4th BTLtec (Biomass to Liquids),

24-25 Sep, 2009 - Graz, AUSTRIA

Hotel Novapark Graz

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(with optional site visit to Biomass CHP Gussing & BTL project)

Cost Effective Solutions from Transporting Feedstock to Conversion Technologies


4th BTLtec 2009Interest in thermochemical conversion of biomass into synthesis gas is gaining ground.


Syngas is the building block to create all chemicals in the petrochemical industry, but the most ultimate and demanding application is its use as a precursor of liquid fuels, in this case BTL fuels.


Biomass-to-liquid (BTL) fuels will in future play a significant role for a sustainable transport strategy and for improved security of fuel supply. R&D efforts and interest shown with regard to BTL fuels is already resulting in a multitude of activities and projects demonstrated in Europe & the US.


The industry continues to face major challenges as many developers race to find cost effective technologies from cleaning the syngas to converting the clean syngas into liquid products thru the FT line.


Another major challenge is the cost of transporting enough biomass to allow plants to take advantage of economies of scale.


Currently most BTL project announced in the Europe have partnerships and are co-located near pulp & paper mills. The newly commissioned Choren Beta plant which utilizes forest residue and waste wood is said to take in 68,000 tons of biomass per year and will produce 18 million liters of diesel and 45 MW of power.


Is this plant large enough to be profitable ? Is waste wood and forest residue the only cheap feedstock available ? Has the industry explored feasibility of algae as a potential feedstock, or municipal solid wastes ?


CMT's 4th BTLtec has lined up key experts who will share with you on

  • Developments / Updates on UPM Kymmene & Xynergo's BTL project
  • R & D efforts on pyrolisis & gasification technologies
  • Flexible Carbon-to-Liquid process and feasibility studies
  • Syngas cleaning for biorefinery integration and scale up efforts
  • Exploring algae as the key pathway towards creating BTL fuels
  • BTL fuels for future engine technologies
  • Microchannel technology for distributed FT process

and many more.


Including a half day optional site visit to the Biomass CHP Gussing Plant & BioSNG demonstration plant. Places are limited and on a first come first serve basis.


Biomass CHP Gussing Plant & BioSNG


So Sign up now at cynthia@cmtsp.com.sg and and reserve your seats.


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Why Graz ?
Graz is the closest airport situated to the site visit - Biomass CHP Gussing Plant and BTL project. It is only an hour by car Graz is also the second-largest city in Austria after Vienna and the capital of the federal state of Styria. Graz's "Old Town" is one of the best-preserved city centres in Central Europe. In 1999, it was added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites. Being situated in a cultural borderland between Central Europe, Italy and the Balkan States, Graz absorbed various influences from the neighbouring regions and thus received its exceptional townscape.


Feedback from 3rd BTLtec Gothenburg
"Interesting presentations, a lot of new information" Application Engineer, Metso

"Good learning experience in all fields related to BTL and nice networking time" Business Analyst, Sasol Technology

"Very good conference with great networking opportunities" Consultant, VVBGC

"Informative window into the BTL world" R&D Engineer, Vattenfall

Industry News


Bio SNG! 'Green' Natural Gas

Alternative Reduces CO2 Emissions

& Secures Energy Supplies.


Preliminary Report released in line with 4th BTLtec,

reviews Bio SNG production technology in Güssing.


Bio-SngUsing the existing natural gas infrastructure for exploiting biomass resources in a clean and efficient way has become a sustainable option for the energy industry throughout Europe and the world.


With the development and improvements to processing technologies, the market potential of the Bio-SNG option has increased significantly.


The Bio-SNG project deals with realisation of the demonstration of Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) production, based on an innovative thermo-chemical gasification process, suitable for large-scale plants. The Bio SNG project’s demonstration plant in Güssing, AUSTRIA will have an important role to play in the Biomass to Liquids industry.


“Bio SNG” by Dr.-Ing Reinhard Rauch reviews the

Technology behind Bio SNG Production in a

methodological & logical manner for easy reading.


“Bio SNG” a Preliminary Report by Dr.-Ing Reinhard Rauch of the Vienna University of Technologyis released in line with 4th BTLtec as a preview of his eagerly anticipated presentation, 'Status of BioSNG Production and FT Fuels from Biomass Steam Gasification’ at the conference on 24th-25th September in Graz.


The easy-to-read report briefly overviews Bio SNG production, and presents facts and insights in a logical and cohesive manner.


Key areas of focus include:


1       Why Bio-SNG?

2       Biomass Gasification

3       Gas Cleaning

4       Methanation

5       SNG-Cleaning

The report also zooms into the technology behind a significant milestone in the Bio SNG sector; the construction and commissioning of the world’s first Bio-SNG 1 MW demonstration plant at the combined heat and power station in Güssing, Austria, in late 2008. Key stakeholders of the project, and the progress achieved in technology development for conversion of biomass to SNG are also highlighted in the report.


Want a copy of “Bio SNG” for *F*R*E*E?


Dr.-Ing Reinhard Rauch’s “Bio SNG”offers you a glimpse of the Güssing Bio-SNG project and its commercialisation prospects. And we’re giving you access to this preliminary report at NO COST!


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PS: As Part of the 4th BTLtec Conference, we’re organising a site visit to Güssing to view the Biomass CHP plant and the work of the Bio SNG Project. Find out more at www.btltec.com/btl

13 Aug, 2009


Biomass CHP Plant GussingBiomass CHP Plant Güssing, is opening its doors to 50 participants from the 4th BTLtec conference in an eagerly anticipated site visit. Aimed at reinforcing key concepts and concerns addressed at the conference, the site visit will showcase Austria’s pioneering success in Biomass to energy.


The combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Güssing, Austria has a fuel capacity of 8 MW and an electrical output of about 2 MWel with an electrical efficiency of about 25 %. Wood chips with a water content of 20 - 30 % are used as fuel. The plant consists of a dual fluidized bed steam gassifier, a two-stage gas cleaning system, a gas engine with an electricity generator, and a heat utilization system.


Biomass CHP Plant Güssing have also developed a pilot project to convert Biomass into Fischer-Tropsch diesel.


The Biomass CHP Plant Güssing started operations in January 2002 and was the first community in the European Union to produce its whole energy demand – electricity, heating/cooling, fuels – out of renewable resources.


The delegation of 50 will depart for Güssing at 1.45PM on 25th September 2009 to view the Biomass CHP Plant Güssing and the Pilot BTL plant. The tour will end at 5PM.


Places on the 4th BTLtec site visit are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and are open to 4th BTLtec conference participants only.


Those seeking more information on participating in 4th BTLtec and the Site Visit to Biomass CHP Plant Güssing can >>CLICK HERE<< or email jaime@cmtsp.com.sg to register.


02 Jul, 2009


The BTLtec series is back for 2009. The 4th BTLtec conference will convene on 24-25 September 2009 in Graz, Austria’s breathtakingly beautiful cultural capital and UNESCO world heritage site.


Since 2007, BTLtec conferences have provided a comprehensive look at the Biomass-to-Liquids value chain. In fact, over 300 people from 40 countries have benefited from spot-on insights, debate and discussion, in addition to opportunities to network and amass contacts at our interactive two-day events. 


4th BTLtec has evolved from our first event in Munich and feature a world-class panel of leading experts to share latest on BTL technology developments, project updates, government policies and feedstock issues.


Austria is home to over 83,000 biomass installations and Biomass is a significant contributor to Austria’s energy mix. Biomass-to-Liquids technology (BtL), seen as the 2nd generation, is already increasing the value and efficiency of the existing biomass value chain in Austria.

4th BTLtec maps the landmark achievements in the industry, and marks the beginning of the race to commercialisation of next generation pyrolysis and gasification technologies. The conference also explores the latest thermochemical pathways for converting waste streams to liquids.


The conference will attract participation from biofuel project operators and developers, bio- refinery executives, gasification technology developers, biodiesel executives, feedstock developers, policy makers and Biomass-to-Liquids (BtL) pioneers from around the world.


Participants will also have a bonus option to visit the Gussing BTL plant as part of the 4th BTLtec experience. The visit will serve to reinforce some of the key concepts and concerns addressed at the conference.


Drop us an email at jaime@cmtsp.com.sg to enquire about registration, media partnerships or sponsorship packages at the 4th BTLtec conference.

13 May, 2009