2nd BiobasedWorld Asia,

27-29 May, 2013 - Bangkok, THAILAND

Sofitel So Bangkok

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2nd Biobased World Asia - Two Premier Events Under One Roof!
Incorporating 2 conferences
3rd BiobasedChem Asia & 7th Bioplastics Markets
- with individual interactive sessions plus 'shared common' half day session
in which both groups will come together for comprehensive networking
and knowledge sharing experience.
According to Lux Research, the global bio-based chemicals industry is scaling to commercial levels - driven by corporate partnerships, private investments, and innovative technologies. As producers scale up, staying consistent in quality and competitive on both cost and performance are important in capturing market share from petroleum derived chemicals.

Over the past 12 months, bio-based materials and chemicals have moved from the laboratory stage to commercialization, totaling over 4 million tons of annual production capacity. Though still miniscule in market size relative to the fossil derived chemicals, growth is boosted by consumer preference for environmental friendly products, corporate commitment to renewable and sustainable brand values and government mandates, especially in Europe and beyond.

Blessed with extensive agriculture biomass resources, feedstocks and access to markets, the ASEAN region is becoming an attractive hub hosting production. Production capacity for bio-based materials and chemicals in ASEAN, in particular Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, rose from 500,000 tons to 816,818 tons from 2006 to 2011 and this growth is expect to rise 87.3% to 1,529,636 tons. Across Japan, Korea and rest of Asia, production capacity climbed 31.11% to 309,200 tons from two years ago, and expected to nearly double in three years.

Fueled by the strong growing demand for environmentally sustainable and biodegradable products, the bio-plastics industry is gearing up for exciting new developments. Anticipate changes in the global scene as the bioplastics production expands from Brazil, China to South East Asia. Braskem, a clear leader in the field, rolled out its construction of the first bio polypropylene (PP)and second bio polyethylene (PE) last year. As such with PTTMCC Biochem, for polybutylene succinate (PBS) plant, which started construction in Thailand, NatureWorks is also considering a new bio-plastics plant in the region later this year.

Attend CMT's 2nd BiobasedWorld Asia
- Key Reasons for Your Participation
  • Unique inter-field networking opportunity at the one-stop event, incorporating both Biobased chemicals and Bioplastics value chain
  • Updates from Global's and Asia's leaders of entire bio-based chemicals & polymer value chain
  • Forge New & Sustainable Partnership - G2B, B2B & investor-investee relationships
  • Current & future outlook of Global/Asia Biobased Chemicals & Bioplastics Developments & Market Dynamics
  • Current & New Production Capacities in Asia in Sugar or Palm Oil-derived Chemicals and Materials
  • Feedstock Availability and Comparative Economics with the Rise of Shale Gas
  • Experts' Insights on Getting Commercial Scale Bio-Refining Going
  • Technological Advancement in converting Cellulosic Biomass and CO2 to Chemicals
  • Focus on PHA/PBS/PLA/Bio-Based Nylon/Green PE
  • Zoom into China’s bioplastics markets with Guangdong Sanjiu Biodegradable Plastics' talk on China's production capacity, exports markets and domestic consumption
  • Hear from Braskem, PTTMCC Biochem, NatureWorks about the market outlook and their future development plans.
  • Hear direct Brand owner’s perspectives on bioplastics application
  • Review of legislative policies on Bioplastics Development in Asia
  • Insight on the end-of-life scenarios and challenges for bioplastics recycling
  • Maximize your networking & exchange insights with high profile companies from producers, feedstock suppliers, converters/processors, technology providers and end users.
Informative - PTTGC (Official Host)

Conference gave me a good, broad overview on BP development, status of application and expectation up to 2015.
- Brueckner Far East

It was an excellent opportunity for networking inbiobased chemical industry and understand what this industry is doing - Novase

Dynamic attendees from around the world and very engaged in the topic at hand - Lux Research

Interesting and informative conference - Kasetsart University
Who you will network with

CEO / Presidents, MD, GM,

Business Development Directors,

Sales & Marketing Managers,

Commercial Director,

Technology Manager,

Product Manager,

R & D Director from bioplastics producers /suppliers / brand owners / retailers / processors /converters,

financial & academic institutions,

machinery suppliers &

all who wants to get an update on the opportunities in the bioplastics business.

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Industry News


European Bioplastics have projected a fivefold increase in the global bioplastics industry from 1.2 million metric tons to about 6 million tons by 2016.


New market forecast from a study by Germany’s University of Hannover also revealed bio-based PET as a leading category in bioplastics, with figures pointing towards approximately 40% of the total bioplastics production capacity in the world. This number is expected to grow to 80% by 2016, with PET production capacity standing at 4.6 million then.


Regional growth is also highly-anticipated, with Asia seeing the highest prospects. By 2016, Asia will be home to about 46.3% of the global bioplastics production capacity, with South America tailing closely at a little over 45%. This phenomenon comes with new expansion plans and capacity in Asia, especially in Thailand, where many bio-based activities and developments are observed given its location and raw materials advantage.


Major producers such as NatureWorks and PTTGC are fervently investing in bioplastics plants to tap on the emerging trend of green plastics. Last reported, NatureWorks plans to expand its PLA production in Thailand with PTTGC, sharing a 50-50 stake in the 300million lb/year PLA plant worth $150 million. As of figures from 2011, NatureWorks leads in PLA bioplastics production capacity at 300,000 tonnes/year compared to other producers’ range of 1,500 to 10,000 tonnes/year.


Leaders from PTTGC and NatureWorks will be speaking on bio-based chem and plastics at the 2nd BiobasedWorld ASIA conference in Bangkok, Thailand on May 27-29, 2013.


To obtain industry updates from them and other speakers in the line-up, please contact Ms. Grace at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. +65 6346 9147.



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11 Apr, 2013


Technology leader Genomatica collaborated with DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio and have recently announced their success in the commercial-scale production of1,4-Butanediol (BDO) via a bio-based manufacturing process.


During the five-week campaign, the process, which employs direct fermentation of conventional sugar feedstock, saw to a production of over 2000 metric tons of BDO – a scale and rate never before seen – thus marking the process as a significant breakthrough in bio-based development. 


With this developmental leap, bio-based BDO production is brought onto a commercial level, prospecting greater sustainability in the production of athletic apparel, electronics and automotive applications, etc.


Mr. Bill Baum, Chief Business Development Officer of Genomatica will be at the 2nd BiobasedWorld ASIA Summit in Bangkok on May 27-29, 2013, to share more on their accomplishment via a paper on “Real Commercial-Scale Production”. Joining him at this combined 3rd BiobasedChem Asia & 7th Bioplastics Markets forums are other industry leaders and experts.


More on the 2nd BiobasedWorld ASIA Summit and Mr. Baum’s session are available here; or contact Ms. Grace at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. +65 6346 9147.

20 Mar, 2013


After the successful inaugural launch last year, CMT will again host our  3rd BiobasedChem Asia and 7th Bioplastics Markets collectively as the 2nd BiobasedWorld Asia Summit in Bangkok, 27-29 May 2013.


“The Bio-based Chemical Industry through 2030” white paper written by Andrew Soare, Analyst leading the Alternative Fuels Intelligence service at Lux Research.Held at the heart of Thailand where the bio-based industry is flourishing under encouraging systems and regulations, this Summit is the ONLY Asian event that covers the entire bio-based chemicals and polymer value chains, bringing experts from upstream feedstock to downstream end-users to the 3-day event, delving into issues and challenges as well as vital changes and innovations that will lead to an upturn of the industry.


To jumpstart the 2nd BiobasedWorld Asia Summit, we are pleased to invite you to download “The Bio-based Chemical Industry through 2030” white paper written by Andrew Soare, Analyst leading the Alternative Fuels Intelligence service at Lux Research.


The complimentary 9-page download examines the potentials of bio-based sectors, providing you a comprehensive overview of where the industry is headed, its prospects, challenges, market/consumer trends and innovations that are fast pushing bio-based polymers to match its petro-derived counterparts.


Simply fill up the form below to obtain your complimentary copy of the paper today.


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25 Feb, 2013