2nd Starch World 2013,

21-23 Jan, 2013 - Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

Mövenpick Hotel Saigon

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Global Starch Outlook & Competitiveness of Cassava Feedstock in new applications


Growing world wide demand for starch products from food to industrial applications has directed global attention in the cassava starch market and Asia's potential. Major cassava producers such as Vietnam and Thailand are gaining worldwide import interests, with cassava chips seeing increasingly exciting trades.


The threat of mealybug and other pests including green mites and whiteflies on cassava becomes more serious as these countries grapple with effective solutions to manage the disease.


According to CIAT, two key issues for cassava in the next five years will be exploitation of new starches, and development and implementation of new agronomic practices.


The caused of growth in cassava starch is also driven by spike in corn prices from UK to the US due to severe shortage and has caused starch and glucose processing margins to come under pressure.


Plant-based feedstocks is increasing finding applications in biochemicals and polymers. Roquette and Rhodia Acetow recently signed a joint agreement to speed up the development of new range of starch derivatives, to accelerate the launch of new polymers based on renewable materials, for which the demand is drastically increasing.


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Join CMT at 2nd Starch World 2013 in HCM City where we bring together an expert panel of speakers from the starch industry to explore following issues

  • Indepth report on Global Starch Market and Feedstocks Scenario
  • Competitiveness of starch sugar and cane sugar , comparing price dynamics with corn starch and sugar, and what this means for the competitiveness of cassava starch
  • Cassava Trade in Asia Including Cassava Starch and Chips
  • Potato Starch Production in Europe and Expectations on Supply for 2013
  • Focus on cassava starch based production in Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar , India
  • Can corn be grown in the SEA region ? Prospects for Downstream processing into starch and value added applications
  • Learning from Australia - Establishing a Large-Scale, Fully-Mechanised Cassava Plantation
  • Starch for paper making and corrugated board systems

Plus a halfday optional workshop on Cassava Agronomy Practices and Pest Management and optional visit to the Vedan Modified Starch Processing Facility.



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Germany: 110,000 tons of potatoes processed in the starch factory Kyritz

Cassava exports to hit US$1 billion this year
  • Companies involved in Plantation - sugar and starch based feedstock
  • Agriculture / Agro Industrial Crops
  • Fermentation and Enzymes Suppliers
  • Companies that use starch & starch derivatives - food, feed, textiles, paper, pharmaceutical industries
  • Manufacturers of starch
  • Trading Cos
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Financial Analysts
  • Ethanol Producers
  • Fertilizer Cos
  • Equipment & Technology Suppliers

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Industry News


Erratic climate changes have surprised and affected the starch world. Food crops such as the corn, maize and wheat are seeing adverse situations and yield reduction.


With growing global starch consumption and reduced food crops, the world’s eyes have turned towards alternative crops that can still flourish under the harsh conditions – cassava being one of them. Well-known for its tolerant character, this important food source has been the discussion of industry experts over the past year, gaining increasing worldwide attention.  


Generally an Asian crop, cassava is “an important food source in Indonesia, while Thailand controls 77% of the world’s dried cassava exports. Vietnam is also a large exporter.”


Given its potential, cultivation of cassava in the Asian and African regions will increase, changing the global market trend. R&Ds have also made significant technological advances that can improve cost-effectiveness in the cultivation of cassava. 


Updates on the global starch industry and insights on its applications will be take centre stage at the 2nd Starch World 2013 summit on 21-23 January 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City. Further, to provide industry know-hows and best cultivation practices a “CASSAVA Agronomy Practices & Pest Management” workshop that is separately bookable is also available.


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03 Jan, 2013


Demand for starch continues to surge as global starch consumption is expected to increase and hit 133.5 million metric tons by 2018. “Economy recovery, rise in per capita consumption, and growing demand for starch products from developing nations” are reportedly the driving factors for the industry’s bright outlook.


The growing use of starch in a diverse range of applications and sectors such as food and beverages, medicine, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals signals a growing demand for starch and its derivatives. Continuous growths in the individual sectors, such as the food and beverages segment, prove to further propel the starch industry into greater potential.


With a greater demand worldwide, the starch market looks to move beyond traditional starch sources and explore more economical alternatives such as cassava and sweet potato. This reduces the stress on crops such as corn, which was badly affected by the North American drought that was experienced earlier this year.


Find out more about the potential of the starch market, opportunities and risks, and how to diversify such risks and gain more from this growing global demand. Leverage on the network of experts and key industry players at the upcoming 2nd Starch World.


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05 Nov, 2012