MENA Water Resource World ,

19-20 Jan, 2010 - Dubai, U A E

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

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Policies, Investments, Technologies & Case Studies
- Strategies in securing water efficiently & effectively


"Saudi Arabia awarded water contracts worth SR9 billion in May 2009 which will help address the water problems of over 5.5 million people who live and work in the city."
~ May 2009, Arab News


"Tripoli is planning a series of new desalination plants and the expansion of existing facilities to increase the country's water production capacity almost tenfold by 2015."
~ August 2009, MEED


"Saudi Arabia require 2.2 million cm/d in extra wastewater capacity, followed by the UAE , which is predicted to need 1.3million cm/d more and Kuwait with 795000 cm/d."
~ Sept 2009, MEED


The Middle East North African region is known to be one of the most arid places in the world. The issue of securing and maintaining water supplies often remain a challenge. Coupled with rising demand due to population growth, agricultural use and increasing industrialization and urbanisation, the region is facing a water crisis. (Reuters, Mar 20, 2009) Regulators and municipal bodies in each of countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Qatar, Bahrain) needs to review its water needs, policies, plans , investments and strategies to resolve water issues in their countries. What role can private companies and investors play when working with government and municipal bodies to resolve the crisis?


The financial crisis has no doubt influenced decision makers in their choice of investment frameworks in water infrastructure projects and also financing options available. What are the options and strategies available to ensure the success of private-public partnership in water investments ?


Technology advances and improvements are constantly required in the water sector, be it in securing or managing water supplies. Some of these options for renewing and managing water supplies have become commonplace in the MENA region. Desalination is not new to the region, but the sustainability of this in the long haul will be a vital issue to look into. Other options: wastewater reuse, wastewater treatment , sludge management are also gaining more importance. It is vital to assess the latest technology advances and growth potential of the solutions in the MENA region.


Another often neglected part in managing water supplies is leakage management. Managing pipelines with minimal disruption to the entire network is also important if cost efficiency in water and wastewater management is required. Weigh the strategies available and options to minimize leakage.


Explore these vital issues at CMT's MENA Water Resource World Conference on 19-20 January in Dubai.


Key Reasons to Attend :

  • Gain a global perspective on water resource sustainability dynamics & challenges
  • Review the latest water policies, development needs and plans in the water sector in: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar ,Oman, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria
  • Assess optimal financing options for water projects
  • Latest in desalination developments and its sustainability potential in the long run
  • Managing private-public partnership success in the water sector: case study& lessons learnt
  • Latest insight and case study on leakage management and water distribution systems in Egypt
  • Find out how governments and municipalities can maximize their returns with the latest sludge management and waste water treatment strategies
  • Overview of water reuse & waste water treatment growth in the MENA region
  • Review optimal water harvesting systems & storage solutions
  • Network with industry leaders ,regulators, government bodies to exchange useful insights in the water sector in the MENA region

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You will network with
Key Officials & Executives from

- Water utilities and authorities
- Water Boards
- Regulators
- Chemical treatment companies
- Water service & solution providers, including operators & equipment manufacturers
- Technology companies
- Monitoring equipment companies
- Plant designers
- Environmental and municipal organizations
- Real estate developers
- Irrigation companies
- Dam and pipeline construction
- Infrastructure project management firms
- EPC contractors
- Banks, financiers & investors
- Bulk water and wastewater management companies