3rd Algae World Australia,

26-28 Aug, 2013 - Adelaide , AUSTRALIA

Stamford Plaza Adelaide

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From Western Australia to Queensland to South Australia
- Who will lead the race to commercially produce
algae to biofuels ?

Algal Fuels Key to nation's energy independence
- The Australian April 18, 2013


Energy security is high on the agenda for Australia as the nation becomes increasingly vulnerable to overseas fuel supply disruption.


It is reported that as of now, 85 per cent of Australia's transport fuel now comes from overseas, as either refined or crude product.


Australia needs to find a sustainable solution and the key lies in growing ALGAE as the country is an attractive ground with abundant sunshine and suitable climate.


Leading airlines are backing algae while many big universities and start-ups have secured government grant to experiment with different approaches to bring algae-biofuel to commercialisation.


Algae produces protein and carbohydrate, which can be turned into high value added products for pharma, medicinal, plastics as well as food for Australia's $5bn seafood farming industry.


This year's 3rd AlgaeWorld AUSTRALIA convenes in Adelaide - a strategic and timely venue with Muradel developing its algal biofuel demonstration plant at Whyalla after winning a $4.4 million federal government grant.


Join A/Prof David Lewis and his team at the lab visit to the University of Adelaide on the 26th August.


2nd Algae World Australia Attendee Profile

Key highlights of the conference


i) Progress of Australia algae cos moving towards large scale production

a. Aurora
Scaling and Commercializing Algae Production for Food, Pharma, and Supplement Markets

b. Muradel
Progressing from a concept to demonstrating the technical and economic feasibility of producing crude oil from algae

c. MBD Energy - shifting into macroalgae, find out what the plans are for the company to develop this further

d. Algarythm - update on the project

e. Solar Biofuels Research Centre developed by University of Queensland
Taking on the challenge to produce algae with highly effective PBR systems


ii) Developments in Macroalgae & microalgae for Food, Pharma, Supplement markets

iii) Leading airlines - Qantas perspective on sustainable aviation biofuels and the support for algae-to-biofuels research

iv) Genetically modified Microalgae for High Value Added Products

v) Algae based waste water treatment with new developments from US and Japan


Plus opportunities to visit the labs in University of Adelaide, SARDI Aquatic Sciences and Flinders University which is working on macroalgae.


Join us in Adelaide city this 26-28th of August. Register now at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg

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Monday 26th August

Optional Site Visit - University of Adelaide:
Tour of Chemical Engineering Lab

(Open to Conference Attendees Only)


Researchers from the School of Chemical Engineering, University of Adelaide are focusing their attention on using green algae as a potential source of biofuel. Led by Dr David Lewis and Dr Peter Ashman and also headed by Murdoch University in Western Australia, the project involves research partners in India and China.


The project hopes to identify a clean, affordable method of producing biodiesel from algae on an industrial scale.

Researchers have begun cultivating algae on a small scale in two-metre square tanks built by Chemical Engineering technical staff. Based on the roof of one of the University's many North Terrace Campus buildings, the tanks are exposed to the sun and the elements, simulating the real conditions of a much larger scale operation.


The algae cultivated and harvested here will enable the researchers to test various methods of extracting oil. Breaking of the cells occurs in the lab and researchers are currently investigating methods that will be low on energy and low on cost.

Wednesday 28th August

Optional Site Visit - SARDI Aquatic Sciences
& Flinders University

(Open to Conference Attendees Only)


The South Australian Aquatic Sciences Centre, the home of the South Australian Research & Development Institute (SARDI), is on the coast about 30-45 minutes from the centre of the city of Adelaide.  In this tour you will get an introduction to SARDI Aquatic Sciences and view some of the laboratory and production research facilities established as an initiative of the Federal and South Australian Governments to service the algal biofuels industry and now used more broadly.  You will also see other facilities where SARDI is growing microalgae for food for research of aquaculture species and researching the use of macroalgae to assimilate nutrients from sea cage culture of finfish.  Also, on view will be research by the University of Adelaide where they are culturing macroalgae in tanks to examine the effects of climate change on biodiversity.


To complement the SARDI facility tour, we have also included a tour of the Biotechnology Laboratory, Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development, Flinders University, where Prof Wei Zhang and his team of researchers are undertaking a wide range of activities identifying and developing microalgal and macroalgal products.  A recent initiative has been the establishment of the Advanced Macroalgae Biotechnology Joint Laboratory by Flinders University and the Gather Great Ocean Group (GGOG) of Qingdao, Shandong, China.


SARDI Aquatic Sciences

Pictures courtesy of SARDI Aquatic Sciences

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Mixed Greens: Whyalla may host first commercial algae fuel plant


Algal fuels key to nation's energy independence


Western Australia to Build Seawater Pipeline for Algae Projects

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News Feed

Native Algae could be the Answer to Australia’s Oil Vulnerability

Posted on : 12 Aug, 2013


Experts from University of Queensland (UQ) have discovered that a particular species of algae found in Australia can be used to produce algae biodiesel at a lower cost, which would not only compete with fossil fuels but would do so by emitting less greenhouse gas.


University of Queensland’s Dr. Evan Stephens described the microscopic algae as hardy and fast-growing, thanks to the country’s fresh and saltwater environments.  According to him, just by making use of one per cent of Australia's land mass, it would be possible to match oil production of the Middle East.


A pilot processing plant has been set up in Brisbane for the trial of the most promising algae.


New technology has allowed researches to examine a broad range of species and hence lead to this discovery. Unlike the previous species that were being researched, this particular species are resistant to predators and temperature changes.


According to Dr Stephens, identifying the best species was an important step towards making the project commercially viable. Next challenge is to develop a production processes that is both efficient and cost-effective.


To gain more information about this project as well as on effective algae strains and bioreactor designs join Prof Dr Ben Hankamer at the 3rd Algae World Australia in Adelaide on August 26-28. The conference traces the progress of Australia algae cos, moving towards large scale production. More information on the 3rd Algae World Australia is available on the Event Page here.

Muradel and Qantas share insights on commercialization of aviation biofuels at 3rd Algae World Australia

Posted on : 19 Jun, 2013

One of Australia’s top agenda is to attain energy independence, which is spurring accelerated R&D in Australia’s algae-derived sustainable aviation biofuels. In the drive towards the commercialization of algae-derived aviation biofuels, the Australian Government pledged a $9.8 million investment in two projects through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) Advanced Biofuels Investment Readiness Program earlier this year.


The two recipients, Licella and Muradel, will use the $5.4 million and $4.4million to fund their feasibility study in the construction of biofuels plant and project scale-up of marine algal production and harvesting technology from pilot to demonstration size in Whyalla respectively.


Key aviation players, Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia have also expressed keen interest in sourcing 5% of the aviation fuel from sustainable alternatives by 2020, looking into sources such as algae-derived aviation biofuels.


The upcoming 3rd Algae World Australia in Adelaide this August 26 to 28 has confirmed Mr. Flyn Van Ewjik, Manager of Environment and Sustainable Fuel at Qantas Airways, as a speaker, elaborating on their sustainable aviation biofuels plan, specifically on alternative feedstocks, costs and technology. Associate Professor David Lewis, Chief Technology Officer at Muradel will also be joining as a key panelist, updating participants on Muradel’s project with a focus on microalgae biomass to biofuel.


CMT’s 3rd Algae World Australia is a vital industry-event where top executives convene for firsthand updates and network with industry leaders. More details are available on the 3rd Algae World Australia Event Page.


For enquiries, please contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. +65 6346 9113.

First commercial algae fuel plant to be built in Whyalla

Posted on : 17 May, 2013

Whyalla will soon be home to a new algae plant that focuses on the development of fuels for the aviation sector as well as diesel users.


With support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency through a grant of $4.4 million, the $10.7 million project to be built by Muradel, a joint venture among Murdoch University, Adelaide Research and Innovation and SQC, will serve as the “marine algal production and harvesting technology” demonstration plant.


Aside from providing fuel for the above mentioned, this new plant also serves to complement the works of Muradel’s open pond system in Western Australia, supporting their research through the testing of the green fuel’s commercial viability.


Australia remains an attractive ground for algae-centric energy resource research and innovations as the country boasts abundant sunshine and suitable climate. This field of research also complements the country’s notion in diversification of energy sources and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


The upcoming 3rd Algae World Australia in Adelaide on August 26-28 centers on the developments thus far, applications as well as technological and project developments in Australia as the country marches towards energy sustainability, with algae forming part of the equation.


More event details will be posted on the Event Page soon.


For enquiries, please contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. +65 6346 9113.


Read more: Mixed Greens: Whyalla may host first commercial algae fuel plant