2nd LATAM Surfactants HPC,

28-29 Oct, 2014 - Mexico City, MEXICO

JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City

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"Shift towards green products & growth region!"


The rising affluence of the middle class in Latin America continues to drive the demand for household cleaning and personal care products.  Latin American remains a strong force that continues to drive the surfactant market.


According to Euromonitor, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are the three largest hair care markets in Latin America. In Mexico, beauty and personal care is expected to continue growing in the next few years. Fragrances, skin care and hair care – the biggest categories in terms of value sales – continue to receive significant investments from key players in terms of new product developments and marketing campaigns.


It is reported that the Mexican skin care market is worth approx. $2 billion in 2014, with anti-aging products being the most popular. Sun care is another sector that sees strong growth with Colombian women the biggest users of UV protection products, followed by Peruvians and Mexicans.


Home care sector continues to see growth in Mexico, with new consumers resulting from young adults moving out of their parents’ homes. Also, product innovation and constant marketing campaigns supported growth. Companies are constantly introducing new product formulations to meet the changing consumer’s lifestyle.


Green, natural, sustainable, resource efficiency are some of the trends in the surfactants & HPC markets. Suppliers and customers are working together to develop products that are less harmful to the environment and safer for consumers. Retailers like Walmart are working with suppliers to reduce or eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in consumables products, preferring greener alternatives, starting with household cleaning, personal care, beauty and cosmetic products.  


CMT’s 2nd LATAM Surfactants HPC Markets brings together key industry players to share insights on the latest development in the surfactants & HPC sectors!


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Key sessions:
  • Frost & Sullivan presents the new megatrends and their impact on the Latin America surfactants industry
  • Oxiteno shed lights on whether Latin America is the future home for sustainable sourcing for the home care markets
  • Walmart gives first hand updateon meeting their safer & sustainable products initiatives
  • P&G to provide updates on the home & fabric care market trends and outlook in Mexico
  • BBVA Mexico provides projection on the economic performance in Mexico and the region
  • Colin Houston & Associates Inc gives an analysis of the Global fatty alcohol and Ethoxylate market
  • BASF shares update on sun care protection
  • Elevance Renewable Sciences provides update on the market prospects and innovations of renewable surfactants from biorefinery including the development of their 2nd biorefinery
  • Distribuidora Punto Rojo presents the opportunities of private label products in Latin America & the growth prospect
  • Mexican’s Grisi Laboratories shares insights on the hair care trends & market potential in the country
  • CANIPEC presents personal care markets in Mexico, the Andean region and Central America
  • Clariant introduces next generation of multifunctional, high performance green emulsifiers
  • Network with who’s who in the surfactants HPC markets in the LATAM region!


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Spanish Version


Ciudad de México albergará la 2ª reunión LATAM Surfactants HPC Markets los días 28 y 29 de octubre de 2014


Los días 28 y 29 de octubre del 2014, Ciudad de México será el lugar de reunión de ejecutivos de empresas como Walmart, Oxiteno, P&G, Elevance y BASF, entre otras muchas, que acudirán a la 2ª conferencia LATAM Surfactants HPC Markets de la CMT, para hablar de la creciente importancia que están alcanzando en la región los sectores del cuidado personal y del hogar, el papel de los principales protagonistas del sector HPC, los surfactantes renovables, el mercado de los emulsionantes ecológicos y de mucho, mucho más.


Ahora que países latinoamericanos como México, Brasil y Colombia, se están convirtiendo en un mercado floreciente para empresas y productos para el cuidado familiar y del hogar, este evento ha llegado en el momento perfecto para presentar los últimos avances en los surfactantes y de los mercados HPC de la región y de su potencial respecto a la posibilidad de ofrecer productos ecológicos y que no dañen el medio ambiente. En concordancia con el tema central de la reunión "el cambio hacia la promoción de los productos ecológicos y el crecimiento de la región", se contará con el señor Leandro Soncini Rodrigues, Director de Marketing Global de productos relacionados con el cuidado personal y del hogar de la empresa Oxiteno (que también es el Empresa Patrocinadora del evento) quien responde a la siguiente pregunta: "¿Es América Latina el futuro hogar de fuentes sostenibles para el mercado del cuidado del hogar?"


Otros conferenciantes notables son el señor Juan Carlos Camargo, Director de División (Ecología) de Walmart en México, que presentará la charla "Conoce las Iniciativas que esté llevando a cabo Walmart en relación a productos seguros y sostenibles" y el Director Comercial Asociado de la división de Cuidado y Decoración de la Casa de P&G en México, el señor Pedro Bousono, que presentará la conferencia "Tendencias y perspectivas del mercado del cuidado del hogar y de las telas en México".


Además, los delegados podrán disfrutar de excelentes discusiones sobre los siguientes temas:

  • El panorama económico de América Latina -BBVA México.
  • Desarrollo de productos de marcas privadas en América Latina -Distribuidora Punto Rojo S. A.
  • Súper Tendencias y su impacto en la industria de surfactantes en América Latina -Frost & Sullivan en América Latina.
  • El panorama del mercado global del alcohol graso y el etoxilato -Colin A. Houston y Asociados.
  • Tendencias y potencial del mercado del cuidado del cabello en México -Laboratorios Grisi.
  • El mercado del cuidado personal en México, la región andina y América Central -CANIPEC
  • 365 -Protección Diaria de la Piel contra el Sol -BASF.
  • La nueva generación de emulsionantes multifuncionales, ecológicos y de alto rendimiento -Clariant S. A.
  • Perspectivas de Mercado e innovaciones en surfactantes renovables vinculadas a la biorefinería -Ciencias Renovables Elevance.

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Henkel to acquire three hair care brands as part of North America expansion plan


British cosmetics retailer and manufacturer Boots expands into Latin America


Solvay completes acquisition of ERCA industrial assets in Brazil to double surfactant production capacity


Brazil Dominates Hair Care In Latin America

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Industry News


Euromonitor predicts that growth of the economy as well as the population in Latin America will boost the region's body care segment. Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico are the four biggest economies in the region that will drive growth in this segment.

Brazil has been registering positive growth trends but a weak economy might be a dampener in the growth forecasts for the body care category. Nevertheless, Euromonitor predicts sustained growth in the next five years up to 2017. Brazil is expected to witness market growth of 12.4% with a market value of €1.17bn while Chile's market will grow 6.9% at a market value of €135m.


Colombia will register 9.2% growth with a market value of €206m and Mexico will register 6.2% with a market value of €616m.

The research firm also expects that per capita spend will almost double in the five years to 2017 in all 4 markets, although the increase is from a relatively low base.

Colombia will witness the biggest increase in spending. Currently, Colombia's average consumer spends €1.60 per capita on body care products, which is expected to hit €3.10 by 2017.

The per capita spend in the body care category in Brazil is estimated to be €2.27 currently, and it is expected to rise to €4.27 by 2017.

More on body care and other personal care trends will be discussed at 2nd LATAM Surfactants HPC Markets opening on 28-29 October, 2014 in Mexico City.

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14 Oct, 2014


Skin care major Beiersdorf, recently inaugurated its new state-of-the-art production center with an integrated research and development center in Silao, Mexico. The plant is Beiersdorf's second largest within its production network after Hamburg. With this investment, Beiersdorf plans to tap the growing demand for skin care products in the North and Central American regions.


The plant has been opened for production after a construction time of less than two years. The new plant is strategically located at around 350 kilometers northwest of Mexico City in the state of Guanajuato.


The new factory has a production capacity of about 280 million cosmetic products and 45,000 tons of products annually. It is expected to primarily produce creams, lotions, shower products and lip care from the NIVEA, Eucerin, and Labello brands for the Mexico, Central and North America markets.


Further, the integrated innovation center will enable the company to develop customized products catering to the consumer needs in the Latin American market. With the R&D center, Beiersdorf plans to promote regional innovation with 20 researchers who will develop products for local consumer needs on-site.


More on Mexico's skin care industry will be discussed at 2nd LATAM Surfactants HPC opening on 28-29 October, 2014 in Mexico City.


Contact Ms. Grace at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for more details.



02 Sep, 2014


In a move to strengthen their green portfolios further, chemical majors - Versalis (the chemical subsidiary of Eni) and Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. (specialty chemicals producer from natural oils), have decided to enter a partnership. The two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) earlier this year, whereby they will jointly develop and scale a new metathesis technology for the production of bio-chemicals from vegetable oils.


The partners aim to use the bio-chemicals produced via this technology for the production of personal care, detergents and cleaners, bio-lubricants and oilfield chemicals.


Versalis and Elevance are expected to develop and scale new catalysts and leverage the significant progress of the technology that is already developed by Elevance. Further under the partnership, the design and construction of the first world-scale ethylene metathesis-based production will also be assessed, which will use renewable oils at the Versalis Porto Marghera site. Existing infrastructure and production streams will also be used for this purpose.


While Versalis is said to bring in their catalysis process development skills and engineering design scale-up capabilities, Elevance will contribute in terms of proprietary know-how (especially with respect to metathesis and associated engineering of using vegetable oils in specialty chemicals production for premium applications). Elevance is also expected to bring in their expertise of dealing with similar projects in the US and Asia.


More on specialty chemical trends, especially biochemicals for home and personal care will be discussed at 2nd LATAM Surfactants HPC on 28-29 Oct, 2014 in Mexico City.


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04 Jul, 2014