2nd ArabPlast Summit 2009,

12-13 Jan, 2009 - Dubai, U A E

Dusit Thani Dubai

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International Polymer Decision Makers Share insights on Strategies & Forming a Niche in today’s Volatile Polymer Markets in 2nd ArabPlast.


The Middle East downstream plastics sector has diversified over the past two years, as plastic conversion industry hubs were set up to attract investments from all over the world.


The ArabPlast conferences, organized in conjunction with Al-Fajer’s ArabPlast - the region’s largest International Plastic & Rubber Industry trade show, have been mapping the changing Arab Polymer Marketplace since 2007.


This year, 2nd ArabPlast Expert Panel will share latest on Market Dynamics, R&D Updates & Upcoming Opportunities in Gulf Polymer Sector


The current changing global economy is putting pressure on plastics producers to respond to changing dynamics in the gulf and government efforts to promote plastics recycling & cut back on plastics use.


CMT’s 2nd ArabPlast will be a one stop meeting place & idea exchange platform that will look at the impact of these changes on the Middle East Polymer marketplace.

Why 2nd ArabPlast?


2nd ArabPlast has the distinction for being the Middle East’s premier Polymer & Plastics networking event. Tied in with “ArabPlast 2009”, the Middle East’s largest polymer and rubber trade show, 2nd ArabPlast Summit is already welcoming participation from top and middle level executives and decision makers covering the entire industry.


Participants include suppliers, traders, producers, converters, molders, end users, resin producers, associations, logistic suppliers, financial institutions & regulatory bodies involved in the Plastics sector.


In addition to the networking, 2nd ArabPlast will provide important insights into the current polymer and plastics market conditions in the Middle East via the 10 Focal Points listed below.

Focal Point 1: Analyze the region’s polymer markets and demand-supply

It’s been two years since the Gulf Cooperation Council’s aggressive initiatives began the diversification process of the Middle East’s plastics industry, and the demand-supply dynamics of the polymer markets have been impacted by these changes.


At 2nd ArabPlast, participants can benefit from the analysis of the region’s current polymer markets and demand-supply dynamics. An in-depth analysis of the GCC’s polymer market will be the focus of the presentation by Roger Green of Nexant Chemsystems.


2nd ArabPlast will also zoom into opportunities in emerging polymer markets like Turkey. With a forecast throughput of 5.6 mt of polymer, Turkey is projected to become Europe’s fourth largest plastics producer in terms of volume this year, according to the newsletter Plastics Information Europe.


Oktay Alptekin of Pimas Plastic Construction Materials, will touch on the PVC Profiles Market Growth in Turkey, in particular the following key areas:

- General PVC profiles consumption
- Potential for export
- Future outlook


>> Don’t miss out on 2nd ArabPlast’s thorough examination of the changing dynamics of the polymer marketplace. Register to confirm your participation right now!

Focal Point 2: Review Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Plastics Marketplace

As the world reels from the fall out of the credit crunch, the plastics sector takes stock of the current scenario as the industry’s key players strategize to cope with the new market dynamics and investment climate.


At 2nd Arabplast, we aim to provide participants with a head start into the post-credit crunch marketplace, which is why we’ve invited Dr. Wingchai Turongpun of the Arab Petroleum Institute.


Speaking about the impact of the global financial crisis on the economy in the gulf, Dr. Turongpun will provide a detailed analysis on relevant issues raised by credit crunch and their impact on the plastics investments in the region.


>>Confirm your participation at 2nd ArabPlast & gain from the detailed analysis of the global economic crisis

Focal Point 3:  Dissect market trends in plastic pipe, plastic packaging, film & Sheet sectors

2nd ArabPlast will also provide participants with the latest trends shaping the plastic pipe, packaging, film & sheet profile sectors in the plastics value chain.


2nd ArabPlast will present a snapshot of the current investment plans & developments in the various sectors via the ‘PP Packaging trends and market outlook in the Middle East’ paper by Ahsan Hassan Darvesh, MD of Nova Industries on Nova Industries, one of the Middle East's prime producers of polypropylene


Mr. Darvesh will touch on the following key issues
- Demand-Supply Balance
- Emerging PP packing trends & applications driving demand
- Competing in the global arena: Strategies and Challenges
- Future Prospects & Outlook


2nd ArabPlast also features Mr. Mohammed Z. Al Laboon of Rowad National Plastic whose factories in Riyadh and Dammam have a combined licensed capacity of 40,000 tons per annum, making the company a significant player in the Middle East plastic industry.


Mr. Al Laboon will share his insights on the plastic sheets growth potential in the Middle East and will touch on:

- Types of Plastic Sheets- Polycarbonate (PC), Acrylic (PMMA), Polystyrene (HIPS & GPSS) and PO Sheets
-Properties & Applications of plastic sheets
-Market size and potential in GCC countries
-Changing scenario for Petrochemical Resins’ availability in GCC countries
-Factors driving demand- Population & Construction
-Recommendations to change growth patterns for industry


In addition to the above, a discussion on the BOPP Film Market outlook and developments is also included in the 2nd ArabPlast agenda. Patrick Weber of Taghleef Films will provide an in-depth look into the outlook and markets in the Middle East.


>>2nd ArabPlast guarantees a holistic look into the Gulf's plastics markets. Qucik register now.

Focal Point 4:  Evaluate potential of  plastics recycling 

The plastics industry is actively working towards developing more comprehensive solutions for managing plastic materials and mitigating the adverse environmental impact of plastic discards by developing recycling methodologies.


With the volatility of the world oil markets and governments’ bid to reduce plastic usage, plastic recycling is receiving more attention in the sector. Plastics recycling is also been seen as a cost-cutting measure by plastics producers.


2nd ArabPlast explores the potential for recycling with key experts touching on issues impacting the plastics value chain.


Hear Rajnish Sinha of Horizon Technologies FZE discuss the current global trends and its impact on recycling, and share his views on the cost of using recycled PET for manufacturing packaging materials.


>> Unravel the potential for plastics recycling in the Middle East at 2nd ArabPlast. Confirm your participation!

Focal Point 5:  Review prospects & feasibility of bio-degradable Plastics in Gulf Countries

With bioplastics increasingly emerging as the answer to the tight global markets, 2nd ArabPlast has invited Mr. Laurier CEO of Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc to share his views on the growth potential for Biodegradable plastic in the Middle East, and touch on their Middle East marketing and distribution strategies.


The degradable plastics and waste-to-energy group, which recently made headlines when they signed a distribution and manufacturing agreement with the Fujairah Plastics group of Sharjah, UAE. The agreement is the largest degradable polymer supply agreement the group has ever made!

 >> Will Middle East’s demand for biodegradable plastics grow? Explore this potential at 2nd ArabPlast.

Focal Point 6:  Gain insights on minimizing freight costs & optimizing supply chain

2nd ArabPlast focuses on the entire plastics value chain, including the logistics and freight of materials in and out of the Middle East.


The challenge faced by Plastics players in the Middle East is in managing freight costs while maintaining efficiency in their supply chain.


To provide some solutions to this critical challenge is Anthony Elwine, Global Head at Mearsk Logistics-Supply Chain Management, and part of Mearsk MEA. Mr. Elwine will touch on the following key issues including:-

- Why the Middle East?
- What are the potential bottlenecks (ports/container availability)?
-What should players be looking for in their supply chain (cost to serve/flexibility)?
-How can they differentiate from their competitors (time to market)?


>> Gain a heads up in your Freight & Supply chain strategies at 2nd ArabPlast. Register & confirm your participation today.

Focal Point 7:  Assess the competitiveness of plastic converters in the Gulf.

With plastics prices on the rise in a highly volatile environment, the Plastics convertors must strategize to remain competitive in the marketplace.


2nd ArabPlast looks into the plastic conversion sector with insights provided on improving the supply chain and the masterbatch industry strategy to meet growing market demand while facing the new challenges of the industry.


Hear from Mr. Neaz Ahmed from Saudi Arabia’s National Petrochemical Industrial Company as he answers the question, “How can resin suppliers work with plastics convertors to improve the supply chain?”

>> Get the inside edge into the challenges of the Middle East plastics conversion sector at 2nd ArabPlast today!

Focal Point 8: Latest Updates on new investments in polyester fiber spinning

Gain insights into the polyester fiber spinning sector, a rapidly expanding frontier in the plastics marketplace in the Middle East at 2nd ArabPlast


Mr. Mohammed Ali Hassen of Obeikan Technical Fabrics will share an overview of the polyester fiber spinning industry and zoom into the technical and industrial applications for polyester fiber. Some of the issues he will touch on include:-

- Investment update on Obeikan’s new facility
- Market outlook for polyester fiber in the Middle East
- Export markets potential and trading trends in polyester fiber
- Future of the polyester fiber spinning sector


 >> Get the latest updates on the Polyester Fiber spinning sector at 2nd ArabPlast.


Focal Point 9: Opportunities for growth in plastic compounding

In developing equipment and formulations, the business of compounding is keeping in step with demand for innovative plastic products. Pressures for increased global capacities in both supply and local manufacturing have also created a need for a Masterbatch industry in the Middle East.


At 2nd ArabPlast, the opportunities for growth in plastic compounding and the Masterbatch industry are explored to give investors an insight into the upcoming market trends.


Hear from Andy Ubhi, VP of India & Middle East at ICO Inc, one of the world’s largest custom polymer producers. Sharing on the developments and potential in plastic compounding in the Middle East, Mr. Ubhi will touch on key regional market developments and its impact on the compounding industry.


>> Sign up for 2nd ArabPlast & benefit from insights into growth opportunities in the Plastics compounding industry.

Focal Point 10: Updates on Additive Developments for high performance plastics

2nd ArabPlast focuses on the latest in Additive developments to enhance the properties and expand the applications of popular polymers like PP.


Hear from Tony Nawar of Milliken as he shares on Performance Enhancements in PP through Additives Developments. He will touch on key issues including:
- Technology developments and trends in Additives
- High transparency PP as a cost competitive alternative to other clear plastics
- Improving PP productivity in thermoforming processing and injection molding
- Future trend and challenges for PP additives industry


>> Get updated on the latest in Plastics Additives at 2nd ArabPlast


The Bottom Line? 2nd ArabPlast is the One Stop idea-exchange platform for all the key plastics players in the Middle East & registration guarantees critical NEW insights from the CEOs, MDs and Top Executives in Middle East’s plastics sector!


Register for 2nd ArabPlast with your team and invest in your company’s future in the Middle East plastics marketplace.




ArabPlast 2009 , the region's leading plastic & rubber trade show will take place on January 10-13 2009 in Dubai. This will occupy a total area of 25000 sq.mt at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, about 25% more than the previous edition. Leading raw materials suppliers like SABIC, BOROUGE, QATAR PETROCHEMICALS, EXXON MOBIL CHEMICALS, RELIANCE, ASTRA POLYMERS, CLARIANT, NATIONAL PETROCHEMICAL CO OF IRAN, ENERPLASTICS, and other leading machinery & processing related companies will be participating.

There will also be more raw materials section than ever before, an attractive plastics finished goods related companies, state-of-the art Plastic & Rubber machinery & their live demonstrations, new countries, new companies & their representatives. As a leading trade show, ArabPlast 2009 will serve as reliable barometer on the dynamic development of Plastics & its related sectors in this region. The event is an excellent platform for business where you can meet over 700 companies from 40 countries .

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Email: jeen@alfajer.net | www.arabplast.info

News Feed

2nd ArabPlast maps polymer market directions & opportunities in Gulf region

Posted on : 07 Nov, 2008


It has been 2 years since “value creation” and “diversification” became the buzz words for the GCC as aggressive initiatives took place to diversify the Middle East downstream plastics industry. Plastic conversion industry hubs were set up to attract plastic converters and investments are rife in sectors like plastic packaging, film, plastic pipes, profiles, wire & cable etc. What are the market developments and dynamics for these sectors in the gulf region?

With the recent financial crisis in America shaking markets worldwide, how will the financial backlash affect the economies in the Middle East? As oil prices and markets remain volatile, what are the challenges facing stakeholders in the plastic industry?

It becomes imperative that producers shape up or ship out as world markets slow. Can plastics processors and converters beat their competition and gain a competitive edge globally? Can plastics converters find the support they need from plastic compounders and masterbatch industries in the Gulf region?  

Going ‘green’ is no longer just a fad as authorities give more importance to plastics recycling and environmental protection. The UAE is seriously studying plans to limit plastic usage. What is the growth potential of bio-degradable plastics and plastics recycling? Can these help producers better manage production costs ?

Gain insights on these concerns and more at CMT’s 2nd Arabplast Summit and be part of this dynamic exchange.

Key reasons to attend CMT’s 2nd Arabplast Summit
Analyse the region’s polymer markets and demand-supply mechanics
Review how will the American financial crisis impact the Gulf economies
Assess market trends in key demand sectors: plastic pipe, profiles, plastic packaging, film & sheets  
Evaluate the potential of plastics recycling
Review the prospect of bio-degradable plastic in the Gulf
Gain insights on how rising freight costs can be minimized and how can the supply chain be further optimized
Assess the competitiveness of plastic converters in the Gulf  
Gain updates on new investments in polyester fiber spinning 
Opportunities for growth in plastic compounding
Benefit from the experience of movers and shakers in the plastic processing industry


You Will Network With
This conference is aimed at middle and top level managers of all sides of the industry from resin suppliers, traders, producers, masterbatch, plastic compounders, plastic converters, molders, end users (packaging, plastic pipes, profiles, film & sheet), logistics suppliers, financial institutions, associations and regulatory bodies. Participants will include representatives from all company departments including senior management, marketing & sales, commercial, production, supply chain and logistics.

Linda McCartney and International Retailers Eye d2w®-Green packaging by Symphony Environmental

Posted on : 23 Oct, 2008

“Symphony Environmental’s d2w® additive is to be used in the packaging for the new Linda McCartney falafel line to be stocked in Sainsbury’s. The new line is due to be launched later in the year. The brand already uses the additive in the bag packaging its Vegetarian Mince product and considering implementing across these product lines in other stores.”

Source: PRW.com, 21-Oct-2008


Unlike conventional biodegradable plastics/materials which requires a biologically active environment, eg underground, to initiate degradation process; Symphony’s d2w additive enables plastics degrade in a pre-set time-span from six months onwards regardless of any environment biological activity!


The d2w® has gained popularity amongst major retailers including the Zara retail chain and its parent company, Inditex, the Co-op, French Railways, Barclays Bank, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Walmart Argentina, M&S (Middle East), Albany Bakeries (South Africa), Bimbo Bakeries (Latin America), the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum in London.


The d2w® is launched in April 2008 by Eco-Polymers, a subsidiary of the Fujairah Plastics Group (“Fujairah”), of Sharjah, U.A.E. through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Symphony Environmental. Meet Mr Michael Laurier, CEO, Symphony Environmental, as he shares insight on “Growth Potential for Biodegradable Plastic” at the 2nd Arabplast Summit 2009.

2nd ArabPlast meet will reveal latest in polymer market directions & opportunities in Gulf region

Posted on : 23 Oct, 2008


Organized in conjunction with the leading plastics & rubber trade show by Al Fajer Information Services,  CMT’s is proud to announce the international speaker panelists of industry players and key decision makers who will convene in Dubai, the heart of the growing plastic industry in the Middle East, on 12 & 13 January for the 2nd ArabPlast Summit 2009. At this vital event they will participate in panel discussions and make presentations related to technology, markets, business strategies and share their views on demand supply outlook, packaging, and latest application trend in the polymer market.



It was a mere two years ago that GCC initiatives to diversify Middle East downstream plastics industry was mooted, yet its future is now shaken by the current global financial crisis and volatile fuel prices. With the prospect of reduced profit margins looming large, and impending world economic slowdown, polymer producers, plastics processors and converters need to carve their niche and competitive advantage in the global arena. Coupled with consumer awareness and government policies emphasizing greater environmental protection the industry is also burdened with the call to produce bio-degradable plastic and embrace plastic recycling.


The 2nd Arabplast Summit is primed to provide definitive source of timely information and insights on the current trends and strategies shaping the industry. Representatives from Nexant Chemsystems, Arab Petroleum Investment, UFLEX Limited, Nova Industries, Rowad National Plastic Factory, Maersk Logistics, Taghleef Films, National Petrochemical Industrial Company, Pimas Plastic Construction Materials, Horizon Technologies FZE, Milliken, Obeikan Technical Fabrics and many more have been roped in to help make sense of the economic situation and share their perspectives on how the industry can take comprehensive and innovative approaches to tackle the latest developments and issues. Some of the key areas that will be examined are:


·          Latest demand and supply mechanics on polymer market

·          Ongoing financial crisis and how it impact the economics in the Gulf

·          Packaging as an innovative tool to drive demand

·          Market Trends in plastic pipe, plastic packaging, wire & cable, film sectors

·          Rising freight costs and supply chain optimization

·          Competitiveness of plastic converters in the Gulf

·          New investments in polyester fiber spinning


At the 2 day event packed with over 10 hours of networking sessions, delegates can expect to meet and form valuable business contacts with a wide ranging profile of participants from polymer producers, distributors, polymer traders, to representatives from Banks and Financial institutions, to polymer end users, transportation & logistics personnel, plastic industries executives & consultants from key polymer producing & consuming groups in Middle East Region.


For more information on this event please visit http://www.cmtevents.com/ArabPlast or contact Ms Reema Patnaik via email at reema@cmtpsp.com.sg.