2nd BTLtec,

12-13 Sep, 2007 - Vienna, AUSTRIA

NH Danube City

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2nd Generation Biomass-To-Liquids Biofuels – Technology & Commercialisation Outlook

“Europe backing 2nd generation biofuels ”         
The Straits Times Singapore  May 12 2007
In the EU, leaders have committed to setting a binding minimum target of 10% of biofuels usage in transportation by 2020, on the condition that 2nd generation biofuels become commercially available and that the production of such fuels is sustainable

By far,  2nd generation biofuels such as Fischer-Tropsch Biomass-To-Liquids ( BTL ) is proven to be one of the most promising renewable energy technologies for fuels due to their large potential for CO2 savings and increased efficiency. And as technology improves, production costs for BTL could be lowered to justify large scale BTL production

- Can BTL technology achieve its next development stage for commercial scale production ?
- What is the economic assessment of the various production routes for BTL fuels ?
CMT’s 2nd BTL conference has lined up an authoritative panel of experts to share their latest research activities and views on where the industry is heading

Key highlights
• Hear from NESTE OIL – the developer of NexBTl 2nd generation biofuel and their plans to become the leader in BTL
• What are the available BTL technologies and what are their commercialization prospects
• Advanced catalyst technologies to optimize biomass conversion
• Can any BTL project overcome  logistics barriers ?
• What is  the true net energy balance of any BTL project ?
• How do we assess the sustainability of biomass feedstock ?
• Competition for biomass feedstock – Heat, Biofuels, CHP – What is the bioenergy potential for Europe and many more

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Whom you will network with
Agro-processing and wood processing industries, energy generation and waste management companies, multinationals and small and medium enterprises (SME’s), national and regional governments, and multilateral organisations like the European Commission, World Bank, and United Nation system agencies. Oil & Gas & Power Companies, Feedstock Producers - from Grain to Wood Chips to  Non Food,  Technology providers for gasification , syngas systems, new compact processes , gasifiers manufacturers , State Authorities, Transport, Industry & Energy Organisations, Environmental & Regulatory Affairs Directors, Fuel Researchers, Automotive & Fuel Technology Specialists,  Venture Capitalists