3rd Algae World Europe,

16-17 May, 2011 - Madrid, SPAIN

Hotel Melia Madrid Princesa

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Spanish for 3rd Algae World Europe

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CMT's Algae World conference series started 3 years ago and were successfully held in Rotterdam, Brussels, Bangkok and Singapore. It is recognized as a premier platform for productive exchanges amongst the Academic, Commercial and Investment communities.

Algae World
addresses the intricacy of scaling-up algae production and processing; focuses on innovative technologies and market dynamics that can elevate the algae sector to the next level.

Algae's Full Potential Explored in Madrid


CMT's annual Algae World Europe arrives in Madrid, Spain this year and once again delivers an exciting panel of speakers who will share the latest updates on the technical and commercial developments of algae.


Many discussions have been dedicated to the valorization of microalgae for food, feed, fuel, etc. In recent years, macroalgae (seaweed) and cyanobacteria are also grabbing headlines with their efficiencies to convert to energy and other high value applications.


Bucking the industry trend, 3rd Algae World Europe will highlight the potential of Microalgae, Macroalgae and Cyanobacteria.


12 Key Highlights at 3rd Algae World Europe:

  • Food, Feed, Fuel and other co-products from Microalgae, Macroalgae and Cyanobacteria
  • Can Algae Biofuel contribute to the Energy Challenges Confronting Europe?
  • Commercialization Status of Algae conversion to Drop-in Fuel, Biodiesel and Bioethanol
  • Life Cycle Analysis of different Algae-to-Energy Systems
  • Technical & Economic Feasibility of Wastewater Based Algae Biofuel Production
  • Case Study of Power Plant using Algae for Carbon Mitigation
  • Cultivation Technologies for Mass Production of Algae
  • Comparison of Microalgae Production CostsinDifferent Culture Systems
  • Enhancements to Photobioreactor & Open Raceway
  • Innovation in Algae Processing & Oil Extraction
  • Genetic Engineering of Microalgae to IncreaseYield and Productivity
  • Perspective of Airline on Bio Jet-Fuel

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Photos of 2nd Algae World Europe
held on 31 May - 1 June 2010 in Brussels
(please click here if you cannot view video)


Register Me


Register 3 or more & SAVEBONUS:

Optional Site Visit to AlgaEnergy's PTEM plant


On Day 2 afternoon, delegates can opt to go for a technical site visit where we'll visit AlgaEnergy's PTEM plant.


PTEM is the Spanish acronym for Technological Platform for Experimentation with Microalgae. AlgaEnergy's PTEM is intended to be a model platform of its kind, which will incorporate four types of photobioreactors (PBR): columns, tubular reactors, semi-open and in a second stage, raceways. Its goal is to research and develop new PBR processes and technologies in this field. For this reason, the plant will have the flexibility and capacity to grow simultaneously different species of microalgae in different growing conditions, using indoor and outdoor PBR.


The cultivation area will be initially of about 1,000 m2 and the culture volume up to 72,000 l.


The PTEM is currently under construction at the International Airport of Madrid-Barajas site and will be operational by the beginning of May.


Click here for more information on AlgaEnergy



The site visit is an optional program for the 3rd Algae World Europe conference; it is open to registered delegates only. There are limited seats available and will be allocated based on first-come-first-served basis. Please indicate this option when signing up for the conference. Additional cost applies.


Itinerary for Site Visit, 17 May



14.15 Gather at Hotel Lobby for bus transfer to AlgaEnergy PTEM Plant

15.00 Site Visit*

16.00 Cocktail Reception hosted by AlgaEnergy

16.30 Departure - Drop off at the Madrid Barajas Airport (all terminals) followed by the hotel

17.30 Arrive back in Hotel


*Important note: No photography is allowed during the site visit


Fee: EUR75

Limited capacity; registration based on first-come-first-served basis.


Do not miss-out on valuable networking & interaction with:

- Algal Biofuels Technology Developers - Algae Producers - Algal Research Institutes - Financiers and Investors - Oil & Chemical Companies - Industrial Carbon Generators - Mining Companies, Power Plant Operators, Cement Plant Operators, etc. - Transportation companies - Co-product purchasers - Biodiesel / Bioethanol / Bio-jetfuel Refiners, Fertilizer Manufacturers, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceuticals, Nutritional Supplement, Aquaculture Feed, Animal Feed, Coatings, Bioplastics, Biochemicals, and Cosmetics Companies -Wastewater Treatment Operators, Carbon Capture & Recycle companies - Algae Equipment Suppliers


Corporate Sponsor & Host of Site Visit


ALGAENERGY, founded in 2007, is a technological company working in the microalgae biotechnology sector. The company is backed by Spain's largest oil company REPSOL and electricity utility IBERDROLA as shareholders and technology partners. The scientific team is spearheaded by leading specialist in biotechnology of photosynthetic microorganisms, Professor Miguel G. Guerrero from the Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department at the University of Seville.


ALGAENERGY is involved in several major R&D programs:


CENIT VIDA - Advanced Technologies in the Integrated Recovery of Algae


This is an ambitious national program approved by the Spanish government and led by Iberdrola, in collaboration with Repsol, AlgaEnergy and 25 research centres in 10 autonomous communities. The objective is to generate and create the knowledge and technology necessary to recover and fully harness algae in a sustainable way. The project will run for four years (2010-2013) and has a budget of 19 million Euros.


CO2BIOCAP - CO2 Capture and Biofixation


In collaboration with the Chemical Engineering Department from the University of Almería, the goal of this project is to develop a CO2 capture system in stationary emission sources for subsequent biological fixation by microalgae cultivation. This Project has been approved by the Madrid Institute for Development (IMADE), and is partially funded by them.


Genetdiesel - Microalgae and Cyanobacteria Selection and Genetic improvement for the Production of Biodiesel


In collaboration with the University of Seville, this project aims to find microalgae and cyanobacteria strains with a high lipid productivity that can be converted into biodiesel in conditions of active and outdoors growth out.


News Feed

Interact with Key Executives from All Across the Algae Industry in 3rd Algae World Europe

Posted on : 11 May, 2011

CMT is putting in the final touches for the 3rd AlgaeWorld Europe meet. Here is a look at the delegates who have already registered to attend the conference on 16-17 May 2011 in Madrid.


Just see the diverse industry participants coming from at least 20 countries in the pie chart below:


Delegate Industry profile



Click here for the complete agenda.


Registration to the conference is still open for those keen to gain from the highly-anticipated idea exchanges on the technical and commercial developments of algae. Contact huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg with your enquiries.


DSM acquires Martek Biosciences Corp for $1.1 billion

Posted on : 18 Apr, 2011


Dutch group DSM, the world's largest vitamins maker, is buying U.S. baby food ingredients maker

Martek Biosciences Corp for an agreed $1.1 billion, kicking off an expected acquisition spree.


"Martek's leading position in healthy, natural ingredients and algal technology will add a new

growth platform to our Nutrition business," chief executive Feike Sijbesma said.


(Source: Reuters, 21 Dec 2010)


CMT has secured Dr. Billy Barclay, Chief Intellectual Property Officer of Martek to present the first plenary topic at the 3rd Algae World Europe conference, held on 16-17 May 2011 in Madrid. Entitled Potential of Algae and other Marine Organisms for Human/Animal Nutrition and Health, the key presentation will outline how microalgae-based technologies, especially those based on photosynthetic algae, are able to serve as an alternative to petroleum-based technologies for producing many foods, food ingredients and materials.


Specifically, Dr. Barclay will address:


-        Current commercial uses of microalgae in human/animal nutrition and health

-        Key technical reasons why these technologies have proven successful

-        Potential for development of new microalgae-based nutritional applications

-        Challenges we face in bringing these technologies to fruition


Click here to view the updated program agenda, or send in your registrations for the conference to Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg now.


President of AlgaEnergy Shares Insights Ahead of 3rd Algae World Europe, Madrid, 16-17 May 2011

Posted on : 07 Apr, 2011

Algae World Europe Interview Series

In an exclusive 3rd Algae World Europe interview, Augusto Rodríguez-Villa, President of AlgaEnergy said,


“AlgaEnergy was first attracted to venture into the algae industry due to the revolutionary manner of the business: being able to work on the development and fine tuning of CO2 reduction technology, while at the same time producing food and clean & sustainable energy, ensuring environmental stewardship. This is in line with one of AlgaEnergy’s functions, which is to improve processes and make profitable products derived from microalgae that will contribute to improving the welfare of society worldwide.”


AlgaEnergyThe company, which was founded in 2007 by several entrepreneurs and due to contribute a paper entitled `Innovations in Photobioreactor', is supporting the 3rd Algae World Europe conference as official Corporate Sponsor and Host of Site visit.


Mr. Rodríguez-Villa also remarked, “Previous editions of Algae World Europe have confirmed the high scientific level of the event and its professional organization. The event brings together important personalities and major players in this field of biotechnology. We are convinced that interaction between researchers and commercial companies, sharing experiences and establishing partnerships will result in speeding up the process of obtaining return on our investments.”


Complete excerpts of the interview session are available for download. Simply select either versions below.


English Version SPANISH version


Dr Stefan Kraan Shares Insights on Mass Production of Macroalgae, Bioethanol & Value Added Ingredients

Posted on : 21 Mar, 2011

Dr Stefan Kraan, Scientific Director & Co-founder, Ocean Harvest Technology Ltd.

The 3rd AlgaeWorld Europe recently caught up with invited speaker Dr Stefan Kraan, Scientific Director and co-founder, Ocean Harvest Technology Ltd., for some of his views on the state of Algae commercialization in Europe.


Specifically, he shared on large-scale seaweed (macroalgae) aquaculture and bio-ethanol production. Said Dr Kraan:


“…recent growth in green technologies has changed the political and scientific arena and seaweed aquaculture is starting to become a mainstream activity for value added ingredients and potentially bioethanol production. 

The global demand for biofuels continues unabated.  Driven by high prices, rising concerns over environmental pollution and global warming, and the movement to alternate fuels, the world bioethanol market is projected to reach 126 billion litres per annum by the year 2012.


However, the demand for bioethanol needs to be balanced by the problems associated with the supply of the raw material feedstock.”


At 3rd AlgaeWorld Europe Dr Kraan will examine seaweed cultivation technologies available and economic aspects of using brown seaweeds for bio-ethanol production, as well as feasibility of biofuel production from seaweed and direction European seaweed aquaculture should advance towards for success.


For more information on the program, click here. Or send any questions on registration to Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg.


Algenol’s algae-to-ethanol process can deliver 67% to 87% reduction in carbon footprint compared to gasoline

Posted on : 28 Feb, 2011

A team from Algenol and Georgia Tech calculated the life cycle energy and greenhouse gas emissions for three different system

scenarios for this [Algenol’s] proposed ethanol production process, using process simulations and thermodynamic calculations. They found that, on a life cycle basis in comparison to gasoline, the direct to ethanol technology can provide a 67% to 87% reduction in carbon footprint on an energy equivalent basis for initial ethanol concentrations (given in weight percent) ranging from 0.5% to 5%.


(Source: Green Car Congress, 25 October 2010)


Algenol Biofuels’ Direct to Ethanol technology is based on an intracellular photosynthetic process in cyanobacteria that produces ethanol that is excreted through the cell walls, collected from closed photobioreactors as a dilute ethanol-in-water solution, and purified to fuel grade ethanol.


Algenol were awarded a $25 million US-DOE grant to build a pilot-scale biorefinery that will make ethanol directly from carbon dioxide using hybrid algae. They are one of only 19 companies (and one of only 3 algae companies) to be selected for a biorefinery grant.


Their innovative technology attracted the interest of Dow Chemicals, who partnered with the company to construct a $50 million pilot algae biofuels plant in Freeport, USA. The plant will be located with Dow’s existing chemicals complex, and will supply CO2 as well as land for the pilot algae facility. Dow wants to use algae to produce ethanol, which can be converted to ethylene, a major building block for high value chemicals. Traditionally, natural gas are used as feedstock for ethylene production.


We are happy to announce that the Managing Director of Algenol Switzerland GmbH, Mr Dirk Radzinski, has confirmed his participation as a speaker at the 3rd Algae World Europe conference. He will talk about the company’s state-of-the-art technology: Direct Ethanol Production from Algae.


Mr. Radzinski will be joined by other leading algae specialists and innovators, please click <here> to view the program agenda.


Contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg with any questions, or click here to reserve your seat.


Exclusive Paper Download for 3rd Algae World Europe – Oilgae’s “Algae Status Report: How Far Are We from Commercialization?” Available Now!

Posted on : 25 Jan, 2011

As a forerunner to the 3rd Algae World Europe 2011 taking place on 16-17 May 2011 in Madrid, CMT is pleased to once again offer you an Exclusive White Paper on the Algae Industry!


Leading algae player Oilgae brings their expertise to the table in a special report entitled “Algae Status Report: How Far Are We from Commercialization?”

The paper is a must-read if you are seeking in-depth knowledge on algae. Featuring a real world status report on today’s algae industry, it compiles valuable information on:

  • Major players and their algae cultivation strategies
  • Updates on progress & efforts of prominent algae projects worldwide
  • Forecast of trends and analysis of the industry’s development in the next ten years
  • Examples and updates on large oil companies joint ventures and tie-ups – signifying their belief in the potential of algae
  • And much more ...


Algae Status Report: How Far Are We from Commercialization?

Also, the paper addresses the Key Barriers to Algae Fuels under 3 main categories: Key Challenges, Algae Fuel Production Cost, and Entry Barriers.


To access all of the above and more, simply fill the form below to download now!

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