), North America (NAPET) and Japan (JPET). 

Our program incorporates latest market and technological developments in the entire PET Value Chain, from PET Resin and Raw Materials (PX/PTA/MEG), to PET Preform and Packaging Productions, to Recycling. Upcoming 2019 PET events include:

  • 7th SCAPET - 4-5 June, Santiago CHILE
  • 17th LAPET - 20-21 November, Mexico City MEXICO   
  • 9th PETASIA & Recycling Outlook - 26-27 November, Bangkok THAILAND

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Industry News

PACCOR and Veolia plan to implement PET recycling trays on an industrial scale.
A pilot project to recycle PET containers was completed by ‘PET Packaging’ research team that comprise PACCOR Group, a European suppliers of sustainable plastic packaging solutions, and MultiPet, a German plastic waste recycler. These companies can either return post-consumer materials for material recycling or switch to disposable products for reusable packaging or eventually to close the recycling cycle packaging process of PET containers.
The new process was first tested together with IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e. V., Industrial Association of Plastics Packaging. They used the Veolia packaging and sorting plant in Nordhausen, Germany, to separate plastic bottles from the mixed PET trays and then the single-layered PET.  Subsequently the MultiPet faculity in Bernburg, Germany was used to process the flakes.  The trays have undergone the same process usually used for many years to process PET bottles from packaging waste. PET flakes processed in this way can be re-used by PACCOR for the production of PET trays.
Veolia and PACCOR plan to continue recycling single-layer trays and optimize its own sorting plant in Nordhausen to sort single-layer PET fractions.
More about PET tray recycling will be discussed at CMT’s 20th GEPET & Recycling Summit on 8-9 May, 2019 in Madrid.
Contact Ms. Hafizah Adam at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for more details.

01 Apr, 2019

World’s leading petrochemicals producer - Indorama Ventures has announced that it has entered an agreement to acquire INVISTA Resins & Fibers’ assets in Germany. Under the agreement, Indorama will acquire Invista’s high value-added PET manufacturing facility located in Gersthofen, Germany.
The plant that has a combined capacity of 282,000 tonnes per annum, will be acquired by Indorama in the 1st quarter 2019, after regulatory approvals.
After the acquisition, IVL will have full ownership of intellectual property rights of Invista’s barrier technology - POLYSHIELD® PET and OXYCLEAR® Barrier PET – across all markets globally.
As demand for barrier resins is expected to grow rapidly, the new acquisition will help IVL to grow and support its customer’s needs with differentiated solutions in both packaging and in industrial fibers. Barrier technology improves shelf life of packaged food products such as juice, wine, beer, dairy as well as ketchup, sauces and other condiments.
Frank Embs, Director New Business Development, Indorama Ventures shares more about – ‘Indorama's new European strategy post the Invista Europe acquisition’ at CMT’s 20th GEPET & Recycling Summit on 8-9 May, 2019 in Madrid.
Contact Ms. Hafizah Adam at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for more details.

28 Feb, 2019

The European Parliament has approved a complete ban on a range of single-use plastic products such as plates, cutlery and balloon sticks with readily available, non-plastic alternatives by 2021. 
These single-use plastics that are banned by EU cover almost 70 percent of marine litter, according to the European Commission.
The legislation also calls for a reduction in single-use plastics for food and drink containers like plastic cups as well as plastic items that do not have a non-plastic alternative. The new rules require EU member states to reduce such items by at least 25% by 2025.
This is expected to impact the food service and retail sector that use plastics packaging such as single-use burger boxes, sandwich boxes and food containers for fruits, vegetables, desserts or ice creams. Drinks bottles mostly made of PET would have to be collected separately and recycled at a rate of 90% by 2025 under the proposed legislation. The average recycling rate for PET drinks bottles across Europe at the moment is 57%, although this varies significantly by country.
There is an urgent need for governments across the globe to work together with brands, retailers and industry to identify and implement the most effective solutions to reduce plastics waste ending up in the oceans. The new legislation is a step in this direction.
Get up-to-date on the PET recycling, PET packaging market in Europe at CMT’s 20th GEPET & Recycling on 8-9 May, 2019 in Madrid.
Contact Ms. Hafizah Adam at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for more details.

03 Dec, 2018