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13th GE (Greater Europe) PET

30 May-01 Jun, 2012 - Strasbourg FRANCE, FRANCE

Hilton Strasbourg

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view upcoming event. Information here is outdated


Horaire de la conférence


"European PET market, pricing trends & innovations in rPET resin"


"Capacity expansions with tight squeeze on feedstocks"


"Converters and brand owners' views on demand for rPET in food packaging"


Global consumption of PET and fibers and filaments is predicted to grow at approximately 7-8% per year. Last year major PET producers announced capacity expansion plans in the region.


Undeterred by the eurozone crisis, major global producer, Indorama is infact increasing their global production base to reduce dependency on anti-dumping duties.


"Indorama Ventures - PET expansion planned in Poland / Capacity to reach 360,000 t/y in 2013"
PlastEurope.com 17 June 2011


"LCUK will build a 200 ktpa plant at the Wilton Site, alongside its existing 150 ktpa PET Plant (M5), to be on line in the third quarter of 2013."
Evening Gazette Oct 4 2011


"BP, JBF RAK to build PET facility in Geel, Belgium. The proposed project under approval will have a production capacity of 390,000 tonnes of PET per annum, and the manufacturing unit and is scheduled to commence in 2014"
World Construction Network Aug 5 2011


"Spain's CEPSA Quimica acquires Artenius San Roque to restart PET"
ICIS news 05 January 2011

Are these PET plants forging ahead ? Has the uncertain economic times in Europe affected the overall PET industry ? Meanwhile Asian suppliers have reported increased supply to the region despite plans by the European Commission to review continuation of anti-dumping duties for PET resin coming from several Asian countries.


Will capacity additions put pressure on prices in the long run ? Is there enough feedstock to serve the expansion plans ? For producers who are well integrated, feedstock supply will not be an issue. In this light, will there be more consolidations as small players are squeezed out of the market ?


As the industry seeks to reduce environmental footprint, resin producers are increasing their portfolio into a wider range of PET resins incorporating post consumer recycled PET.


New green PET resin developed by PET resin firm Artenius will soon be made available. According to Jorge Foguet , the technology manager for Artenius Elite, who will be speaking at the conference. "Artenius has successfully created a PET packaging material that includes recycled resin in its manufacturing process, but with the same quality as virgin PET."


CMT's Greater Europe (GE) PET conference delivers exceptional speakers and up-to-date information on the current issues facing the PET industry in the region

  • Capacity expansions and tightening of feedstocks - impact on PET prices
  • Is the industry hampered by the current economic crisis in Europe- How Low Could PET Operating Rates Go in Europe? What are the prospects for Greater Europe Region ?
  • Converters/ Brand owners perspective on the market outlook
  • Developments in recycling technologies
  • Increasing trends of resin producers developing PET resins with post consumer materials will bridge the gap between virgin producers and rPET suppliers
  • State of the rPET market in Europe
  • Bio- MEG feedstock and update on Toyota Tsusho's Bio-PET project

Plus a Separately Bookable Pre-conference Half-Day Workshop on Recycling of PET Bottle & Thermoform Packaging conducted by Nextek and a site visit to the Sorepla recycling facility. As space is limited for the site visit, workshop attendees will be given first priority.


Sign up now. Contact Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or register online at www.cmtevents.com



You will network with:

  • Feedstock suppliers (PX/PTA/MEG)
  • PET resin producers & suppliers
  • Polyester manufacturers
  • Polymer/Petrochemical traders
  • Converters & preform manufacturers
  • Technology providers
  • Recycling companies
  • Bottlers/fillers
  • Brand owners

Half Day Session on

Recycling of PET bottle &
Thermoform Packaging

(30th May, Wednesday

(Duration - 800 to 1130 hrs.)


Course Leaders
Robert Dvorak, Project Manager, Nextek
Edward Kosior, Managing Director, Nextek


Do you need answers to the following:

  • What are the key design decisions that impact the recyclability of PET bottles back into high quality RPET resins to be used back into bottles as part of closed loop recycling?
  • What is the latest information and research into rPET quality?
  • What are the key PET recycling systems and technologies?
  • How do they differ in their approaches to recycling of post-consumer PET bottles ?


Course Outline

  • Review of Leading PET Recovery & Recycling Technologies
  • rPET Quality
  • Design for Recyclability Guidelines for PET Bottles & Thermoforms
  • rPET Food Contact Considerations
  • Recent Material Developments

Click on Event Schedule for more details on the program


Biodata of Robert Dvorak
Currently the Project Manager for Nextek, Robert comes with vast experience in the PET packaging industry. He is overseeing a series of commercial projects and WRAP funded projects such as, 'Large Scale HDPE Recycling', 'Using Post-Consumer Tyres in a Range of New Applications', 'Development of Lightweight Compostable Packaging' and Lightweighting of PET Bottle Packaging'.


Biodata of Edward Kosior
Edward Kosior has been involved in Plastics and Rubber technology for the past 30 years. In 2004 he established NEXTEK Pty Ltd to provide new technical solutions to
the environmental and recycling challenges facing the polymer industry. Currently he is: Technical Director of Closed Loop London which is establishing London's first plastics recycling plant . He was involved in a large scale demonstration of viability of Recycled PET (rPET) in Retail Packaging in UK.



Plus Another: Separately Bookable

Site Visit Tour to Sorepla Recycling Plant

(30 May - 1230 to 2030 hrs.)


Photo 1Photo 2

Founded in 1991 in France, Sorepla today is recognized as the largest non-integrated plastics recycling plant in Europe. Sorepla reclaims domestic plastic packaging waste (PET and HDPE bottles) from separate collection schemes and converts them to flakes & plastic pellets. These flakes and pellets are used by the plastic industry such as for bottles, flasks, tubes, films, sheets, outdoor furniture, and containers of any kind.


The recycling plant situated in Reubeuville, NorthEastern France is 3 hours away from Strasbourg. In this plant, a guided tour will be provided to see the prewashing, grinding, washing, sortation, separation, drying, and packaging unit.



* Building on its success and increased participation from all of Europe, CMT's CEEPET conference is now opening up and rebranding to Greater Europe PET (GEPET) covering Russia, the Baltic States, EU countries including Spain and Italy.


Strasbourg is the 9th largest city in France located in the eastern part and also located close to the border with Germany. Having both flavors of France and Germany, the city's magnificent Cathedral, "La Petite France" the typical quarter loved by tourists and its UNESCO World Heritage Site - Grande-Ile are among the attractions not to be missed. Strasbourg has its own airport serving major domestic destinations as well as international destinations in Europe. You can fly into Strasbourg, or fly into Paris or Frankfurt and take a two-hour (from Frankfurt) or four-hour (Paris) rail ride into the city.


12th CEEPET & Balkans Markets 2011

12th CEEPET & Balkans Markets 2011 

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News Feed

APPE caters to growing European PET markets through upcoming Polish facility

Posted on : 22 May, 2012


In an interview, APPE said that it is building a new Polish facility on the back of local contract wins with two multinationals, with PET-based juice and water sales soaring in Eastern Europe. Another new facility worth over €15m is due to open this year at a later time.


“What we’re seeing is the expansion of the major brands. They’re seeing that Eastern Europe is a major market for them, and the market is becoming large enough now to warrant a dedicated facility out there,” says Kinza Sutton, APPE marketing manager. As far as end products go, soft drinks and an “edible oil” were performing well in the European Market. She also remarked that the PET bottle sales was fuelled by consumers in Eastern Europe who were becoming more affluent and buying more products. Sutton pointed out that while in the past there has been a movement to glass in Europe, in this market they are leapfrogging this move, missing out glass and going straight to PET for many products.


Mr. Frederic Blanchard, Plant Director at Artenius PET Packaging Europe – APPE, will share more on the European PET market in his paper titledAPPE - Leading Preform Producer's Perspective on the Greater Europe PET Growth & Major Applications” at the 13th GE (Greater Europe) PET on 30 May- 01 June in Strasbourg, France. So far, the event which is less that a fortnight away has drawn interest and attendance from companies belonging to various industrial segments.


Register Online now to attend the conference. Further queries may be sent to hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Read complete article here.


Larger production capacities, expansions & tighter PX market for European sector

Posted on : 30 Apr, 2012


New production capacities are likely to lengthen the European PET in 2012. But a tight upstream paraxylene market could balance this. According to a PET buyer, it will be all about the raw materials in 2012. A highly competitive PET environment could arise since some PET customers are opting to take more risks on the spot market in 2012, as against last year.


Existing units in Europe have been reopened under new leadership; such as Cepsa Quimica’s purchase of Artenius San Roque’s PET site in Spain from La Seda de Barcelona in January 2011. Indorama Ventures Limited’s (IVL) PET expansion from 190,000 tonnes/year to 390,000 tonnes/year in Rotterdam, Netherlands, to be completed in the 2nd quarter of the year is yet another one of European capacities due in 2012. Buyers and sellers say that a surplus of PET’s feedstock from PX, purified terepthalic acid (PTA), will continue unless there are line closures.  An integrated PTA/PET producer said, “The PET guys...are not sure about the PET loadings [for 2012] but sure enough there will be PTA around.”


Aiming to provide more insight in matters such as the above, the 13th GE (Greater Europe) PET in Strasbourg, France, on 30 May – 01 June will address above subject areas including how low could PET operating rates go in Europe, End users/ Brand Owners perspectives, capacity expansions, pricing trends and many others.


To attend the conference, Register here and reserve seats.


For enquiries, email hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Click here to view complete article.


Studies say global consumption of PET packaging will steadily increase annually until 2017

Posted on : 12 Apr, 2012


Based on a study titled “The Future of Global PET Packaging to 2017” the demand for PET packaging shows an annual increase of 5% until 2017. This future forecast for the use of PET packaging was a result of examining various factors such as areas of growth, environmental influences and supply chain effects across geographic and end-user markets. The data is based on various discussions and interviews with those in the PET sector, right from resin suppliers, processors, equipment manufacturers, regulatory bodies, technologists and end-users.


To facilitate environmental consciousness and to make an economic difference, many firms opt for recycled PET (rPET) as against virgin material. This in turn results in a marked growth in the rPET market.


On the global level, Asia Pacific has found itself at the top as the largest regional market for PET packaging, after charging ahead of North America and Western Europe. APAC, South America and Central and Eastern Europe are projected to show a higher growth as a result of the PET bottles fast-replacing the other traditional formats.


The 13th GE (Greater Europe) PET on 30 May- 01 June 2012 at Strasbourg, France provides an excellent platform to hear more on the industry market and to understand the current scenario of the European rPET market. For more details on the conference, send in your emails to hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or click here to Register your team.


To read the complete article, click here.

European Commission plans to review continuation of anti-dumping duties for PET Resin

Posted on : 13 Mar, 2012


According to the Official Journal of the European Union, the EU Commission is to review whether or not to continue anti-dumping duties for polyethylene terephthalate resin coming to the European Union from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. Anti-dumping measures on PET resin from above countries were placed since November 27, 2000 with an expiry review in 2005, but once again continued the anti-dumping duties on Febuary 27, 2007 till 28 Feb 2012. European sources have reported over the past week that indeed, European buyers of PET resin would have a wider choice of imports if the anti-dumping duties expire.


The anti-dumping rates vary from country to country and are different for specific producers. With the ever-changing dynamics of the PET market in the Europe, CMT is pleased to host 13th GE (Greater Europe) PET conference in Strasbourg FRANCE to provide latest updates on European PET market in these challenging times . The conference on 31 May-01 Jun, 2012 also gathers the leading industry players to address pertinent industry issues like key drivers of growth, demand for RPET for bottle and sheet packaging, Recycling of polyester fibre to filament and strapping plus much more.


The final agenda with speakers details and sessions are currently being finalized and will be available soon. Meanwhile one can contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or Pre-Register now.


Read complete article here.


JBF Group To Set Up PET Facility In Geel, Belgium

Posted on : 13 Feb, 2012


Indian polyester manufacturer, JBF Industries Ltd and BP Aromatics Ltd. N.V. have concluded a deal under which JBF RAK LLC is to build a new 390,000 tonne per year Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) production unit in Geel, Belgium. JBF will build and operate this PET unit on BP’s existing petrochemicals complex in Geel, adjacent to BP’s purified terephthalic acid (PTA) facility. BP will in return supply PTA directly to this new PET manufacturing unit. Start up of the unit is scheduled in 2014.


Capacity expansion plans are underway in Europe to cater to the rising PET demand. CMT ‘s 13th GE (Greater Europe) PET conference on 31 May-01 Jun, 2012 gathers key industry experts to deliberate on PET market status, challenges and drivers for growth and more. The conference in Strasbourg FRANCE is a perfect networking & information exchange platform for all Feedstock suppliers (PX/PTA/MEG), PET resin producers & suppliers, Polyester manufacturers, Polymer/Petrochemical traders, Converters & preform manufacturers, Technology providers, Recycling companies, Bottlers/fillers, Brand owners and more.


The details of speakers’ topics and sessions are currently being finalized and will be available soon. For additional queries, one can contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Source: RTTNews


France based APPE increases RPET output by 40%

Posted on : 09 Jan, 2012


Pre-form and PET bottle manufacturer APPE operates a dedicated recycling plant in Beaune, France, where it is investing €10m to increase food-grade RPET output by 40% from 25,000 to 35,000 tonnes. Frédéric Blanchard, plant manager at the Beaune site commented that with raw material prices increasing and the political agenda across Europe promoting sustainability, demand for recycled PET continues to grow making the  latest expansion very significant.


Demand for PET is largely driven by unparalleled growth of carbonated soft drinks and bottled water industries in the Europe. CMT ‘s aptly timed 13th GE (Greater Europe) PET conference on 31 May & 1 Jun, 2012 in Strasbourg, FRANCE focuses on European PET market in particular Russia, the Baltic States, EU countries including Spain and Italy, reflecting on demand for RPET for bottle and sheet packaging , PET market developments and more.


Conference details are currently being finalized. To reserve seats Pre-Register here or please send your queries to Ms. Hafizah athafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Read full article here.


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Register a team of 3 or more & SAVE €200 per person!


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Speaker Profile

Dr . Michael Okoroafor
Vice President Global Packaging Innovation & Execution, Kraft Heinz Company
Chairman’s Introduction
Day 3 [Fri 01, June], at 08:30 AM

Michael Okoroafor

Dr. Michael Okoroafor is currently the Vice President, Global Packaging Innovation and Execution at the H.J. Heinz Company.  In this role, he is responsible for setting overall global strategy and direction for the packaging organization, as well as implementing packaging innovation across various business units. In ....
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Keynote Presentation - Packaging Opportunities from Renewable Materials - Delivering Innovative & Sustainable Solutions that Drive Consumer Value
Day 2 [Thu 31, May], at 09:10 AM
Antonello Ciotti
Commercial Director, Equipolymers
Chairman’s Introduction
Day 2 [Thu 31, May], at 08:30 AM

Antonello Ciotti

Antonello Ciotti is a graduated engineer from the University of Florence  with a MBA degree from the Bocconi University in Milano acting as the Commercial Director of Equipolymers, and Amministratore Unico of Equipolymers SRL. Equipolymers is a fully owned subsidiary of MEGlobal B.V., Netherlands.

He is based in ....
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Mr. Yuya Kobayashi
Assistant Manager, Toyota Tsusho Corporation
First global bio-PET integrated supply chain from production of Bio-MEG to marketing of bio-PET
Day 3 [Fri 01, June], at 09:40 AM

Yuya Kobayashi

Yuya Kobayashi is Assistant Manager for Base Chemical Group at Toyota Tsusho Corporation in Japan. He has wide experienced in chemical trading for past 8 years including in MEG/PET. After setting up new scheme for Bio-MEG/PET with total of

8 team members, he is now in charge of Bio-MEG/PET sales in EU market

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