SteviaWorld Europe,

18 Nov, 2009 - Frankfurt , GERMANY

Frankfurt Marriott Hotel

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Stevia World Survey & ReportWhy are Stevia buyers, sellers, regulators & F&B Executives making their way to Stevia World Europe in Frankfurt on 18-Nov-2009?


To stay up to speed with the latest developments as the stevia industry prepares for wider take-up in Europe.


IN September 2009, France gave its approval for Stevia , joining Switzerland & Turkey, and paving the way for the rest of Europe to follow soon.


Many food, beverage, pharmaceutical & confectionery companies across Europe are showing keen interest in the all natural, zero-calorie stevia sweeteners for food, beverage and health supplements formulations.

In the USA, newer alternative sweetener demand is expected to exceed US$1.3 Billion in 2013, and Stevia is fast becoming the darling of US F&B processors and consumers.  Stevia Sweeteners (in particular Reb A or Rebiana)  have already taken about 10 per cent of the US consumer market for tabletop sugar substitutes, only nine months after getting GRAS status according to a recent report by the Financial Times

The bottom line? In this market dominated by high intensity artificial sweeteners, differentiating your product with natural claims is the key to boosting sales and product profiles.  Stevia Sweeteners, including Rebaudioside A (Reb A) are the Big Change for the sweetener market impacting not only other high intensity zero-calorie sweeteners but also the sugar market!


Whether you are developing a new Stevia product line, searching for stevia suppliers, or just seeking more information on Stevia, you need to be at Stevia World Europe!


Stevia World Europe is an industry forum that offers you an opportunity to find out the latest regulations, products, technologies, tools, techniques, and services in the Stevia Value Chain. This timely one day Stevia focused conference will convene on 18 November to complement a major food ingredients show in Frankfurt.


Featuring 14 focus sessions & panel discussions, Stevia World Europe will cover all the key issues shaping the Stevia industry today including:

  • Preparing for the go-ahead! The status of regulatory approval for Rebaudioside A (Reb A) and other Stevia Sweeteners.
  • To date, there are no growers in Europe as scarce landbanks and the climate does not make economic sense for stevia cultivation in the region. Once full EU approval is given, where will Stevia supply come from ?
  • Flavoring companies who are scrambling to find ways to mask the bitter taste from steviosides with new flavor masking & sweetness enhancement solutions.
  • Insights from the first company in the world to commercialize Stevia sweeteners 30 years ago. Find out how you too can incorporate this low calorie sweetener into your product portfolio from this market leader!
  • As the stevia industry prepares for wide take-up, it is important for producers to safeguard their products to demonstrate the quality of their ingredients to their customers. Recognition of the need for standards is crucial to ensure stevia quality and product integrity. What are the recent developments so far?
  • Tissue culture, recent agronomy advances and other stevia technology for multiplication of SteviaRebaudiana Bertoni varieties and more efficient Stevia Cultivation.
  • Can stevia meet the demands of today’s health conscious consumers? Or will the future of sweeteners be a blend of artificial and natural sweeteners? There is also significant interest in blending sweetness enhancers in the form of natural fruit extracts in combination with sweeteners. What are the recent formulations so far?

In addition to the extensive topic coverage, you’ll also get the chance to hear from & interact with 15 Key Influencers in the Global Stevia Business Including...


Top Stevia & Reb A Producers:

  • PureCircle- Angus Flood, Head of International Marketing
  • Blue California- Cecilia McCollum, Executive Vice President
  • Greensweet SAS- Dr Joel Perret, General Manager
  • Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co Ltd- Toyoshige Morita, President
    The speech will be read in English by Konstantinos Karayiannis.
  • Wisdom Natural Brands (Sweet Leaf Stevia)- James A May, President & CEO
  • SunFruits- Shivraj Bhosle, Managing Director (Stevia Grower)
  • Biofabrica Misiones Argentina, Senior Representative

F&B giants:

  • Coca Cola- Dr. Grant E Dubois, Director Ingredient & Product Science Strategic Research Department
  • Nestle Research Center- Dr. Roger Olivier, Researcher

Regulators & Stevia Lobby Groups:

  • European Commission- Dr. Andreas Klepsch, Novel Food Division
  • European Stevia Association (EUSTAS)-Carl Horn, Director

Leading Flavor & Ingredients Companies:

  • WILD Flavors-Dr.Greg Horn, Senior Director Sweetness Technology
  • Symrise GmbH-Senior Representative
  • GuilinLayn Natural Ingredients Corp-Mr. Jingjun Liao, CEO

Stevia Research:

  • LMC International- Simon Bentley, Head of Grains Research- Stevia Markets Expert
  • KULeuven- Prof. Dr. Jan M.C. Geuns, Lab. Functional Biology- Stevia Agronomy Expert
  • Ingredient Marketing International- Mr. Robert Jonsson, Partner- Stevia Sweetener Expert

Come to Stevia World Europe for a Networking Coup! Meet world’s top Stevia buyers, sellers, researchers & regulators.


Stevia World Europe offers unparalleled opportunities to meet old friends, make new ones, and nurture business partnerships — while you continue to expand your knowledge of the latest developments in the regulations, markets and technologies in Stevia. In short, you will find the people you want to know at the Stevia World Europe summit!


You will meet:

  • Food & Beverage Manufacturers
  • Food Ingredient & Additive companies
  • Functional Food manufacturers
  • Flavour and Fragrance company
  • Stevia Growers & Stevia Powder producers
  • Steviol Glycoside Producers
  • Stevia Extraction and Stevia Refining Technology Licensors
  • Stevia Sweetener producers
  • Commodity Investors / Traders
  • Regulators
  • Nutraceutical companies
  • Herbal plantations in Asia
  • Horticulture / Botany companies
  • Seedling suppliers
  • Plant Breeders / Tissue culture labs



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Feedback from Delegates at CMT's Stevia World in Shanghai May 2009

"Marvellous and excellent event"
~ PureCircle

"Stevia World 2009 was a knowledge intensive conference featuring key international stevia players!"
~ Nestle

"Speakers were open and friendly in sharing and I gained a lot of information"
~ KWS Saat Ag

"Great occasion for the global industry to get together"
~ Central Queensland University

"I heard many new things here. Stevia World 2009 was a wonderful experience for me!"
~ Dole Asia Co.

"A good networking, mind enriching & educational event"
~ Chemillenium International HK.


Industry News


Robert Jonsson, a partner at Ingredient Marketing International, wrote a detailed report outlining his experience at Stevia World Europe. We are happy to present part 1 of this detailed report, where he outlines the highlights of the conference...




The Stevia World team of the well-known Singapore based conference organizer Centre for Management Technology (CMT) successfully launched the European version of their global Stevia World series of conferences to the food & beverage industry on November 18 in Frankfurt.


The event was a runaway success with delegates participating from not only Europe, but also virtually all parts of the world, demonstrating the attraction of the Stevia World Europe program and the immense interest in this emerging high-intensity sweetener.


After four GRAS approvals in the US early this year stevia extract has already captured 11% of the US tabletop market within the same number of months after FDA approval. This is a breathtaking pace of market penetration by any historical standards in such a competitive market segment. Should this soon repeat itself in other segments of the market, stevia extract is set to open a new chapter in the world of high intensity sweeteners. Consumers and industry alike are quickly recognizing stevia extract as being the missing link in the sweetener world between zero calories, taste and naturalness.


In Frankfurt Stevia World Europe’s comprehensive program provided delegates with a profound insight into the features and benefits of stevia extract within a one-day time frame. High caliber speakers from all over the world managed to bring a complex message across with simplicity and clarity without being superficial.


Conference chairman Mr. Angus Flood, Head Intl. Marketing at Pure Circle in his legendary freewheeling style managed to give the event an easygoing and relaxed atmosphere despite the seriousness of the topics.


The conference was honored by the presence of the three global stevia pioneers known by insiders as the “Asian Father of Stevia” Mr. Toyoshige Morita, the “American Father of Stevia” Mr. James A. May and the “European Father of Stevia” Dr. Jan Geuns. 


If there would be a “Son of Stevia”, the title doubtless would to go to conference panelist Mr. Joel Perret of the GreenSweet Company who thanks to his incredible tenacity and optimism has recently prompted the French AFFSA authorities to approve stevia extract as a high-intensity sweetener. Considering the hurdles involved, this is a monumental achievement and pivotal for the advancement of stevia to finally obtain the long awaited and much deserved European wide approval.


Mr. Perret’s admirable capability in explaining complicated matters in a simple way must apparently have had a convincing effect even on French regulators. During this conference he skillfully demonstrated his art by uncovering the secrets of stevia extraction to the audience in 30 minutes.


The conference program which was tailored for the European audience provided delegates with answers to “all you wanted to know about stevia, but never had anybody to ask”. It covered market analysis, regulatory, product quality, cultivation, flavor masking & sweetness enhancement and Asian marketing experiences.


It closed with a panel discussion about the future of stevia, featuring executives from Nestlé, Firmenich, PureCircle, Sweet Green Fields and Wisdom Natural Brands.

01 Dec, 2009


With Stevia World Europe just a month away, the time has come to make that crucial decision to attend, especially if you are keen to network and meet the industry’s leading players.


We say this because Stevia World is truly attracting the industry’s most influential executives, and over 85% of them are in senior management position (Presidents, VPs, CEOs, Directors, Managers etc.) responsible for business development, research, technology and other roles.


We also have an even mix of Stevia Buyers and Sellers at this meet, with 40% F&B and Ingredients Companies; 48% Stevia producers & sweetener suppliers; and even a mix of technology companies, pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals companies, investors and researchers. See the pie-chart below for the detailed breakdown:


Now that we have crunched the numbers to show you exactly what type of people you will meet at the conference, what more are you waiting for? DO NOT delay. >>CLICK HERE<< to confirm your participation at Stevia World Europe NOW!


08 Oct, 2009


Die weltweite Stevia-Industrie steht mit der Verfügbarkeit der Süßstoffe Stevia und Rebaudiosid-A (Reb-A) am Massenmarkt vor neuen und vielschichtigeren Herausforderungen


Ein angesichts der Stevia World Europe veröffentlichtes Grundsatzpapier zeigt sieben dieser Herausforderungen auf und kann unter


FRANKFURT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Der weltweite Stevia-Markt ist im Verlauf des Jahres 2009 nach einem Letter of no Objection der FDA (amerikanische Behörde für Nahrungsmittel und Medikamente) im Dezember 2008 und einer kürzlich von der französischen Regierung erteilten Zulassung von Stevia-Extrakten mit 97 Prozent reinem Rebaudiosid-A (Reb-A) in Bewegung gekommen. Dieses Wachstum hat laut einem im Vorfeld der Konferenz Stevia World Europe veröffentlichten neuen Grundsatzpapier zu sieben neuen Herausforderungen geführt.


Das Grundsatzpapier mit dem Titel „Stevia as a Mainstream Sweetener! Emerging Sustainability & Market Challenges“ („Stevia als etablierter Süßstoff! Wachsende Zukunftsfähigkeit und Herausforderungen am Markt)“ kann unter kostenlos heruntergeladen werden.


Einige der in dem Papier erörterten anstehenden Herausforderungen sind:

  • Versorgungssicherheit mit qualitativ hochwertigen Steviablättern (Steviosidgehalt > 90 %)
  • Konkurrenzfähige Kostenstruktur für die Upstream- und Midstream-Gewinnung und die Downstream-Produktion
  • Verschiebungen der Geschmackspräferenzen – geschmacksüberdeckende Technologien
  • Komplexität des Lieferkettenmanagements

... und viele mehr.


Die in dem Papier „Stevia as a Mainstream Sweetener! Emerging Sustainability & Market Challenges“ genannten Probleme bilden den Mittelpunkt der Stevia World Europe, die genau zur rechten Zeit am 18. November 2009 in Frankfurt stattfinden wird.


Die Stevia World Europe ist die erste europäische Stevia-Konferenz, die nach der Zulassung des Süßstoffs Rebaudioside-A (Reb-A) in Frankreich im September 2009 stattfindet. Unter den Teilnehmern werden Käufer und Verkäufer von Stevia und Rebaudioside-A (Reb-A), Vertreter von Zulassungsbehörden sowie Führungskräfte aus der Nahrungsmittel- und Getränkebranche sein.


Eingehende Erörterungen auf der Konferenz werden sich auf die jüngsten Bestimmungen, Produkte, Technologien, Werkzeuge, Techniken und Leistungen in der Stevia-Wertschöpfungskette konzentrieren. Dabei werden führende Stevia-Produzenten wie PureCircle, Blue California, Greensweet SAS und Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co., die European Stevia Association und die Europäische Kommission sowie die Endverbraucher-Unternehmen Symrise und Coca-Cola ihre Erkenntnisse vermitteln.


Die Konferenz wird unterstützt von führenden Verbänden der Stevia-Branche, darunter von der European Stevia Association (EUSTAS), der Japan Stevia Association, der Paraguay Stevia Chamber und dem American Botanical Council.


Besuchen Sie und erhalten Sie sofortigen Zugriff auf das Grundsatzpapier „Stevia as a Mainstream Sweetener! Emerging Sustainability & Market Challenges“. Nehmen Sie unter +65 6346 9145; Kontakt zu Frau Jaime auf und erfahren Sie mehr über die Teilnahme an, die Förderung von und die Medienaustauschmöglichkeiten auf der Stevia World Europe.




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05 Oct, 2009


La industria mundial de la estevia afronta ahora nuevos y más complejos retos a medida que los edulcorantes estevia y rebaudiosido A (Reb A) se convierten en "corrientes principales"


Un ensayo publicado con motivo de Stevia World Europe resalta 7 retos, disponible en


FRANKFURT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--El mercado mundial de la Stevia ha registrado una intensa actividad en 2009, tras la carta de la FDA de no objeción al reconocimiento GRAS en diciembre de 2008, y más recientemente, la aprobación por parte del gobierno francés de extractos de estevia, el rebaudiosido A (Reb A) con una pureza del 97 por ciento. Este crecimiento ha contribuido a la aparición de 7 retos, según un nuevo ensayo publicado con motivo de la Cumbre Stevia World Europe.


El ensayo, titulado: "La estevia como principal edulcorante, retos de mercado y sostenibilidad emergentes", está disponible para su descarga gratuita en


Algunos de los próximos retos analizados en el ensayo incluyen:

... entre muchas más.


Los temas analizados en el ensayo "Laestevia como principal edulcorante, retos de mercado y sostenibilidad emergentes", constituyen el tema principal del oportuno Stevia World Europe, que se reúne en Frankfurt el próximo 18 de noviembre, 2009.


Stevia World Europe es el primer congreso europeo sobre la estevia que se reúne después de que Francia haya aprobado los edulcorantes rebaudiosido A (Reb A) en septiembre de 2009. El congreso acogerá a compradores, vendedores, reguladores y directivos F&B de la estevia y rebaudiosido A (Reb A).


Los debates al detalle del congreso se centrarán en las últimas normativas, productos, tecnologías, herramientas, técnicas y servicios en la cadena de valor de la estevia, con análisis de productores líderes de la estevia entre los que se encuentran PureCircle, Blue California, Greensweet SAS y Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co., la Comisión Europea y Asociación Europea de la estevia así como empresas de usuarios finales Symrise y Coca-Cola.


El congreso está respaldado por asociaciones de la industria líderes incluida la European Stevia Association (EUSTAS), la Japan Stevia Association, la Paraguay Stevia Chamber y el American Botanical Council.


Visite para acceder al ensayo: "La estevia como principal edulcorante, retos de mercado y sostenibilidad emergentes". Contacte con Ms. Jaime en +65 6346 9145 ; para más información sobre participación, patrocinio y oportunidades para intercambio de medios en Stevia World Europe.


Calendario de eventos:


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05 Oct, 2009

The second edition of the highly successful Stevia World 2009 conference, 2nd Stevia World will convene in Frankfurt on 18 November 2009.


Stevia World 2009- ShanghaiStevia World 2009, the world’s first international Stevia Industry conference, welcomed participation from over 150 key Stevia stakeholders from 31 countries in May 2009. Supported and sponsored by leading Stevia producers including Pure Circle, GLG Life Tech Corporation & Stevia Paraguay, and Stevia lobby associations like EUSTAS and American Botanical Council (ABC), the conference was a landmark event in the global stevia industry.


2nd Stevia World aims to address key issues dominating the global stevia industry today, spotlighting key Stevia regulatory developments. After the US FDA recognised high purity Reb A from key producers as ‘Generally Recognised as Safe’ (GRAS), the global market is now holding its breath for approval from European Food Safety Association (EFSA). Currently, Stevia is permitted neither as a food ingredient nor as a supplement in Europe, except in France, Switzerland and Turkey.


2nd Stevia World will also present a global stevia market update, focusing on the rapidly expanding American marketplace where stevia is still considered a brand new entry, overview consumer perceptions of stevia, and the latest developments in flavour masking solutions. Attendees will also gain perspectives on responses from other competing high-intensity sweeteners in the global sweetener marketplace and their potential impact on Stevia demand.


Beyond end-use markets and regulatory issues, the conference will also touch on Stevia cultivation, management, investment, processing, refining, transportation and logistics.


Those seeking more information on speaking and sponsorship opportunities at 2nd Stevia World can visit or email Ms. Jaime at

05 Oct, 2009


SteviaWorld EuropeThe global stevia industry has witnessed record-breaking growth through 2009, and now faces new and more complex challenges as Stevia sweeteners go ‘mainstream’. A strategic Position Paper released in view of Stevia World Europe pinpoints these challenges including:


- Supply reliability of high quality stevia leaves (>90% Stevioside content)

- Access to extraction and refining technology

- Competitive cost structure for upstream, mid stream extraction and downstream production

- Shifts in regional taste preferences

- Consumer acceptance

- Complexities in managing supply chain

- Quality control for Stevia sweeteners


The position paper entitled “Stevia as a Mainstream Sweetener! Emerging Sustainability & Market Challenges” discusses the key determinants driving Stevia business today, the pressing need to address the above-mentioned challenges, and the future of the Stevia Marketplace. Authored by Knowgenix, it is an update to their highly successful Stevia position paper released early this year.


The growing demand for Stevia Sweeteners will demand a significant increase in Stevia acreage, production, distribution and research in a relatively short time, making Stevia a very attractive option for investment!


Get a leg up into the upcoming opportunities in Stevia, by downloading “Stevia as a Mainstream Sweetener! Emerging Sustainability & Market Challenges” for a snapshot into the future of the Stevia industry.


You can now download it at NO COST! Just fill up the form below and check your in-box for our reply email with further instructions.

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29 Sep, 2009


Ora che la stevia e il rebaudioside A (Reb A) si stanno affermando come dolcificanti ampiamente diffusi, il settore globale della stevia si trova a dover far fronte a problematiche nuove e complesse


Tali problematiche sono illustrate in un documento di sintesi pubblicato in previsione del vertice Stevia World Europe che è disponibile all’indirizzo


FRANCOFORTE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Il settore globale della stevia ha registrato un’attività intensa nel 2009, a seguito del rilascio da parte dell’ente statunitense preposto al controllo dei farmaci e degli alimenti (Food and Drug Administration, FDA) di una lettera di non obiezione alla classificazione della stevia come prodotto considerato generalmente sicuro (generally recognized as safe, GRAS) nel dicembre del 2008, cui ha poi fatto seguito l’approvazione da parte del governo francese degli estratti di stevia contenenti rebaudioside A (Reb A) con un grado di purezza del 97%. Secondo un nuovo documento di sintesi pubblicato in previsione del vertice Stevia World Europe tale incremento dell’attività avrebbe dato origine a 7 questioni chiave.


Il documento dal titolo “La stevia come dolcificante ad ampia diffusione! Problematiche emergenti relative alla sostenibilità e al mercato” (Stevia as a Mainstream Sweetener! Emerging Sustainability & Market Challenges) è disponibile all’indirizzo e può essere scaricato gratuitamente.


Alcune delle difficoltà imminenti discusse nel documento in oggetto sono:

…e numerose altre questioni.


Le questioni prese in esame nel documento in oggetto costituiranno gli argomenti principali che verranno dibattuti in occasione dell’opportuno vertice Stevia World Europe, che si terrà a Francoforte il 18 novembre p.v.


Stevia World Europe è la prima conferenza europea dedicata alla stevia ad aver luogo dopo l’approvazione dei dolcificanti a base di rebaudioside A (Reb A) da parte della Francia nel settembre del 2009, e vi parteciperanno esponenti di enti normativi, personale esecutivo del ramo alimenti e bevande, acquirenti e rivenditori di stevia e rebaudioside A (Reb A).


Nel corso della conferenza si terranno discussioni approfondite sulle ultimissime novità quanto a normativa, prodotti, tecnologie, strumenti, tecniche e servizi nell’ambito della catena di valore della stevia, con i pareri esperti dei più prestigiosi produttori di stevia, tra cui PureCircle, Blue California, Greensweet SAS e Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co., l’Associazione Europea per la Stevia (European Stevia Association) e la Commissione Europea, nonché le società utenti finali Symrise e Coca-Cola.


La conferenza è sponsorizzata da importanti associazioni di categoria, tra cui l’Associazione Europea per la Stevia (European Stevia Association, EUSTAS), l’Associazione Giapponese per la Stevia (Japan Stevia Association), la Camera del Paraguay per la Stevia (Paraguay Stevia Chamber) e il Consiglio Botanico Americano (American Botanical Council).


Visitate per l’accesso immediato al documento “La stevia come dolcificante ad ampia diffusione! Problematiche emergenti relative alla sostenibilità e al mercato” (Stevia as a Mainstream Sweetener! Emerging Sustainability & Market Challenger). Per ulteriori informazioni sull’iscrizione, la sponsorizzazione o opportunità di scambio mediale durante il vertice Stevia World Europesi prega di contattare la Sig.ra Jaime al numero +65 6346 9145;


Programma degli eventi:


Il testo originale del presente annuncio, redatto nella lingua di partenza, è la versione ufficiale che fa fede. Le traduzioni sono offerte unicamente per comodità del lettore e devono rinviare al testo in lingua originale, che è l'unico giuridicamente valido.

29 Sep, 2009


Le secteur mondial de la stévia fait aujourd’hui face à des défis nouveaux et plus complexes à l’heure où les édulcorants stévia et rebaudioside A (Reb A) deviennent « standard ».


Un exposé de position publié à l’approche du sommet Stevia World Europe identifie 7 de ces défis et est disponible à l’adresse


FRANCFORT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Le marché mondial de la stévia a connu une activité intense en 2009, suite à la lettre de non objection à la reconnaissance GRAS, par la FDA en décembre 2008, et plus récemment, l’approbation par le gouvernement français des extraits de stévia avec le rebaudioside A (Reb A) à 97 % de pureté. Cette croissance a conduit à l’émergence de 7 défis, d’après un exposé de position publié à l’approche du sommet Stevia World Europe.


Cet exposé de position, intitulé « La stévia en tant qu’édulcorant standard ! De nouveaux défis en termes de viabilité et de marché », peut être téléchargé gratuitement sur

Parmi les défis imminents abordés dans cet exposé, citons :

…et bien plus.


Les questions abordées dans « La stévia en tant qu’édulcorant standard ! De nouveaux défis en termes de viabilité et de marché » constituent le thème principal du sommet tout à fait opportun Stevia World Europe, qui se tiendra à Francfort le 18 novembre 2009.


Stevia World Europe est la première conférence européenne sur la stévia à avoir lieu après l’approbation par la France des édulcorants rebaudioside A (Reb A) en septembre 2009. Elle rassemblera des acheteurs, des vendeurs, des régulateurs et des cadres supérieurs F&B du secteur de la stévia et du rebaudioside A (Reb A).


Les discussions approfondies de la conférence porteront sur les règlements, produits, technologies, outils, techniques et services les plus récents dans la chaîne de valeur de la stévia. Elles permettront également aux plus importants producteurs de stévia parmi lesquels PureCircle, Blue California, Greensweet SAS et Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co., l'European Stevia Association et la Commission européenne ainsi qu'aux utilisateurs finaux, Symrise et Coca-Cola d'exprimer leurs points de vue.


La conférence bénéficie du soutien d’associations chefs de file du secteur de la stévia, notamment l'European Stevia Association (EUSTAS), la Japan Stevia Association, la Paraguay Stevia Chamber et l’American Botanical Council.


Visitez pour accéder directement au document « Stevia as a Mainstream Sweetener! Emerging Sustainability & Market Challenges » (« La stévia en tant qu’édulcorant standard ! De nouveaux défis en termes de viabilité et de marché »). Vous pouvez contacter Mademoiselle Jaime au +65 6346 9145; pour obtenir de plus amples informations sur la participation, le parrainage ou les opportunités d’échanges médiatiques à l’adresse Stevia World Europe.


Programme des événements :


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29 Sep, 2009

Participants at Stevia World 2009

With plans gaining speed for Stevia World Europe on 18 November in Frankfurt, we revisit the success of Stevia World 2009, which convened in May and attracted participation from over 150 key Stevia stakeholders from 31 countries.


As the world’s first Stevia Industry conference, Stevia World 2009 generated a lot of buzz in the media, and among the industry. The world’s largest Stevia producing companies,the industry’s most influential organizations, and the sector’s most widely read publications backed the conference as sponsors, supporting organizations and media partners.


Did the conference live up to its expectations? Judging by the feedback we received from most of the 150 conference participants, the inaugural Stevia World 2009 has exceeded expectations.


In fact, almost everyone we spoke to used terms like “Very Good", "Excellent" or even "Marvellous" to describe their experience at the conference.


Many cited information gathering as the most valuable part of their experience. A researcher from Nestlé’s R&D Center summed up these views when he said, “Stevia World 2009was a knowledge intensive conference featuring key international stevia players!


His views were echoed by many others, who went as far as detailing the sessions that were of highest value to them. A Sales Manager at PureCircle felt, “Granular’s presentation on Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Stevia Processing” was of great value for his line of work. A key representative from Chengdu’s Wagott Pharmaceuticals said he found the sessions on “growing and marketing stevia” very useful. Others, like the Section Manager at Japan’s Chori Ltd said he, “found the focus on regulatory authorisation of stevia very useful!


Stevia World 2009 was also a truly international event that opened up some very valuable networking opportunities for delegates.


A participant from the Univ. of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna shared, “Exchanging emails and meeting people at the conference was a valuable experience for me.” A Green Valley Stevia representative echoed these views when he said, “I had a good experience establishing my network in the global stevia community.


Some participants also shared their vision for the global stevia industry after the conference. The delegate from Marubeni Corp said, “The conference made me realise that Stevia now stands at the door of a great future!” Others, like the participant from Nippon Paint Chemicals said, “I'm keen on finding out more about how we can increase the number of 'Stevia Approved' countries.”


On that note, stay tuned for our Stevia World Europe conference. Held at a critical juncture, when European regulators deliberate on approving Stevia as a food ingredient, the conference will discuss:


- The status of Europe-wide approval for Stevia
-The latest in flavor masking innovations
- Stevia’s potential to emerge as market leader in the global sweetener markets
- The American Market experience and consumer perceptions.


If you’re keen on participation, sponsorship or media exchange opportunities at Stevia World Europe, contact Ms. Jaime at +65 6346 9145 or email at


12 Aug, 2009


Key stakeholders across the entire Stevia Value Chain are attending Stevia World Europe! Breakdown of current delegate profile reveals... >>Find out more here. <<

08 Oct, 2009

France Okays Stevia! Will the E.U Follow? Do consumers really like stevia? What are the challenges the stevia sector will face as markets grow? >>Find answers at world's most influential stevia conference, on 18 Nov. in Frankfurt...<<

06 Oct, 2009

Wisdom Natural Brands is a proud Co-Sponsor of Stevia World Europe 2009. SweetLeafTM is the primary brand of Wisdom Natural Brands, which was founded in 1982 when it introduced stevia consumer products into the United States. It is a vertically integrated company overseeing farming, processing, manufacturing and distribution. Designated U.S. GRAS,  SweetLeaf  Sweetener® is 98% pure sweet glycosides, made using only leaves with the highest amount of natural rebaudioside A and cool, purified water. No chemicals, alcohols, solvents or enzymes ever touch the extract. With zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and zero glycemic index, SweetLeaf Sweetener® is water soluble, tastes delicious and needs no masking agents as an ingredient in foods and beverages.

06 Oct, 2009