Stevia World 2009,

14-15 May, 2009 - Shanghai, CHINA

Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong Hotel

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International Society for Horticultural Science




"Stevia set to change fundamentals of sweetener and
possibly sugar industry: Explore Markets and
Tap Opportunities"


- Supply Chain & Delivery of Leaves & Extracts
- Best Practices of Stevia Cultivation
- Latest Extraction & Refining Process
- Ensure High Purity Steviol Glycoside
- Establish Strategic Alliances, JVs & Trade Contracts


From Cultivation to Refining & Trading of Leaves & Extracts


With huge consumer interest in zero-calorie Stevia sweetener in the USA and elsewhere around the world, cultivation of the natural sweetener is expected to scale up extensively from China to Vietnam, India and South America where it is traditionally grown.


Companies like Pure Circle, GLG Life Tech Corp., Cargill, Merisant and a growing list of others are positioning themselves to supply stevia extracts to the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, animal feed and other end-use markets. Stevia extract has the potential of being used in mainstream foods as a part-replacer of sugar content, so to what extent will it also affect the sugar market?


PepsiCo Chief Executive Ms. Indra Nooyi said that she believes the decline in U.S. carbonated soft-drink sales can be halted with new sodas containing a natural, zero-calorie sweetener (extracted from Wall Street Journal online dated 18 Dec 2008).


Stevia market though promising is constrained by regulatory and economic issues. How are the stakeholders tackling these challenges? What is the present regulatory status and implications for the new entrants? Where are ideal places to cultivate stevia and how to effectively scale-up production? What are the other applications of stevia?


Find out these and other commercial issues at CMT's Stevia World



- June '08: Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) concluded that stevia extracts containing 95 percent steviol glycosides are safe for human use in the range of four milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day.
- October '08: Australian and New Zealand food and safety regulatory body FSANZ has approved stevia for use as food & beverage ingredient.
- Late last December, two major international corporations were the first to obtain generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status from the U.S. FDA for their Rebaudioside-A at 95% purity or above. Expect to see more GRAS determinations for stevia-derived sweeteners, many of which will be submitted to FDA. Submission of GRAS determinations to FDA is voluntary.
- Japan and Korea are currently the largest markets for stevia.
- China is the largest stevia grower in the world, about 80% of their production is exported.


Key Reasons to Attend Stevia World


- Assess the real potential of Stevia and the business, cultivation and trading opportunities it presents
- Present regulatory environment for new entrants into the US and Europe markets
- Obtain updates on Stevia development in major markets - USA, China, Japan, India, Europe, Australia/New Zealand
- In-depth focus on cultivation for different climate - Temperate (China), Subtropical/Tropical (India, Vietnam) & Dessert (Egypt)
- Best agronomic practices and techniques to increase yields
- Ensure proper post-harvest management, storage and dehydration (vital for transportation)
- Compare and evaluate different extraction methods
- Meeting standards and qualities for steviol glycoside / rebaudioside-A
- Identify Stevia applications and formulations in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Animal Feed, Personal Care / Skin Care
- Attract and Secure partners for your projects
- Extensive networking sessions to seek tie-ups, alliances, JVs & trading deals


Register for Stevia World 2009 now and be connected to the Stevia industry. Visit for more information.


Why Stevia World at Shanghai, China?


Shanghai is the finance and trade centre of China and has one of the world's busiest ports. Shanghai is located on the eastern coast of China, close to the 4 major stevia cultivation centres of Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and Heilongjiang. Their combine cultivation area is around 200,000 mu (13,400 ha), producing about 40,000 tons of stevia leaves every year. China is currently the largest stevia extract exporter in the world. Other provinces like Sichuan, Xinjiang, Hainan, Guangdong are also budding to mass produce this lucrative crop.


You will network with
- Stevia Growers - Steviol Glycoside Producers
- Stevia Extraction and Refining Technology Licensors
- Sweetener producers - Sugar manufacturers and traders
- Food & Beverage Manufacturers - Food Ingredient & Additive companies

- Flavor and Fragrance company - Pharmaceutical companies
- Nutraceutical companies - Commodity Investors/Traders
- Herbal and Tea plantations - Horticulture/Botany companies
- Seedling suppliers - Plant Breeders/Tissue culture lab - Regulators
- Entrepreneurs/Planters & Investors keen to assess potential of this new lucrative business



Platinum Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor


PureCircle (LSE:PURE) is the world's leading producer of high-purity Rebaudioside A (Reb A), with a vertically integrated supply chain operating in three continents. PureCircle markets a range of natural sweeteners internationally. Activities range from the sourcing of dry stevia leaves and extraction, refining of high-purity Reb A into sweeteners and marketing of these sweeteners to food and beverage manufacturers worldwide.

PureCircle's extraction plant can produce 4,000MT of stevia extract annually which is currently the world's largest extraction facility. The Company has built the world's largest state-of-the-art refining plant in Malaysia. This currently produces 1,000MT of high purity Reb A and will shortly double the capacity to 2,000MT. The Company's production facilities operate in compliance with cGMP, HACCP and ISO standards.


During 2008, PureCircle announced contract extensions with Cargill and major new contracts with PepsiCo and Whole Earth Sweetener Company for the supply of high purity Reb A in beverages, foods and tabletop sweeteners worldwide including the exclusive license to market PureViaTM Reb A as a ingredient (PureVia™ is a trademark of PepsiCo Inc and Whole Earth Sweetener Company LLC: see and


PureCircle's investment in research and development has given it a leadership position in the manufacture of high-purity Reb A, and their scientists are globally recognized experts in their field.

The Company works with independent farmers in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, China, Paraguay, and Kenya to grow the best quality stevia leaf. PureCircle works closely with communities in each of these countries and endeavours to maximise the social, economic and environmental benefits of its operations.

PureCircle's corporate offices are located in New Jersey USA; Geneva, Switzerland; Asuncion, Paraguay; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Ganzhou, China and Kericho, Kenya.

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SteviaWorld is creating buzz in F&B sector. Participation from F&B Giants at SteviaWorld confirmed. Read on to see who is coming!

Posted on : 06 May, 2009


SteviaWorld is creating a lot of buzz in the F&B sector!


We all know Stevia as one of the top ten trends to watch in the Packaged Foods industry! Now the world’s top F&B companies are confirming this by sending key representatives to attend SteviaWorld on 14-15 May in Shanghai!


We are excited to announce participation from top F&B and Ingredients companies including:






Corn Products International


Kerry Group

Del Monte  

Dole Asia

Ingredient International

Innovatrade Ingredients


MAFCO Worldwide

WILD Flavors


SteviaWorld is quite possibly the most important event for everyone involved in the Stevia Value Chain, and you need to be in Shanghai to meet with these key end-users and stay up to speed with what the market wants.


So what are you waiting for? Visit right away to confirm your participation at SteviaWorld.


We look forward to meeting you in Shanghai next month!


PS: Top F&B Publication Food Navigator reviewed Dr. R Rajagopal’s paper, “Stevia as an Alternative Sweetener – Promise and Challenges”. Click here to view their take on issues discussed in the paper.

Frank & Objective Position Paper shares Upcoming Opportunities, Expansion Challenges & On-the-ground Realities in Stevia Sector.

Posted on : 27 Apr, 2009

Stevia Position Paper Download

To make sense of the changing Stevia markets, make sure you download “Stevia as an Alternative Sweetener: Promise & Challenges”, a position paper released in line with SteviaWorld 2009, the world’s FIRST Stevia Conference on 14-15 May in Beijing.


Stevia as an Alternative Sweetener: Promise & Challenges examines the evolving stevia markets in a methodological & logical manner.


This easy-to-read paper presents a complete overview into the Stevia value chain, from cultivation to end use.


Learn more about the latest developments in the Regulatory Status, Market Potential and Product Development of Stevia sweeteners!


Read Stevia as an Alternative Sweetener: Promise & Challenges today and find out more on:


-        Evolution of the Sweetener Markets

-        Stevia as a sweetener.

-        Stevia Plant agronomy: Cultivators in a learning curve

-        Global markets for Stevia sweeteners

-        Global Commercial & Regulatory Status for stevia sweeteners.

-        Safety Considerations

-        Future direction of Stevia markets.


They say the best things in life come *F*R*E*E. How True!


Yes, you can download Stevia as an Alternative Sweetener: Promise & Challenges at NO COST! Just fill up the form below and check your in-box for our reply email with further instructions.

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Stevia Cultivation in China fulfils 3 crucial factors... Government Support, Good Infrastructure & Perfect Growing Conditions! Stevia Investor shares insights.

Posted on : 24 Apr, 2009

Stevia has been named one of the 2009’s top ten trends to watch in packaged goods by the Gourmet Retailer. The natural, no-calorie sweetener is regarded as the holy grail of sweetener sector. With the opening of US market and more approvals in the EU countries anticipated, the demand for stevia is bound to exceed supply.


Now is the right time to invest in stevia! Stevia World helps you by providing the experience of a stevia project developer in China, through it, you can evaluate how to participate in this booming sector.  


China is currently the world’s largest grower of stevia. The cultivation area is concentrated in four provinces: Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and Heilongjiang. Other provinces like Sichuan, Xinjiang, Hainan and Guangdong are also starting stevia cultivation and will contribute to China’s capacity.


We invited Stevia World panellist Mr. Murali Dharan, CEO of Mianzhu Gold Tree Agro-Tech to share his thoughts on why so many project developers like him are choosing China as their Stevia project venue.


In this exclusive Second Episode of the Stevia World Interviews, Mr. Murali thinks that China is best place to locate a stevia project, due to its ideal agro-climatic conditions, excellent infrastructure and government support.


He said, “The infrastructure is already laid, from the growing to the harvesting, to transportation and extraction companies. In fact, there are already quite a few extraction companies.


Our insightful session with Mr. Murali hit right at the heart of key issues including:


- Main markets for Chinese stevia.

- Reasons behind success of China’s stevia industry.

- Types of Government Support for Stevia cultivation

- His own experiences growing Stevia in China

- Challenges associated with growing Stevia in China.


We are releasing Episode 2 for your listening pleasure, so you too can benefit from Mr. Murali’s first-hand insights into Stevia cultivation in China. Just provide your details in the form below, and watch out for our email with further instructions on how you can listen in!


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What is Reb A & Stevia? Will this exciting cash crop offer hope in the recession? Find answers to these questions & more at the Stevia World interview.

Posted on : 20 Apr, 2009



We put Mr. Dorn Wenninger, PureCircle’s Corporate VP- Global Supply Chain on the Hot Seat, & asked him to share answers on pressing questions including 'Why Stevia is one of 2009's hottest investment opportunities?'. 


Stevia burst into consumer awareness last year when major F&B manufacturers including Pepsi Co & Coca Cola launched their stevia sweetened products as the healthy & tasty alternative for the health conscious consumer. This came on the wings of the WHO JEFCA’s approval for Stevia as safe for human consumption and the FDA’s GRAS No Objection letters for Stevia sweetener Reb A manufactured and distributed by Cargill, Whole Earth Sweetener Company and PureCircle.


This had huge implications for the industry, as it marked a dramatic shift in the regulatory environment for stevia, and opened a whole new market category for stevia sweeteners.


Stevia has become the hottest new cash crop opportunity for those in the agribusiness sector, and Reb A has become a valuable commodity in the ingredients, food and beverage industries; demand for Reb A and Stevia sweeteners is expected to spike in the near future.


However, the fact remains that there is relatively little known about Stevia, mainly because there is so little information available on the market potential for stevia & Reb A.


PureCircle, the world’s largest Reb A manufacturers, is at the heart of these exciting new developments in the stevia sector, and best placed to share insights on where the Stevia industry is headed in the near future, and what needs to be done.


Taking all of this into consideration, we sat down for a conference call with Mr. Dorn Wennigner, VP Supply Chain at PureCircle to find out where the industry stands & identify critical gaps in knowledge. During our discussion, Mr Wenninger shared an overview on what needs to be done in terms of project development and marketing priorities.


Mr. Wenninger shares startling facts & insights on true potential for Stevia & Reb-A sweeteners.


Dorn Wenninger is the Corporate Vice President of Supply Chain for PureCircle, and is responsible for all supply side operations, from breeding, propagation, production, joint ventures, extraction, refinery factories and logistics. He has over 16 years of Experience in the Agri-Business Industry and has worked with Agri Business giants including Driscolls and Chiquita Brands.


Mr Wenninger’s  current responsibilities at Pure Circle have given him a unique perspective on the complete Stevia Value Chain from the cultivation of Stevia to the extraction, refining & marketing of Reb-A.



In the informative 20 minute discussion, Mr Wenninger shared some important facts on key questions on Reb-A & Stevia including:

  • What is Rebaudioside A and how is it different from other Stevia sweeteners?
  • What is the current market value for Stevia and its potential in the next 2-3 years?
  • What are the factors that will drive the growth of the Stevia sector?
  • How much of the Sugar and sweetener market can Reb A penetrate?
  • What are some challenges that stevia needs to overcome for global adoption?

… Plus many more.

The interview was packed with facts and candid reviews of the Stevia value chain and is a must listen if you want an insider's view on the Stevia industry. This exciting interview is our gift to you!


For your Instant Access to the Stevia World Interview recording, simply provide your first name and email in the form below. Its *F*R*E*E!

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Potential for Stevia in USA- Good Morning America’s Elisabeth Leamy Reports.

Posted on : 06 Apr, 2009


The two major hurdles that need to be overcome for growth in the Stevia markets are regulatory approval and consumer approval.


In the wake of the JECFA report, which stated “95% Steviol glycosides are safe for human use in the range of four milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day”, and the US FDA’s No Objection to Cargill & Merisant’s GRAS for their Stevia sweeteners, the market for stevia is poised on consumer approval in new markets for further growth.


Good Morning America’s Elisabeth Leamy reports on the potential impact of Stevia sweeteners in the US, in which she explores some of the opportunities and challenges faced by Stevia Sweeteners in breaking into the American markets.


Click on the play button below for immediate access!


>> In the mean time, don’t forget to confirm your participation at Stevia World 2009 by clicking here! <<



Reassuring numbers on Stevia's Market Potential Shared by William Mitchell, CFO of PureCircle.

Posted on : 18 Mar, 2009

There’s a lot being said about Stevia, but little available in terms of Solid market figures and concrete projections.


That’s why we were so excited to discover the video presentation by William Mitchell, CFO of PureCircle, made at the 2nd Agriprods Forum last year in November.


Mr. Mitchell shared some ground breaking revelations on the market potential of Stevia that we like to share with you. Here are some of the KEY points from his presentation:


- Stevia will become a major global commodity.


- World demand for stevia leaves will exceed 6-8 Million metric tonnes a year in the next ten years.


- Rebaudioside A (Reb A), an ALL NATURAL zero-calorie sweetener derived from Stevia, can overtake chemical sweeteners in the sweetener markets, because consumers want ‘natural’ products.


- The markets for Reb A can touch US$10 Billion in a few short years!


- Reb A sweetener also has the potential to penetrate 20-25% of the sugar market.

- Stevia is an exciting cash crop that can promise more returns than coffee, tea and tobacco!


.... And much more.


So don’t wait. Visit to view this video!


We are also excited to announce our exclusive Stevia World Interview with Dorn Wenninger, VP Supply Chain at PureCircle. We will be discussing the stevia industry, and Mr. Wenninger’s views and outlook for the stevia markets!


Watch this space for more updates.


In the mean time, don’t forget to confirm your participation for Stevia World by >>CLICKING HERE<<.

CMT甜菊糖全球会议 —— 甜叶菊的种植及叶、提取物的提纯和贸易

Posted on : 16 Mar, 2009

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Why SteviaWorld in Shanghai, China? Explore upcoming opportunities in Stevia at Heart of China's Stevia Sector.

Posted on : 07 Mar, 2009

Shanghai skylineChina is the world’s largest Stevia producer and exporter, making China the logical choice to host the inaugural SteviaWorld conference.


Stevia is grown in 4 major provinces in China, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and Heilongjiang. Their combined stevia cultivation area is approximately 200,000 Mu or 13,400 Ha, producing about 40,000 tons of stevia leaves every year


China has ambitious plans to expand their stevia cultivation to meet increasing global demand.Other provinces like Sichuan, Xinjiang, Hainan and Guangdong are also starting stevia cultivation and will become contributors to China’s annual stevia production.


But why Shanghai?


Shanghai is located on China’s eastern coast, close to China’s stevia cultivation belt, and houses one of the world’s busiest ports. Its Pudong International Airport is one of Asia’s major aviation hubs, connecting Shanghai to major destinations around the world.


Come to Stevia World on 14-15 May in Shanghai to hear from the world’s most prominent Stevia companies, as they explore the changing face of the global stevia industry.


>>CLICK HERE to confirm your participation at Stevia World! <<

Zooming into Upcoming Opportunities arising from Stevia's Regulatory Environment.

Posted on : 21 Feb, 2009


Source: Examiner.comOver the past few decades, the regulatory environment for stevia has been difficult.

Globally, scientific bodies and stevia companies have lobbied regulatory authorities for the approval of stevia as a food and beverage ingredient. Many countries only allowed stevia to  be consumed as a dietary supplement or not at all.


In fact, up until 2008, over 20 countries Japan, Korea, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Taiwan, Paraguay, Brazil, Russia & Switzerland approved of the use of Stevia as a food additive and sweetener.


Stevia was banned in Singapore, Hong Kong and the EU, with the remaining countries having no specified directive towards the use of stevia.


Stevia’s Safety Verified by UN FAO/WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives


2006 marked an important landmark for the Stevia Sector, when the UN FAO/WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives declared that “Stevioside & Rebaudioside A are not genotoxic in vitro or in vivo” after extensive research conducted over the past decade.


In June 2008 the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives had more good news for the stevia sector, when they doubled the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) Level for stevia.


In giving their stamp of approval for stevia sweeteners, the JECFA stated, “95% Steviol glycosides are safe for human use in the range of four milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day”. 


JECFA's findings marked the beginning of a slow revolution in Stevia's Tight Regulatory Environment.


Following the JECFA’s announcement in June 2008, the first regulatory body that granted its approval for stevia was Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ), when they amended the Australia New Zealand Food Standards code to permit the use of Steviol glycosides as food additives.


But the biggest regulatory turnaround came from the US.


Stevia in America- A Fascinating Tale & Happy Endings.


In the later part of the 1980s, Stevia was quickly gaining momentum as a popular sweetener in the United States. Stevia’s rise was unfortunately curtailed when an anonymous complaint was lodged with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), stating that stevia was being used as an unapproved sweetener.


The long and short of this was that the FDA banned the import of stevia in 1991, and changed the classification of stevia from food to ‘food additive’.


After years of pressure from consumers and the health food industry, Congress passed the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act in November 1994, and in September 1995, the FDA finally lifted its four year import ban on stevia.


However, the reintroduction of stevia to the United States was limited to its sale as a dietary supplement, and prohibited its use as a sweetener or flavouring ingredient in any food products.


The tide turned for Stevia in the US on 17 December 2008, when the FDA issued a letter of no-objection to Cargill & Merisant’s use of 95% or above purity level stevia sweeteners as a food and beverage ingredient. This was in response to Cargill and Merisant filing for GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) status for their Stevia sweeteners for use in food and beverages.


While FDA’s “No Objection” is still not a direct “approval” it has nevertheless opened up the huge US sweetener market for the Stevia sector, and will translate to a drastic growth in the global stevia markets in 2009.


Will EU Approve Stevia? Experts are saying yes.


The EU’s ban on stevia places it out of sync with the current global regulatory environment, but it is believed that the EU could grant approval for stevia as early as 2010.


The European Stevia Association (EUSTAS) which submitted their application to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) believes that the FDA’s decision and JECFA's announcement will influence the EFSA’s decision on stevia.


When the EU approves Stevia, it will once again create tremendous market opportunities within the stevia sector.


Getting a leg up on upcoming opportunities in Stevia.


These regulatory landmarks all herald the opening of new markets for the stevia sector, in the US, Australia and New Zealand. More importantly, Stevia will hit the shelves as a table-top sweetener and food additive, as opposed to a dietary supplement.


With the value of the stevia market expected to touch the $1 billion mark (source:, getting that edge over the market will translate to excellent returns for the Stevia sector. There is therefore an even stronger need to understand the unique prospects and challenges that will emerge from these new developments.


To make sense of the changing Stevia markets, we’ve put together the world’s FIRST Global Stevia Industry Conference Stevia World 2009, which will be held on 14-15 May in Shanghai, CHINA.


The conference will give you the opportunity to get the latest updates on the regulatory status of stevia around the world, and more importantly, on the opportunities the regulatory environment is creating in the stevia sector.


In short, Stevia World 2009 is your opportunity to get ahead of the Stevia markets, and get on top!


>>Click here for more information on Stevia World 2009.<<